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  1. EPISODE 145 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Billie stands, arms crossed, inches from Kim, as they face off in the University Hospital lounge. Billie never backs down or looks away from an equally determined Kim. BILLIE: You really think that I would poison Theresa? KIM: I wouldn't put anything past you. Kim steps away from Billie, but continues to rant. KIM: I mean, really, Billie. Remember Phil? My ex-husband you made porn films for drug money with? And then you insinuate yourself in my daughter's life afterwards so you could...poison her mind against him, and against me. BILLIE: Oh COME ON, Kim, that was not how it-- KIM: Oh the Hell it wasn't! Someone blackmailed the two of you over this. You helped my daughter lie about... Kim stops herself from continuing, trying to keep a cool exterior before carrying on. KIM: You ruined my relationship with my husband, and my daughter, and you put my relationship with my son AND his father at risk. BILLIE: No, YOU did that. You and you alone. --- Brady looks away from Anita as they both stand in Anita's living room in her cabin in the woods. Anita walks slowly over to Brady, who is deep in thought, and gently puts a hand on his shoulder. ANITA: Brady. I need you to understand. I care about you. More than you probably realize. And I didn't want you to leave before you were ready. BRADY: (sigh) Look, I know that. Brady turns to face Anita again, feeling a bit badly for having reacted as strongly as he had about Anita knowing his identity. BRADY: And I realize you probably didn't nurse me back to health for some kind of...financial windfall. I just...(sigh) I...I guess I was running away from...all the problems I had in Salem...the pressure Victor put on me...my ex- put on me... Brady chuckles momentarily, despite his thoughts going back to a dark place. BRADY: My ex- sleeping with my priest brother and him having the audacity to call it rape. Brady looks down at the ground a moment, deep in a troubling thought. BRADY: Losing my fiancée in an explosion. I just...I haven't been dealing with it all. And...I guess trying to end it all was another step in my running away from it. Anita puts her hand up to Brady's cheek, as she pulls him into a tender, warm hug. Brady fights off tears, as he and Anita begin to open up to each other. --- The Kiriakises huddle around an excited Maggie in the living room to the family mansion. Noelle looks particularly stunned, as Justin, Adrienne, Sonny, and Alex all look on surprised and confused by Maggie's news. ALEX: Maggie...I don't get it. Why can't we say anything about Victor waking up? MAGGIE: Well...apparently he doesn't want so much press attention right now with the whole...Titan shakeup, and...quite frankly, he's pretty weak right now. So...I think the best thing we can all do is give him some space for the time being. Justin nods, as Sonny and Alex look at each other, understanding the situation. Adrienne looks Maggie's way in cautious agreement, as Noelle looks on, trying to mask her interest. SONNY: So...I heard we had a guest coming for dinner? But mom wanted to wait until we were all here before she talked about it? ALEX: Oh...that. ADRIENNE: So...I ran into Anjelica Deveraux in the square today and... Adrienne grimaces, looking at the others almost apologetically, as Noelle looks over at her husband, slightly confused, before her eyes spot the door to the living room open. Maggie turns, as the rest of the household look on, mostly in displeasure, but also in shock, as Anjelica walks in. ANJELICA: Hello, family! I hope I'm not late for dinner! Anjelica smiles widely as the rest of the family appears shocked by her arrival. Adrienne, meanwhile, motions half-heartedly at the door. ADRIENNE: Surprise! --- --- Billie stands with Kim in the hospital lounge, venting her anger at Kim's continued vilifying of her. BILLIE: The only reason I ever stepped in to help that girl was because she knew she could trust me, because I was the only person in her life that didn't think that Phillip Collier was some kind of saint. KIM: Oh please. You never gave her another option. You saw an opening and you took it. BILLIE: Why would I do that, Kim? Kim shakes her head, taking a cool, composed tone as she responds to Billie's question. KIM: Because you were grieving your own daughter. You thought Chelsea was dead, and you used the relationship you'd built with my daughter as a tool to replace Chelsea in your empty little waste of a life. Billie laughs sarcastically, in awe of Kim's statement. BILLIE: Oh my God, you have absolutely no shame, do you? When are you going to take even a little responsibility for what happened between you and Theresa? When are you going to admit that if you had just believed her when she came to you in tears, shaking because Phillip Collier had been molesting her for longer than she cared to remember, none of this would've happened? Kim stands in stunned silence, as Billie lets loose. BILLIE: She would never have turned to drugs, she would never have gotten herself in trouble with the law, she certainly would never have ended up in a coma because Brady Black wanted to commit suicide and take her with him! But I guess that's all well and good so long as you have your scape goat to blame the fact you couldn't keep your head together long enough to actually be a parent when it mattered! Kim slaps Billie hard across the face, snapping Billie out of her rage with the shock of the attack. --- Brady and Anita sit on the sofa, as a fire crackles in the fireplace before them, talking about Brady's problems. ANITA: I know where you're coming from. This home...such as it is... Anita and Brady share a laugh, before Anita stops after a moment, sighing, as she looks around her quaint home. ANITA: This is my refuge. Anita looks intensely at Brady, as he senses her pain. ANITA: I've had a lot of...pain to go through. Losing two of my children...I nearly died. I withdrew. I...I didn't want to be around people. It was safer here. Anita looks off, as though looking at a ghost from the past. ANITA: My umm...you asked about why I was looking at the news story about Titan, I...my late husband, he bought up shares in Titan when they first began publishing Bella Magazine. He was...he was certain he was onto a good thing, and that...(laughs) he figured he could retire off the dividends. When he died, he left them to me. And...with how the company's doing now...well... BRADY: You're thinking of selling, aren't you? Anita shrugs, looking solemnly past Brady. ANITA: We could use the money. This house...it needs some work. Brady looks down, nodding in understanding of her situation. BRADY: I think it's a good idea. Titan's in a lot of trouble, and...with Nick Fallon at the helm...it's only gonna get worse from here. Anita smiles half-heartedly, clearly still worried for the future. ANITA: Thank you. BRADY: Anita, we're gonna make this work for you. I won't let you down. ANITA: Oh I know, Brady...and I know that...you've been put in so many difficult situations, and I know that you thought that the only solution was to run away, but... Anita takes Brady's hand into hers, and holds it tightly, never taking her eyes off his. ANITA: ...I need you to know that you don't have to run anymore. Not here. You are always safe here. We can really help each other. Whenever you're ready, I am here for you. Brady smiles warmly at Anita, nodding back at her. BRADY: Same for me, Anita. Same for me. Anita and Brady come together for another warm hug, as they sit on the sofa, enjoying the warm fire. --- Gabi finishes signing the modelling contract with MadWorld, as Sami, Kate, and Gabi had discussed. She stands in her living room, with Will looking on, as Sami and Kate look on approvingly. Gabi lurches up, pen in hand, as Sami smiles up at her. SAMI: Congratulations. You are officially the new spokesmodel for MadWorld cosmetics. GABI: Great. Why don't I feel as excited as I should be? Gabi hears her text tone go off, causing her to jump slightly as she looks around for her phone. Finding it on the side table in the living room, she picks it up. Kate notices as Gabi looks at the message, that her expression changes, becoming more sombre. KATE: What is it? Gabi looks up from her phone, nervously. GABI: It's time. I have to meet Nick at Club TBD in an hour. What's our game plan? Sami and Kate look at each other, confidently. Gabi's eyes dart between the two, far less confident that their plan will go off. --- Maggie turns toward Anjelica, who stands in the entranceway of the Kiriakis living room, smiling widely. Maggie looks back, less than enthused. MAGGIE: Anjelica. ANJELICA: Maggie! Long time, no see! Anjelica quickly walks over, giving Maggie a big hug, which makes Maggie immediately uncomfortable and more than a little confused. MAGGIE: Anjelica, I wish I'd known you were coming to dinner sooner. Anjelica remains enthused, almost to spite Maggie and the rest of the Kiriakises. She carries on talking as she helps herself to a drink from the bar in the corner or the room. ANJELICA: What? And ruin the surprise? You've got to be kidding me. I mean, this is my first time back in Salem in over 20 years! Where else would spend it than with my loving son and his family? JUSTIN: A jail cell, maybe? ANJELICA: Oh Justin, always the joker! Anjelica turns back to face the rest of the room, now with drink in hand, smiles as she takes a sip. ANJELICA: But in all seriousness, I'm here because I am on the campaign trail to the state governor's house...and I think I could be a big help to all of you. The family look at each other, curiously, as Anjelica smiles slyly and takes a sip of her drink. ---
  2. Far more popular in Britain, as well. A handful of Top 40 singles there. But, true, nothing extraordinary. She made the Hot 100 twice, but, again, never higher than #47.
  3. EPISODE 144 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Sonny steps into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion, heading over from the kitchen. Adrienne, Justin, Noelle and Alex are all assembled in the living room, and all look up at Sonny as he steps into the room. SONNY: Hey! Ahh, cook just let me know that dinner was gonna be about another 15 minutes? So...just to wait here. ADRIENNE: Great, Honey! Just waiting on Maggie and I guess we'll get everything started. Sonny pops over to sit down on the sofa next to Justin. SONNY: Where is Aunt Maggie? JUSTIN: Oh, she's just gone to visit Victor for a bit. ALEX: Any news on Victor's condition? As Alex asks that question, Maggie walks into the living room, trying in vain to hide her good news. MAGGIE: Well...yes and no. Everyone in the room looks on expectantly, as Maggie stands near the doorway of the living room, her hands clasped together in front of her. NOELLE: Well, what does that mean? MAGGIE: It means that he's turned a corner...but...we can't tell anybody about it. Everyone looks at Maggie, baffled, as Maggie smiles awkwardly back. --- Billie steps off the elevator at University Hospital, and stumbles upon Kim, having a chat with Valerie in front of Theresa's room. Knowing she's not meant to be there, Billie hangs back a bit, but Kim spots her, anyway. Kim glowers as Billie lifts her chin up and walks over. KIM: Billie. I wish I could say I was surprised. BILLIE: Kim. I was actually here visiting Daniel, so you have nothing to worry about. KIM: I'd better not. Billie looks down, trying to compose herself, hoping to avoid another confrontation. BILLIE: I umm...how is Theresa? Kim immediately snaps back at Billie, causing both Billie and Valerie to tense up. KIM: She's the same. Not that that's any of your business. BILLIE: Kim, I... Valerie cuts Billie off, knowing this will go nowhere good. VALERIE: Look, I'm not gonna tolerate you two having an all out brawl in the middle of my hospital. Now, if you wanna have a chat, we can step into the lounge, but we aren't doing this here. BILLIE: Don't worry, Valerie. I'm leaving. KIM: I hope so. And I hope you stay gone, because if I find out you had anything to do with my daughter lapsing back into her coma, I will find out. Billie looks at Kim, incredulous. BILLIE: Kim, what the Hell are you talking about? KIM: I have reason to suspect that someone has been poisoning my daughter to keep her in a coma. BILLIE: And you assume it's ME? (laughs) Oh my God, Kim, you've REALLY lost it this time! Kim glares daggers at Billie, as Billie looks on, laughing at the ridiculousness of Kim's claims. --- Gabi and Will stand in their living room with Sami, deeply troubled by the news Sami's just given them regarding Nick. GABI: Okay...so...if Nick's now the CEO of Titan...I mean...Sami, how far do we want this plan to go? Obviously hooking him on his old medication isn't stopping him, and it's certainly not causing him to get tripped up. Quite honestly, I don't know how much longer I can take this. SAMI: Just...stay the course, Gabi. Will cuts in, getting uneasy with Sami's insistence on persevering. WILL: Oh come on, Mom. How far do we really wanna go with this whole plan? I mean, every time we think we've got this guy handled, he manages to worm his way out and get the upper hand again. And quite honestly, I'm sick of finding out more bad news every time I hear his name. Sami, arms crossed, laughs a bit in resignation. SAMI: Heh. Yeah. You and me both. But there's nothing we can do now. If we don't follow through, Nick WILL win. And Gabi, and Arianna will end up on the other side of the world with Nick Fallon. GABI: Ohhh no. I will die before I let that happen. Gabi and Will looks at each other with a certain level of fear they try to hold back. Sami walks over to the sofa, sitting down and grabbing the pen from the coffee table. She hovers over the modelling contract on the table. Signing the document, she looks up at Gabi. SAMI: Well then, I guess you better sign on the dotted line then. Gabi hesitates, standing back from Sami with her arms folded, clearly tense from the pressure. --- --- Anita stands in her living, while Brady stands facing her, arms folded in front of him. Brady looks at Anita, upset by Anita's seeking the news story of Nick taking over as CEO of Titan. ANITA: Yes...I know who you are, Brady. I've known for a long time. BRADY: Have you, now? And just how long were you planning on keeping this little...secret from me? Anita sighs, trying to find the words to stop Brady from getting too wound up. ANITA: As long as it was going to take for you to trust me. Brady guffaws at Anita's statement, as Anita walks past Brady, looking intensely at the article on her computer screen about Nick's takeover. BRADY: How perfect. So you were gonna keep lying until I trusted you, and for what? ANITA: Then maybe you'd open up to me about what happened to you. Maybe you'd finally let me help you. If I told you that I knew you were Victor Kiriakis' grandson, you'dve been out the door as soon as you were strong enough to crawl out of that bed. BRADY: And maybe I should've. Anita grabs Brady's arm, stopping him from walking out of the room. ANITA: Brady. I didn't keep this from you for my own gain. I did it so that you felt safe here. Nobody from Salem knows you're here, and nobody will as long as YOU want it that way. Brady looks at Anita, a mix of uncertainty, anger, and a strange sense of trust. --- Gabi stares at the pen Sami holds up for her, as Sami sits at the desk in Gabi's living room. Will looks on, unsure of what the situation is, when all hear a knock at the door. Will heads over to open the door, revealing Kate. KATE: Hi! Sorry, I'm late, I had...a lot to take care of. SAMI: So I heard. GABI: So...now that Nick's CEO of Titan...does this change anything where this supposed bidding war is concerned. Kate smiles, confident in her statement. KATE: Oh absolutely not. Gabi smiles, still clearly nervous about the plan. GABI: Okay, good. I uh...I confirmed a date with Nick for tonight. He...uh...he actually asked me first, so... SAMI: Perfect, so we're all set. All you have to do, is sign, and let the fun begin. Sami hands Gabi her pen, as Gabi steps over to the desk, and signs the modelling contract, putting her into a contract with MadWorld at DiMera. Kate, and Sami look at each other with a confidence, while Will looks on, concerned, and slightly confused by the proceedings. --- Valerie opens the door to the hospital lounge, and leads Kim and Billie inside, closing the door behind them. She looks at them sternly. VALERIE: Now, I assume you're gonna keep in civil in here. Kim stands, facing Billie, arms folded as she looks at her with a scowl. KIM: Naturally. BILLIE: Thank you. Valerie looks at both women seriously for a moment, before stepping out of the room, closing the door again behind them, as Billie looks at Kim, exhausted by the fighting. BILLIE: Look, Kim. I've had it with the accusations and the arguments. Okay? I have no idea who, if anyone, is poisoning Theresa, but... KIM: But I guess we're gonna find out. Becuase I have made sure that there is a guard at that door, 24/7 from now on, and they can't so much as take a bathroom break without getting a relief guard. So if you're taking advantage of your little doctor boyfriend to try to sneak into Theresa's room without my knowing? Kim steps in close to Billie, attempting to intimidate her. KIM: I WILL find out about it. Make no mistake. Billie looks back at Kim, unflinchingly. --- The Kiriakises look confused at Maggie, who stands surrounded by them in the Kiriakis living room. She smiles, knowing how awkward her news is. JUSTIN: I'm sorry....what? Maggie smiles, and looks at Justin, before repeating herself a beat later. MAGGIE: We can't tell anyone he's recovering. He doesn't want anyone to know, I guess partly because of what happened at the board meeting today. Honestly, I don't even think he wanted me to tell you all but...I just can't keep it bottled up. We just need to give him the space to recover, and not push him too hard with too many visitors right now. ALEX: Wait...he doesn't? So...does this mean... MAGGIE: That's right. Victor's awake. Everyone, particularly Noelle, take notice, as their eyes widen in surprise. ---
  4. My guess is they only addressed it when Eve called out, half-in-the-bag, "Where's the bartender?" in the next episode. But to actually SEE what happened next would've been nice, I agree.
