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  1. EPISODE 155 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Will wakes up from a deep sleep, hearing his phone light up from an unexpected phone call. Through, half-shut eyes, he grimaces at the bright light of the vibrating phone, checking to see who's calling him. It's Nicole. WILL: Nicole? (sigh) She can leave a message. Will puts down his phone, ignoring Nicole's call, and lays back down in his bed, next to Sonny. Before he can cuddle up to his fiancé, Will hears the cries from the next room of Arianna. Will sighs again, knowing Sonny is too deep in his sleep to get up. As Will gets up, Will mutters to himself. WILL: Daddy's coming. Leaving the bedroom, he opens the door to find Gabi asleep on the sofa. Confused, Will steps over to Ari's crib, and smiles, trying to calm down the toddler. WILL: Hey, honey. I'll get you something to eat in just a moment, okay? Daddy's gotta check on something first. As Ari is soothed somewhat by Will's presence, Will steps away, toward the kitchen. Noticing that Gabi's bedroom door is closed, Will's curiosity gets the best of him, and he steps toward the door. Will looks over at Gabi, with his hand on the doorknob. He braces himself for the worst, as he turns the knob. Swinging the door open, he finds a sleeping Nick in Gabi's bed. His shocked outburst wakes everyone else up. WILL: Nick?? Wh...what the HELL are you doing here? Nick rouses himself, groggy and stunned by the sudden invasion. --- Liam lays next to Jennifer in her bed, as she lays fast asleep. The morning sun peaking through the window of her room. He lays in bed, unable to fall back asleep, as he mulls over what he encountered the night before. *** FLASHBACK TO EPISODE 151 Gabi stops as she looks over at Jennifer's date, realizing it's Liam, the man who's been supplying her with the pills for Nick. He looks back at her with a blank expression. JENNIFER: Oh! Gabi, sorry, this is my date, Mr. Liam Frasier! LIAM: Pleased to meet you. Liam extends his hand to Gabi, taking hers in his, as he looks up at her, a wry smile. Gabi stands, stunned before him. *** Liam sighs, debating his next move. He stares up at the ceiling as he silently thinks things over. LIAM: (voiceover) I can't have Gabi drugging Nick...or the entire Titan takeover is dead in the water...Stefano won't be happy. Stefano's obviously kept EJ in the dark for a reason. I can't let Gabi get ahold of any more pills. Jennifer stirs next to Liam, as she turns to face her lover. She smiles as she drapes her arm across his bare chest, and lays her head down. JENNIFER: Good morning. Liam wraps his arm around Jennifer, looking down momentarily, but something still weighing heavily on his mind. LIAM: How'd you sleep? Jennifer catches onto Liam's intensity, and, through her sleepiness, makes an incisive comment. JENNIFER: Pretty good. But I think maybe you didn't. Is something wrong? Liam looks away, sighing as he tries to think of what to respond with. --- EJ comes down the steps of DiMera mansion, emerging from his bedroom. He calls out to see if anyone's there. EJ: Samantha? You up? Hearing nothing, EJ, in his robe, looks about, before stepping into the living room. Spotting his tablet on the table, he picks it up, and sits down in one of the armchairs. The headline immediately pops up from the Salem Spectator website: TITANIC TITAN: NOVICE NICK FALLON NAMED CEO AND MAJORITY STOCKHOLDER Still baffled by the sudden shift in fortune for Nick, EJ reads the headline, frustrated, but contemplating a new strategy. --- --- Kate steps out of the café at Horton Town Square, a to-go cup in hand, as she heads for work. Walking away, she spies Rafe, heading her way. The two smile at each other, though somewhat awkwardly. KATE: Good morning. RAFE: Hey...you holding up? KATE: Oh yeah. Nothing to worry about. I'm ah...I'm sorry about the last time we saw each other, I...I didn't expect to see a ring on Jordan's finger so soon. Rafe nods, somewhat sheepishly. RAFE: Yeah...circumstances. I ah...I thought something was happening to Jordan, and...it got me thinking. KATE: Oh? RAFE: Yeah, just...I realized I had to hold onto her. I've let too many people I care for slip away, and...I just didn't want to wait. You know? Kate smiles, half-heartedly. KATE: I do. But...