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  1. So being the ratings nerd that I am, I averaged out all the data from these charts, and compiled an actual season average for each year 1989-90 through 1996-97 (so far), thanks to the AWESOME work of @JAS0N47: 1989-90 (missing some weeks) 1 Y&R 8.0 2 GH 7.0 3 AMC 6.3 4 OLTL 6.0 5 ATWT 5.8 6 B&B 5.7 7 DAYS 5.4 8 GL 5.3 9 AW 3.9 10 SB 3.5 11 LOV 3.3 12 GEN 2.5 1990-91 1 Y&R 8.0 2 GH 6.3 3 AMC 6.0 4 ATWT 5.9 5 B&B 5.6 6 OLTL 5.4 7 DAYS 5.3 8 GL 5.2 9 AW 3.9 10 SB 3.1 11 LOV 2.9 12 GEN 2.3 1991-92 1 Y&R 8.3 2 AMC 6.8 3 ATWT 5.7 4 GH 5.6 5 B&B 5.5 5 GL 5.5 7 OLTL 5.3 8 DAYS 5.2 9 AW 3.9 10 SB 3.0 11 LOV 2.7 1992-93 1 Y&R 8.3 2 AMC 7.1 3 B&B 5.9 4 GH 5.8 5 ATWT 5.7 6 OLTL 5.6 7 GL 5.3 8 DAYS 4.9 9 AW 3.2 10 LOV 2.8 11 SB 2.6 1993-94 1 Y&R 8.1 2 AMC 6.4 3 GH 6.1 4 B&B 5.8 5 DAYS 5.6 6 ATWT 5.5 6 OLTL 5.5 8 GL 5.1 9 AW 3.4 10 LOV 2.6 1994-95 1 Y&R 7.3 2 AMC 5.8 3 GH 5.6 4 B&B 5.4 5 DAYS 5.2 6 OLTL 4.9 7 ATWT 4.7 8 GL 4.3 9 AW 3.0 10 LOV 2.4 1995-96 1 Y&R 7.6 2 DAYS 5.9 3 B&B 5.3 4 AMC 5.2 5 GH 5.0 6 ATWT 4.5 6 OLTL 4.5 8 GL 4.0 9 AW 3.1 10 LOV 2.5 11 CITY 2.2 1996-97 1 Y&R 7.2 2 DAYS 6.0 3 B&B 5.0 4 AMC 4.7 4 GH 4.7 6 ATWT 4.4 7 OLTL 4.0 8 GL 3.8 9 AW 3.1 10 PC 2.4 11 CITY 2.0 12 SUN 1.9 ETA 1997-98: 1997-98 1 Y&R 6.8 2 DAYS 5.0 3 B&B 4.8 4 GH 4.6 5 AMC 4.2 6 ATWT 4.1 7 GL 4.0 8 OLTL 3.6 9 AW 2.6 10 PC 2.1 11 SUN 1.8 Thanks again JAS0N47 for this info. I've been loving seeing the different trends and what affected ratings across the different shows.
  2. EPISODE 170 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco EJ stands in the DiMera living room, sipping on cognac, as he looks out through the terrace doors. The sound of the front door opening and closing doesn't deter him, as he keeps his focus out on the lovely day. From the foyer, a familiar voice calls out to him, as they step inside. It's Liam. LIAM: You called? EJ continues to stare out the window, his only acknowledgement of Liam's arrival is a sly smile that appears on his face as Liam stands in the doorway of the living room, awaiting a response. --- Bo stands around the corner from the living room at the DiMera compound in Italy, listening in as Stefano and Rolf sit before a roaring fire in the fireplace, cackling away at their latest scheme. DR. ROLF: So what is our progress on the Salem front? STEFANO: Ohhh, Rolf. The greatest news. Our friend Nicholas has succeeded in taking the Kiriakis holdings. DR. ROLF: Excellent news! So when do we make the exchange public? Stefano leans in, taking a puff of his cigar before responding. STEFANO: First of all, Anjelica must be elected first as state governor. Once this goal is accomplished, we can unleash our new recruit, and retrieve John Black. Once we have him, we can get the final piece to the puzzle for the alternative fuels project, and we will revolutionize the energy sector. DR. ROLF: But Stefano, that is Nicholas Fallon's project. Wouldn't he have the information we need? Stefano gets up from his seat, walking slowly over to the bar, where he pours himself a drink as he speaks. Bo stands off to the side, in disbelief as to what he's hearing. STEFANO: There is an additive that was considered after our dear friend, Mr. Fallon sold the project to Titan. The government tested it, but shelved it when funding ran out. They never released the information, but the ISA knows what it is. John Black has this information, Rolf. It is the key to maximizing the efficacy of the fuel source. Stefano turns as a hand reaches across to cover Bo's mouth and pulls his back, disappearing from Stefano's view almost in time. STEFANO: And it will be ours! Stefano looks at Rolf, but notices a movement around the corner, and looks over. Seeing nothing, he studies further. Rolf turns around to see what Stefano's looking at, but no one is there. --- The elevator doors open to the parking garage under University Hospital. Sheryl steps out, dressed as Nurse Crystal Clarke, who lies in the back of Crystal's SUV, after Sheryl knocked her out. Sheryl hastily walks over to the truck, unlocking the doors remotely, before stepping inside. Once inside, Sheryl turns the car on, and hurriedly drives out of the parking garage, exiting University Hospital. Driving down the road on her way out of the city, Sheryl is blissfully unaware of Crystal's presence behind her, assuming Crystal is still tied up and unconscious. However, we notice the shine of the tire iron slowly become visible behind Sheryl's head. At a red light, Sheryl adjusts her mirror, to see Crystal, now untied, wielding a tire iron aimed at Sheryl's head, and ready to swing. Sheryl's eyes lock with Crystal's, as Sheryl's widen in terror at her potential demise at the hands of the woman she captured. --- --- EJ stares out the window at the DiMera mansion, holding an empty rocks glass in his hand, smiling as Liam steps into the living room. EJ: You finally decided to show up. LIAM: It's not like you gave me much choice, you know. EJ: It was extremely important. LIAM: So I gathered. So what's this all about? EJ finally turns around, spotting an annoyed Liam standing near the piano. EJ: Well, I requested something from you not long ago, and I've yet to recieve it. LIAM: Yes, and you're not going to. EJ places his empty rocks glass on the desk near the french doors. He turns back to face Liam, now visibly irritated. EJ: And why's that? LIAM: Well, I was at Club TBD last night with Jennifer, and...I spotted your little friend Gabi there with Nick Fallon. She was not looking too well, and neither was he. And I realized what was happening. Liam saunters slowly over to the couch, sitting himself down as he continues to explain himself to EJ. LIAM: You're giving Gabi those drugs to give to Nick. EJ: And just what's wrong with that? LIAM: What are you up to, EJ? EJ: Well, I don't see how that's any of your busine-- Liam's temper escalates as he cuts EJ off. LIAM: Oh, the Hell it isn't. EJ is stunned into silence by Liam's reaction. He watches as Liam gets up from his seat and walks toward EJ in a somewhat menacing way. LIAM: You have been working against your family interests for weeks now and I wanna know why. EJ: The family's interests aren't neccessarily my interests. Liam chuckles as he steps in closer to EJ, keeping a tension between them that belies Liam's cool expression. LIAM: Your interests are making sure that Sami never finds out about Abigail, or her baby. I know that. Anjelica knows that. You know that. Liam leans intimately close to EJ, and almost hisses out his next words in a whisper to EJ. LIAM: Stefano knows that. Liam pokes EJ in the chest as he utters EJ's father's name. EJ barely budges, and his expression remains stoic, as Liam smiles almost maniacally. LIAM: So, I...am not going to let you ruin this. So you either keep in line with the plan, or those pictures our friend Percy took of you and Abby get made public. And you know how much I love that little girl. I'd never want to hurt her. Liam steps back