  5. EPISODE 143 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Brady walks into the living room at Anita's cabin. Stepping over to the computer, he moves the mouse slightly, triggering the computer to wake up from its dormant state. He calls out to Anita, who is in the next room. BRADY: Anita! I'm just gonna pull down the ad for the truck, alright?! Anita calls back from the other room, the sound somewhat muffled. ANITA: What was that?! Sitting down with a soda in hand, he looks at the screen, and has to hold himself back from spitting out a mouthful when he reads the news on the screen: BREAKING: Nick Fallon declares self CEO of Titan Industries Brady sets his drink down before he spills it, his hands shaking. Anita steps into the room, about to repeat herself when she sees a distressed Brady looking at the computer screen. ANITA: Wh...Brady? Brady quickly turns around to face Anita, getting up from the desk chair. He points at the computer monitor, stunned and angry. BRADY: What is this? Why do you have this page open? Wh...did you see this?? Anita looks on, puzzled by Brady's strong reaction. --- Sami stands in Will, Gabi, and Sonny's apartment, trying to hold in her panic, as Will stands before her, stunned by the news she's just given him. WILL: I'm sorry. Nick just took over Titan? SAMI: Yep! You've got a new boss. Congratulations. Will sighs, frustrated by the turn of events. WILL: Wh...well how did he manage that? SAMI: The only way that little worm knows how to accomplish anything in life. Blackmail. --- Billie sits in the hospital cafeteria, taking a sip of coffee while she reads a book. After taking a sip, she realizes the foul taste of the coffee, spitting it quickly back into her cup and pushing it away, as Daniel walks in. DANIEL: Hey, I got your text. Billie gets up upon hearing Daniel's voice, wrapping her arms around him and giving him a soft kiss on the lips. They talk while gazing into each other's eyes, their voices growing softer and more sultry with every sentence. BILLIE: Mmm, good. I just was waiting here while you finished up your shift. You all done? I could use a little...soft music and a nice dinner after the day I've had. DANIEL: Oh yeah? BILLIE: Yeah. DANIEL: Well, I think I could be persuaded. On one condition though. Billie looks at Daniel, mockingly giving him attitude, but unable to hold in a laugh as she does. BILLIE: (laugh) Okay. DANIEL: I get to take you back to my place first and work up an appetite. Billie can barely finish her sentence as she begins to kiss Daniel more and more sensually. BILLIE: Mmm, okay, that's a condition I think I could live with. But I got a condition for you if you want some personal time with me. Daniel laughs slightly as he gives Billie another quick kiss. He continues, resting his forehead against Billie's as his arms wrap around her waist. DANIEL: Heh, okay. I'll bite. What's my condition. BILLIE: Make me a better pot of coffee, and I'll be putty in your hands. Daniel laughs heartily, as Billie cracks up a bit herself. DANIEL: Deal. Billie smiles as she wraps her arms around Daniel's neck, pulling him into another kiss, as Maggie bursts into the cafeteria, catching Daniel and Billie off guard. MAGGIE: Daniel! I'm so glad I found you! Daniel and Billie pull away from each other, as they turn to Maggie, concerned. DANIEL: Mom, what is it? Maggie beams with the news she shares with them. MAGGIE: It's Victor. He's awake! He's finally awake! Daniel turns quickly to look at an equally surprised Billie. --- Victor looks on from his hospital bed, too weak to really react to Tyler. VICTOR: Nick...Nick Fallon? Tyler stands next to Victor's bed, arms folded, as he softly nods. TYLER: Yeah. He called everyone to a board meeting and handed out little envelopes, detailing all the dirty little secrets he knows that the board doesn't want publicized and voila! Everyone cowtows to him. VICTOR: H...how the Hell did you let this happen? TYLER: It's a long story, Victor. All I need to know for now is...do you want me to take care of him, or shall I sit on this until you've been released? Victor sighs, looking stoically at Tyler as he mulls over his options regarding Nick. --- --- Adrienne and Alex stand in the living room in the Kiriakis house. Adrienne is shocked, as Noelle has just walked in, making a crack about inviting Anjelica to dinner. ALEX: Noelle. Tell me you didn't... NOELLE: Didn't what? Invite your mother to dinner? Of course I did. Adrienne rolls her eyes dramatically, displeased with this turn of events. ADRIENNE: Great. NOELLE: What?! I heard she was in town for her campaign, she called me earlier while you were out because, big surprise, she couldn't get ahold of Alex. I mean, she certainly wasn't gonna call you or Justin, was she, Adrienne? Adrienne stands with her arms folded. She sighs audibly before responding to Noelle, sulking. ADRIENNE: I guess not. NOELLE: So...there you go. What am I gonna do? Tell her 'no'? She'd kill me! Adrienne guffaws dismissively at Noelle, as she turns to walk away. ADRIENNE: You have no idea how right you are about that-- Alex steps in, trying to stop things from escalating, as Adrienne tries to stand her ground. ALEX: ...Okay, Adrienne. Can we just hold our fire a little bit, here? ADRIENNE: All I'm saying is, you'd opened up Pandora's Box by even just letting her in the room. And now we're all going to have to suffer the consequences for that. Noelle rolls her eyes at Adrienne. NOELLE: Oh come on, Adrienne, you're being melodramatic-- Adrienne cuts Noelle off, waving her hand in front of her as part of her refutation. ADRIENNE: No, no. Believe me, it's not just going to be a single awkward dinner. We will be stuck with that woman now for as long as SHE decides we are useful to her. And I really don't know if I'm prepared to give up my time and energy to such a worthy cause. Adrienne grabs her shopping bags, and heads for the staircase to her room. ADRIENNE: If you'll excuse me. Alex turns to Noelle, who stands, arms folded, nonplussed by Adrienne's concerns. Alex sighs, sensing the brewing conflict between the two women who raised him. --- Will puts down his cell phone, as Sami stands in the apartment, holding a now-awake Ari in her arms. SAMI: So? What did Alex have to say about it? Will sighs, looking away from Sami, trying to process the news. WILL: Yeah. Nick pulled it off. Even Kate apparently voted in favour of it. SAMI: She WHAT? WILL: Yeah. I mean, I guess she had her reasons but... SAMI: Well, she's coming to meet us in a few minutes, anyway, so...I guess we'll get our answer then. As Sami finishes her sentence, Gabi comes through the door, grocery bags in her hands. She looks over, pleased to see Sami. GABI: Oh good, you're here. Sami smiles half-heartedly, as she bounces young Arianna in her arms. SAMI: Hey! Did you, uh...hear the news? GABI: What news? WILL: Nick's just become CEO of Titan. Gabi sets the bag down on the kitchen table, before looking at both Will and Sami, stunned. GABI: You're kidding. SAMI: Nope! So we need to take the next few steps incredibly carefully, or else we are all just a step away from going to prison for a long time. Gabi looks at Sami, sighing in despair as she realizes the corner she's being put in. --- Victor lays in his hospital bed, as Tyler stands next to him, awaiting his answer. Victor responds slowly and breathlessly. VICTOR: Wait him out. Let Nick bury...bury himself. And make sure...nobody knows that I...I've come to. I ca...I can't handle any visitors. Victor exhales gently and falls into a sleep. Tyler looks on as Victor closes his eyes, sighing. As he does, Maggie and Daniel step into the room, only to find Victor back asleep. Tyler turns, holding a hand up to reassure Maggie, whose face has immediately fallen upon seeing Victor's eyes shut. TYLER: Don't worry. He just fell asleep. I think he's still very weak. MAGGIE: I know. Thank you, Tyler. Maggie takes Tyler's hand, squeezing it gently as Tyler cups Maggie's hands in his. Daniel grabs a stool and scoots over to Victor's bedside. He turns back to Tyler and Maggie, shooing them away. DANIEL: I'm gonna need to check on Victor, so, I'm gonna have to ask you to step out. TYLER: That's fine. I have to head back to the office anyway. Um...Maggie, Daniel. Victor asked us to keep quiet on his coming to for awhile. Doesn't want a slew of visitors or anything while he's this week. DANIEL: I'll co-sign that. The last thing Victor needs is a procession of family members crowding in here before he's ready for them. Maggie nods in agreement, still a bit emotional from the turn of events. MAGGIE: I understand. I'll umm...Daniel. Thank you. I'm gonna go home. Tyler, thanks again. TYLER: You alright to drive, Maggie? MAGGIE: I'll be fine. Thank you, though! Maggie and Tyler step out of the room, closing the door behind them. Daniel stares at Victor, smiling warmly at him. DANIEL: Good work, old man. You made it back. Victor sleeps, oblivious to Daniel's words, as Daniel begins to work on updating his chart. --- Kate stands in Roman's office at the Salem PD. She's baffled by Roman's sudden confusion about his whereabouts. KATE: Roman...wh...Anderson Manufacturing hasn't been around in...over 30 years. And you were never involved with them, it--I mean, at least not that I'm aware of I... Roman stands facing away from Kate, looking down at the ground, lost in his thoughts, as Kate steps slowly over to him. KATE: Roman, I'm worried about you. ROMAN: Kate, don't be. Kate looks on at Roman, frustrated resignation, as her arms fall to her side. KATE: Look, I don't know what's going on with you, but...if you need to step aside from this case, I'd be happy to let Billie handle it unilaterally from here on in. ROMAN: Nah, I...it's okay. Roman turns back toward Kate, shaking his head, still an uncertainty in his tone and demeanour. ROMAN: I um...I just need some time to refresh myself with the case. So...you just e-mail me what you need to fill me in on and...I'll take it from there. Kate stares at Roman, as he sits down at his desk and grabs the framed photo of his family, a grave concern for him plainly visible in her eyes. She wordlessly puts her purse up over her shoulder and walks out, leaving Roman behind, trying to fight back his pent-up emotions. As Kate closes the door behind her, Roman stares at the photo in his hands. Marlena, Sami, Eric and himself, from the time Sami & Eric were babies. The longer he stares, the more frustrated he gets, finally throwing the picture across the room. The picture frame shatters as Roman breaks down in tears. --- Anita approaches Brady, baffled by his outburst. ANITA: See what? Brady steps aside, ushering Anita closer to the computer. BRADY: This! Anita studies the headline, before sighing. Brady looks at her, arms folded. He motions at the computer as he continues. BRADY: I think you better explain yourself right now. ANITA: Brady, I didn't want to get into this until you were ready to talk about what happened to you. Brady snaps at Anita, not waiting for her to finish. BRADY: I am not ever going to be ready if you keep being secretive with me. Anita raises her voice momentarily to match Brady's, before stopping herself mid-sentence to finish her thought. ANITA: I'm no--I'm not being secretive. But...maybe I haven't been completely forthcoming. Brady laughs sarcastically at Anita's statement, putting his hands up in the air in frustration. BRADY: Yeah, you could say that. ANITA: You haven't been either. BRADY: And how do you know that, Anita? Anita looks away momentarily, before looking up at Brady solemnly. ANITA: Because I do know who you are, Brady. And I know exactly how you got here. Brady tenses his lips, trying very hard to keep from saying something he'll regret in anger. ---
  6. Considering they can't even have a single conversation about a new character's history? (I'm looking at you, Stefan O...) I have very little hope. The only successful (relatively) "new" family has been the reintroduction of the Grants, but even then, it's been kinda shakey, thanks to Dena's stupid intro story for Valerie and Eli killing David off out of nowhere offscreen.
  7. Like...I was afraid he'd go there on DAYS, but I was hoping he'd at least bring Kim back to ressurect her DID instead giving a THIRD character what's supposed to be an incredibly rare diagnosis on the same show. As someone on here said a long time ago, it's nothing more than an excuse to get a character to behave out of character (which Ron LOVES to do instead of creating actual complex villains ). Stefan O. STILL three months in has absolutely no backstory, no nuance, nothing interesting about him. Just a fixation on Abbygabbylauragail, and I DO. NOT. CARE. I will continue to not care until we at least get a conversation about his past and what makes him tick. It breaks at least three Marland rules, certainly to have him on so much when he's so new, and established characters who SHOULD be involved in heavy story are conspicuously absent (I know, I know, guarantees, but the renewal at the same time that Y&R and DAYS are so close in the demos should help NBC at least throw SOME extra $$$ their way).