(sigh) Rafe looks at Kate, curious about what she's trying to tell him. RAFE: What? Kate hesitates a moment, unsure whether it's a good idea to finish her thought or not. Rafe persists. RAFE: Come on, Kate. Out with it! KATE: Okay, okay. Look...there is something...you need to know about Jordan, Rafe. Before you marry her. Rafe looks at Kate, confused. --- Gabi gets up from the sofa, where she'd been asleep, wondering what Will's shock is about. GABI: Will? What the-- Will looks at Gabi, trying to hold back his shock at Nick being in Gabi's bed. WILL: You...I wasn't expecting to see Nick here, that's...that's all. Just... Gabi, still groggy, squints, as she holds the bridge of her nose momentarily, trying to stifle a bit of a wine hangover of her own. GABI: Sorry, I should've texted you. Just...we were out late, and I knew you were bringing Ari home from the sitter's after dinner, but...then we got here and Nick had SUCH a bad headache...I didn't feel comfortable letting him go home alone so... Sonny emerges from the bedroom, less than pleased by Gabi's explanation. Nick gets up as well, heading for the doorway of Gabi's room. He leans, exhausted, against the archway. SONNY: Well I'm deeply touched that you're so concerned about your slimy ex-fiancé's well-being. You could put that much concern in for your daughter's well-being too, you know? NICK: Sonny, don't blame her for this. Okay? As Nick finishes his sentence, Gabi receives a phone call. Clamouring for her phone, she uncovers it under the blankets she slept under on the sofa. It's EJ. GABI: (into phone) Hey...uh...this is a...not a good time. ... EJ stands, fully dressed and ready for the day, in the DiMera living room. He sips on his morning coffee as he responds to Gabi. EJ: (into phone) Well, unfortunately, Gabriella, I don't have any other time, so...meet me at the Pier in one hour. ... GABI: (into phone) Ah...sure. Gabi hangs up, looking apologetically at the others in the apartment. GABI: I have an emergency meeting for my new job. So...I have to go get ready. SONNY: I thought you hadn't decided yet on who to sign with. Gabi gets up from the sofa, hastily grabbing her keys, her phone, and heading toward her room to grab a change of clothes and a towel. GABI: That's what the meeting's about. Kate came to TBD last night, trying to outbid Sami...so now I have to make a decision as to which way to go. So...I'll see you all later. Hopefully I don't look too shabby for having just got up, but...I'm sure I'll figure it out. Nick...I'm glad you're okay. Nick gives Gabi a tired smile as he steps out of her bedroom dooway. Gabi walks toward him, then looks Nick up and down with an awkward smile as she then shuffles past him. NICK: Thanks, Gabi. As Gabi steps into her room, closing the door behind her, Sonny looks over at Nick, menacingly. NICK: I think I'd best be leaving. SONNY: Yeah, I think you should. NICK: Guys, I'm...I'm sorry for crashing here last night unannounced. It won't happen again. Will looks back at Sonny, before they both turn to a sheepish Nick. Nick gives a half-hearted smile as he grabs his bag and heads out the door. Just before closing the door, Nick turns back, and mentions something to Sonny and Will. NICK: Oh! Before I forget, tell Gabi she can give me an answer anytime. There's no rush. Sonny looks on, arms folded. He appears irritated by Nick's request. SONNY: Sure. Once outside, Sonny snaps at Will. SONNY: Do you see? This is exactly why I want all this to stop, Will. This plan is putting us all in danger. WILL: Don't you think I know that? We don't have any choice now. We are too far in to turn back now. Gabi, my mom, my grandmother? All their futures are at stake now. Sonny shakes his head, unmoved by Will's dedication to the plan to take Nick down. --- EJ prepares to head off from the DiMera living room to meet Gabi at the pier, but is stopped in his tracks as Sami walks in. She looks at EJ with a tepid smile. EJ: There you are! SAMI: Here I am. You ah...you heading out? EJ stands back, awkwardly as Sami grabs a cup from the tray and pours herself some coffee. EJ: Ah yeah. We ummm...Gabriella and I need to go over something. SAMI: Is it to do with Nick? Because if it is, I should probably know about it, don't you think? EJ: Ah...yes. I suppose. Sami waits