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  1. Seeing the old ladies whinging about the Daytime Emmys not being on TV yet again makes me want to launch my phone across the room. 

    1. DramatistDreamer


      These folks are living in a "past-time paradise" (to quote Stevie Wonder).  The reality is that the Daytime Emmys just don't have the numbers to justify a television broadcast, even in the daytime.  The past few years of live-streaming has a lot of room for improvement (like, start the red carpet on time and have more than one correspondent) but it hasn't been bad and at least one year was 10x better than HLN's broadcasts, which were 'Atlantic City slot machines' bad.

      What makes me laugh the most are people griping by tweet, FB or YouTube about livestreaming these shows.  Oh gosh, how ever will they watch??:P

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