  8. Yes to all of this. HOWEVER, I have to say I noticed a significant drop in energy from Friday to Monday. I was stunned because Richard Culliton's scripts are usually on point. This, I feel, was down to direction. Jennifer and Eric's fight was well-written up until they laughed it off. It felt very well-written and drew me in but for them to just go "oh, I guess this is our first fight LOL" was stupid. That could've been a jumping point to some REAL drama that could carry them in a story, but... I have to agree about Ciara. This actress has the fire that I was hoping Ciara would have when aged up. She's what I would have seen Ciara be after Lauren Boles' Ciara was aged up. It's a shame they wasted that year and a half with Lockjaw Jovanni because this Ciara is a winner.
  9. Be careful, you’ll see the headline “Dena Higley IN” right afterwards.
  10. EPISODE 142 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Roman walks into his office at the Salem PD, and looks the room over, suddenly feeling foreign to him. After a moment of inspecting everything, his desk, the window to outside, the picture of his family from years ago, he sets the framed picture down on the desk face down, and looks the room over once again. His eye turns to the door as Kate walks in, briskly. KATE: I'm sorry I'm late, but I had to be in the square for Nick's press conference. Kate puts her clutch down on the table, oblivious to Roman's confused state, she throws her hands in the air in frustration. KATE: There's just...so much going on the last few days, I need to get you up to speed. For instance, when are we going to get Jordan and Sheryl's arrest warrants out, and how much evidence do you need to pro-- Kate stops upon turning toward Roman, who looks on at her, confused. KATE: Roman. Are you alright? Roman looks back at Kate with a blank expression. --- Adrienne walks briskly into the Kiriakis living room, dropping her shopping bags on the sofa, before calling out as loudly as possible in the hopes that someone is home. ADRIENNE: ALEX?? NOELLE! MAGGIE? Alex walks in casually from the hallway heading into the kitchen, a curious expression on his face as he pops a blueberry in his mouth. ALEX: Adrienne? What's up? You look like you've seen a ghost. ADRIENNE: Yeah, you could say that. I quite literally just ran into your mother in Town Square. Alex swallows hard, an uncomfortable look on his face. --- Maggie sits beside Victor's hospital bed. Victor having just emerged from his coma. Victor manages a weak smile as he gently squeezes her hand. MAGGIE: Victor! You're awake! Victor barely peeps out a sound, as he remains incredibly weak. VICTOR: Maggie. Wh...where am I? MAGGIE: At University Hospital, darling. You've been in a coma for a number of weeks now. Victor looks around, sighing as he realizes what's happened. Maggie, eager to see Victor's progress continue, gets up, heading excitedly for the door. MAGGIE: I'm going to go get Daniel to come check up on you. VICTOR: Mag... Victor reaches out for a moment before his weak body gives in. Struggling to keep his eyes open, Victor sighs in frustration as Maggie heads out of the room. Outside Victor's hospital room, Tyler emerges from the elevator. Maggie walks over to him. TYLER: Maggie! MAGGIE: Oh, Tyler! I'm so glad you're here. TYLER: What is it? Maggie puts a hand on Tyler's shoulder, and smiles warmly. MAGGIE: It's Victor. He's awake. Tyler looks back at Maggie with a mix of happiness, and of dread. --- --- Will races to the door of his apartment to stop the frantic knocking at the front door. Opening it, he finds Sami, who bursts into the apartment in an enraged frenzy. Will tries to cool Sami down, pressing a finger to his lips to motion her to keep quiet. SAMI: Thank God you're here. WILL: SHH! Ari's having a nap! Sami stops herself for a second, resting against the edge of the armchair in the living room, as Will walks quickly over to close Ari's bedroom door. SAMI: Sorry. WILL: What was so urgent? SAMI: Where's Gabi? Will stumbles over his words, thrown off by Sami's lack of focus. He responds firmly without shouting. WILL: Gabi's at the corner store grabbing milk. What is the problem? SAMI: Well, for one, you have a new boss. Will looks confused, furrowing his brow. WILL: What do you mean? SAMI: I mean Nick Fallon just staged a coup to take over Titan, and if you're not careful, he's got enough on you to ruin your entire career before it even begins. Will's jaw drops at the stunning news of Nick's ascent. --- Alex stands in the Kiriakis living room, watching an on-edge Adrienne pace behind the sofa, while he continues to munch on his blueberries. ADRIENNE: So she basically just...invited herself to dinner, which, of course, I turned her down, but...not that THAT would ever stop her... ALEX: Well, I think she should come to dinner. Adrienne stops in her tracks, looking incredulously at Alex. ADRIENNE: Alexander Kiriakis, are you serious? Alex looks at Adrienne and shrugs at the idea. ALEX: I don't see why not. Look at it this way, if she comes to dinner tonight, it'll probably pacify her and we won't have to have her asking me to stay here while she's in town. ADRIENNE: Alex, that's exactly why I DON'T want her coming to dinner. You know full well she's going to use that dinner invitation to guilt you into letting her stay for however many days she claims she'll be in town, and before you've even shown her what room she's staying in, she'll have her entire campaign team set up in the dining room! A voice calls out from behind them, causing both Alex and Adrienne to turn toward the entrance to the living room. NOELLE: Well, I guess that answers my question on how everyone feels about having company for dinner tonight, then? Noelle walks into the room, hands on hips, with a wry smile. Adrienne looks on, unimpressed, while Alex seems...uncertain, looking back at Adrienne before turning back to look at his wife. --- Kate steps over to Roman, putting a hand on his shoulder out of concern. Roman fidgets at Kate's touch. KATE: Roman... ROMAN: Just stop...I'm sorry. I haven't had much of a chance to look into this the last few days. Kate looks over at Roman, shocked by his uncharacteristic lack of attention, as Roman sits down behind his desk. KATE: I...I don't get it. You knew this was a huge case, Roman. I put my relationships with my kids, with...with Rafe...I put that on hold for this. All to see justice done. And with all the...chaos that's been going down between the virus and...Nick taking over Titan, you...Roman, are you okay? Roman snaps at Kate, taking her aback. ROMAN: Dammit, Kate, I'm fine! I can't even have a cup of coffee in the morning without someone asking me what's going on here at Anderson and how I'm gonna take care of this, and I'll tell you, since Bob died, it's been absolute chaos. Kate looks at Roman, confused and stunned. KATE: Anderson? Wh...what are you talking about? --- Tyler stumbles over his words, stunned by the news that Victor's awakened from his coma. TYLER: Y...You're sure? Maggie looks on, excitedly, almost bouncing as she speaks with joy. MAGGIE: Yes! Isn't it terrific news? I mean...he's...I'll admit, very groggy. I think it's gonna take some time before he's fully awake but...oh this is such good news. I'm going to have to tell the family, but...first I need to get ahead of Daniel. Excuse me. TYLER: Certainly. Tyler watches Maggie run off to speak to the nurses in hopes of tracking Daniel down, before looking over toward Victor's room. He slowly walks over, peering inside the room as he gently pushes the door open. Looking back again as Maggie runs off to find Daniel, Tyler steps into Victor's room. Victor, still barely revived, gently turns his head to see who's come in. Barely audible, he chokes out a greeting. VICTOR: H...Houston. Shutting the door behind him, Tyler slowly walks toward Victor's side. He speaks softly,but with urgency. TYLER: Victor. It's good to see you awake. VICTOR: ...It's....it's good to see you...at all. Tyler chuckles to himself, before his face drops again, sighing as he continues. TYLER: Victor...I don't mean to hit you with bad news so soon after you've come to, but...we have a...we have a situation at Titan. Victor looks at Tyler, his expression unchanging, but with a tension in his face that wasn't there a moment before. VICTOR: Wh...what kind of situation? TYLER: It's Nick Fallon. He blackmailed the board into making him CEO. Victor turns his head slowly, looking up at the ceiling. He closes his eyes for a moment and curses, barely above a whisper. VICTOR: Damn. Victor turns his head back toward Tyler, their eyes locking in a serious gaze. VICTOR: Make him pay...for this. ---
  11. EPISODE 141 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Nicole steps into her office at WXIR, shutting the door behind her, as Sami and Abby look on in shock. SAMI: I'm sorry...what did you say? NICOLE: Nick just held a press conference, and announced to the world that he is now the CEO of Titan Industries. So, hey, at least you can take solace in knowing that at least ONE thing is going your way today, right, Sami? Sami rolls her eyes, as Abby looks on, somewhat confused. ABBY: Why? What happened? NICOLE: Well, I wasn't gonna say anything but...Eric and I got married today. Abby lights up, surprised, and pleased for Nicole. ABBY: Wow! Oh my God! Congratulations! Nicole looks on, less excited than Abby. NICOLE: Yeah! I was real excited until THIS ONE decided to crash the party! Brought her mom too to REALLY rub the salt in! Abby's face freezes, as she looks over Sami's way. Sami grimaces, with her arms folded. Nicole gives a sarcastic grin to emphasize her displeasure. --- Maggie walks into Victor's hospital room, closely watching her husband as he lays comatose in his bed, still recovering from his heart attack. She looks on lovingly, as she steps toward him. Gently speaking to him as though he were awake. MAGGIE: Victor. It's me. Maggie. After a moment, she pulls up a chair and sits down beside his bed. She smiles though she's tearing up slightly. MAGGIE: I hope you can hear me. I hope you know I'm here. They say...that coma patients can hear people in the room. And I'm really hoping my voice will help you. Maggie takes Victor's hand in hers, and pulls it up to her lips, gently kissing it. MAGGIE: We need you back, Victor. --- Eric stands in Marlena's penthouse, sighing in frustration at being put on the spot by his mom. ERIC: Mom, I... MARLENA: Eric, you loved your vocation so much. Being a priest meant everything to you. Wouldn't you at least want the world to know that you were a victim of a...vicious sociopath? Don't you want to clear your name? Eric snaps at his mom, before stepping back a bit, hoping not to escalate things between them further. ERIC: Of course I do! I just... MARLENA: Just what? Eric, don't tell me you're giving up everything you worked so hard for for Nicole. ERIC: Can we not...make this another attack against Nicole? Please? Marlena steps back from Eric, trying to keep her cool despite her visceral frustration at Eric's weakness for Nicole. MARLENA: Yes. I'm sorry. Eric remains calm, but speaks firmly with Marlena, which Marlena silently accepts. ERIC: Look, Mom, I'm not interested in going down that road right now. I struggled with what happened with Kristen for a long time, and I finally got the answers I needed. I'm going to tell the public what really happened, but when I do, it will be when I am ready. I can't do this on your schedule...and I'm certainly not going back into the priesthood, even if I am accepted back. Marlena looks down, disappointed. MARLENA: I wish you'd reconsider. ERIC: I know this hurts you, but I am happy with Nicole. I am happy to be married to her. And I'm not going to give up that happiness, not for anything. Marlena tries to hold her sadness and disappointment in, but can't help but tear up a bit. --- --- Daniel and Kim stand in Theresa's hospital room. Kim looks horrified as Daniel looks down, contemplating how to relay his news to Kim. DANIEL: Kim, no one is drugging your daughter. Okay? I promise you. No one unauthorized is visiting her. My only concern is that she's emerging from her coma irregularly. That tells me that there's more complications in her recovery than I initially realized. Kim looks up at Daniel, squinting a bit as she mulls over whether or not she believes him. She slowly nods, before taking Theresa's hand in hers, and squeezing it gently, as she watches over her, lovingly. KIM: I know...I know it's a miracle that she's even alive. I mean...considering how badly she was injured in the ac--the crash. Kim stops herself, looking up at Daniel, suddenly becoming very stoic, trying to hold herself together. KIM: I know you and Brady are family, but I really struggle with what he did to my daughter. And I am finding it really hard to forgive him. I don't mean to sound cruel but...sometimes I'm... Kim stops herself from speaking out of spite. Daniel stands silent, acknowledging Kim's pain. He nods slowly as she expresses her anger in a subdued, controlled way. KIM: You know...it's hard to forgive a lot of people. Because a lot of people have a hand to play in how my sweet little Jeannie ended up like this. Kim begins to tear up, as she fails to hold it together. Never shouting, Kim overflows nonetheless with emotions. KIM: She struggled so hard. And... and the worst part is, the person I have the hardest time forgiving...(sigh) is me. Kim wipes away tears, as she walks out of the hospital room, leaving Daniel behind with Theresa. KIM: Excuse me. Kim steps outside, closing the door behind her, as she struggles to compose herself. Daniel, still in the room, stares at Theresa, as her lifeless body lays in her hospital bed, her progress ever-stagnant. --- Marlena stands, facing away from Eric, hoping to hide her tears from her son. Eric knows better, and walks up behind her, putting his hands on her shoulders to try to comfort her. ERIC: Mom. Mom, I'm sorry. I know how proud you were of me being a priest. But... Marlena turns around with a start, speaking emphatically, as she touches Eric's face. MARLENA: No, no, no, you don't...Eric, I don't want you to think for a second I'm not proud of you every minute of every day. Eric, you're a wonderful, compassionate man who gives so much of himself every day. You don't need to be a priest to give back to this world. Marlena takes Eric's hands in hers, then looks up at her son, proudly. MARLENA: No matter what way you choose to take your life...I will accept it. Marlena gives a cheeky smile as she struggles to hold in a laugh. MARLENA: I may not like the direction you're going (laughs)...but I always accept your decisions. I trust you to know what's best for you. ERIC: Thanks, Mom. Marlena pulls Eric into a hug, suddenly overcome with emotion. She closes her eyes as she embraces Eric tightly. MARLENA: Ohhh Eric, I love you so much. ERIC: I love you too, Mom. Love you too. Eric looks off, a wistful smile on his face as he holds his mom in his arms, feeling a sense of true comfort. --- Sami gives Nicole sideeye as Nicole steps over toward her desk, trading places with Abby. SAMI: You know, I really didn't want to crash your little party either, Nicole. But when I found out you were getting married, I had to stop my brother from making a huge mistake. NICOLE: Right. The huge mistake being me. We get it, Sami. You hate me. Can we stop pretending you're keeping me here because you respect my talents? Sami puts a hand on her hip, annoyed by Nicole's accusation, and expecting another glib response. SAMI: Okay Nicole. Tell me, since you know everything. Why am I keeping you here? NICOLE: To keep an eye on me. Make sure I don't step outta line. Nicole laughs to herself, as she shakes her head. Abby stands off to one side, increasingly uncomfortable being in the room with the two adversaries. NICOLE: You know, ever since you took over Titan TV, I've been wondering exactly why you didn't fire me right away. And now I get it. You know the old saying: Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer? You're a master at that! That's why you made Abigail my assistant, isn't it? She's your little spy, isn't she, Sami? Abby tries to interject, trying to refute Nicole's claim, but can barely get a word in edgewise. ABBY: I...wait, for the record, I-- SAMI: Oh come on, Nicole. If I had that kind of time to micromanage our local station's what...third-most recognized reporter? I really don't think I'd get much work done. NICOLE: You're right. You don't get much work done. Just like I'm not getting much work done arguing with you. So, if you'll excuse me, your spy and I have an extremely important piece to complete for tomorrow's newscast. So you need to leave. Sami prepares to leave, when Nicole holds up a finger, leaving Sami with a final thought. NICOLE: But just remember something, Sami. If you even think of firing me for marrying Eric, I will slap DiMera with a lawsuit so fast, you won't have time to pack your crap up before they kick you out of your office. Got it? Sami sighs, folding her arms as she gives a knowing look to Abby, who tries to very subtly shrug as her eyes widen. SAMI: Fine. I'll go. Sami walks out of Nicole's office, with a parting shot. SAMI: But just for the record, Nicole. If I find out you did ANYTHING to hurt my brother, you WILL be out on your ass faster than you can say "annullment", let alone spell it. Sami gives an almost saccharine smile, as she gives a sarcastic parrellel retort to Nicole, her eyes shooting daggers her way. SAMI: Got it? Sami steps out of the office, slamming the door behind her with a casual but brisk motion. Abby and Nicole look at each other, Abby looking very uncomfortable, and Nicole looking exasperated, and relieved to have Sami gone. --- Maggie holds on tightly to Victor's hand, as she suddenly feels a bit of pressure back on her hand. Taking a moment to loosen her grip, she feels Victor tighten his around her hand, as Victor's heart monitor begins to pace up sligthly. Gently wiping away tears, Maggie laughs through the tears, as Victor begins to stir. She smiles as Victor begins to open his eyes. Groggy, he looks at Maggie and, almost silently, calls out to her. VICTOR: Maggie... Maggie, hearing her name, breaks down in tears of joy, holding her husband's hand as he comes to. MAGGIE: Victor! You're back! ---
  12. LOL I said exactly this yesterday. His mid-section was so stiff from clenching his abs, he could hardly get his lines out
  13. The music on DAYS has sucked since Marty Davich's cues were phased out around 1994-95. I think there's an archived thread on here in his honour somwhere, in fact. Unfortunately, Corday looooves to score his show (he was a wannabe musician before working on the show), so we're basically doomed to endure what we have for as long as he's living.
