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  1. 4 minutes ago, te. said:


    I swear they will have Jack die from a meteor crashing on him, him crawling out of the fire pit and getting attacked an mauled by a tiger (while still on fire) before accidentally landing in a guillotine and getting his head chopped off. Then you have Jennifer walking around with said fire burnt, tiger-mauled chopped off head around Salem for three months before Jack turns up alive again.

    I'd say "don't give Ron any ideas" but they'd never have the budget to do anything like this.

  2. 2 hours ago, te. said:

    This is Days. No one believes Will is dying, or even if he was he'd be back within three months.


    As other people said, if they were going to pull this trainwreck of a storyline they could've at least made it enjoyable.

    Yep. The worst thing this show ever did (and that's saying a lot) was have Rolf invent that zombie vaccine. There is literally no stakes to death anymore, and this is coming from a show that killed and then unkilled 70% of their vets not 15 years ago.

    No impact whatsoever. I would love it if the Rolf diary mysteriously disappeared in the DiMera fireplace, and the hospital server is corrupted and no one ever speaks of the damned injection ever again, but even then, it's too late for this show. They've reached a threshold where they've shocked their way into audience indifference. Nothing matters and nothing has any impact and no event, no matter how big, inspires the audience. All because they worked so hard to be SO SHOCKING, so EXTREME with their shocks and twists, so often that there's nowhere to go but down.

  3. I would say "my" shows were DAYS (obviously), GL, OLTL, GH, and Y&R. When I first started watching soaps, it was GL that hooked me first, and then DAYS that really stuck with me. I was never a traditional male, and frankly, I was never bothered by it. My mom and grandparents were fine with just letting me be me, bless them.

    I don't really watch DAYS as much as I used to (frankly, Ron's writing exhausts me), and Y&R bores me to tears, I can't sit through an episode. But I check in, and love to read about what's going on.

  4. On 4/3/2019 at 3:48 PM, amybrickwallace said:


    I never saw Patrick Muldoon when he originated the role, but Austin Peck's take on the character was that he was always dumb as a post. How many times over the years did Sami pull the wool over his eyes?

    I'm watching 1992 right now (thanks to a dear friend), and Austin started off smart enough to pull off a gambling operation out of Johnny Angel's, and he was (to my surprise) a gifted jazz musician (as was Curtis, who was supposed to be dead at this point? That obviously was retconned under JER).

    I do wish they'd kept that part of Austin's character as the years went on, as he became a complete himbo without any real interests or personality during JER (and every regime thereafter). I could see Patrick Muldoon having some heat with KDP once Eve came back (I could see Austin playing piano for Eve at Club TBD/Doug's Place and they get cozy while Carrie and Rafe have an affair).

  5. 3 minutes ago, victoria foxton said:

    Who would buy that? Now if the episodes were from the 90's NB's. FV's NB's are a joke. The WR/CL NB's were amazing. They had heart & soul. And a real community feeling. Never losing focus as to what the fundraiser was for. 

    That's the problem. FV is terrified if folks remember what GH used to be, they won't like the crap it is now, and his poor ego will take a hit.

  6. So being the ratings nerd that I am, I averaged out all the data from these charts, and compiled an actual season average for each year 1989-90 through 1999-2000, thanks to the AWESOME work of @JAS0N47:


    1989-90 (missing some weeks)  
    1 Y&R 8.0
    2 GH 7.0
    3 AMC 6.3
    4 OLTL 6.0
    5 ATWT 5.8
    6 B&B 5.7
    7 DAYS 5.4
    8 GL 5.3
    9 AW 3.9
    10 SB 3.5
    11 LOV 3.3
    12 GEN 2.5
    1 Y&R 8.0
    2 GH 6.3
    3 AMC 6.0
    4 ATWT 5.9
    5 B&B 5.6
    6 OLTL 5.4
    7 DAYS 5.3
    8 GL 5.2
    9 AW 3.9
    10 SB 3.1
    11 LOV 2.9
    12 GEN 2.3
    1 Y&R 8.3
    2 AMC 6.8
    3 ATWT 5.7
    4 GH 5.6
    5 B&B 5.5
    5 GL 5.5
    7 OLTL 5.3
    8 DAYS 5.2
    9 AW 3.9
    10 SB 3.0
    11 LOV 2.7


    1 Y&R 8.3
    2 AMC 7.1
    3 B&B 5.9
    4 GH 5.8
    5 ATWT 5.7
    6 OLTL 5.6
    7 GL 5.3
    8 DAYS 4.9
    9 AW 3.2
    10 LOV 2.8
    11 SB



    1 Y&R 8.1
    2 AMC 6.4
    3 GH 6.1
    4 B&B 5.8
    5 DAYS 5.6
    6 ATWT 5.5
    6 OLTL 5.5
    8 GL 5.1
    9 AW 3.4
    10 LOV