over to EJ, walking in close to him to taunt him one more time. LIAM: So...choose wisely, EJ. Liam walks out of the room, leaving EJ behind, a simmering rage inside him. --- Dr. Rolf gets off the phone, as Stefano pours himself a drink. Rolf looks up at Stefano, concern in his eyes. DR. ROLF: I've got security checking the house to double check if anyone got in. STEFANO: Excellent. We cannot be too careful. DR. ROLF: Speaking of which, Stefano...I don't mean to...shall we say, stick my nose where it doesn't belong but...you're drinking an awful lot. It's not good for your diabetes... Stefano takes a big gulp of his drink, sounding refreshed as he sets his drink down on the coffee table before sitting down in an armchair. STEFANO: I normally would not, but we have plenty to celebrate. So today, I will make an exception. Rolf bites his tongue, pressing on with the matters at hand. DR. ROLF: Alright...if you say so. STEFANO: Believe me, Rolf. We have all of Salem right where we want them. And there isn't a single thing that could happen now to stop us. --- Down at the bottom of the staircase to the cellar of the DiMera compound, Steve leans in and speaks softly into Bo's ear. STEVE: It's just me. Bo fights Steve off, turning around angrily. BO: The Hell, Steve. Steve is quick to get Bo to simmer down. Putting his finger to his lips before Bo can continue. STEVE: You were thiiiis close to getting found out, my man. BO: Maybe, but I found out a whole lot about what Old Man DiMera's up to. STEVE: Oh yeah? I found something too, but you first. Bo steps in closer to Steve to fill him in, checking around carefully to ensure no one overhears. BO: This whole thing back home with Titan? Nick Fallon taking it over in some big coup? STEVE: Yeah, I heard about that, Kayla told me. BO: Well, I'd been wondering how he got his hands on all that money to buy them out. Turns out, DiMera, and Anjelica Deveraux are behind it. Steve's face twists, stunned to hear Anjelica's name pop up. STEVE: Anjelica? How the Hell does she fit into it? BO: I dunno, man. This is just getting more and more complicated the more we dig up. Steve comes up behind Bo and smiles. STEVE: Speaking of digging things up. Bo turns to face Steve, looking confused, as Steve motions toward the door at the end of the hall they've just walked down. Bo and Steve step toward it, opening the door, to reveal the rows of dimly lit prison cells. Bo steps inside, in awe, Steve following closely behind him. STEVE: Check it out, partner! Bo looks around in awe, as the dimly lit room lights up as Steve lights a gas lantern sitting on a nearby table. BO: What the...what is this place? STEVE: DiMera's dungeon, from the looks of it. Mostly empty, too. Except for one thing. Steve points to the largest cell. BO: Stefano's new Pawn Bo strains to see, as he takes the lantern and walks slowly over to the cell, seeing a man crouched in the corner. Bo looks over at Steve, unsure who the man is. BO: We got a key in here? STEVE: Nah, man, I couldn't find one. BO: Dammit. Bo walks over, as close as he can to the man in the corner, trying not to startle him. Reaching through the bars of the cell, he touches the man. The man flinches wildly at first, before both he and Bo realize who the other is. Bo looks on, completely stunned, as Steve looks on, thrilled. BO: Oh my God... --- Sheryl is frozen, staring through her rear-view mirror at Crystal, who threatens her with a tire iron from the back seat of her SUV, a maniacal look in her eyes. CRYSTAL: Don't....move. Or I'ma kill ya. Sheryl doesn't flinch, not even moving her hand from the rear view mirror, as she studies Crystal's slow movement from behind her. CRYSTAL: Now, I'm gonna count to three, and you're gonna drive this truck to the next parking lot, and put your hands up, and you're gonna keep em up. And you're gonna explain to me just what the Hell's goin' on here. SHERYL: Crystal, I do-- As Sheryl tries to object, the light turns green, and Crystal's shrill command cuts Sheryl off. CRYSTAL: DRIVE! Crystal's Southern drawl tightens into an imperative, terse command. Sheryl immediately complies, slowly stepping on the gas to head through the intersection. CRYSTAL: Right here...turn now, or you're gonna get it. Sheryl ignores Crystal's order, suddenly accelerating, and knocking Crystal back in her seat. Crystal struggles to get back upright, as Sheryl drives to try to thwart Crystal's attempts on her life. CRYSTAL: Stop this truck, right now, dammit! Sheryl pulls over on a quiet side road. Braking hard, Crystal stumbles forward, dropping the tire iron beneath the back seat. CRYSTAL: Dammit! Now outside the city, there are no witnesses around to spot them. Sheryl puts the SUV in park, and takes the keys out quickly, while Crystal lurches forward to hunt for the tire iron, her only hope to save herself. Sheryl leaps from her seat, out the front door of her SUV, before running to the backseat herself, opening the door and prying Crystal from the floor of the SUV before Crystal can find the tire iron, or escape. CRYSTAL: No, don't... SHERYL: Get back here, you-- The two women struggle in the backseat, as Sheryl finds the tire iron before Crystal can. In terror, Crystal throws open the back passenger side door of the SUV, in hopes of escaping, but Sheryl runs around the opposite side and, as Crystal exits the vehicle and tries to make a run for it, Sheryl swings the tire iron at Crystal. SHERYL: Oh no you don't. Sheryl's swing strikes Crystal hard in the head, as Crystal falls to the ground outside the truck, mortally wounded. Sheryl slowly steps toward Crystal's lifeless body, and looks down upon it, coldly. SHERYL: Well....looks like it's time for Plan B. ---
  3. Actually, I just figured JER needed someone to fill the spot Isabella held in the Roman/Marlena/John/Isabella quad. She filled the same duties in the story (daughter of an enemy of John's, though by that point, Victor had been defanged). The only real difference is that I can't see Isabella becoming the desperate villain Kristen became, though I'm sure fighting Marlena for John's affections for that many years could potentially do it to anyone. It could have proven a much more compelling story had Isabella gone to the dark side, given the more extended history, as well as the added leverage of Isabella also having John's child. Long term, that rivalry could have carried over into Brady and Belle, though, knowing Reilly, he'd never go into it with the depth that kind of storytelling would require.
  4. In fairness, I was always more of a Y&R fan than a GH fan anyway (though I've enjoyed both shows in my time). For me, Y&R's intensity is what really draws me in, and you manage to harness to heighten that quality in the GH scenes. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.
  5. Can I just say, the music added so much to the scenes. I felt myself getting sucked into the story in a way I know I'd never do if I were watching the show unedited. You've got a real talent!