  14. This is coming from someone who, up until now, has been enjoying Ron's DAYS (mostly): - I see we're back to nothing mattering longterm on this show. Theo's shooting didn't affect the Hortons' and the Carvers' relationship whatsoever, it was just an extreme plot point to usher Theo off canvas and set up this WTD story for Lani and JJ. - On a related note, I see Maggie's moving out. Yeah, that'll last until next week, I'm sure. They gave some great rationale for it, but if there's no lasting impact, does it matter? - I'm sorry. I blinked for a moment and apparently missed Billie's entire return "story". And in two days, this Pam Van Dam show up, hold the kids hostage, and dies and they're already back to their petty angst with Claire, as though nothing happened? Stupid! - These returns are great, but I don't see the point if they're going to last a week at a time, and they interact with only a small sliver of the characters they were involved with when regulars. Carrie's return was ridiculous like this, as someone said upthread. - The guarantees are killing this show. Something's gotta give. And fast.
  15. EPISODE 140 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Sami glares at Abby as they stand in Nicole's office at WXIR. Abby looks on, somewhat uncomfortable by the position Sami is putting her in, and stands with her arms folded. SAMI: Well? Should I be worried that this report is going to implicate Will? Abby sighs, dropping her arms to her side in frustration. ABBY: Sami-- SAMI: I think I have a right to know. My son took a job at Titan, and no, I'm not happy about it, but I am still going to protect him. Abby responds, looking away thoughtfully. ABBY: I understand that. I would...(sigh) I would want the same for my child. SAMI: Then, as your boss, I should tell you that if Will is involved in this EnerNext mess in any way...you will keep his name out of Nicole's report. Abby looks at Sami, struggling to answer. --- Daniel stands at the nurses' station at University Hospital, as Kim approaches him, a look of concern on her face. KIM: Daniel! Daniel turns around with a start, looking pleasantly at Kim. DANIEL: Kim! Hey! I'm glad you're here. KIM: Well, I heard there was some news about Theresa and I headed straight down. DANIEL: Yeah... Kim's brow furrows as she questions Daniel's peculiar reaction. KIM: It's good news right? Daniel struggles to give Kim an answer, causing Kim to look even more concerned. --- Marlena walks into her living room, surprised and worried, as Roman and Eric look over at her. MARLENA: Eric! Eric looks at Marlena, respondingly politely but coldly. ERIC: Mom. Marlena, unsure how to approach the situation, looks over at Roman as she continues to approach. MARLENA: Roman...what is going on? Are you alright? Roman relaxes somewhat, but is still deeply frustrated. He turns, and, without looking at Marlena, begins to walk away. ROMAN: Yeah. Fine. I'm gonna head out. Roman grabs his jacket, but Marlena tries to stop him. MARLENA: Roman. ROMAN! Where are you going? Unable to stop Roman from leaving, Roman quickly responds before walking out and closing the door. ROMAN: To work! As the door slams shut, Marlena winces, and Eric looks over at the closed door. He looks back at Marlena, suddenly worried, but trying to hide it. ERIC: Mom, I'm sorry. I... Marlena interrupts, overwhelmed and angry. Unable to stay calm anymore, she grabs Eric's arm, forcing him to look her in the eye. MARLENA: Eric, what did you say to him? Eric meets Marlena's stare, confused and surprised. --- --- Eric pulls away from his mother, looking away after a moment of intensity between them. ERIC: I didn't say anything. I realized he didn't remember me or the entire Kristen fiasco and he...he lost it. Marlena stops a moment, before turning back to Eric, a bit confused. MARLENA: Kristen? ERIC: Yes, Kristen. The whole mess that YOU helped create. Marlena stops herself, looking down partly in shame and partly to cool her misplaced anger. MARLENA: I know. ERIC: I came here to give you both news about it, in case you're wondering. Marlena looks up, intrigued. MARLENA: Oh? Eric nods, remaining cold and sombre, not quite able to look Marlena in the eye. ERIC: (sigh) Yeah. A package came in the mail for me after Nicole and I got home from City Hall. Eric reaches over to the sideboard where he'd placed the envelope containing the Chyka files. He hands them to Marlena, who immediately pulls them out, looking them over in an increasingly excited way. MARLENA: Oh my...Oh my God, Eric! This is the evidence you needed! Oh HONEY! Marlena lurches forward, hugging Eric tightly, causing him to tense up, before gently forcing Marlena from her hug. ERIC: Mom. Please. MARLENA: Wh--Eric, I'm sorry. ERIC: Just...don't right now. After the stunt you and Sami pulled today, just...don't. I came here to tell you the news, that's all. Marlena reaches out to stop Eric before he leaves. MARLENA: No. Eric, stop. Eric stops in his tracks, rolling his eyes and sighing as he turns back to face his mom. ERIC: Mom, I don't have time for this, I-- MARLENA: This, this will just take a second. I need to know what this means for you and...you and the priesthood. Eric looks to Marlena, as Marlena waits impatiently for his answer. --- Nick stands behind the podium at the press conference in Horton Town Square, gesturing for Tyler to step forward and join him at the podium. Once Tyler does, very reluctantly, step forward, Nick continues his announcement. NICK: Mr. Houston here has been a major help to me in not only tracking down these hackers, but also with giving me the...confidence to put my name in the ring to lead this company. With his help, and my vision, I firmly believe that Titan will be a successful power player into the coming decade and beyond. Thank you, everyone. Tyler grabs Nick's arm and pulls him aside just out of the earshot of the microphones, as the press begin to buzz furiously within seconds of Nick's speech ending. Tyler looks at Nick, enraged. TYLER: What the HELL do you think you're doing? Nick laughs softly, giving Tyler a shrug. NICK: I thought you'd be thrilled. I keep your secret, you help me fullfil my goals. TYLER: And what if I don't. I have no loyalty to you, kid. NICK: Then I guess you'd better develop a loyalty to the colour orange. Cos' that's the only colour you'll be wearing if you back out now. Nick quickly looks Tyler up and down, before chuckling to himself. NICK: ...Nah. Not your colour. Nick walks away, heading out of the square, leaving Tyler behind, incredulous. Justin approaches him, his eyes trained on Nick. Justin puts a hand on Tyler's shoulder. JUSTIN: Something tells me that appointment wasn't exactly a mutual decision. TYLER: You'd be right. And it's not going to happen, either. Excuse me. Tyler walks off, following Nick out of the town square. --- Daniel and Kim step into Theresa's room. It's dark, and the only sound is the beep of the heart monitor, as a comatose Theresa lays in the bed. Kim looks down lovingly at her daughter, as she holds Theresa's hand. Daniel looks over at Theresa before he begins. DANIEL: I have reason believe she may be starting to...come out of the coma. Kim looks on surprised and thrilled by the news, but it's immediately tempered by Daniel, as he interjects to stop her from reacting. KIM: Oh my-- DANIEL: Wait...Kim, there's something else you need to know. Kim's face drops as she moves from excitement to panic. KIM: What? Is something wrong? Wh-what's happening? DANIEL: She's...we...okay, I don't mean to alarm you, it's...it's likely nothing, but, I noticed something in her chart, I' ve never seen it before. Coma patients don't tend to start emerging from their coma and then immediately drop back into it...not unless they're being induced into it. Kim clutches Theresa's hand, increasingly worried, as Daniel tries to keep calm. KIM: Well you're not inducing the coma, obviously. I mean, that's...that doesn't make sense. DANIEL: You're right. And we aren't. Kim looks over at the door, then Daniel, confused and increasingly frustrated. KIM: Well, then, I don't get it, I...I mean you have the door guarded, they would've seen anyone who's been coming in or out of here, they'dve had to. We're trying to keep Billie out, so... Daniel looks away for a moment, sighing, as he tries to keep Kim from digging any deeper. DANIEL: Yes...it's just been me, you, and the nurses. That's all, I promise you. KIM: So, then, I don't understand, Daniel. Are you saying one of the nurses could be drugging my daughter? Daniel sighs, unsure whether to tell Kim or not. --- Abby folds her arms, as she furrows her brow, frustrated by Sami's interference. ABBY: Sami, I can't force Nicole's hand. She's going to see right through me if I do that. SAMI: Find a way, Abby. ABBY: It's not that easy. SAMI: I'm sorry, who's your boss here? Abby sighs, dropping her arms to the side, and tensing her hands into fists, as she stops herself from shouting at Sami. ABBY: If I suppress information about this story to protect Will or anybody else, for that matter, I might as well kiss my career goodbye. We have journalistic standards to adhere to. SAMI: Let me handle that. Just keep Will out of it. Abby throws her hands up, exasperated. After a moment, she argues back. ABBY: Look, Will's name probably won't even be important enough to mention on air. SAMI: Like Hell it won't be. He wrote all their press releases. ABBY: So we may have to speak with him to get more information. Look, Sami, I honestly don't think Will is the one you should be worried about right now. Sami folds her arms, raising an eyebrow as she looks at Abby incredulously. SAMI: Oh really? And just who should I be worried about? ABBY: Nick. As Abby says this, Nicole opens the door to her office, not hiding her irritation at Sami's presence. NICOLE: Abby's right. You should worry about Nick. Nicole looks over to Abby, exhausted, and worried. NICOLE: He just declared himself CEO of Titan Industries. Sami looks back at Nicole, jaw dropped, as Abby's eyes widen, looking over to Sami with the same surprised face. ---
  16. I expect he’s working with Billie to find some kind of backdoor way to get the ISA off Steve’s back without actually killing him, and he’s hidden Paul and Will away somewhere for the time being.
  17. Lucas did bring it up to Kate on Monday during their 6-hour-long chat in sub-zero weather outside the mausoleum, but that's the last anyone's mentioned them.