a moment before turning to face EJ, expectantly. SAMI: Well? I'm waiting. EJ: It's...I think Gabi needs to get in even closer to Nick, and hopefully she can snag those photos that...Greetings man has taken of you and Kate trying to help drown Nick in the river. Sami begins to interject, but EJ continues, stopping her from rebutting by raising his voice slightly. EJ: If she can get those pictures...and destroy them...we may all be in the clear, and Nicholas won't have a single bit of leverage against you, and Gabi won't have to entangle herself in Nick's life any further. Sami looks back at EJ, not sure whether she approves of this plan or not. --- Liam lays in bed next to Jennifer, with a serious look on his face, though he's trying to hide it. LIAM: No...no, nothing's wrong. Jennifer looks down at Liam, giving him a skeptical look that Liam immediately recognizes. LIAM: Seriously! JENNIFER: Come on, you've been distracted ever since we ran into Gabi at Club TBD last night. I mean...it seemed to me like that was the first time you two had met, but...you've been... LIAM: Sorry, no, no, it's...it wasn't Gabi. JENNIFER: Well, then...what's wrong? Honey, you've been so distant. Liam looks down, keeping himself in check, as he attempts to explain away his mood. LIAM: Sorry, just...the renovations at my house are going slower than I wanted. JENNIFER: Oh, Honey, I'm sorry. Jenn puts her arm on Liam's shoulder in comfort. Liam looks up, smiling half-heartedly as he continues. LIAM: Yeah, I...I was supposed to have the place painted on Saturday and...they just texted me last night saying it'll be another week, then the roof needs to get done. Jenn interrupts, responding excitedly. JENNIFER: Well, there's only one thing to do, then! Liam's brow furrows in confusion, as Jenn excitedly gets out of bed, and heads for her closet to pull out clothes to wear. LIAM: Wh...what are you (laughs) where are you going? JENNIFER: We're gonna go get some paint and paint your house, of course! Jenn smiles widely, as Liam sits upright in her bed, a stunned and worried expression on his face, which Jenn begins to spot, as her face drops. ---
  2. EPISODE 154 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Gabi looks at the bottle of pills in her hand, as she stands in her apartment, watching Nick lie on her sofa, in severe pain from his headache. She sighs, as she contemplates her options. Without a word, Gabi turns back toward Nick's jacket, to put the pills back in, and thinks about opening the desk drawer, containing the gun she was given by EJ. Behind her, Nick lays on the couch, writhing in pain, pleading with Gabi. NICK: Ga....Gabi! My pills, please...please. Gabi looks back momentarily, seeing a sweating, wincing Nick on the sofa, before turning back to the desk. Her face hardens into a cold glare, as she opens the desk drawer, and slowly pulls the gun out. NICK: Gabi...please... Gabi holds the gun up, just out of Nick's line of sight, as she raises it up to just in front of her face. She breathes in deeply, as she turns arounds, and points the gun at Nick. NICK: Gabi...Gabi, what are you doing? GABI: I'm stopping you. You've hurt me for the last time, Nick. NICK: Gabi, wha...stop....no, Gabi! Gabi looks at Nick, almost laughing as she cocks the pistol. Her voice becoming increasingly emotional. GABI: You'll never hurt another person I love, ever again. NICK: Gabi! Don't-- BANG! Nick's eyes widen as the sound of the gun silences all other sounds in the room. BANG! Gabi's face remains like a stone as she fires the gun again. BANG! And again. BANG! A moment passes before Nick collapses on her sofa. Gabi lowers the gun. Breathing out in sweet release of all her lingering tension and fear. --- Noelle walks into her bedroom, where Alex lays in their bed, reading. She's in her nightgown, and heads over to her vanity. She looks at her husband via the large mirror of her vanity, as she puts moisturizer on her face. NOELLE: You know I'm proud of you. Alex puts his book down, looking curiously at Noelle by way of the same mirror. ALEX: For what? NOELLE: For letting Anjelica stay here. ALEX: Yeah, well...it's not like I wanted to. Just...it didn't seem right to have her in town and not...at least...offer. Noelle turns to face Alex, smiling. NOELLE: You were under absolutely