  6. EPISODE 169 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Hope stands in the Horton Square with John, her arms folded as she waits for John to answer her. HOPE: John, whatever it is you're keeping from Marlena, I can tell it's connected to Bo and his mission. So you might as well tell me. JOHN: Come on, Hope! You know I can't do that. HOPE: Why not, John? This is obviously important enough that you're here, making Marlena crazy with your vague insinuations, and now you're telling me the same things. Why? John leans in close to Hope to try to explain the situation to her without others hearing. JOHN: Look, all I can say is that Bo is really close to being done this mission. HOPE: How close? A few days? A few weeks? Months? I need more than that, John. JOHN: I can't give you anything more than that. I'm sorry. Hope sighs, frustrated by John's vagueness. --- Off the shore of the island where Stefano's compound is, a small boat sails by the lone dock. On it are two men. One anchors the boat to the dock, while the other looks through binoculars to see further inland at Stefano's compound. Steve Johnson climbs up onto the dock, and holds his hand out to help his shipmate, who pulls his binoculars down from his face, revealing himself to be Bo Brady. STEVE: Come on, partner. Let's get inside the compound and take DiMera down. BO: I'm right with ya, my man. Bo takes Steve's hand, helping him off the boat and onto the dock. They stare up at the island, where Stefano's massive compound sits, amazed by its scale. --- Valerie sits at a booth at Club TBD, checking over the menu, as Marlena walks in. Spotting her friend at the entrance, Valerie waves Marlena over. Marlena obliges, a weak smile on her face, which Valerie catches. As Marlena sits down, Valerie looks inquistively at her. VALERIE: You okay? MARLENA: (sigh) Not quite. Neither of the kids want to take a DNA sample to prove if this is the real Roman or not, and to top it all off, I just had a run-in with John. VALERIE: Oh dear. How'd that go? MARLENA: He had the nerve to tell Hope not to give up on Bo, just as she's about to finally get out there and start dating again. Meanwhile, he still insists on divorcing me and he won't say why. Valerie reaches across the table, taking Marlena's hand in hers. VALERIE: I'm sorry to hear about John. MARLENA: It's okay. Nothing much I can do about that. VALERIE: You're right. But what I can do is give you some advice on how we can convince Sami and Eric to give the DNA samples you need. Marlena looks up suddenly, intrigued. --- --- Hope walks over toward a seat in the Brady Pub with John, having walked back over from visiting the Horton clan at a nearby booth where they're having a goodbye lunch for JJ. Hope sits down, looking wistfully over at the group eating happily. HOPE: I can't believe JJ's already heading to college. Where does the time go? JOHN: You're tellin' me. Feels like just yesterday I was sending Belle and Brady off to their first day of kindergarten, and now look at 'em! Hope and John laugh, then Hope sighs, a touch saddened. John knows instantly the cause of the sadness, and squeezes her hand. JOHN: You're not gonna be alone for much longer, Hope. Ciara's gonna have both her parents see her off to school again real soon. HOPE: How can you be so sure, John? Especially when you won't tell me anything? JOHN: You have to trust me on this. This mission is too dangerous for you to be getting involved, especially this late in the game. But when it's all done, I promise you, it'll be well worth it. Hope looks on, unsure whether she believes John or not. Across the room, Jennifer, JJ, Abby, Laura, and Liam are eating lunch together at the largest booth. LIAM: I know we were planning to drive you down there, JJ, but...are you sure you wanna go it alone? JJ: Oh yeah. I don't see why not. You guys have enough to handle here. JENN: Okay, well, just make sure you're safe on that highway. And call us every night. We'll miss you, and we'll worry. JJ rolls his eyes slightly, slightly embarrassed by his mom's doting. JJ: Yes, Mom. Abby looks over at JJ from eating her lunch, speaking earnestly to her brother as the others continue to eat. ABBY: JJ, I know I've been totally out of it the last while, but...I really am gonna miss you. JJ: I'm gonna miss you too, Abs. But I'm gonna make sure I check in every few days, okay? LAURA: You'd better. I'm gonna have so many questions for you. JENNIFER: Me too. You need to behave. I don't want another incident like in England, okay? JJ laughs at his past bad behaviour. JJ: I promise, Mom. Besides, Rory and Bev are gonna be...thousands of miles away. You won't have to worry. JENNIFER: I'd better not. Jennifer wags her french fry at JJ, and laughs before taking a bite. As she does, Liam gets a call, and immediately gets up from the table, barely even checking to see who it is. LIAM: Mm! I gotta take this. Jenn looks up, concerned, as Liam has already been relatively quiet at the table, and is now quick to exit the pub to answer his call. Outside the pub, Liam answers the call. LIAM: (into phone) Yeah. ... EJ stands in the DiMera living room, alone. He speaks matter-of-factly. EJ (into phone)Where are you? ... Liam rolls his eyes at EJ's presistence. His tone of voice noticeably curt over the line. LIAM: (into phone) I'm at the pub with Jenn's family. JJ's leaving town. I'll be over after we're done. ... EJ, holding a drink in his hand, slams the drink down on the bar, sounding displeased. EJ: (into phone) No, you will not. I rang you hours ago, and I've got a lot to do today. I told you it was an emergency, so get over here now! EJ hangs up the phone, sighing in frustration, trying to hold his simmering rage in. ... LIam realizes EJ's hung up, and bites his lip, trying to hold in his own anger, as he steps back inside. Inside, the rest of the family is still chattering away, laughing as they eat together. Liam returns, and Jennifer notices his troubled demeanour. JENNIFER: Liam? What's wrong. LIAM: I ahh...I got a call about a client at a clinic across town. I have to head out for a bit, I'm sorry, guys. JENNIFER: It's fine. Are you alright? LIAM: I'm fine, just...just disappointed, that's all. Look. I'll be back in time for JJ to get going, okay? JENNIFER: Sure! Liam leans over and kisses Jenn quickly, before taking off. As Liam heads off, Laura and JJ give each other a knowing look, both suspecting something big is going on. --- Marlena sits across from Valerie at Club TBD, a curious look on her face. MARLENA: Okay, I'm listening. VALERIE: Well, from what tests we have done on Roman, it's suggesting he's suffering from an early onset Alzheimer's, which is genetic. Now, one way we can be sure of that is to test Eric and Sami's DNA against Roman's to determine whether or not they have the same markers as him for predisposition to the early onset Alzheimer's. Marlena responds, clueing into what Valerie's suggesting. MARLENA: ...And while you're at it, check the markers to see if there's any genetic match whatsoever. VALERIE: Exactly. Plus, this can help us determine whether or not the origin of his memory loss even is Alzheimer's at all! It could be some other kind of damage. MARLENA: And if Stefano's involved, you never know. VALERIE: Right. Look, it can't hurt. But if you need any help convincing them to do the test, you let me know right away, okay? Marlena smiles half-heartedly, nodding in agreement to Valerie's advice, though still wearing a trouble expression. MARLENA: I will. Thank you. --- Steve and Bo both walk quietly through a dark hall within the DiMera compound, having made their way past the guards. STEVE: You're damn lucky the guard was on his break or we wouldn't have made it in. BO: Tell me about it. Problem is now, we gotta figure out where Stefano is, and find the patients. STEVE: Well, I'm gonna take this hallway here, since I think this is the access to the cellar, and you see if you can track down old man DiMera. BO: Got it. Steve bolts off down one hallway, while Bo walks down the other, leading to the large living area. Bo overhears the voice of Stefano and Dr. Rolf, and leans back against the wall, tucking himself quickly around the corner out of sight, as he listens in. STEFANO: The Patient is making fantastic progress. Rolf, you have done it again. DR. ROLF: All at your service, Stefano. Stefano pours a drink from his bar, and offers one to Rolf as he takes one for himself. STEFANO: Ahh, here. Salut! The two men raise their glasses, as Bo looks on from the darkened corner of the room, studying them closely as they toast and down their drinks, laughing heartily at their work. --- Downstairs, Steve makes his way into the darkened cellar. Fumbling in pitch darkness, he struggles to find a lighter to light his way down, trying to whisper in frustration so as not to tip off anyone. STEVE: Damn it, why'd I quit smoking, man! HA, there! Steve finds a lighter in the pocket of his leather jacket, and finds a gas-powered lamp at the bottom of the stairs on a table. Lighting it, he holds up the lamp, looking to see what he can find. After a moment, his eyes spot something through the bars of the cell before him. STEVE: My God. It's really you. Steve smiles as he spots the Patient in his cell. ---
  7. And to further confuse the issue, I just watched a 1980 episode of The Edge of Night that cited Oakdale as a suburb of Monticello!
  8. I truly don't understand why, instead of bumping her up to Co-HW at the LEAST, they instead demote her to scriptwriter and then, ultimately, she leaves (or is fired? Can anyone confirm?) I know in the past she's expressed a lack of desire to return to the show as HW because of the budget, but...what little good was happening on DAYS this past while, I largely credit to Sheri's input. The moment she and Ryan Quan ended their consulting stints, I've noticed things going WILDLY off the rails. And I haven't loved a lot of the show under Ron so far as it is.