  18. EPISODE 139 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco In Marlena's penthouse, Roman walks through the living room, sandwich in hand. He's evidently walked in for a quick bite to eat while on duty. ROMAN: Thanks, Doc for the sandwich, I'll be back around 7. He grabs his jacket to quickly put on as he's heading back out to work, when the doorbell rings. Looking back to see if Marlena's headed over or not to answer it, Roman walks over and opens the door to find Eric standing there. ERIC: Dad! I've got some great news. Roman looks at Eric, trying to appear upbeat but confused, regardless. --- In her motel room, at the edge of Salem's city limit, Sheryl stands in front of Jerome, laughing at her great fortune, as Jerome stands next to her, somewhat less enthused. The TV plays quietly in the background as she and Jerome speak. JEROME: Brady Black...as in, the guy that drove himself and his girlfriend off an embankment into the lake trying to kill himself and her? SHERYL: The very same. And trust me, I know it's him. JEROME: How? SHERYL: He's the one I bought our getaway vehicle from, silly. I've got it all planned out. Just need a few things from in town... Sheryl walks over to the desk, and grabs a notepad and pencil. Quickly jotting down what she needs, Sheryl tears the paper from the pad and hands the list to Jerome. SHERYL: ...which...I will need you to order for me. Make sure the Salem PD can't track your IP address or you'll have to make a break for it, too. JEROME: Duh. SHERYL: Anyway, so, knowing that Brady's alive...it means that if we can get the word out that Brady isn't actually dead...the EnerNext project can be delayed if not completely halted. Jerome sighs, before shaking his head, causing Sheryl to look at him, somewhat alarmed. SHERYL: What? JEROME: You may not need to use that information after all. Not that I'd be able to spill that tea anyway since that makes a clear line between you and me. SHERYL: Okay. Still not getting why we may not need it. Jerome wordlessly points up at the TV, where Nick Fallon appears, giving a press conference. Sheryl looks on, curious, as she quickly grabs the remote and turns the volume up. Nicole's voice blasts through the TV, giving a preamble to the proceedings. NICOLE: (via TV) ...Mr. Fallon will be making his address shortly, he is expected to make a major announcement in Titan's name. --- Nick stands at the podium at Horton Town Square, where most of the Titan board, as well as Nicole, and various other members of the press, are gathered to hear Nick speak. Nicole finishes her report as the rest of the crowd begins to simmer their conversations. NICOLE: Now, this is unusual for a lab technician to be speaking for a corporate board at his level, but, as we've learned with Titan in recent months, expect the unexpected. With the TV cameras on, Nick lays on the charm for the masses, as he waits for the crowd to go silent. He leans into the microphone slightly, and begins his speech. NICK: Today, Titan Industries has a new hope for the future. After months, perhaps, years of struggling in an uncertain economy, we have decided as a company to make a radical change of direction. Kate looks on from the crowd, trying not to roll her eyes as she listens to Nick's speech. Billie leans over and whispers to her mother. BILLIE: Is it too late to sell a chunk of my Titan stock? KATE: Honey, if this ship is sinking, we go down together. As Nick carries on, Anjelica appears from the back of the square. She hangs back, not wanting to be seen by the larger crowd, standing with her head ccovered by a black scarf and dark glasses, as she observes Nick from afar. Nick is still able to spot her, as he carries on in his speech. NICK: Due to a series of tragedies that have befallen the Kiriakis family in recent weeks, the....board felt it best to appoint someone...more youthful. An outsider with a clear, decisive vision for the company. One who would be willing to make the changes neccessary to carry the company well into the next decade. Anjelica nods approvingly from her post at the back of the crowd, as Nick looks right at her as he delivers his announcement. NICK: That person is me. The crowd buzzes at the announcement, with camera flashes going off, the board members standing around, solemn as Nick looks around from his perch, beaming. --- --- Abby sits at Nicole's computer, working her way through the documents Nick sent her about EnerNext, when Sami steps in. Abby looks up from the computer, surprised to see Sami. SAMI: Abby! How's everything? ABBY: Good! I uh...I'm just...working on something for Nicole. SAMI: I figured. Listen ah...I hope you remember exactly why I'm having you work with Nicole. Abby looks up from the screen to look at Sami. She sighs. ABBY: Sami, I'm not....really comfortable with what you were suggesting, I-- Sami interrupts, holding her hands up to stop Abby from continuing. SAMI: I know. I know. I know, I shouldn't have asked but...(sigh) Nicole's not exactly a model employee. She's incredibly...tricky. Abby turns away from the computer, giving Sami her entire focus, still sitting in Nicole's chair. ABBY: Oh, believe me. I know. She and my mom have a hell of a history. But I'm trying to just...let the past stay in the past. She's doing some...really great work on this EnerNext story. SAMI: So I've heard. I just want you to tread carefully. If anyone you love is implicated in this story...Nicole...can't be trusted. A lot of people could get caught in the crossfire. Abby gets up from her seat, walking over toward a frustrated Sami. ABBY: You're worried about Will, aren't you? Sami turns around to look at Abby, sternly. SAMI: Should I be? --- Roman steps back to let an excited Eric in. Somewhat awkwardly, he responds. ROMAN: I...uh...I'm just about to head back to work. Wh...what is it? ERIC: Dad, I...well...I just got some really good news about what...what happened with Kristen. Roman looks at Eric, trying to appear excited but looks almost blankly at Eric, who slowly realizes something's horribly wrong. ERIC: You don't...you don't know what I'm talking about, do you? Roman explodes, shouting in a frustrated rage at Eric. ROMAN: Dammit, would you cut that out? You know, between you and Doc and the rest of the damn family trying to take any opportunity to test my memory. I've had it just about up to here with it! ERIC: Dad! Calm down, I was just-- Roman gets right in Eric's face, shaking with rage, as Eric grabs Roman's hands and holds them tightly, trying to stop Roman from physically attacking him. ROMAN: I WILL NOT CALM DOWN!! You...Dammit, let me GO! Marlena races over from the opening to the kitchen, worried about the shouting she hears from the living room. MARLENA: What is going on here? Eric?? Roman? Are you two alright? Eric and Roman turn to look at a deeply concerned Marlena, who approaches them cautiously. --- At Town Square, Nicole's voice cuts through the din of the rabbling crowd, as she asks a question of Nick. NICOLE: How is it that you, someone with exactly zero experience, have managed to secure the vote to take over Titan? Nick smiles at Nicole before responding with a phony graciousness to her question. NICK: I'm glad you asked. Ah...well, you see, the board had to make some tough decisions. It actually brings me to a very important point I need to bring up. See, last night, Titan Industries was targeted by outside forces in a major attempt to breach our computer systems, steal vital corporate information, and destroy our servers. I will be in contact with the Salem PD later today to track down the perpetrator or perpetrators, and make sure they are brought to justice. Nick clears his throat as he continues, looking directly into Nicole's camera. Nicole takes this opportunity to interject again. NICOLE: Do you know the name or names of the hackers? NICK: I can't speak on that at this time. However, I will say this. The Titan board was grateful to me, as I was the one who discovered that there had been a security breach, and was able to prevent the virus from causing any major damage. Thanks to my efforts, as well as my proposals, which I will be detailing at a later date for the turnaround of Titan Industries, I have been named CEO of Titan, with none other than Tyler Houston as my right hand through the transition period. Tyler looks on, stunned by the news, he looks over at a shocked Justin, while Nick smiles his trademark smirk as the crowd once again begins to buzz with chatter, as Anjelica, still at the back of the crowd, gives Nick an 'ok' gesture with her hand. --- As the press conference plays on TV, Sheryl and Jerome look on, stunned by the news. Sheryl looks on, slack-jawed as her rage builds. SHERYL: That little BASTARD. Sheryl looks over at Jerome, whose head twists to meet her gaze. Sheryl speaks to him with intensity, finger pointed at the TV screen. SHERYL: HE'S the one who stopped the virus. And I'm gonna make that little twerp pay. ---
  19. Ugggh, I was worried about this. This show doesn't need a third damn person with DID. So freaking LAZY and you're all right, I KNEW Ron would pull this old trick out again. I'dve rather seen Bonnie do this as a favour to Hattie, but that would've required Bonnie disguise herself as Anna and not Gabi. Lazy damn writing. But I will say that otherwise I'm enjoying the show. I was kinda rolling my eyes at the whole who's the daddy thing with Lani, Eli, Gabi, and JJ, but the motivations are actually decent, and Valerie is giving me life right now getting down to business and making sure Lani takes some responsibility for her actions. It's a rare case where you totally get all the characters' motivations and there's no real heavy in the situation. THAT story is being played alright, IMO. But, as many have said, the episode guarantees are bugging me, because too many people are vanishing for long stretches and it's hurting some of these stories. I like her but she's never gonna be Abby for me. There was something very emotional and on-edge about Kate Mansi's Abby and Marci Miller is, relatively speaking, pretty much comatose in many scenes. She's just so stoic and icy, and there isn't that sensuality that KM brought to the role. I would never buy MM hoein' around with EJ or trynna pull a Sami on Austin. No way.
  20. EPISODE 138 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Nicole rushes into her office at WXIR, where Abby and Jerome await her. The sound of the opening door causes Abby to turn toward the door, exciting her as she steps toward Nicole. ABBY: Nicole! Just in time! NICOLE: Why? What's happening? Nicole stops in her tracks as she sees Jerome at her computer. Her demeanour changes instantly, as she points to Jerome while speaking to Abby. NICOLE: What's he doing here? ABBY: Oh, Jerome and I were on a date, and... Nicole, not waiting for Abby to answer, immediately shoos Jerome from her desk. NICOLE: And he's not going to be sitting behind my desk on my computer. I've got sources on there I'd like to keep anonymous. JEROME: Sorry. Sorry. Jerome jumps up from Nicole's desk chair and steps away as Nicole sits down in it. NICOLE: Oh you will be if I find out even one of my sources backs out of the story for the special. Abby steps in, nervously, but firmly supporting Jerome. ABBY|: Nicole, I wouldn't worry about Jerome. He's on our side in this. Nicole turns to look at Abby, then over at Jerome. She points at Abby, looking her squarely in the eyes. NICOLE: I'm holding you to that. ABBY: Fine by me. Jerome looks at Nicole, feeling uncomfortable staying, he looks at Abby, and nods. JEROME: You know what, it's fine. I gotta get going anyway. ABBY: You sure? JEROME: Yeah. Look, I had a great time, even with the interruptions. Abby takes Jerome's hands and kisses his gently on the lips. ABBY: So did I. Let's do it again? JEROME: You know it. I'll call you. ABBY: 'Kay. Jerome kisses Abby again, before taking off out the door of Nicole's office. Abby then looks back to Nicole. ABBY: There! Now it's just us. NICOLE: Good. Look, try to keep your dates out of our personal business stuff, okay? There is way too much as stake here, regardless of whether he supports this story or not. I just want to keep this under tight wraps until we go to air. Abby throws her hands up. ABBY: Fair enough! I totally get it. After a moment, she sighs, and turns her chair to look at her screen. NICOLE: Good. Okay. Now, what am I looking at? ABBY: Well...that's what I was gonna tell you. Nick tracked us down on our date today. Seems he had been trying to get ahold of you for awhile to give you this. Abby leans over and moves Nicole's mouse over to click the tab where Nick's PDF file is open. Nicole reads the headline, causing her eyes to widen immediately. EnerNext & Titan: Fraudulent Arguments in Environmental Impact Study & Associated Payoffs --- In Horton Town Square, a podium is set up for a press conference, as Justin, John, and Tyler stand by, uncomfortably mulling over their situation. Justin steps toward John, and asks him a question. JUSTIN: John, if you don't mind my asking...just what did you mean about not underestimating Nick? I mean, come on. He's a...cocky kid with a criminal record. Surely there's no way he could run Titan, we have rules stating he couldn't take over if he'd committed a felony. JOHN: And I'm sure Nick is also plenty aware of the number of crimes Brady and Victor have committed over the years. Not to mention the dozens of crimes neither of them have ever been held criminally accounatable for that they probably should've. He's not gonna let that slide, Justin. If you poke the tiger enough times, he's gonna bite back. John looks over as he spots Kate, Lucas, and Billie arriving at the square. JOHN: Besides, that's not the biggest thing I have to worry about with him. Justin looks on at John, puzzled by his vague last statement, but before he can say anything, John grabs the attention of Billie, who nods in recognition of John's greeting. They stand by Tom & Alice's tree, and huddle together, speaking quietly. BILLIE: Okay, what did you find out? JOHN: This kid is in up to his neck. BILLIE: Well, I figured that. Out of curiosity, what did he whisper to you at the meeting? John shakes his head, looking over his shoulder to ensure the others aren't approaching. JOHN: He said he knows about my plan to help save Roman. Now that can mean only one thing. BILLIE: Yeah, but what if he's bluffing? JOHN: How is Nick Fallon gonna find out about our mission unless he's working for the guy? Billie sighs, knowing the truth of the situation, and realizes the gravity of it. BILLIE: So it's true. JOHN: There's only one person that can be behind this, and it means that this goes way deeper than we thought. It's GOT to be Stefano. BILLIE: I'll contact Steve and give him the heads' up. Billie heads out of the square, phone in hand, preparing to call Steve, as John hangs back, looking over at the rest of the crowd at the square, as Nick shows up, looking ever the image of smugness. --- Anjelica sits in the back of her limo, alone. Cell phone in hand, she looks out over the city as it moves past her. Finally, someone picks up. ANJELICA: (into phone) We have good news. He's got it. Titan is in our hands now. ... Stefano sits on the DiMera jet, finishing a martini as he holds the plane's phone up to his ear. He enjoys the end of the drink and laughs heartily at the news. STEFANO: (into phone) Excellent. And once I take care of our business here in Italy, we can celebrate your victory as state governor, yes? ... Anjelica smiles wryly as she answers Stefano. ANJELICA: (into phone) I look forward to it. You still haven't explained to me exactly what you're doing in Italy. ... STEFANO: (into phone) Nothing for you to worry about. This is a little project of mine I need to handle...on my own. Stefano looks out the window, looking stern as his plane descends into Aeroporto Elba. --- --- Stefano sits in the DiMera jet, looking pensively out the window as the plane makes it descent into Aeroporto Elba on Elba Island, Italy. As he looks out over the island, the pilot makes his announcement. PILOT: (over intercom) Good evening, Mr. DiMera, we are about to make our final approach into Aeroporto Elba, please prepare for landing, and fasten your seatbelt. As Stefano fastens his seatbelt, he speaks with his attendant, who passes by on her way to her seat. STEFANO: Maria. Maria, the attendant, stops and stands by Stefano's seat, looking at him with a warm smile. MARIA: Yes, Mr. DiMera. STEFANO: Is everything ready for my arrival? MARIA: Yes, I spoke with the driver. They've already arrived, and they're ready to take you to the yacht immediately upon your arrival at Elba Island. The ship to Capraia Isola is manned and ready for you to board as well. STEFANO: Thank you, my dear. Maria leaves for her seat, leaving Stefano alone. He thinks to himself about his upcoming plans. STEFANO: And once I'm on the compound, my plans for Roman Brady will finally be realized. Stefano sits back in his seat, a sense of comfort washes over him. --- Sheryl walks back into her motel room, taking her handkerchief off her head and removing her sunglasses. She shakes out her dyed-red hair before flopping down on the edge of her bed, smiling widely. SHERYL: Well THAT could NOT have gone any better. Sheryl hears a knock on the door, and gets up, heading for the door. Checking to see who it is, she opens it immediately upon recognizing Jerome through the window. SHERYL: Come in, come in, come in. Jerome walks inside, a somewhat shaken look on his face. JEROME: Hey, how'd it go? SHERYL: Better than you could imagine. We have new leverage we can use against Titan if they keep trying to push the oil sands project through. Jerome looks at Sheryl, surprised and confused. JEROME: I thought you were done with all that? Isn't time to cut and run and protect yourselves here? That was what this whole disguising yourself as Nurse Crystal Clarke thing was meant to be about. Convince Jordan to leave town with you, and move on with new identities. SHERYL: Well...let's just say I had a change of heart after today. JEROME: What's that supposed to mean? Sheryl turns around, positively beaming. SHERYL: Because whatever vote Titan takes on anything is completely null and void. Jerome looks at Sheryl, stupefied. JEROME: What? How? SHERYL: Let's just say that...rumours of Brady Black's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Jerome's eyes widen, as Sheryl starts to laugh at her great fortune. --- Nicole turns quickly back to Abby, stunned by what Nick's presented to them. NICOLE: This is explosive. Abby nods, stepping toward Nicole, who's still sitting in her computer chair. ABBY: I know. I was...floored by what was in there. NICOLE: This is enough to destroy Titan completely. This is huge, we can't afford any mistakes on this. ABBY: I understand. Nicole gets up from her seat, and prepares to take something from her bag, when Miles bursts into her office, startling Abby and Nicole. MILES: Nicole! You need to get down to the Town Square right now. Titan's holding a press conference. Looks like it's a big one. NICOLE: I'm on it. Nicole turns to Abby and points at her while giving direction. NICOLE: I need you to make a list of everyone implicated on that document, and find out who wrote all their press materials. I'll go through the list when I'm back. ABBY: Got it. Abby springs into action, sitting herself down in Nicole's chair, and launching herself into the task, as Nicole packs her bag back up and races out to the press conference. --- John steps back into the Town Square, as Nick approaches Tyler near the podium. They engage in a somewhat secretive chat. NICK: I'm gonna need you to play along with this. I don't think I have to explain why, but you are a crucial part of this handover. TYLER: I don't see why I have to be involved in any of this. NICK: Need I remind you that your very freedom rests in whether or not you can play nice for the cameras. Unless you want the world to know that you've been running a shell corporation used primarily for money laundering and bankrolling a failing enterprise all this time. Tyler sighs, looking down as Nick threatens him. Once Nick finishes, Tyler looks up at Nick, and shakes his head. TYLER: You're in way over your head, kid. NICK: No more than you are. Nick turns to step toward the podium, as Billie returns to the square, having finished her call to Steve. She steps over to John's side. John looks over to her, and she nods, before stepping over to stand with Kate, Lucas, and Justin. Kate, Lucas, and Justin all stand around, looking sombre. JUSTIN: So...who wants to put money on how long before he's thrown out of the tower by security? KATE: Less time than you think. LUCAS: That's fascinating, Mom. Especially since you're part of the reason he was made CEO in the first place. Kate turns to face Lucas, agitation in her tone. KATE: I had no choice, and you know it. LUCAS: Yeah, you keep saying. Too bad we don't know why your hands were tied or we might've been able to change your mind. KATE: Ohhh trust me. Lucas, there's no changing my mind. Like I told your sister, I'll still come up trumps on this. Just you wait. Lucas, Billie, Kate, and Justin all look up, as Nick steps up to the podium. As he does, Nicole arrives with her cameraman, ready to get the footage from Nick's press conference. John looks over at Tyler, who stands behind Nick, trying to hide his frustration at this turn of events. Nick looks out into the crowd, and smiles broadly. NICK: I think we can get started now. Welcome everybody! ---