no obligation to offer her a place to stay. I mean, I'm sure your dad would've been a lot happier if she weren't here. Noelle sits on the edge of their bed, as Alex sets his book on the nightstand beside him. He sighs, clearly gearing up to have a serious chat with his wife. ALEX: My dad forgets that a lot of years have gone by since they were in the same room last. I mean, look at how Uncle Vic's changed in that time. Noelle looks at Alex, somewhat dubious of his commentary of Victor. NOELLE: How do you mean? ALEX: I mean, like...I bet you if you'd asked my dad whether he'd expected Victor to be running a legit media company and married to Maggie Horton all those years ago, he would've keeled over laughing. You know? Noelle's face relaxes, as she shrugs acceptingly. NOELLE: Touché. ALEX: Either way, I just...I'm not totally convinced my mother's not up to something. But...I'm willing to give her the benefit of the doubt. Noelle looks at her husband, smiling as she puts her hand over his, squeezing it gently. --- Downstairs, Henderson opens the front door to the Kiriakis mansion, as a procession of luggage carts wheels into the foyer. After the third and final cart is pushed through by Anjelica's staff, Anjelica appears, walking hastily through the door. ANJELICA: Just down that hallway, boys. There's a service elevator at the end at the left. Anjelica looks up at Henderson, smiling as she passes by him. Henderson closes the door behind Anjelica. ANJELICA: Thank you, Henderson! Tell Maggie 'thank you' for her hospitality. HENDERSON: I ah...I think the person you should be thanking, Ms. Deveraux is your son. ANJELICA: Oh, I intend to. Ah, Henderson, regarding meals. I need you to remind cook that I'm on a very strict gluten-free diet. Breakfast I'm going to need at 6:30am sharp, daily. No exceptions. Two eggs, scrambled or poached, and they MUST be free range. I CAN tell the difference. HENDERSON: Ah...duly noted. ANJELICA: Wonderful. I'll be heading to my room, then. Henderson looks at Anjelica, stopping her just before she turns to head out of the room. Henderson appears visibly uncomfortable asking, but he stammers out his question, regardless. HENDERSON: Ah...Ms. Deveraux, if you don't mind my asking...how long are you intending to stay here at the house? Anjelica smiles defiantly, almost cracking herself up as she responds to Henderson's worried question. ANJELICA: Oh, gee. I'm really not sure. Could be just a few days, but...(shrug) I guess you'll just have to wait and see, won't you? Anjelica beams as she takes off down the hall, following her staff to her room. She slyly waves back to a befuddled Henderson. ANJELICA: Goodnight! --- --- Adrienne lays in bed next to Justin, stirred by a rustling sound outside their bedroom door. She shakes Justin's shoulder, rousing him from his sleep. ADRIENNE: Justin. Justin! JUSTIN: Mmm Adrienne, I can't tonight, I've got work in the morning... As Justin drifts back to sleep, a sudden thud in the hallway forces his eyes open wide. ADRIENNE: Justin, someone's there. JUSTIN: (sigh) I'll go check on it. Justin angrily throws the covers off, as he dozily gets up from his bed, and saunters over to the bedroom door, as the sounds continue. Justin throws open the door to discover Anjelica and her team in the hall of the Kiriakis mansion, loading her plethora of luggage into the bedroom directly across from them. Justin sighs, irritated by her presence. ANJELICA: Okay, now one more trip and I think we've got it all. Anjelica turns as she hears the creak of the door, and smiles broadly as she spots Justin's tired, annoyed, and squinting face. ANJELICA: Justin! I hope I didn't wake you. JUSTIN: You did. And probably half of Salem. ANJELICA: Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to. We just had to get our things in here as quickly as possible. You know, I was SO excited to stay with you all here, I just couldn't wait. Justin looks on, bleary eyed, boiling with anger but too tired to react to it. JUSTIN: I'm sure you couldn't. Just...how much longer will you be? ANJELICA: Oh, I don't know, as I was telling Henderson, I don't really know how long my stay will-- JUSTIN: I meant in the hallway, Anjelica. I have meetings in the morning. Anjelica checks her watch, smiling smugly all the while. ANJELICA: Oh of