  9. Yeah, it's been on Global for decades, and we get it on NBC affiliates via cable/sattelite as well.
  10. You know, you don't HAVE to have the last word, right??🙄
  11. EPISODE 168 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Brady sits on the sofa at Anita's cabin, reading the newspaper, as Anita finishes up the dishes in the kitchen area. Brady calls out to Anita about a news item he's reading. BRADY: Hey Anita, you read this? Anita shuts the kitchen tap off, and grabs a rag, drying her hands as she heads toward Brady. ANITA: Read what? Brady gets up from the sofa, closing the newspaper and showing her the headline: FALLON HOLDS MAJORITY STAKE IN TITAN, PROMISES DRASTIC CHANGES Anita sighs as she reads the headline, realizing the gravity of the situation. Brady drops the paper onto the coffee table and walks over to the fireplace mantle, leaning against it, frustrated. ANITA: Oh no. Brady, I'm sorry. Brady shakes his head, sighing before stopping Anita from continuing her apology. BRADY: No, it's my fault, I shouldn't have encouraged you to sell those shares off, and once again... Brady slams his fist against the mantle, causing one of the framed family photos on the mantle to fall off, cracking the frame, as the pictures inside fall out. BRADY: Damnit! I just make everything worse. Brady looks down, as he bends to pick up the photos from the floor, and spots a familiar face. A photo of the late Arianna Hernandez. --- Marlena and Hope sit at a table at Horton Town Square at the café, Marlena looking inquistively at a distracted Hope. MARLENA: So are you going to go on this date with Aiden? HOPE: Honestly, I'm not sure. MARLENA: Bo's been gone a long time, Hope. I know he loves you desperately, but I think it's incredibly unfair of you to wait for him forever. A voice snaps both women out of their conversation, causing them to look over. It's John. JOHN: Thankfully, he won't be gone forever. Marlena looks at John, somewhat displeased to see him, while Hope looks on, confused. --- Valerie steps out of her office at University Hospital, with "Crystal Clarke" following closely behind (really Sheryl Connors in disguise). "Crystal" listens eagerly as Valerie finishes their conversation. VALERIE: So, that's about it. I know you've had a lot of experience with this in... SHERYL: Birmingham. VALERIE: Right. I think you'll a perfect fit here, Crystal. I knew it from the moment I spoke with you at the interview. "Crystal" smiles broadly, appearing appreciative of the compliment. SHERYL: Well, I just gotta thank you, Dr. Grant. You've been amazing. Ah...if you don't mind, I know it's my first day and all, but I have an appointment I gotta keep. Getting everything settled moving into town and all, I need to finish unpacking. Valerie nods in reaction, smiling approvingly, as the two women walk down the hallway toward the nurses' station. As Valerie responds to "Crystal", the door to the elevator behind the nurses' station opens, and Daniel steps off, overhearing Valerie's words. VALERIE: Oh, absolutely! Today is mostly just orientation and paperwork. You're fine to head out. SHERYL: Oh, thank you, Dr. Grant. It's great to finally meet you. VALERIE: Pleasure's all mine, Crystal. Good luck getting yourself settled in. SHERYL: Thanks! Daniel looks on as Sheryl walks off, making a beeline for the locker room. Daniel steps over to Valerie, who is standing at the nurses' station. DANIEL: Ahh...Dr. Grant. VALERIE: Yes, Dr. Jonas, what can I do for you? Valerie turns toward Daniel with a smile. DANIEL: Ahh...the nurse you were just speaking to...Crystal...Clarke was it? VALERIE: Yes, she just started today. DANIEL: Right. Ahh...has she...been assigned any patients as of yet? Valerie looks at Daniel, confused. She looks over toward where "Crystal" had walked off, then back at Daniel. VALERIE: Uh...no, she...she just did her orientation just before meeting with me. She won't be taking on any proper nursing duties until Monday. Why? Daniel looks down the hallway toward where "Crystal" had walked as well, before shaking his head and turning back toward Valerie. DANIEL: Nah, nothing. Just...curious about the new staff member, that's all. Valerie looks back at Daniel, unsure whether to believe him or not. ... Downstairs, in the University Hospital parking garage, inside the back of Sheryl's SUV, a still-unconscious Crystal Clarke lies, tied up with her mouth taped shut, her hands and feet bound. After a chilling moment of deafening silence, Crystal begins to wake up, her eyes twitching as they slowly open. She looks around her, and tries in vain to move. She attempts to scream, but the duct tape prevents her from making much sound, as she panics, writhing about in the back of the SUV, unable to free herself, and with no one anywhere nearby able to help. --- --- Brady leans over, picking up the picture that fell to the ground. Turning around suddenly, he looks up at Anita, who's quickly walked over with a dustpan, before realizing what Brady has in his hand. BRADY: You know, I know you're their grandmother, but...I guess I just can't help but be surprised to see her picture. ANITA: You miss her a lot, don't you? Brady nods, unable to take his eyes off the photo. BRADY: Every day. Brady sits down on the sofa, as Anita sweeps the broken glass off the floor. Setting it aside, sits down beside Brady. ANITA: You know, she didn't talk much to us later in her life. I think she was still upset...knowing what had happened with her father. How he left them. Anita shakes her head, visibly upset by Eduardo. ANITA: That never left her. And then to find out she wasn't even related to me. BRADY: What? ANITA: Oh, no. We...never spoke about it, but...(sigh) Eduardo got another woman pregnant, she couldn't keep the baby but wouldn't abort. I...quite stupidly suggested that he and Adriana raise the baby as theirs, and try to work out their problems. BRADY: And did they? ANITA: Oh, for awhile. I didn't want the affair to destroy them. It...I lost my husband because of a stupid mistake I made. And...it nearly cost me everything. Including my life. I didn't want that for them. Brady listens intently, as Anita looks on, thinking back on her daughter's marriage. ANITA: It ended up all for nothing. They had Dario, then Gabi, and...then...Eduardo up and left one day, never came back. And we struggled. Oh, did we struggle. But I made sure those kids were fed. Clothed. I did everything I could for them. Adriana didn't want the handout, but...I knew she would struggle to do it all on her own. Anita sighs, taking Arianna's picture from Brady, and looking wistfully at it. ANITA: Then about...fifteen years ago? Arianna's last year of high school, she found out. Her and Adriana got into it. You know how mothers and daughters do. But Adriana let it slip. BRADY: That Arianna wasn't really hers. Anita nods, before biting her lip, trying to keep the tears at bay. ANITA: (sigh) Ari was a mess. She withdrew. Oh, she was already involved with the wrong crowd, but it got ten times worse after that. BRADY: I'm sorry, Anita. ANITA: Oh, Brady, don't feel responsible. You were a bright spot for her before she died. The few times I did talk to her, she said some wonderful things about you. When I realized who you were after I found you by the river...I knew it was fate that brought you to me. Arianna's spirit, giving you a second chance. Anita puts a hand on Brady's and squeezes it tightly. She looks with a weak smile on her face, but love in her eyes. ANITA: Don't waste your second chance, Brady. Brady looks at Anita, feeling touched by her words, though still unsure of his future. --- Back in the locker room at the hospital, Sheryl walks quickly over to her locker. Opening it up, she checks Crystal's phone once again. Ringing up Crystal's voice mail, she listens to the message Kim left. KIM: (via phone message) Ah hi Crystal! It's Kimberly Brady. I'm just calling to check in, I know you're probably busy at the hospital getting started up with work, but I just wanted to see when would be a good time to meet up so I can give you the key to the apartment. Sheryl's eyes widen with delighted surprise at her good fortune, as the message continues. KIM: (via phone message) I know you're new in town, you probably don't know your way around very well, but just meet me at the Brady Pub near the pier. I'll take you up to the apartment from there and we can get you settled in. Ummm, just give me a call when you get this. Thanks, Crystal! The sound of rustling as Kim presses the 'end call' button on her phone prompts Sheryl to hang up the phone herself. Sheryl beams with delight, realizing her plan will take further shape now. SHERYL: (sigh) Sheryl Connors, or should I say, Crystal Clarke, you are, without a doubt, the luckiest woman on the planet. Grabbing the rest