  21. Just watch. Ryan Paevey IN as Andrew Donovan, coming February sweeps 2025.
  22. EPISODE 137 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Gabi paces in her apartment, holding the modelling contract in her hand, as she debates whether or not to sign. She turns to Arianna, who sits in her crib, playing, and rests on the ledge of it. She talks to her. GABI: Should I even do this? Sami and Kate say that playing along is the best way to keep Nick in line. But I don't want you to get hurt. And I don't know if playing along with Nick any more than I have is even safe. Gabi sighs as her phone's text tone goes off. Looking over at the desk where the phone sits, Gabi gets up from the side of the crib and walks over, looking at the phone. The text is from Nick: hey. U avail 2nite? meet me @ TBD 4 dinner. 8pm xx Gabi sighs, putting down the phone, as she debates how to reply. --- Eric holds the documents proving Kristen used Dr. Chyka's formula to drug him in his hands, as he stands by the door of his hotel room. Nicole looks at him, a deep fear in her eyes as Eric looks up at her, stunned. Slowly, Eric begins to smile widely. ERIC: Oh my God. Nicole responds timidly, almost stuttering her meek reply. NICOLE: Wh...wh..w...what is it? ERIC: It's a miracle. Nicole, It's...amazing. I finally have the proof. Nicole looks at an excited Eric, still unsure of whether to be excited or scared. --- Nick steps to the head of the conference table at the front of the Titan board room. He looks around as he finishes his toxic presentation making his case for why he should be named CEO of Titan. NICK: ...In fact, my messenger should be presenting Ms. Walker with the evidence I have against her right now. It's enough to destroy her brand new marriage to Eric Brady. Lucas, Billie, Kate, Justin, and particularly John, all look on in surprise at the news. Nick pretends to have accidentally spilled the beans, holding his hand coyly over his mouth. NICK: Oops! I wasn't supposed to say anything about that either. (laughs) My bad. Nick leans against the edge of the conference table, as he looks around the room with an over-confident demeanour. The others look on, with Kate, in particular, scowling his way. NICK: So...I guess that tells you everything you need to know to make your decision, folks. What say you? --- --- Eric looks up at Nicole, thrilled by the news he's just received by the courier. Nicole looks on, still nervous, as she steps forward to look at the papers. NICOLE: Can I...Can I see that for a moment? ERIC: Yeah! Sure! Nicole takes the documents and looks them over, knowing exactly who sent them to Eric. She flips through them to check the contents of every page, almost frantically. Eric senses Nicole's tension and puts a hand on her shoulder. ERIC: You alright? You don't seem...thrilled by this. NICOLE: I'm just...I feel like there's some kind of catch. Like...who had these all this time? Eric turns Nicole around and kisses her quickly on the lips, leaving Nicole speechless. ERIC: Nicole. I know why you're worried. NICOLE: You do? ERIC: Yeah. You're worried that now that I have the evidence that Dr. Chyka drugged me, that I'm going to abandon you for the priesthood. Nicole looks away, giving a shrug and a cockeyed smile. NICOLE: Well, I...I can't say I'd be surprised if you did. Eric begins to laugh as Nicole reaches out to put her hands on Eric's shoulders, she responds emphatically. NICOLE: Eric, the priesthood meant SO MUCH to you. Never in a million years would I think I could compete with that...dedication you had to your faith, your vocation-- Eric puts his finger up to Nicole's lips, and Nicole stops herself midsentence. He sighs, as he looks down momentarily, thinking for a second about what to say to Nicole. ERIC: Nicole...my dedication and my faith are in you now. I can see that...this was planned all along. I love you, and no matter what happens now that we have this evidence...I made a promise to you today. And I intend to keep it. We are gonna take every step of this journey together. Okay? Nicole begins to cry, hearing Eric's reassuring words. She throws her arms around Eric and kisses him deeply to show her gratitude to him. However, under the chest of drawers by the door of the hotel room, one of the pages Eric received in the package lies, unchecked, hidden just out of both Eric and Nicole's view. --- Gabi looks down at her phone, looking at the text message Nick sent her. She sighs before replying to him. sure, see u then xx Hitting 'send', Gabi puts her phone down on the table, sighing heavily. GABI: Not exactly how I wanted to spend the evening. But...gotta stick to plan. Looking at the contracts on the desk, Gabi tenses for a moment, knowing she will have to make the decision of whether or not to sign the contract, as she, Sami, and Kate had discussed. GABI: Speaking of 'plans'. Gabi throws her hands up and steps back over to the table, making a call to Sami. GABI: (into phone) Hey, Sami. I'm ready to sign....yeah, let's get this over with. --- Justin, John, and Tyler all step onto the elevator at Titan, heading down to the lobby to leave after the board meeting. All three men have sombre expressions on their faces, and remain quiet as the doors shut. After a moment of awkward silence, Justin finally breaks it. JUSTIN: I trust we have a plan to deal with this. Tyler turns to Justin, an unwavering resolve clear in his reply. TYLER: You just leave this to me. If this press conference goes how I hope...he'll be toast by sunset. John immediately cuts in, looking stoically in Tyler's direction, causing both Tyler and Justin to turn suddenly in John's direction. JOHN: Don't be so sure about that. If I'm right about him, Nick Fallon could be very dangerous to all of us. Tyler and Justin stay focused on John, a grave concern on both their faces. --- Billie, Kate, and Lucas stay behind in the board room at Titan, Billie and Lucas looking dejected, while Kate packs up her things, looking unworried. Billie seems on edge, almost slamming her files and papers into her bag, which doesn't go unnotcied by Kate. KATE: You know, if you slam those into that bag any harder, you'll tear a hole in the bottom. BILLIE: Well, I'm due to get a new one anyway. You know, I can't believe this, Mom. This is a complete disaster. Kate rolls her eyes, as she continues to get her things organized in a blasé manner. KATE: You are being so melodramatic right now. BILLIE: I think I have a right to be. You just exposed all of us to a serial blackmailer, and you let him win. LUCAS: Billie's right, Mom. He knows we we were onto him, and he knows all about our plans, which, while Sheryl and Jordan are still out there, means we're all in danger. Kate, finally exasperated with her children's worries, stops putting her things away and turns toward Billie and Lucas, looking at them sternly as she puts a hand on her hip. KATE: Okay. Enough. You are both acting like scared children right now, and it's for nothing. Lucas laughs sarcastically, irritated by Kate's dismissive attitude. LUCAS: I wouldn't call this nothing, Mom. Nick's got enough on everyone to turn all their votes in his favour when he has ZERO experience running so much as a popsicle stand. That means he's got enough to sink ALL of us, and YOU know it. KATE: Maybe he does. Hell, Nick could have enough information to put the Pentagon to shame. But that doesn't mean he's going to get away with it. BILLIE: And how do you know that? Kate turns her head to look straight at Billie. She looks at her daughter with a cocky smile. KATE: Because nobody pisses off that many Kiriakises that quickly without retalliation. He may think that with Brady dead and Victor in a coma that the family's been defanged, but I have consorted with these people longer than that child has been alive, and I can tell you now...he's overdue to be knocked down a peg or two. Lucas and Billie look at each other, unsure whether to believe Kate or not. Lucas folds his arms and looks Kate's way skeptically. --- Anjelica stands in the DiMera living room, organizing files on her tablet, as the door opens. She looks over to see Nick walking in. She spots a confident expression in his eyes and sets her tablet down on the desk. ANJELICA: Well, you certainly have a spring in your step. NICK: You could say that. ANJELICA: I suppose this means it's good news. NICK: You could say that as well. Because as of about twenty minutes ago, you are looking at the new CEO of Titan Industries. Anjelica's face lights up at the news, and she begins to chuckle to herself gleefully. ---
  23. EPISODE 136 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Eric and Nicole lay in bed together, truly happy. They smile, breathing heavily as their heart rates descend from a long session of lovemaking. Nicole rolls over, resting against Eric's naked chest, before leaning in for a kiss. NICOLE: You know...I could handle this whole...being married thing if this is how it's gonna be every day from now on. Eric laughs, as Nicole smiles back at him. ERIC: Yeah, if this was all being married was about, I could get used to it too. NICOLE: Well, it could be. You know...I think we're both...very secure in our love for each other...and I know that whatever comes our way...I think we can get through it, as long as we work together. Eric smiles, taking his hand and putting it up to Nicole's face. ERIC: I will always be here for you, no matter what. Eric pulls Nicole in for another kiss, as Nicole's phone goes off. They both stop and sigh. Nicole's head falls face-first into Eric's chest, as Eric laughs quietly to himself. ERIC: You'd better get that. Nicole lifts her head, and begins to whine jokingly. NICOLE: But I don't wannaaaa... Eric continues to laugh, as Nicole leans over and grabs her phone from the bedside table. It's Abigail. Nicole's expression immediately changes, as she answers the call. NICOLE: (into phone) Abby? ... Abigail stands in Nicole's office, her back to Jerome, who sits at Nicole's desk, looking at her computer. He looks on, stunned by what he's seeing on the screen. ABBY: (into phone) Hey Boss! Uh...I...I'm sorry to bother you. I know you had an appointment and all, but... ... Nicole furrows her brow, a bit annoyed and a bit confused as to why Abby's calling. NICOLE: (into phone) Uh...it's fine. Now's not really a...great time... ... ABBY: (into phone) No! I, I'll make it quick. Promise. It's...really important. Abby looks over her shoulder to see a stunned Jerome reading the article headline from the flash drive Nick sent them. EnerNext & Titan: Fraudulent Arguments in Environmental Impact Study & Associated Payoffs ABBY: (into phone) You're gonna wanna come down to the office...right away. --- Nick paces the Titan board room, holding a pack of sealed envelopes in his hand, as the rest of the Titan board sits in stone silence, stunned by what Nick's held over their heads, and what he wants. Tyler, ready to stop Nick before he goes too far, gets up from his seat. TYLER: I...uh...I think we've heard enough to make our decision on your proposition, Mr. Fallon. Nick smiles, and turns to face Tyler, responding with a condescending tone. NICK: Oh, I don't think so. Not quite yet. Nick holds the envelopes in his hand up to prominently display them to the rest of the room. He paces up and down the room still, as the others, most notably Kate, look on in discomfort. Tyler sits down, knowing he won't be able to stop Nick. NICK: You see, as I mentioned before, I've been keeping a veeeery close eye on all of you here at Titan. And I've gotta say, you guys know how to cover your tracks. But not quite well enough. JOHN: And what exactly does that mean? Nick looks over to John, placing the first envelope down in front of him. Without breaking his gaze for a second, even to blink, he looks John dead in the eyes. NICK: Why don't you open the envelope and find out? Nick suddenly breaks gaze, and turns to walk around the table. As he does, Nick flips through the envelopes, placing down one before each board member as he finds the ones for the person before him. Once completed, he leans on Kate's shoulders slightly, causing Kate to stiffen instantly. NICK: I think we're ready to begin. Nick looks at everyone, a sickening, smug smile on his face, as the board members glare at him murderously. --- --- Anjelica stands in the Horton Town Square, smiling at a less-than-impressed Adrienne, who stands opposite Anjelica, with her arms folded. ADRIENNE: Anjelica. What are you doing back in town? ANJELICA: Well, I see you don't pay much attention to the news. Not that that surprises me. You always were a bit of an intellectual lightweight. Adrienne rolls her eyes at Anjelica's jab, biting her tongue before she says something she'd regret. ANJELICA: Among other more...personal matters, I am here as part of my campaign for the state governor's office. Adrienne can't help but crack up at Anjelica's announcement. Incredulous, she responds, very amused. ADRIENNE: As if you have a snowball's chance in Hell of winning. ANJELICA: Oh, come now, Adrienne. A person's past indiscretions are hardly a reason to keep a person out of government these days, we all know that. ADRIENNE: Yes, well, I don't think I've ever seen anyone run for office after having tried to blow someone up. Anjelica looks at Adrienne, a more serious, lethal expression in her eyes, as the smile disappears from her face. ANJELICA: Ah! those old lies, and innuendoes. Frankly, Adrienne, I think being in that explosion knocked something loose that should've stayed in place. You're long overdue for a doctor's visit. May I suggest ah...Dr. Marlena Evans? Adrienne, fed up, grabs her shopping bags, and brushes past Anjelica to leave. ADRIENNE: I don't have to listen to this. Enjoy your visit, Anjelica. I hope it's very short. Anjelica turns to call out to Adrienne, goading her once more, and stopping Adrienne in her tracks momentarily. ANJELICA: Oh, I expect it won't be. Seeing as my son's living with you and Justin. I hope I'll see you at dinner tonight at the Kiriakis mansion? Adrienne sighs, before turning back around to face Anjelica. ADRIENNE: Well, I would but we tend to not let stray cats in the house, much less eat off the dinner table. ANJELICA: What are you saying? You're not even going to let me share a meal with my son? ADRIENNE: Anjelica, quite frankly, I'm sure no one would have an appetite with you there. And I hate wasting food. Anjelica chuckles to herself. ANJELICA: Ahh yes, that old blue collar spirit. Waste not, want not! ADRIENNE: Which reminds me that I don't have the time to waste on you. So... Adrienne grabs her shopping bags from the bench and gives Anjelica a fake smile. ADRIENNE: Have a great day, Anjelica. Adrienne walks off, leaving Anjelica behind, a raised eyebrow and shaking her head. --- Kate holds open