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  1. That NPR report on DAYS actually upset me. Doom is in the air in Salem.

    1. JackPeyton


      it just sounded like some plot point stories will be reduced to a week to me, not that every story will start and end in a weeks time. i think its good if they can balance fast, short stories with a long term arc. i do wish they would have learned from the baby swap tho, that was the best they did in a long time

    2. aMLCproduction


      What is NPR where is this report coming from I havent seen no changes on Days but some stories are moving faster

    3. beebs


      National Public Radio did a story on the changes at DAYS. It's in the Mess That Is MarDar thread. The radio report differs from the written report.

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  2. Watching clips from Edward Q's trial from late 94...just realized how absolutely horrendous soap opera has become since then. *sigh*

    1. DRW50


      I was the same way, with Youtube. Around late 08/early 09. That's probably the only reason I got back into the soaps, especially the end of the P&G soaps.

    2. beebs


      Exactly. I think GL's cancellation was a wake-up call for me. That was the show that got me into soaps in the first place, and to see it go was heartbreaking. But if no one's learning from past mistakes, they're doomed to repeat them.

    3. SFK


      I love GH around that time. Only time I was really into it.

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  3. Just re-read my soap pilot script and surprised to think that after sitting on it for a good few months, it's actually really good. Should I post it for the world to see or should I hold onto it and pitch it to someone...or both?

    1. Mr. Vixen
    2. DRW50


      Maybe you could try a cable network, or a websoap person.

      Post it too, but if you think it's that good you should try for some business.

    3. aMLCproduction
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  4. beebs

    Another World

    Interesting too, in the same batch is the final 90 minute episode: Interesting to see how the 90 minute experiment finished off. The pacing improved a LOT by this point. WAY less padding, probably by setting up the Texas stuff.
  5. beebs

    Another World

    Nor for me.
  6. beebs

    Another World

    Frankly, those of us not old enough to remember anything prior to 1993 appreciate your input, Carl. But anyone else who was around for the rest, I'd LOVE to hear more as well. RE: the 1999 episodes being put up, for some reason my mind just went completely blank on the whole Lumina storyline. It sounds like a vaguely more adult rip-off of a DAYS storyline of the era, but it's in this weird period where it's JUST too soon to have a lot of info on it online, and not early enough that people would be nostalgic over it, so i really can't judge. What was the whole point of it, and how far did they get into this Lumina stuff before the show ended?
  7. beebs

    Another World

    You know, they complain that TODAY'S stories are misogynistic, but the more I read about late 80s NBC soaps, the more I realize how much of a common thread there is between Frons eras. Not to give him too much credit, but the amount of rape, slut shaming and 'damsel in distress' storylines in late 80s NBC soaps, more DAYS than AW, and the misogyny that's permeated ABC Daytime since Frons took over...there's, in my eyes, a very clear kinship there. Thoughts? I can't believe that we were supposed to feel anything but disgust at Adam's reaction to MJ's past. Why was she just whisked out of town? Why couldn't we see her rise above this? THAT'S the main failing of this storyline to my eyes.
  8. beebs

    Another World

    Speaking of "MJ is a whore": What in the hell kind of ending is that to their story? I assume it's been explained before, but I'd love to know the story that led up to the reveal and why on earth they thought this was a good idea? (having said this, this is Frons-era NBC, why am I not surprised?) Can anyone fill in my huge gaps?
  9. Me drinking makes me run my mouth a bit...and I NEVER really voice my opinion around here, but get a few beer in me, and the truth come out, y'all!

  10. FINALLY joined the "DAYS is boring" club. *sigh* I held out as long as I could but....EUGH.

    1. darraholic


      Welcome to the Club.

  11. beebs

    Love of Life Discussion Thread

    Found this on Chandler Hill Harben's YouTube. Anyone know whenabouts this is from exactly? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0T9OMInRyg&feature=related EDIT: Didn't notice this had been up a full year on YouTube already. Apologies if someone already posted this.
  12. beebs

    Guiding Light discussion thread

    Yea no, I remember watching pretty much every day from about 1993 on and the theme IS a bit different in the second section. More strings etc. May have been the quality of the recording that caused some of that to be subdued, but you're absolutely right. There is a marked difference.
  13. beebs

    Ratings from the 70's

    I find this so bizarre that the ratings back at this time can plummet so dramatically so suddenly. DAYS in every single one of these is either #1 or #2 in the early-to-mid 70s, and yet this most recent posting, even RTPP is beating them. It's postively jarring, especially on a week where AW is #1.
  14. beebs

    Another World

    Didn't someone mention in either the GL or ATWT threads that they only have every episode from about 1989 onwards or something? It seems unbelievable that they're missing episodes that recent, but it might also be the case for AW (thus the 1987 start date on SoapNet). How much farther in was the Joey in court episode, do you know?
  15. beebs

    Another World

    RE: The 90-min episode. All I can say is HOLY PADDING, BATMAN! I get that they're trying to stall Maryanne but spending three minutes discussing how to break a $10 is absolutely absurd. No wonder the long episodes were such a disaster. I assume things got better as they got more accustomed to the format, but it just feels like too much time is going by without anything happening. It's frankly absurd that they allowed this to go ahead for anything more than a week of special episodes. They'dve been miles better off expanding The Doctors to an hour instead, frankly. Low(er) ratings be damned.
  16. beebs