of her things, Sheryl then closes the door to her locker, and locks it. She walks out with a glowing confidence, heading for the car park. ... Downstairs in the parking garage, the real Crystal continues to struggle to free herself from Sheryl's bondage in the back of her SUV. As Crystal attempts to kick at the back door of the vehicle, hoping to break the taillight of the truck and possibly free herself, Crystal pulls a muscle, and lets out a muffled scream of frustration and pain. Crumbling in a heap on the floor of the SUV, Crystal cries, equal parts angry and scared. --- Abby looks at Nick, standing with his hands on Gabi's shoulders, as they stand at the Brady Pub. Abby is stunned by Nick's news that he and Gabi will be moving in together. ABBY: Moving in together? GABI: Yeahhh, it's a big change. ABBY: I'll say! How are Sonny and Will taking the news? Gabi looks aside awkwardly before answering. GABI: I....haven't told them yet. ABBY: Gabi! GABI: I know! I Know! There hasn't been any time. I...I'm gonna talk to them this afternoon. Abby stands with her arms folded, uncomfortable with the news, she tries to feign being happy for them, but fails. ABBY: Well...I just...I want you to be happy, both of you, but... NICK: But... Abby looks at Nick, flashing back to his episode at Salem University not long ago. *** FLASHBACK TO EPISODE 104 Nick stands in the main hall of Salem U, taking deep breaths as Abigail and Jerome stand back, stunned by Nick’s behaviour, and obvious pain. Nick holds his head in his hand, his head pounding, his vision blurred. He stumbles, trying to collect himself, as Abby steps back towards Nick, trying to see if he’s alright. ABBY: Nick…are you SURE you’re alr— Nick turns abruptly back around, as Abby lurches backwards, scared by her cousin’s unpredictable behaviour. NICK: I’m fine, just…just LEAVE ME ALONE! Jerome jumps in as Nick raises his hand to Abby in a fury. Jerome grabs Nick by his jacket and slams him against the wall, holding him there for a moment, staring him down. *** Abby snaps out of her momentary trance, trying to cover her fear of Nick's outbursts. ABBY: I just want everyone to be...sure this is the right thing to do. We're all under a lot of pressure lately, and...you know...I'm just looking out for my friends. Nick nods in agreement, studying Abby's face closely. Abby feels intimidated by Nick's stare, and looks away immediately back to Gabi, and smiles half-heartedly. GABI: I appreciate that, Abigail. I really do. But ummm...trust me. I know I'm making the right choice. ABBY: I'm glad to hear. If you need anything-- GABI: I'll definitely call. Abby smiles half-heartedly, as Jennifer, JJ, Liam, and Laura all arrive at the pub. Gabi and Nick look up at the doorway, as Abby spins around to see her family walking in. She turns back to face Nick and Gabi, pointing back at the group as they filter into the pub. ABBY: My family's here. JJ's....taking off for college today, so we're gonna have lunch together before he takes off. I should...join them. NICK: Yeah. It's nice to see you, Abby. Abby feigns a smile, as she tries to look at Nick without setting off any alarm bells. ABBY: Yeah, you too. Good luck, Gabi. Nick. Gabi looks on at Abby as she steps away. Nick squeezes Gabi's shoulders as he stands behind her. Gabi looks uncomfortable, but plays along with Nick, putting her hand on his gently. --- John stands before Marlena and Hope at their table at the café in Horton Square. Marlena looks at him, annoyed by his presence, while Hope immediately notices the awkwardness, but is curious as to what John meant. MARLENA: John, what are you still doing in town? JOHN: I came back, Doc. I had some business I had to take care of. Hope looks at John, with a glimmer of hope in her eye. HOPE: ISA business? John sighs, wishing he could say one way or another. JOHN: Hope, you know I can't tell you that. Hope sighs, slumping in her chair, as John tries to reassure her. JOHN: Hope, I'm serious, okay? They're making good progress with their mission. I understand if you're ready to give up, but please don't. You're making a mistake. Marlena gets up from her seat, now enraged by John's insistance. MARLENA: OH? So Hope's supposed to put her entire life on hold for God-knows-how-long for Bo, but you're ready to divorce me on the drop of a dime? John looks away, sighing in exasperation. JOHN: Doc, it's differen-- MARLENA: Oh, the Hell it is. Marlena moves to make sure John looks her in the eye when she speaks. MARLENA: You expect Hope is supposed to have unwavering loyalty, even when there are plenty of other men in Salem who would be only too lucky to have her. John looks down, knowing the talking-to he's about to receive. MARLENA: And yet, when I try to defend my children...YOUR children, from being entangled by a sociopath, a RAPIST? Suddenly I'm a villain. Suddenly I'm not worthy to live in the same house as you. JOHN: Doc, come on, it's not like that-- MARLENA: You know it is. You are angry with me because I wouldn't sit by and let you handle Kristen your way. But you should have involved me from the get-go. Instead you play the martyr, and look what you have to show for it. Brady is dead, Kristen has ruined Eric's life. John looks back up at Marlena, trying to hold his emotions in, and Marlena continues to chastise him. MARLENA: But you and your pride. You just couldn't admit you were wrong. And now we're all paying the price for it. JOHN: Doc. I'm sorry. Alright. I'm sorry. I wish I could take it all back, but there are reasons I can't go into why we needed to divorce that go beyond anything that happened with Kristen. MARLENA: Like what? John hesitates, and Marlena immediately notices and reacts angrily. MARLENA: Damn it all, John, tell me. JOHN: I can't. Hope cuts in, getting up from her seat and putting her hand on Marlena's shoulder. HOPE: Marlena...look...I know you and John are going through a hard time, but...I really do have a strong feeling that whatever he isn't telling you...maybe it's important that we just sit tight and wait. JOHN: Hope's right, Doc. MARLENA: Well, I'm not going to wait around for you to decide whether you're going to make it make sense for me or not. Marlena turns sharply to face Hope. MARLENA: And neither should you. You've waited long enough for Bo. As much as I love him, it's time you lived your life. Enjoy yourself with Aiden, alright? Hope nods, as Marlena turns back to face John. MARLENA: Now, if you'll excuse me, I have someone I need to meet in a few minutes. Marlena marches off, leaving a saddened John and a curious Hope behind. HOPE: And just what is all that about, John? What are you keeping from her? John sighs, knowing it's best he not tell Hope anything either. --- On the island off the coast of Italy, Stefano walks into the catacombs underneath his compound, with Dr. Rolf in tow. They make their way down to the cage where The Patient sits, tied up. A black rubber mask covers The Patient's face, with only his eyes, nose and mouth exposed. Stefano looks over from outside the cage, gleefully. STEFANO: Ahhh I see this is going exactly to plan. DR. ROLF: So far so good, Stefano. I think he is nearly ready. Dr. Rolf inserts the key to the cage into the lock, opening the door, as the two men step in. The Patient looks on, quietly surveying their movements. When the two men are standing before The Patient, whose arms and legs are bound to a metal-framed chair, Stefano smiles, speaking directly to The Patient. STEFANO: Alright, my friend. I know you've been waiting awhile, wondering where we've been. Stefano begins to pace in front of Rolf and The Patient, almost sermonizing as he explains himself. STEFANO: But we had many things to take care of before checking in on you. We had to remove your friend from the adjacent cell. His time had come, you see. And soon, yours will as well. Stefano pulls out his wallet from his suit jacket pocket. He pilfers through it before pulling out a single photo. STEFANO: But...first, the test. Rolf? Dr. Rolf looks back at Stefano, pulling a syringe out, ready to react to the Patient's response, as Stefano slowly turns the photo around. The photo of John Black appears, causing a vicious reaction from The Patient. Snarling, spittling, and trying to fight through his bonds, Stefano can't help but smile with glee as The Patient fights to attack the image before him. Dr. Rolf injects the syringe into the patient, as Stefano laughs heartily. The Patient's rage begins to simmer, as he lapses quickly into unconsciousness. ---
  12. this just got uploaded yesterday. File this one under worst, but it's still cool to see flashes from old, lost episodes:
  13. Mamie was Lillie Belle's sister.
  14. Yeah, I don't mean to pile on, but I don't see a need for this, either, nor do I think they'll even consider recasting.