the card Nick's enclosed in her envelope, sighing as she's reminded of her part in his attempted drowning. Lucas looks over, panicked as he holds his card in Kate's direction, tensing in frustration. He whispers forcefully. LUCAS: How the HELL does Nick know about the entire plan? Billie sighs, resting her fingertips on her forehead, as she reads her card. Billie, the spy came to town to hide in plain sight at Titan. Trying to get the goods on her mama's boytoy's new girlfriend. What a wonderful waste of our secret service's resources. Billie sighs, knowing her reason for being in Salem has been found out. BILLIE: Maybe mom was right. Kate looks over momentarily at Billie, shrugging as she looks back toward Nick. KATE: Trust me. This is the best thing we can do. Across the table, Justin looks at his card, reading: Justin, actively trying to falsify environmental assessments so you can rush through a forcible eviction from a citizen's hard-earned property? You should be ashamed. Justin looks over at Billie, a similarly concerned expression on her face as his. He closes his card and lays it down on the table, as he looks over at a smug Nick. JUSTIN: And just how do you think you can prove any of this. NICK: You really wanna test this theory, huh? That I didn't come to this meeting prepared? John jumps in, closing his own note. He holds his arms out, looking at Nick incredulously. JOHN: Oh, come on, Nick! You're bluffing! There's no way you have something on every single one of us with enough proof to back it up that you could take each of us down. Nick saunters over to John, staring him down with his trademark grin. He leans in close to John, never breaking gaze. NICK: I wouldn't push your luck, Mr. Black. Nick leans in and whispers in John's ear. NICK: (whispering) I know about your little plan to save Roman Brady. And it's not gonna work. John tenses immediately. He recognizes Nick is serious, and looks over at a concerned Justin. Sitting back down, he puts his hand over his mouth, sighing heavily. Nick, meanwhile, turns back toward the head of the table, leaning over it to speak to the rest of the room. NICK: Now, as I said, I'm not bluffing. In fact, as I speak, I am about to have a small...wedding present sent to one of my greatest allies in the fight to stop this little project of yours: Nicole Walker. ... Nicole readies herself to leave Eric's hotel room, frantically trying to adjust her dress, as Eric stands nearby, shirtless, trying to help zip her back in. Meanwhile, we hear Nick's voice over the hurried scene. NICK: (voiceover) You see, I've sent a little document to her new husband, detailing some of the things I've uncovered about HER indiscretions, using the same methods I used to dig up all kinds of dirt on all of you. I'm sure you'll be hearing all about it shortly. As Nick speaks: Outside the hotel room, a man walks toward the door. After a moment, he makes his over and knocks on the door. Inside, Nicole and Eric stop in their tracks, before Eric heads quickly over to open it. ERIC: I'll get it. Might be room service. I didn't get them in time. Nicole laughs quietly, as she adjusts herself, before putting her shoes on. Eric opens the door, to find the messenger Aiden sent to his room, with a large manila envelope in hand. MESSENGER: Eric Brady? Eric looks on, confused, as he clutches the envelope. ERIC: Yeah. That's me. After taking the envelope, the messenger holds out a tablet and a stylus for Eric. MESSENGER: Sign here. Eric signs for the document, still unsure of what to expect to find inside. As he finishes, he hands both the tablet and stylus back to the messenger, before shutting the door behind him. Inside, Nicole looks puzzled as well, as Eric begins to open the document. NICOLE: What is it? ERIC: Dunno. Wasn't expecting anything. Were you? Nicole shakes her head, as Eric opens the envelope and pulls out what's inside. As he does, one of the pages of the document falls out of Eric's grasp and falls to the floor, just out of sight underneath Eric's nightstand. NICOLE: What is it? Eric's jaw drops, as he struggles to catch his breath. He realizes the information the documents contain. ERIC: Oh my God. This is it. NICOLE: What? ERIC: It's the Chyka file. I finally have proof that Kristen drugged me. Nicole gasps in horror, as she realizes Nick's taken action against her. She braces herself for Eric's reaction. For now, Eric looks up at Nicole, stunned, but with a bit of a smile on his face. ---
  24. EPISODE 135 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Abigail sits next to Jerome, as they drive down the road toward the DiMera Tower. Abigail seems on edge, anticipating what could be on Nick's flash drive. Jerome senses Abby's tension and looks over at her, flashing a smile that helps comfort her. JEROME: I will say this is nothing like any first date I've ever been on. Abby laughs, looking over and smiling at Jerome as he oscillates his gaze between Abby and the road ahead. ABBY: Yeah, it's...pretty unusual, I'll admit. JEROME: Well, look, I'll help you however you need. Sounds like this is pretty important so... ABBY: I think it is. Abby looks down at the flash drive in her hand, she looks at it, curiously. ABBY: I think whatever's on this drive...could change a lot of lives. --- Nick sits confidently at the conference table in the Titan board room, sitting next to Percy. A small stack of letter-sized envelopes lay on the table in front of them, as he watches the other board members mill about, conversing solemnly in their seats. Billie Reed, for one, is especially discomforted by Nick Fallon's relaxed air, knowing what the meeting has in store. She looks over at Kate, who looks unusually at ease, given the circumstance. Kate has her game face on, something her son, Lucas, does not share. He looks back at Billie, trying to hide his worry. John Black walks in, a similarly solemn expression on his face, as he silently catches Billie's eye. She gives him a worried look, which John mirrors, as he sits down across from her and her family members at the table. He nods over to an equally-worried Justin, who sits next to him. Eventually, realizing the entire board is present, Tyler finally calls the meeting to order. TYLER: I, umm...I think we have everyone. So...let's call the meeting to order. The board members settle in their seats, as Tyler looks around the room a moment, waiting to begin. TYLER: We...ummm...we're calling the meeting today due to a series of rather...unfortunate events that have occurred in the preceding few days which are hitting our business rather hard. Tyler takes a moment, looking over at Justin, then Nick, before turning back to the rest of the board, a certain sadness in his voice. TYLER: Ah...(clears throat) first off, our CEO, Victor Kiriakis has unfortunately suffered a heart attack, and is currently in an induced coma at University Hospital while he recovers from surgery. In the meantime, Justin Kiriakis and myself are acting as interim co-CEOs, as per Victor's request, outlined on Page 4 of the presentations before all of you. As Tyler speaks, Kate looks over, glaring at Nick, who winks back at her from across the conference table. Kate rolls her eyes at Nick's smug demeanour and cockiness. She leans over toward Lucas as he whispers snidely to her. LUCAS: Imagine how good it would feel to smack that irritating smirk off Nick's face? KATE: I know the feeling. But just remember how good it'll feel to watch him do it all by himself. Lucas sighs, having doubts about Kate's strategy. LUCAS: I hope to God you're right, Mom. KATE: I always am. Tyler carries on with his address to the board, ignoring Kate and Lucas' asides. TYLER: Additionally, we've fended off an attack to our internal servers. As some of you may have heard. Last night, Nick Fallon prevented a complete and total destruction of our company's mainframe server, and cloud server, preventing the loss of millions of important documents and files, not to mention saving this company. I think we owe him a debt of gratitude. Justin looks over at Nick, unsure if he shares Tyler's sentiment. Kate, Billie, and Lucas all look at each other, equally unimpressed. John stares ahead, giving his best poker face the entire time. TYLER: I hear that Nick has a few words for us, and I would like to give him the opportunity to speak to you all. Without further ado, Nick Fallon. Nick gets up immediately, confidently smiling at the board, who look on with a mix of indifference and, in some cases, dread. NICK: Thank you. I have to say that...I appreciate all of your efforts. I thank each and every one of you for inviting me here today, and giving me the floor, even if it's just for a few moments. If you'd indulge me, I would like to use this moment to do something very unusual for someone in my position. Kate looks over at Billie, resting her head on her hand as she leans on the armrest of her chair. KATE: Here we go. Nick looks around the room, and grabs the stack of envelopes from the conference table. He holds them tightly in his hands, as he smiles broadly, and speaks earnestly and professionally, looking each board member squarely in the eyes as he looks around the room from his place at the table. NICK: I would like to put forth a motion. And before you respond to that motion...I would like to make my case for it. I think, once you hear everything I have to say...you'll find it all...extremely compelling. Nick holds the envelopes in one hand, gently tapping them against his other hand as he carefully studies the faces of everyone in the room. He smiles again before finally speaking. NICK: I am proposing making a change. To appoint myself, with the close, guiding assistance of longtime professional, and trusted colleague, Tyler Houston, as new permanent CEO of Titan Industries. The room stirs, incredulous at Nick's outrageous manoevre. Kate tries in vain to hold in her amusement at the spectacle Nick is making of himself, while Lucas and Billie look her way, more concerned. Billie looks over at a frustrated Justin, looking his way with a defeated look. Nick relishes the reaction he's getting. Looking around the room with his trademark smirk while watching everyone react. --- --- Adrienne walks through Horton Town Square, shopping bags in hand as she races through to get back to her car. ADRIENNE: Gotta get this home before the boys get back. Stopping a moment before she leaves the square, Adrienne heads to the bench by Tom & Alice's tree, and lays her bags down, digging through her bag to find her car keys. ADRIENNE: You can't get into your car with only mind power, Adrienne. They haven't invented that yet. Finally digging her keys out, she grabs her bags and quickly turns to dart out of the square. ADRIENNE: Got 'em. As Adrienne turns, she runs immediately into a woman who's to her left. Not realizing who it is, Adrienne begins to apologize profusely before she stops dead in her tracks. ADRIENNE: Oh my God, I'm so sorry, I... Adrienne looks up, realizing the person standing before her is very familiar. ADRIENNE: Anjelica. Anjelica flashes a quick smile, looking ever the professional as her insincerity drips out of every word she speaks. ANJELICA: Well! Adrienne! Isn't it lovely bumping into each other like this? Adrienne looks on at Anjelica, stunned and visibly displeased. --- Abby unlocks the door to Nicole's office at WXIR, letting herself and Jerome in. Jerome turns on the light as Abby fumbles with her keys, trying to put them in her purse. Closing the door behind them, Abby steps over to the computer and moves the mouse, waking the computer from its sleep. She plugs the flash drive in and waits impatiently, as she sits down in Nicole's office chair, Jerome standing over her. ABBY: And now we wait. --- Tyler stands up at the conference table, as the rest of the room still reacts to Nick's motion. Holding up his arms, Tyler attempts to calm the room down, calling out over the din. TYLER: Excuse me, everybody! I need order, please. After a moment the room quiets down again, prompting Tyler to continue. TYLER: Look, I know what Mr. Fallon has suggested is...highly unorthodox...to say the least, but...well, let's hear him out. Tyler finishes his sentence, a grave feeling in him that expresses itself plainly in his voice. Tyler sits down, clearly dreading what's to come, as Nick smiles and nods graciously at Tyler. NICK: Thank you, Mr. Houston. So...I expected that...eruption. To put it mildly. However, I'm sure a lot of you don't know quite why this company is so important to me....and why this job is so important to me. Nick steps out from behind the table, and begins to pace the room, starting by pacing behind the head of the table, where Tyler and Justin are seated beside him. Tyler refuses to turn to watch Nick, needing to stare straight ahead as Nick carries on. Justin looks around the room, while leaning his chair to ensure he can see Nick as well. NICK: You see, a lot of why we're all here today is down to a very important project started by me many years ago. Titan's alternative fuels project, was patented by myself. Unfortunately, since being acquired by Titan, the project has laid dormant while all of you pour billions of dollars you do not have down the drain pursuing a fossil fuels project that will never see the light of day. Nick stops behind Percy's seat at the table. He turns to look out at the room. NICK: And why is that? Nick puts his hands squarely on Percy's shoulders, causing Percy to startle slightly. NICK: This man. Percy Ruggles. Surely you all remember Percy. The lone holdout of your plan to devastate the local agriculture and air quality in your attempts to filter tar from the ground by the Salem River? Nick lets go of Percy's shoulders, holding his arms out to pose a question to the group. NICK: Why do that when you have a completely workable project right here that is 100% sustainable? Why waste millions manipulating politicians to force people from their homes...when you have everything you need to supply every person in Salem with all the power and energy they need with my patent? Nick laughs as the group remains dead silent. He nods, knowing they remain unmoved. NICK: That's what I figured. Your egos don't want to believe you could be wrong about this. That you squandered all this potential because you wanted to own the rights to this and never use it. Just so you wouldn't have to deal with the threat. Well that ends today. Justin, fed up of Nick's grandstanding, gets up from his seat and holds a hand up to Nick, trying to convince him to stop. JUSTIN: Nick, that's enough! Now-- NICK: No! No, Justin. It's not. Nick steps back away from Justin, laughing as headache begins anew. Nick's vision blurs as a piercing pain shoots through him once again, Nick stops a moment before continuing his response. JUSTIN: Nick, are you okay? NICK: I'm fine....woah, I am SO fine. Better than any of you will be in a few minutes. Believe me. TYLER: Nick, I think we may have...had enough now. Nick laughs as Tyler awkwardly tries to get Nick to stop his raving. NICK: (laughs) You....