course. Silly me...ah...another 20 minutes? Justin looks back, a pained expression on his face. JUSTIN: (sigh) Right. You know, Anjelica...I'm sorry about earlier. ANJELICA: Oh, don't even mention it, Justin. I know how difficult this would be for you and Adrienne, but...I think, in time... JUSTIN: In time you'll be gone, Anjelica. Don't think this is going to be a long-term stay, and don't get too comfortable. Anjelica smiles, amused by Justin's statement. ANJELICA: Well, Justin, I have to say that your hospitality is very lacking. JUSTIN: It isn't, usually. You're just special. Anjelica's expression begins to sour as she responds. ANJELICA: I'm touched. JUSTIN: I'm doing this for Alexander, Anjelica. Not for you. Don't push your luck around here, or I will change my mind. Have a good night. Justin closes the bedroom door, leaving a sour-looking Anjelica behind in the hallway, before the turns back toward the car, following her team to get her last pieces of luggage from the car. Anjelica casually pulls her cell phone from her pocket and begins texting as she saunters down the hallway. ... Noelle emerges from the kitchen of the Kiriakis mansion, holding a glass of water as she walks through the living room toward the foyer, heading back upstairs to hers and Alex's room. She jumps as she stumbles upon Anjelica in the foyer. Trying to quietly get her attention, Noelle whispers out to her, as Anjelica hits 'send' on her text message. NOELLE: Psst. ANJELICA: Can I help you? Noelle grabs Anjelica by the arm and pulls her into the living room. Turning the lights on, Noelle shuts the double doors to the living room, and quietly asks Anjelica a question. NOELLE: Did you get ahold of Nick or not? ANJELICA: He's not answering, so I sent him a text. NOELLE: Of course. He needs to know Victor's awake before he does anything drastic. ANJELICA: Well, I know that. That's why I sent him a text. Even if he's so focused on wooing that drip Gabi Hernandez that he's ignoring his phone, at least he'll see the text, and hopefully, he'll govern himself accordingly. Noelle shakes her head, as Anjelica smiles, and turns back toward the double doors, heading back out toward her car. ANJELICA: Now go back to your husband and stop stressing out about everything. Everything is going just fine. As Anjelica leaves, Noelle folds her arms, not quite as convinced as Anjelica. NOELLE: You say that now, Anjelica, but I have a feeling things are about to get really messy around here. --- Sami stands opposite EJ, her hair soaked from having been caught in the rain. She hastily ties her hair back into a pony tail, all the while seething at what EJ's just confessed to. SAMI: You bought Gabi a GUN? EJ shrugs, unable to back out of what he's just admitted to. He attempts to calmly explain his motives. EJ: Samantha...I was concerned that with Gabi's situation, that Nick would attempt to do something to her again. Or maybe try to take Arianna. I didn't want them to feel powerless when dealing with a loose cannon like Nicholas. SAMI: Then you install a security system. You hire a bodyguard, or have a PI follow them around. What you don't do is have a deadly weapon in a home with a toddler in it, EJ. EJ: Samantha, don't you think you're being a bit hypocritical living in this house and lecturing me about keeping weapons in the home. Sami rolls her eyes, holding her hand up to stop EJ from continuing. SAMI: Whatever, EJ. Don't even start with me on this. You're putting my granddaughter and my son in harm's way. EJ: I am trying to protect them. SAMI: And it's not going to work. Trust me, EJ. This is gonna backfire. And when it does, I'm gonna blame you. EJ looks at Sami, shaking his head at her stubbornness. --- Gabi stands, facing Nick. She drops her arm holding the pistol EJ gave her drops to her side, as she looks on, a mix of shock and relief as she looks at Nick bleeding to death on her sofa. Nick gasps out his last breaths, as he holds his blood-soaked chest. NICK: Gabi....I...wh...why? I loved...I loved you.... Gabi looks on, seemingly unaffected by her act of violence. Gabi watches as the life fades from Nick's body, and a sickening smile appears on her face. She begins to laugh, quietly at first. Then it builds into a hysterical laugh, almost victorious, only broken by Nick calling out