    1 Y&R 7.3
    2 AMC 5.8
    3 GH 5.6
    4 B&B 5.4
    5 DAYS 5.2
    6 OLTL 4.9
    7 ATWT 4.7
    8 GL 4.3
    9 AW 3.0
    10 LOV 2.4


    1 Y&R 7.6
    2 DAYS 5.9
    3 B&B 5.3
    4 AMC 5.2
    5 GH 5.0
    6 ATWT 4.5
    6 OLTL 4.5
    8 GL 4.0
    9 AW 3.1
    10 LOV 2.5
    11 CITY 2.2


    1 Y&R 7.2
    2 DAYS 6.0
    3 B&B 5.0
    4 AMC 4.7
    4 GH 4.7
    6 ATWT 4.4
    7 OLTL 4.0
    8 GL 3.8
    9 AW 3.1
    10 PC 2.4
    11 CITY 2.0
    12 SUN



    ETA 1997-2000:


    1 Y&R 6.8
    2 DAYS 5.0
    3 B&B 4.8
    4 GH 4.6
    5 AMC 4.2
    6 ATWT 4.1
    7 GL 4.0
    8 OLTL 3.6
    9 AW 2.6
    10 PC 2.1
    11 SUN


    1 Y&R 6.6
    2 B&B 4.7
    3 DAYS 4.5
    4 GH 4.3
    5 ATWT 4.0
    6 AMC 3.9
    7 GL 3.8
    8 OLTL 3.5
    9 AW 2.4
    10 PC 2.2
    11 PSNS 1.9
    12 SUN 1.6
    1 Y&R 6.1
    2 B&B 4.5
    3 DAYS 4.3
    4 GH 4.2
    5 AMC 3.9
    6 ATWT 3.8
    7 OLTL 3.6
    8 GL 3.5
    9 PC 2.1
    10 PSNS 2.0
    11 SUN 1.4



    Thanks again JAS0N47 for this info. I've been loving seeing the different trends and what affected ratings across the different shows.



  7. 4 hours ago, carolineg said:

    I could be crazy but I think they broke up Don and Marlena because they wanted to give DH a younger love interest after she became super popular.   The early 80's had so many casting changes and I feel like they were beginning to start phasing Don out.  Giving him B stories like the Maggie romance.  Once WN's Roman caught on there was no need to go back to Don and Marlena.

    Conversely,  they hired Eileen to give Drake a younger love interest because TPTB thought Deidre was too old.  JER is the one that went full force with J&M.   I honestly never thought Marlena looked older than John.  I think Deidre looked pretty ageless until the last few years.

    Actually, I just figured JER needed someone to fill the spot Isabella held in the Roman/Marlena/John/Isabella quad. She filled the same duties in the story (daughter of an enemy of John's, though by that point, Victor had been defanged). The only real difference is that I can't see Isabella becoming the desperate villain Kristen became, though I'm sure fighting Marlena for John's affections for that many years could potentially do it to anyone. It could have proven a much more compelling story had Isabella gone to the dark side, given the more extended history, as well as the added leverage of Isabella also having John's child. Long term, that rivalry could have carried over into Brady and Belle, though, knowing Reilly, he'd never go into it with the depth that kind of storytelling would require.

  8. 4 minutes ago, ChickenNuggetz92 said:

    Haha I'm glad you're a fan of my work, and I'm glad the psychology of Y&R's music is working on you! Just goes to show how influential Y&R's rich music history really is. If I had the necessary experience and education, I would work by Mike Dobson as Y&R's assistant music director (or something like that) in a heartbeat.

    In fairness, I was always more of a Y&R fan than a GH fan anyway (though I've enjoyed both shows in my time). For me, Y&R's intensity is what really draws me in, and you manage to harness to heighten that quality in  the GH scenes. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Soaplovers said:

    And yet the show picked up Ron C's option for another year as head-writer.  Certainly there is better out there..Sheri Anderson anyone?

    I truly don't understand why, instead of bumping her up to Co-HW at the LEAST, they instead demote her to scriptwriter and then, ultimately, she leaves (or is fired? Can anyone confirm?)

    I know in the past she's expressed a lack of desire to return to the show as HW because of the budget, but...what little good was happening on DAYS this past while, I largely credit to Sheri's input. The moment she and Ryan Quan ended their consulting stints, I've noticed things going WILDLY off the rails. And I haven't loved a lot of the show under Ron so far as it is.

  10. 6 minutes ago, Khan said:

    I am so damn sick and tired of people taking it upon themselves to dictate what is and is not appropriate for this-or-that thread, as if they own this godforsaken board.


    You don't think this is the right time or place to discuss TPTB's treatment of KSJ, Victoria Rowell or any other African-American actors, in daytime or in general?  Fine.  Duly noted.  Now, either ignore the ongoing discussion, or participate in a different thread.  Either way, shut the hell up -- because, frankly, my dear, no one gives a damn.



    Believe me, if KSJ has gone to "a better place," then he's resting just fine.