(laughs) you are the last person who should be trying to get me to stop right now, Tyler. And you know it. Nick breathes in, leaning over, and looking straight into Tyler's eyes with a crazed, laser-focused intensity. NICK: Besides, the fun is just about to start. Billie squirms as Nick gathers himself together and walks over to his seat at the conference table. He still holds the stack of envelopes, but also opens his laptop bag, pulling out a single manila envelope, which he drops in the middle of the table. The entire group remains stone silent as they watch Nick drop the envelope down. NICK: You see, I have been keeping tight surveillance over eeeeevery one of you here at the Titan HQ these last few months....and you know what? You people are some pieces of work. Not a single honest thought or word between any of you. You know that? Nick cackles as he points at the envelope in the middle of the table. NICK: THIS....this is the fact sheet detailing every falsehood contained in your sham of a proposal for the EnerNext oil sands. Every half-truth, every outright lie, where it came from, and the money trail that led to it being printed, and propagated throughout the state, and beyond. Nick looks around the room, feeling oh-so-satisfied as he surveys the ghost-white expressionless faces of the Titan board members. NICK: And guess who has all this info? WXIR! The same station you geniuses were so damn ready to rid yourselves of so you could free up capital to invest in this big SCAM! Nick smiles, seriously amused by the situation, as Justin looks over, trying not to panic, at an unsurprised Kate. John looks over at Billie, then back at Kate, still maintaining a poker face, but a tinge of concern is there if you look closer. Tyler looks down, unable to hide his worry. *** As Nick's last words are spoken, we see Abby and Jerome at Nicole's computer, as the document from Nick's flash drive appears on the screen. NICK: (voiceover) And very soon everyone in Salem, and beyond is going to know the truth about what you've all done. The title appears in bold on the screen: EnerNext & Titan: Fraudulent Arguments in Environmental Impact Study & Associated Payoffs Abby draws herself up, stunned by the headline alone, as Jerome looks at the screen, knowing the impact this has on his and Sheryl's own aims. ABBY: I think I need to call Nicole. Abby grabs her phone from her purse and frantically makes a call to Jerome, as Jerome looks intensely at the screen, certain that he needs to read more, and now. ---
  25. EPISODE 134 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Nick and Percy walk onto the elevator together at the Titan building. Both men appear to be in a chipper demeanour, standing silently as the doors to the elevator close. Nick presses the button to the floor they intend to travel to, and the lift begins to move. Percy turns to Nick with a nervous smile. PERCY: Nicholas, I...I hate to ask-- Nick immediately interrupts, looking straight ahead, unflinchingly. NICK: --Then don't. Nick turns to look at Percy. He smiles, as Percy's smile fades, suddenly far more nervous. NICK: We've got this. PERCY: Are you absolutely certain? NICK: Totally. I even have insurance now. Percy looks back at Nick, wondering what he means. Nick recognizes Percy's look of curiosity immediately. NICK: When I was meeting with Tyler last night, I found the press release Will was working on for the EnerNext project. PERCY: Alright. What exactly is the significance of this press release? NICK: Well, I took a moment to read through it...and then I did some fact-checking...and they made every bit of their research up. Anything they didn't pull out of thin air, they paid off scientists to back them up on. So I did a bit more digging. Found out who paid what, how much, as to whom. If that press release goes out, there's a lot of people whose careers will be in shambles. Percy looks on, contemplative, before the elevator announces its arrival at their floor. The ding of the opening door snaps Percy's head back forward. PERCY: I see. Then I do believe we're in good stead. Onward! Nick and Percy step off the elevator in lock step. --- In the Titan board room, Billie walks in to find Justin alone in the room, unpacking his tablet at the table. Billie smiles warmly at him. BILLIE: Well, long time, no see. Justin looks up with the same smile as he logs into his tablet. JUSTIN: Likewise. How did it go with the family? Billie rests her bag on the table across from Justin, giving him a grimace. BILLIE: It...it was an interesting talk. JUSTIN: You're making me nervous now. BILLIE: That's because I'm nervous enough for the both of us. My mother's preparing to cave to Nick's proposal, and she expects me to follow suit. Justin looks at Billie, stunned. --- Abby and Jerome sit together on their lunch date at the Brady Pub, sitting across from each other at a booth. They look relaxed together, enjoying each other's company thoroughly. ABBY: Sorry about...Nick interrupting. JEROME: No no! Don't worry about it. The guy gives me a bad vibe but...you two are cousins. I can tell you care a lot about him. Abby smiles, as she looks down at her coffee cup, stirring it casually as she stares into the cup. Jerome's expression changes to one of concern. JEROME: I...I...Earth to Abby. Abby snaps out of her thoughts, blinking momentarily as she looks up again at Jerome. ABBY: Sorry. Yeah, I...I guess I've just been worried about him. JEROME: Why's that? Abby sighs, unsure whether she wants to delve into the whole story, but, after a moment, she looks up at Jerome. ABBY: He hasn't been himself in a very long time. He was this...sweet tech nerd kid growing up. You know...always willing to help someone out and he'd....he'd make stupid mistakes sometimes but you always knew he was trying to do the right thing. Jerome looks on, interested in Abby's story. JEROME: So what changed? Abby sighs, looking down sadly. ABBY: He was shot...and the pain meds they gave him while he was in recovery...they...they totally messed him up. He became addicted. JEROME: I'm sorry. ABBY: It's...not your fault. I thought he'd kicked it while he was in jail, but...when I saw him the other day at Salem U, the way he was acting...it was like... JEROME: Like he was still on the pills? ABBY: Honestly, I wonder if he ever stopped. And it's almost like he was going through withdrawals or something. Jerome looks at Abby, thoughtfully and contemplating her view on Nick's behaviour. --- --- Abby looks down, still slowly stirring her coffee, as Jerome looks on, taking a sip. Suddenly, she appears to snap out of it, looking back up at Jerome. ABBY: Sorry, I know you didn't come here to hear me talk about my weird cousin. JEROME: Nah, it's cool. Like...I know you love the guy. I just worry after what I saw at Salem U. Abby, I just get this feeling this guy's up to something, and it's not good. I feel like I need to protect you from him. Abby smiles at Jerome, reaching a hand out to touch his across the table. ABBY: You don't have to. But I love that you want to. It's sweet. Jerome looks down at Abby's hand, resting on his, and cups his other hand over hers. He looks into her eyes seriously. JEROME: I think you're a very special lady, Miss Deveraux. Abby giggles, as Jerome squeezes her hand gently, a smile on his face knowing he made Abby laugh. JEROME: You got this...this look in your eye. There's a lot more to you than what I see on the outside, I can tell. Abby blushes, smiling a goofy, embarrassed smile as Jerome charms her. JEROME: I'd like to get to see what's under that calm surface...if you'd let me. Abby smiles, and nods softly. ABBY: We'll see. JEROME: That's all I can ask for. Abby pulls her hand away, and grabs her bag from beside her on the seat. ABBY: I hate to cut this short but, I gotta see what's on this flash drive and report back to my boss. JEROME: You sure you wanna bug your boss when she told you specifically not to? Abby gets up from the booth and pulls the flash drive out, holding it in her hand and casually waving it as she makes her point to Jerome, who's also gotten up from the booth. ABBY: If what's on here is important enough that Nick would take the time to track me down in the middle of a work day? It may warrant it, yeah. Jerome looks on, casually nodding in agreement, before heading for the door. JEROME: Well, come on. Let me drive you to the office. ABBY: Thanks. Jerome and Abby head for the exit, as Jerome drops enough money to cover the cheque on the table before heading out. --- EJ looks up from his desk at DiMera Enterprises, surprised by the news Sami's just given him. EJ: Nicole married Eric? As in your brother, Eric. Sami leans against the edge of EJ's desk, fuming. SAMI: YEP! Mom and I tried to stop them but we were too late, and now Eric isn't speaking to either of us. EJ: No surprise there. Sami glares at EJ, shouting him down for his quip. SAMI: I'm sorry, WHAT?! My brother just married a lying BITCH and you're making jokes-- EJ: No, no, I'm not saying I don't blame him, Samantha, but I know how people are when they're...that in love with someone. Sami sighs, rolling her eyes, balking at the idea that Eric's feelings for Nicole are that strong. SAMI: Love. Yeah, right. He was manipulated into marrying her. He was vulnerable because your sister raped him, and he was kicked out of the priesthood because YOUR FAMILY made sure the proof disappeared. EJ gets up from his desk, suddenly feeling defensive of his family. EJ: Okay, Samantha, that's not fair. SAMI: The hell it isn't! EJ sighs, holding his tongue before he says anything he regrets. Sami, meanwhile, continues her tirade. SAMI: Your father is always bailing that harpee of a sister of yours out like she's an eight year old child instead of making her take responsibility for her actions, and you're so afraid of getting on his bad side that you just let him. EJ stands behind his desk, folding his arms as he quietly, but sternly responds to Sami. EJ: Need I remind you of everything I am doing to protect you and your loved ones, including your son from being implicated in an attempted murder. Without my help, Nick Fallon would have had you all in jail months ago, and taken off with your grandchild and that insipid idiot Gabriella Hernandez. Sami looks down, sheepishly. The reminder snaps her back to reality, and she answers EJ, a guilty calm suddenly in her voice. SAMI: Yeah, I remember. EJ: So don't you ever think for a second that I am not thinking of what is best for you. You are everything to me. I know we have our problems, Samantha, but I am dedicated, 100% to making sure you know every day that you are the most important thing to me. You got that? Sami looks up at EJ, a faint smile on her face as she nods, acknowledging EJ's vow. --- Brady steps back into Anita's cabin, calling out to her to let her know he's returned. BRADY: Anita! I'm back! Anita steps out from the kitchen, a casserole dish in her hands, as she walks over to the dining table in the main room. She smiles as she greets Brady. ANITA: So, is she sold? Brady pulls a wad of bills from his pocket and holds it out to her. BRADY: $800 cash. All for you. Anita sets the casserole down on the table, and turns back to take the wad of bills from Brady, before taking two bills from the wad to give back to Brady, a huge smile on her face. She presses the bills into Brady's hand. ANITA: Your commission, kind sir. Brady looks down and laughs as Anita laughs playfully with him. He hesitates a moment before handing the money back to her. BRADY: You know, I don't know, Anita. You really don't need to give me this. ANITA: Absolutely, I do. You need money. And you did a great thing for me. BRADY: Well, yeah. But you've done so much for me already. I feel like I owe you. I...I can't accept this. Anita holds up her hand, shaking her head. ANITA: You can, and you will. Besides, I hear southerners drive a hard bargain! BRADY: Well, that's the thing. See...she talked like she was from the south, and all...but...there was something about her, Anita. I swear, I recognize her. Like...I've seen her somewhere before. Brady looks over at Anita, racking his brain to place "Crystal's" face. --- Sheryl backs the big blue SUV she'd just purchased from Brady into a secluded spot off the side of the road. Turning off the engine, she steps out of the car, to look over at the road, and see how well-hidden the truck is to traffic. SHERYL: At least I'm not too far from that general store. Gotta get this thing hidden away well enough that no one will find it when I make a getaway. She grabs her phone from her pocket and makes a voice note: SHERYL: (into voice memo on her phone) 2.4 miles up State Road 45, past Six Mile Road. Look for the old beige fence ending with a group of large pine trees. Putting her voice memo away, Sheryl looks over the position of the truck, making sure it's hidden from all angles. Once she's satisfied, She locks up the truck, and calls a cab. SHERYL: (into phone) Yes, I'd like a cab to the corner of County Road 8 and Smith Island Road, please? ...yes, and please hurry, my car broke down, and I'm running late...thank you. Sheryl hangs up the phone, satisfied with herself, as she walks off toward the country intersection. --- Justin stands across the board room table from Billie, stunned by the bomb she's just dropped. JUSTIN: I'm sorry, what? Your mother's voting IN FAVOUR of Nick's proposal? BILLIE: Look, there's more to it than that, it's just-- As Billie tries to tell Justin Kate's reason for her vote, the doors to the board room open, and Nick and Percy walk in with a confident stride. NICK: Ahh, I see we're nice and early for the festivities. Justin and Billie turn to look at them, a somewhat disdainful look on their faces. Justin comes back with a quick retort. JUSTIN: Not that you should be privvy to them in the first place. But yes, we aren't due to start for another twenty minutes. NICK: Well, I think I've got enough going for me that I won't be missing any more of these going forward. Nick sits his bag down on the conference table and unzips it, pulling his laptop from his bag as he talks. NICK: I think, personally, this is going to be a very productive meeting. Don't you? Billie and Justin look uncomfortably at each other, then looking back Nick's way with the same uneasiness. Nick, meanwhile, pulls out his stack of envelopes, one for each of the Titan board members. He lays them neatly on the conference table in front of him, as he sits down, looking very self-satisfied. ---
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