to her. *** NICK: GABI!!! Gabi snaps back to reality, as she realizes Nick is still on her sofa, screaming out in pain from another severe headache. Gabi turns to face him, seeing him writhing in pain, and kicks into gear. Gabi hastily tears into Nick's bag, and pulls out his cell phone. Curious, she stops a moment, and slyly checks his lock screen. Spying a message from Anjelica, Gabi looks on intrigued by the message. Victor awake. You need to move into the house ASAP for our plan to work. Call me when you get this. Confused momentarily, Gabi swipes quickly to hide the notification, then quickly hides the phone back in Nick's bag and digs out his pills, as she hears Nick moaning in pain on her sofa. Gabi walks quickly over, and hands Nick his pill. GABI: Get up, I'll grab you water. You sleep in my bed tonight. Gabi helps pull Nick up from the couch, as he objects, holding his head. NICK: Gabi, you sure? GABI: Don't argue with me, Nick. I'm worried about you. Nick sighs, nodding slowly. NICK: So am I. Gabi steps over to the sink in the kitchen, and pours Nick a glass of water to take his pill with. She turns around quickly, mothering Nick. GABI: Here, here, here, take the pill. Nick swallows the pill and downs the water. Gabi grabs the glass and lays it in the sink, before guiding him to her room. GABI: Come on, let's go. Nick stumbles, as the pain cripples him, but he manages to find his way to Gabi's room, as she helps prop him up. In her room, he lays down, and closes his eyes, hoping to fall asleep quickly. Gabi stands over him, deep in her own thoughts. GABI: (voiceover) What was that text about, Nick. And what does this Anjelica woman have to do with everything? Gabi looks on, disturbed, before turning back away from her room. She turns the light out before closing the door, leaving a slowly-relaxing Nick on her bed. ---
  3. Fairly certain I remember a Soap Opera Weekly preview from around then saying that the disembodied boots following Eric around Salem Place was meant to be Eric's gay lover from Colorado, which seems to make sense considering the boots turned out to be some random person who was on for about two scenes before disappearing and Nicole very hastily being introduced. It all seemed very much like a rewrite to me, even at age 10, as opposed to the plan being to introduce Nicole all along. I do wish I could find that magazine to back it up, but I'm sure it's buried in my childhood home closet somewhere.
  4. I always loved the final LOL opening, sorry if it's already been posted. Simple but very grand. I could see it having been used, in some variation, for many years had the show kept running.
  5. Haha, thanks again! I've been on the fence with Kayla, mostly because I realistically didn't have much of a place for her on the canvas without Joey, Stephanie or Steve, but she'll likely pop up again later on. I think just having such a large canvas to work with gets overwhelming for me, so I'm trying to slim the down slightly (since I'm not 1hr five days a week and all ). Maybe have some folks pop up here and there like I've been doing with Chloe etc. I'm glad you're enjoying the Roman story. It's gonna get a lot more complex very soon, but I'm grateful for the feedback, and your comments are a big help.
  6. EPISODE 153 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco It's late, and Nick walks Gabi to the door of her apartment. They talk (mostly Nick talks, while Gabi pretends to listen), as they walk, arm in arm. As it's still raining, Nick holds a big umbrella over them both, protecting them. NICK: So it's basically the biggest EDM festival in Europe, and...I think we should check it out. GABI: That sounds really good, but...we're gonna be really busy this summer, with the shoots and everything, I just don't think that's gonna happen. NICK: We can make time. I'll make sure of it. Gabi smiles, trying to be gentle in her rebuffing Nick's offer. GABI: We'll see. Ah...look, I'm heading in, thanks again for walking me home. NICK: It's the least I could do. