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  1. Seeing the old ladies whinging about the Daytime Emmys not being on TV yet again makes me want to launch my phone across the room. 

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    2. ~bl~


      Were the complaints about it not being on tv or about how the Livestream doesn't work properly again. 


      If someone was complaining about the issues with the Livestream I would get it, as it had major problems in 2019. They used some service, which went down in the  broadcast on both Facebook and YouTube. Two or three of the awards weren't seen as we got a please stand by message. Eventually they posted the missing part on Youtube, but I don't think they did a short version (right away), just had it in the long whole show video, which was annoying as it didn't have time stamps as to when what awards were given. 


      That said I think the later years on TV weren't good, but they need to do a better job if the streaming stops working. They have yet to figure out the red carpet properly, as ideally they should have someone who knows people from all genres involved, but doesn't have a very obvious show bias (without balancing them out in some fashion.) 

    3. beebs


      Yeah, it was just griping that they want it on prime time on one of the big three networks, as though it's still 1998. I get the nostalgia factor but like... With four shows, it's not like its all that exciting anymore. 


      And yeah, the live streaming isn't all that good. I just get the results after the show has aired. Award shows are generally tedious to me nowadays anyway. I just wish these folks would stop living in the past. 

    4. DramatistDreamer


      I was talking about people who want the awards to be back on TV.  The complaining has been happening every single year since the Daytime Emmys were moved online. The irony is that these same people complain online.

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