    Generations Discussion Thread

    A slight digression, but what is it with the late 80s-early 90s and making EVERY BLACK WOMAN on TV look exactly like Whitney Houston? Poor Debbi always seems to be dressed up like her twin sister in every video and pic I see of her from that era, no matter which show, AMC or GEN, so I can't lay the blame at the feet of one single stylist. [/rant]
  17. beebs

    Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    Having said this though, the ratings in its last year at CBS were up a half-point from where they'd been the previous year. I think viewers were just adjusting to the new timeslot the previous year, and likely in a year or two, the show probably would've been getting ratings in the 7s again with a stable writing/production team. It still strikes me as devastating how trigger-happy CBS had always been about cancelling their soaps needlessly. Granted, this is likely the reason why B&B has succeeded on the level it has, as it wasn't replacing anything especially low-rated and was in an optimal timeslot where viewers were already tuned in. But I can totally see what you mean about SFT being toast once B&B was ready, though I wonder if B&B would've happened at ALL if CBS had stuck it out with SFT.
  18. beebs

    The Doctors

    I think most of the problem there was that NBC was interfering so much that no one with a name would touch the show anymore after Lemay was out. It said so much about the network's priorities and their level of patience (ie. little to none) for any character-based stories to build up that could've resuscitated the show's fortunes. Why bother risking your rep on a show that would dump you just as your stories were building up in earnest?
  19. beebs

    The Doctors

    OHHH yea. They were getting a 1.6 in their last season and being pre-empted by so many stations (it was airing at 12PM Eastern at the time), it wasn't worth keeping AT ALL from a business perspective. NO soap had ever finished a season with ratings that low before. Unfortunately, I think it had way more to do with a terrible timeslot than anything to do with story.
  20. beebs

    The Doctors

    According to this one source I found (can't remember the name of it, but it's the one that compiled all of the network TV schedules over the years for Wikipedia), virtually every NBC soap in the mid-70s got its own 1hr special (save Somerset, which I guess was too far gone by then for them to bother with). Even How To Survive A Marriage got a trial 1-hr episode in '75, if I recall. Also, Joe Stuart was on the Tomorrow Show episode about soaps that was on YouTube, which aired about a week after DAYS expanded to an hour, and he mentioned that NBC brought up the expansion for The Doctors just after AW had expanded. He said he was against it then, mostly because the logistics sounded horrendous (and using the production model they used at the time for 30-min episodes, I'm sure it would've been), but I think once DAYS had done it, the method had been refined, and at this point he was ready to make the leap to an hour, though at that point the network wasn't so sure.
  21. beebs

    Ratings from the 70's

    AMC basically exploded from a bottom-rated soap to the middle of the pack in the seasonal ratings out of seemingly nowhere around '73, I think a lot of it would've been down to Erica's abortion and the fact it was essentially the only network programming on at 1:00pm at that point. By '73 they were competitive with the top-rated soaps. Interesting to see how EDGE was still able to pull out a big rating now and again, even though The Doctors' was in what would become their best-rated year. What were the stories that year that brought them those ratings, I'm curious? The thing that stands out the most to me is just how volatile everything is. Even when EDGE was in the Top 5, some weeks it could fall below #10. Imagine the kind of panic the networks would have with things being like that now.
  22. This has been bugging me for awhile: Does ANYONE have any evidence of a Ritz Gregory playing Eric Brady on DAYS between 1994 and 1997? Because I certainly never saw him when I was watching during 96-97 (pre-Ackles), and no one on YouTube seems to acknowledge his existance. I assume JER didn't really either?

    1. ~bl~


      I don't think I have any Days tapes from that era so I'm no help :(

    2. JackPeyton


      Eric was never on from the time Sami came to town until Jensen joined the show.

    3. dayswatchersince1965


      Actually Eric was played by several people before Jensen. A few kid actors, and then there was an actor Ritz Gregory who was on in the mid 1990's who played him off and on. Then after Jenszen left for Supernatural, he played him again for a couple more years.

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  23. Saynotoursoap is making my life worth living right now. A full 1976 Days?? HEAVEN!

    1. YRBB


      +1 Was very excited when I saw this a few hours ago.

    2. DRW50


      And Young Marrieds...and LOVING!!!!!!!!!!

    3. beebs


      I'm only slightly disappointed that I still have yet to see an episode with Susan Flannery as Laura. But all these episodes of all the soaps are just amazing. I'm so impressed with it all.

  24. beebs

    Search For Tomorrow Discussion Thread

    +1 She was irritating me so much I almost had to turn it off, I couldn't take anymore. They were well eager to get rid of Ann Williams in the 70s, weren't they? Seems bizarre since it essentially left Jo marooned in a familial sense.
  25. I seem to post in spurts, I say nothing to any post for months and months, and then in one night get verbal diarhrea and you can't shut me up. WTF is with that??

    1. Soapsuds


      I dont know but you need to post more.:)

    2. DRW50


      You should just post constantly like some of us do.

    3. beebs


      I'm just worried I'll start then never get any sleep. And what happens when school starts up? I'll be screwed then! Haha.