  11. 33 minutes ago, BellaCuore said:


    I never said you couldn't. I just felt there is a time and place as this is his thread to honor him that was all....


    I guess we just see it different as this is about his resting in peace thread. I guess you don't see it that way but that is OK.....


    I may not agree with you but it that is OK.....I also may not agree about certain other things but I am for civil rights for ALL people.... was brought up that way wouldn't ever change that.... then again even if I wasn't I know my heart and mind would have been that way already....I also may not agree that everything had to do with race …..but I am I really good and fair person who doesn't label races EVER and loves people who are good nomatter their race,  religion.


    No point in carrying on, I am sure you get my point....


    May Kristoff rest peacefully

    You know, you don't HAVE to have the last word, right??🙄

  12. 10 hours ago, Faulkner said:

    Also, Theo on DAYS. Rare black male (himself a DiMera legacy character) as desired sex symbol in a triangle with two legacy characters who happened to be white. Ron Carlivati came on, had him shot, paralyzed, and shipped out of town. (Black characters are also almost always most expendable during regime changes. Never allowed to build momentum, continuity, equity to create viewer investment.)


    Now, the actor wasn’t great (nor are a lot of folks on DAYS), but his treatment spoke volumes.

    Not to mention the entire storyline was written to drive sympathy for the white cop (JJ) instead of properly play the complexities that race played in his shooting and potentially having JJ come to terms with his own buried prejudices about black people, or said prejudices within the police force.

    Hell, they had Abe come off as the heavy for laying into "poor sad Jennifer" while she cornered Abe at every opportunity to talk about how sad JJ was. No subtlety, no nuance to it, and then, in the end, OOPS ALL WAS FORGIVEN LOL NO BIGGIE.

    Absolutely disgraceful way that story was handled. You're all right, the way black characters are handled needs to come from behind the scenes before it'll ever show on screen. It's funny, because when the Grants were introduced on DAYS in the mid-70s, they hired a very talented black writer and poet (whose name escapes me at the moment) to ensure their portrayal and story were accurate and authentic. Apparently this is too much to ask in 2019.

  13. 10 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    I thought the chaos of Abby shooting Roy (on GL) after the judge dismissed the prosecution’s case against him was really memorable and well-orchestrated (starts at 1:25). 



    That first year of B&E at GL was fantastic, before they gummed it up with that clone nonsense. Though, I gotta say, that blowback from the shot was a bit lolworthy.

  14. As much as they've ruined Kristen in later years, I still am mesmerized watching this. Of course, this won her the emmy that year, and deservedly so. We don't get many moments like this anymore on any show.

    ETA: This also reminds me what a lousy choice it was to recast the role this last go-around. SH doesn't hold a candle to ED.


    On 1/24/2019 at 8:01 PM, Faulkner said:

    Some personal faves! Enjoy.

    Thank you for the Alex/Roger scenes. Beverlee McKinsey was in an entirely different league. Amazing stuff!

  15. 11 hours ago, Khan said:


    I'm not going to speak for everyone, but I want DAYS to stop this ridiculous practice of rehiring actors for new and different roles.  It's fine when that actor played only minor or day player roles, but...Josh Taylor (ex-Chris) as Roman?  Wayne Northrop (ex-Roman) as Alex North?  Judi Evans (Adrienne) as Bonnie?  Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady) as Rex?  Judith Chapman (ex-Anjelica) as Diana?  Tamara Braun as, like, 17 different, front-burner characters?  If these actors (and others I'm probably forgetting/ignoring) are so valuable to Ken Corday and the other producers, then why not bring them back in their original roles?  We've already pointed out, for instance, how having JC come back as Anjelica (and not as Diana) could have just as much impact on the lives of Leo, Sonny, Justin and Adrienne.  And if WN could come back as Roman, as he's clearly expressed that he'd like to, I think there could be a way to do that without losing Taylor or Drake Hogestyn and still give all three men something valuable to do.


    IMO, this practice of rehiring once-prominent actors to portray characters with no connections to their former ones is just one more thing that makes it difficult for DAYS viewers to invest in their show emotionally or take it seriously.  (I'm not even going to address the rampant resurrections of characters that should have remained dead, or the romantic and sexual hookups that are past bordering on incest at this point.)

    You're speaking for me. This hit every point I wanted to make dead on.

  16. 12 hours ago, Khan said:


    It's as if they intentionally didn't bring back JC as Anjelica because that's what fans would have expected.  But, there's a fine line between subverting expectations and plain pulling [!@#$%^&*] out of one's ass.

    As I said on Facebook, between JC as Diana, and KL as Rex, it's almost as though DAYS' casting department's forgotten there's more than six actors for hire in Hollywood, as they're just cycling through the same people hoping no one cares enough to call it out. I'm waiting for six months from now when Tamara Braun comes back as a recast Nicole, Shawn Christian debuts as the new Mike Horton, and Eileen Davidson stuns Salem as a not-quite-dead Isabella.🙄

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