  15. THANK YOU. My brain at 2am is not what it used to be.
  16. Not to mention the entire storyline was written to drive sympathy for the white cop (JJ) instead of properly play the complexities that race played in his shooting and potentially having JJ come to terms with his own buried prejudices about black people, or said prejudices within the police force. Hell, they had Abe come off as the heavy for laying into "poor sad Jennifer" while she cornered Abe at every opportunity to talk about how sad JJ was. No subtlety, no nuance to it, and then, in the end, OOPS ALL WAS FORGIVEN LOL NO BIGGIE. Absolutely disgraceful way that story was handled. You're all right, the way black characters are handled needs to come from behind the scenes before it'll ever show on screen. It's funny, because when the Grants were introduced on DAYS in the mid-70s, they hired a very talented black writer and poet (whose name escapes me at the moment) to ensure their portrayal and story were accurate and authentic. Apparently this is too much to ask in 2019.
  17. That first year of B&E at GL was fantastic, before they gummed it up with that clone nonsense. Though, I gotta say, that blowback from the shot was a bit lolworthy.
  18. As much as they've ruined Kristen in later years, I still am mesmerized watching this. Of course, this won her the emmy that year, and deservedly so. We don't get many moments like this anymore on any show. ETA: This also reminds me what a lousy choice it was to recast the role this last go-around. SH doesn't hold a candle to ED. Thank you for the Alex/Roger scenes. Beverlee McKinsey was in an entirely different league. Amazing stuff!
  19. EPISODE 167 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Hope stands outside the café at Horton Town Square, looking in disbelief at a downright humble Aiden. HOPE: You want to take me out for dinner? I'm sorry, are you feeling okay? AIDEN: Hope, come on, I'm trying here. HOPE: No no, I mean...cut me some slack here. We haven't had a single conversation since we've met where we haven't argued. I mean...I would think you wouldn't want to share the same zip code with me, never mind a meal. Aiden shrugs, slightly amused by Hope's reticence. AIDEN: I mean...I know it's hard for guys to admit when they're wrong, but... HOPE: Don't I know it. AIDEN: But I do want to make it up to you. Seriously. Hope cocks her eyebrow as she takes a sip of her coffee. She looks to one side before shrugging casually. HOPE: Okay. Dinner it is. TBD tonight. Aiden smiles at Hope's decision. AIDEN: You're on. I'll pick you up at 7? HOPE: (laughs) Not the way you drive. I'll meet you there for 7:30. AIDEN: Deal. I'll see you then. Aiden walks away, leaving Hope standing by the café, bemused by Aiden's change of attitude. --- Sheryl closes the door to Jordan's office, standing before a stunned Jordan in her getup to emulate Nurse Crystal Clarke. Jordan is speechless, as Sheryl smiles, almost laughing as she speaks. SHERYL: Surprised to see me? JORDAN: Wh...what are you doing here? SHERYL: I came to get you. I'm going to save you from ruining your life, and ours. Jordan looks at Sheryl, worried of what's to come, but baffled by what Sheryl intends to do. --- Tyler sits on a stool next to Victor's hospital bed, reeling from the news that Nick's working for Stefano. TYLER: Victor, are you absolutely sure Nick told you he was funded by Stefano. You didn't mishear him. VICTOR: 100%. Tyler shakes his head, resigned but not totally surprised by the news. TYLER: You know, it makes almost too much sense. VICTOR: I agree. That's why we have to take action, immediately. TYLER: What kind of action? VICTOR: Simple. We'll send Stefano a message, and clean up the filth that's rotting this town from the inside. Tyler sighs, knowing what Victor's implying. TYLER: Victor, we can't be working underhandedly. VICTOR: Too late. The gloves are already off. Get rid of Nick Fallon. By any means neccessary. Victor looks steely-eyed at a concerned Tyler, who is far less convinced of Victor's plan than Victor is. --- --- Gabi and Nick sit at a table at the Brady Pub, next to Gabi's packed bags. They sip their coffee as they finish their brunch. Gabi looks pleasant, but nervously at Nick, as Nick discusses his decorating plans for the Kiriakis mansion. As he does this, Abigail steps into the pub and Gabi and Abby's eyes immediately meet. NICK: So I wanna give Ari the biggest stuffed toy collection for her room, and we'll give the stuffed toys their own crib just like Ari's... Gabi interjects, trying to tell him that Ari won't be staying with them. GABI: Nick...don't get carried away. NICK: Why not? GABI: Well, Ari's... Nick notices Gabi's eyes turn away from his, causing him to turn his head around toward the door. He calls out excitedly to Abigail. NICK: Abby! Hey! Abigail looks surprised to see Nick and Gabi together, but smiles upon seeing them, and heads toward their table. ABBY: Hey, guys! How are you? GABI: I'm good. You wanna join us? ABBY: Oh, I'm just...I'm waiting for my family to get here. JJ's leaving for college today, and... NICK: Oh! Wow! Wish him the best from me. Abby smiles awkwardly at Nick. She nods as she responds, folding her arms in slight discomfort after Nick's prior volatile interaction with Abby at Salem U. ABBY: Oh definitely, I will. Thanks, Nick. Ah...you... you guys going somewhere? Abby points at Gabi's bags, and Gabi laughs at Abby's question. GABI: Ah, not...not really... Nick interrupts Gabi, telling Abigail the news excitedly. NICK: Gabi's agreed to move in with me. Abigail looks a bit shocked, but tries to stifle her reaction, smiling in a subdued way. ABBY: Ah...ah wow. That's...a surprise. I guess I should be congratulating you too? GABI: Thanks, Abby. Nick notices Abby's less-than-enthused reaction, and comments on it. NICK: You seem a bit...concerned, Abby. What's wrong? ABBY: Well, no, I just...I guess I'm just surprised. You seemed really happy at Will and Sonny's, and Ari had her whole family there, and...it's just so sudden. GABI: Yeah, I know. ABBY: Plus, I mean...there's not much room up in Nick's little room upstairs-- Nick cuts Abby off, smiling widely as he shares his other news with her. NICK: Oh! That's not gonna be a problem. We're moving into the Kiriakis mansion. See, I own it now. Abby's face drops in response to Nick's news. --- Jordan stands facing Sheryl in her office. Sheryl, dressed up to emulate Nurse Crystal Clarke, stands blocking Jordan's office door, and smirks at Jordan with arms folded. Jordan stands nervously, stuttering out her words. JORDAN: Wh...Sheryl, what are you doing here? SHERYL: I came to get you out of this hospital, and out of Salem before it's too late. Jordan glowers at Sheryl, now folding her arms herself in defiance. JORDAN: I'm not going anywhere, Sheryl. Besides, what you doing dressed like that, you look ridiculous. SHERYL: Thank you. I'm the new nurse here, Crystal Clarke. Jordan rolls her eyes at Sheryl's get-up. Responding snarkily. JORDAN: Original. How'd you manage to pull this one off, hm? You dropped out of nursing school in your first year. SHERYL: It all comes back to you. Like riding a bike. Besides, I won't have to do this very long, it's just for the day to get you to come along with us. JORDAN: Not happening. I'm staying right here. Jordan turns to put a file away in her filing cabinet behind her desk, as Sheryl continues, walking toward Jordan while menacing her gleefully. SHERYL: Oh you're not, hm? Gonna stay here with you cop boyfriend? Jordan slams the door to her cabinet shut before turning around and raising her voice to Sheryl. JORDAN: Actually, I am, Sheryl. Or...Crystal or whoever you are. Sheryl looks on with a raised eyebrow, unconvinced. SHERYL: Yeah. I'm sure. I'm sure he'll also be just thrilled when I tell him who you really are and that you've been lying to him about your identity this entire time! Jordan smiles smugly, knowing Sheryl can't touch her with this information. JORDAN: Nice try. But he already knows. SHERYL: Oh, does he? JORDAN: Yes. SHERYL: Hm. JORDAN: I told him not 20 minutes ago. He was here. He promised that no matter what, he was gonna stand by me. Sheryl steps in closer to Jordan, calling her bluff. SHERYL: Well, see now, THAT tells me that you've been pickin' cherries, my dear Kaylie. Except you didn't tell him your name was Kaylie Matthews, because THAT would mean he could find your name on an FBI casefile. Sheryl begins to chuckle, as Jordan becomes more and more tense. JORDAN: I told him everything I could, Sheryl. And I'm not afraid of you anymore. SHERYL: Oh, really. What, are you gonna play informant now? Thow me and Jerome under the bus so you can have your little happily-ever-after? I don't think so. JORDAN: I think it's time you left. Jordan makes a beeline for the door of her office, as Sheryl turns around, watching Jordan huff and puff her way to the door. SHERYL: You're right. I have a lot I need to do. Let me know when you're ready to come with me, Jordan. JORDAN: I won't be, because I'm not leaving. You are. SHERYL: Don't be so sure about that. Sheryl walks slowly over to the door, slowing her walk to whisper her threatening words to Jordan on her way out. SHERYL: I'll be back later. As Sheryl saunters out of Jordan's office, Jordan slams the door behind her. She leans back against the door, relieved that Sheryl's gone, but livid that she's still not rid of her. --- Hope stands outside the café at Horton Town Square, texting Rafe to let her know she's on her way to the police station, when Marlena walks up behind her and startles her. MARLENA: Boo! Hope jumps slightly, turning to see Marlena behind her, and breaks out laughing. HOPE: Oh my God, Marlena, you startled me. MARLENA: (laughs) I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. Did you have a moment? HOPE: I do, just...not long, I have to head back to the station. MARLENA: Oh, that's fine. I'm meeting Valerie here anyway, in a few minutes. I just thought I'd see how you were doing. Hope looks to one side and shrugs as she responds. HOPE: Wellll...confused. MARLENA: About what? Hope sighs, looking a bit flustered. HOPE: Aiden Jennings. MARLENA: What about him? HOPE: Well...he just asked me out on a date. Marlena looks at Hope, somewhat intrigued. Hope looks back, still baffled and a bit unnerved. --- Tyler sighs as he stands beside Victor's bed. TYLER: Victor, I am not playing your hitman. VICTOR: On the contrary. That's exactly what you'll do, and it's the only way you're gonna get out of this mess. TYLER: Oh, really now? And how do you figure that? VICTOR: When I say Nick Fallon told me everything, I mean he told me everything. That includes him blackmailing the Titan board into making him CEO. Which means he knows about our previous connections and the fact you've been running my, shall we say, undocumented business dealings. Tyler looks aside, sighing once more as he realizes Victor's correct. TYLER: Okay, you got me. VICTOR: And I also expect that that's how he got you to play mentor to his scrawny behind while he figures out what the Hell he's doing in a three-piece suit as opposed to a lab coat. TYLER: That's exactly it. But I figured if I coached him, all the while working with you, possibly with Kate, and Justin, that we'd be able to steady the ship and lull Nick into a sense of security so we could oust him. VICTOR: Not a chance. I'm not in any position to gamble with what little this company has left. We need Nick out of the picture, Stefano to relinquish control of our assets, and all without the public finding out all our dirty laundry. The only way that can happen is if Nick disappears, and you along with him. Tyler looks at Victor, a certain disappointment and sadness in his eyes. TYLER: I know this sounds somewhat...melodramatic of me, but...where will I go? VICTOR: I'll see to it that you'll be financially stable, and no one will find you. TYLER: So I'll be living out in the woods with Anita? VICTOR: Nonsense. That'll put a target on both your backs. Anita's finally out of danger, and you wanna put her back in? You'd have to be mad to do that. TYLER: I was out there today. She needs help, Victor. She won't admit it, but she does. Victor looks at Tyler, confused. VICTOR: What do you mean? Tyler sighs again, looking down as he takes a moment before speaking. TYLER: Anita sold off her stock in Titan. That's how Nick and Stefano were able to get the 4% they needed to have majority ownership. VICTOR: Damn it! TYLER: I know. I was furious with her at first, but...the house is in a real state. The dividends weren't paying out like they used to and she's burning through her savings fast. I...honestly don't think she had another option. Victor shakes his head in disappointment. VICTOR: I'll make sure Anita's covered. Just make sure you get the job done, and get out of Salem. When you do, you tell me immediately. And do not come back under any circumstances. Tyler looks back at a steely-eyed Victor, who stares him down unflinchingly. ---
  20. You're speaking for me. This hit every point I wanted to make dead on.
  21. As I said on Facebook, between JC as Diana, and KL as Rex, it's almost as though DAYS' casting department's forgotten there's more than six actors for hire in Hollywood, as they're just cycling through the same people hoping no one cares enough to call it out. I'm waiting for six months from now when Tamara Braun comes back as a recast Nicole, Shawn Christian debuts as the new Mike Horton, and Eileen Davidson stuns Salem as a not-quite-dead Isabella.🙄
  22. Strictly speaking, no. Judith played Anjelica for the Halloween episode as part of Hattie's dream, where Anjelica was essentially a physical manifestation of the devil. Personally, I agree with all of you. Having her back as Anjelica would be perfect. There was even an A.D. on one of the doors in Nashville. She could easily have been there, and come back using Leo as a wedge to mess with Adrienne by screwing with her kids. But no. Instead we get Diana Colville, probably WILDLY out of character (because I have a strong feeling they're gonna make her Anjelica in all but name). Frustrating. Danielle would have worked when they were concocting Paul's backstory-that-made-no-sense. We SAW Danielle and John in bed together, whereas John was never off screen when he supposedly slept with this Tori woman. If they wanted a secret son for John, that would've been the way to do it, and make him more like Leo. I'd have had the character that turned out to be Paul be a conniving jewel thief like his mama. But that ship's sailed. We don't need another son for John, even though we all know that's where they're going with this.
  23. Right? Kate Mansi especially might as well have been talking to a block of wood. He really let down these scenes, and considering this is meant to be the big climax to the show's A-story of the better part of a year, it's really inexcusable. I'm glad they've got Ben working for Stefan. He has really needed someone to interact with that, in some way, humanizes him for most of his run. It's good that now we finally get those scenes, but I wish they'd come much sooner.
  24. EPISODE 166 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultant: C. Nathaniel Richardson Tyler steps off the elevator at University Hospital, making a beeline for Victor's room. As Tyler opens the door, he's followed in by Daniel, who tries to stop Tyler from advancing. DANIEL: Ahh...Mr. Houston... TYLER: Yes? DANIEL: I'm sorry, I'm...just about to do a quick check-up on Victor, and... Victor, hearing Tyler and Daniel's voices, opens his eyes, and interjects. VICTOR: It's alright, Daniel. Can you give us five minutes? Daniel sighs, knowing Victor won't budge. DANIEL: Victor, I gotta finish my rounds before noon. I have a lunch date with Billie. VICTOR: Tell her to postpone. This is important. Daniel takes a moment, before giving in. DANIEL: Yeah. Okay. But just five. I'll be at the nurses' station. Tyler turns, nodding in appreciation to Daniel, as Daniel reaches for the door on his way out. TYLER: Thank you. As Daniel shuts the door, Tyler turns his attentions back to Victor, speaking dryly to his longtime business associate. TYLER: You called? VICTOR: Yes. I was just paid a visit from our good friend Nick Fallon. How long were you all gonna keep me in the dark about what he's up to, anyway? Tyler sighs, frustrated and disappointed that Nick's broken the news to Victor of his takeover of Titan. --- Sheryl emerges from the service elevator at University Hospital, checking around to ensure no one has spied her with the wheelchair, before placing it back by the locker room door, as before. Sneaking back into the locker room, she walks over to her locker, realizing that Crystal's phone is inside, ringing. She checks to see who's calling. It's Kim. Ignoring the call, Sheryl puts the phone back in the locker, and locks it up. SHERYL: Okay, Crystal. Time to deal with your next problem. Jordan Ridgeway. Sheryl walks off in search of Jordan. --- Kim puts her phone down from her ear, as she stands behind the bar at the Brady Pub, somewhat confused by "Crystal" hanging up on her, as Nick walks into the pub, a bright smile on his face. Kim turns to greet him. KIM: Nick! NICK: Hey Kim! Ah...have you seen Gabi anywhere? Kim shakes her head, as she scans the restaurant to be sure she hasn't missed Gabi somehow. KIM: Ahh no. Can't say that I have. You're supposed to meet her here to get the rest of your things? Nick leans casually against the bar, smirking with his usual self-satisfaction. NICK: Mmmm...you could say that. Just then, Gabi steps in, causing Nick to turn his head around excitedly. NICK: There's the woman I've been waiting to see! Gabi walks in, suitcase in tow. Nick looks down, and realizes what this means. He looks back up at Gabi, with a growing smile on his face. NICK: You....is this what I think it is? Gabi smiles ,nervously, breathing in deep before answering. She flashes back to what EJ told her when they met earlier: *** FLASHBACK TO EPISODE 156 Gabi stands with EJ on the pier, her face lined with worry, as she speaks to EJ softly, trying not to be heard lest someone overhear. GABI: Alright. So how am I going to go about finding these pictures? EJ looks at Gabi, deadly serious. EJ: He'll have them. You're going to have to put yourself in very close proximity to him to get them. Make certain you bring your weapon to keep yourself protected, but don't let him think for a second that you're nervous around him. GABI: Even if that means I have to go to bed with him? EJ: Absolutely, if you have to. GABI: EJ, I...I can't do that. The thought of sleeping with that man again makes my skin crawl. EJ: I realize. But your family's lives are at stake here. You need to be prepared to do whatever it takes to take Nick down. *** Gabi smiles at Nick, feigning a warm look as she tells him her decision. GABI: Yeah. I'll do it, Nick. I'll move in with you. --- --- Hope walks out of the café in Horton Town Square, a coffee cup in hand to go, as she see Aiden approach the café at the same time. Catching each other's eyes, Hope moves to go around Aiden without greeting, but Aiden calls out to her, stopping her in her tracks. AIDEN: Hope. Hope responds coldly, not even turning to face Aiden. HOPE: What do you want, Aiden? AIDEN: I wanted to...apologize for how I behaved the last time we...heh, ran into each other. Hope turns around, speaking politely, but not warmly. HOPE: Aiden, there's nothing to say. Just....forget about it. You live your life, and try to stay out of mine. AIDEN: Well, wait. Look, I...I kinda wanted to make it up to you. If you don't mind, that is. Hope furrows her brow, unsure what Aiden means. HOPE: Don't mind what? AIDEN: Well...I was hoping to maybe...heh, maybe I could buy you dinner or something? Maybe meet up at Club TBD tonight? Hope looks on, stunned by Aiden's turn in attitude. --- Nick beams with delight as he hugs a tense Gabi, who looks on as Nick embraces her, positively stunned by what she's doing. Nick laughs obliviously with excitement as he pulls Gabi out of their hug. NICK: Oh wow! This is...this is the best news I've had today. Seriously. GABI: Well, you...you've had a lot of good news lately, I...I'm just the icing on the cake, I'm sure. NICK: That you are. Nick puts a hand on Gabi's arm, as Gabi looks on, trying not to let his discomfort with Nick's touch show. She looks over at Kim, who takes the cue and speaks up. KIM: Ah, Gabi! Did you...did you want a coffee or something? Gabi looks over at Kim, as she steps over toward a table for two. GABI: Ah...double vodka, straight. Nick looks curiously at Gabi as they sit down. NICK: You ah...you drinking so early? GABI: Nick, I need all the courage I can to live under Victor Kiriakis' roof. Especially if I'm going to be living there as your guest. NICK: That's just it, Gabi. It's not Victor's....it's my house. I own it. GABI: Doesn't make it any less awkward. I mean, I'm moving out of Sonny and Will's and...I mean, I haven't even told them I'm leaving, and... Nick grabs Gabi's hands and holds them across the table. He looks seriously into her eyes. NICK: No. No, it doesn't need to be. Gabi, I'm serious. The Kiriakises are guests in our home. If anyone gives you trouble, you leave them to me. Okay? Gabi nods slowly, feeling very uncomfortable with the situation. Nick lowers his voice as he leans in closer. NICK: And as for Will & Sonny? We'll figure it out, we'll...we'll make a schedule for Ari, whatever you need. But you need to remember, you're entitled to live your own life. Now, I know Will won't mind as much, he usually doesn't...but If Sonny has that much of a problem with you living with me, I will make sure he stays out of our way, okay? Gabi interjects, cutting the end off of Nick's last statement. GABI: No, Nick, you don't have to-- NICK: No, I...I think this is important. Let me handle Will and Sonny. You just need to make yourself comfortable, and we'll choose some great furniture for Ari's new bedroom, and... GABI: Nick, no, I can't-- NICK: I...insist. I'll ask Maggie to help you out. It'll be no problem. I just want this place to feel like home for you, okay? Gabi looks down, nodding as she feigns a smile. GABI: Anywhere I go with you feels like home. Gabi looks up at Nick, hoping to see for sure if her lie was convincing to Nick. --- Tyler steps towards Victor's hospital bed, trying to explain himself to an impatient Victor. TYLER: Victor, we wanted to make sure you were alright before we bombarded you with business. VICTOR: Oh, save it. It's not like I'm at death's door. Tyler looks at Victor, vaguely amused by his resolve. TYLER: Maggie just wanted to be sure you made a speedy recovery. Any undue stress would've risked a relapse. VICTOR: I'd rather know now and get ahead of it than be blindsided by that arrogant weasel. He came in here giggling and bragging like he'd lost his virginity on prom night. TYLER: Well, there's an unpleasant thought. Victor relaxes slightly as he responds to Tyler's wry comment. VICTOR: It was equally unpleasant to hear. But it wasn't the worst of it. Tyler looks at Victor with a hint of confusion. TYLER: What do you mean? VICTOR: I mean that little worm's not working alone. TYLER: Well, we suspected that for awhile. I mean, no one gets their hands on enough money to singlehandedly buy out a major corporation like that without major financial backing. VICTOR: Mmm, that's no lie. You'll be as surprised as I was to hear the source of that financial backing. Tyler rests against the edge of Victor's bed, now extremely curious to know who Victor's talking about. TYLER: And just who is that? VICTOR: Stefano DiMera. Tyler shakes his head, confirming his suspicions about Nick's sudden victory. --- Jordan sits at her office chair at University Hospital, as she hears a knock at the door. Looking up, she calls out to the person. JORDAN: Come in. Checking her watch, Jordan assumes it's another patient. But it's Maxine, with some paperwork for her. JORDAN: Maxine! Hi! MAXINE: So...how'd it go with Rafe? Jordan gets up from behind her desk, taking the paperwork from Maxine's outstretched hand. JORDAN: Very well...I think we're gonna be okay. Maxine beams at the news. MAXINE: I'm so glad to hear it. Jordan quickly steps over to the other side of her desk and gives Maxine a warm hug. JORDAN: Ooo thank you so much, Maxine. You don't know how much your advice helped. Pulling away from their hug, Maxine gives Jordan a stern look, wagging her finger as she speaks. MAXINE: Listen, Jordan. If you ever need anything at all, any advice, I will be here. Even if it's just to listen. Sometimes that's all you need. JORDAN: I'll remember that. Thank you. MAXINE: Anytime, honey. Maxine steps out the door, closing it behind her, and Jordan turns her back to the door to check out the documents Maxine left behind. A moment later, there's another knock on the door. Jordan calls out again without turning to look. JORDAN: Maxine (laughs) what did you forget? The door opens, revealing Sheryl disguised as Crystal Clarke. Putting on her best fake southern accent, Sheryl steps just inside Jordan's office. SHERYL: Oh, nothin' big. Just came to get you. Jordan looks up from her papers, confused by the voice she hears. She turns suddenly, as Sheryl looks back at her, grinning widely. Jordan's face drops, terrified by Sheryl's arrival. ---
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