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself with me. GABI: You know I always do. NICK: Oh come on, we both know that's a lie. Gabi rolls her eyes, knowing Nick's right, she laughs. GABI: Yeah, I guess, you're right. But I'm serious. Plus, I'm really excited. So much is changing for me, and for you. I think things are really starting to look up. NICK: I think so too. Nick smiles, as he looks at Gabi. He hesitates for a moment, before asking his question. NICK: You never answered me before about moving into the Kiriakis mansion with me. Now that I'm...well...now that it's mine. Gabi looks down, her hands in Nick's. She smiles half-heartedly as she looks down. Knowing it's a bad idea, but having to hold in those thoughts. GABI: Nick, I...I have to think about it. I mean...you know, everything's moving so fast, and...can you just give me a bit of time to think it over? Nick raises his hand to Gabi's chin, and gently lifts her head up to look into his eyes. He smiles gently. NICK: Gabi, I'm not gonna make the same mistakes I did before. No pressure. You tell me when you're ready. Gabi smiles back at Nick as she responds softly. GABI: Thank you. Nick and Gabi share a long gaze into each other's eyes, before he leans in for a kiss, but is suddenly struck by a severe pain. He shouts out in agony, as a high-pitched ringing hits his ears. He holds his head, as he crumples from the pain. Gabi panicks, unsure what to do, as the rain soaks her hair and makeup. GABI: Nick? NICK?! Are you okay??? --- Sami arrives back at the DiMera mansion, to find EJ at his desk. Standing soaking wet in the doorway to the living room, EJ looks over, pulling his reading glasses off his face. He attempts to stifle a laugh at his the expense of his partner. EJ: You ah...I see you made it back in one piece. SAMI: Save it. Sami storms into the room, dumping her bag in the corner and making a beeline for the roaring fireplace. SAMI: I didn't know it was gonna rain so I left my umbrella here this morning, and got caught in the storm on the way back from the office. EJ looks on, curiously. EJ: The office? You left hours ago. Did you go back? SAMI: EJ, I had to. We had a situation on our hands. EJ: Well, it would've been nice to have been kept in the loop, Samantha. Sami turns herself toward the fire, speaking dismissively to EJ. SAMI: I didn't have time. EJ becomes agitated, getting up from his seat at the desk and beginning to grill Sami. EJ: What does that mean? It would literally take you ten seconds to send me a text or something. Sami turns her head, snapping at EJ before turning back toward the heat. SAMI: EJ, Nick has controlling interest of Titan, I had to make sure we had everything in place to take him out. EJ: I agree, that's smart, but shouldn't I be privvy to that? SAMI: I'm telling you now, aren't I? EJ: That's not the point. Sami turns her body to face EJ, now exasperated by EJ's grilling. SAMI: Look, FINE. I'll tell you what's going on. But you need to keep this to yourself. Okay? --- Marlena sighs, as she sits on a barstool at the Brady Pub, next to Eric. Kim stands across from her, awaiting her answer to Kim's demand. KIM: Marlena. Promise me you won't run a DNA test on Roman. Marlena sighs again, closing her eyes, before shaking her head. She looks at Kim and responds with conviction. MARLENA: You know I can't do that. KIM: Marlena, that's a cop out and you know it. Roman needs Valerie to be focused on what's wrong with him right now, and getting him treatment, not focusing on some hairbrained idea that he may not be who we know he is. MARLENA: But that's exactly it, Kim. What if the cognitive degradation is related to his true identity? What if he isn't your brother and your brother is out there somewhere, trying to get home to Salem? KIM: And what if he's not? Marlena, it's been 20 years! Something would've come up by now, surely. MARLENA: Not neccessarily. Not if Stefano's involved. Kim sighs, certain Marlena's being extremely optimistic. KIM: What if you're right, Marlena? What if Stefano did send this...impostor to Salem, but then the real Roman did actually die while on that assignment all those years ago like we thought? Hmm? Then what? Marlena looks back Kim, struggling to answer her question. --- --- Sami stands, arms folded, facing EJ in the DiMera living room. Her hair still soaking from the storm outside, as she explains what she's been up to. SAMI: Nick was trying to goad Kate and I into turning on each other over Gabi. I guess he wanted to do some kind of divide and conquer and try to manipulate Gabi into trusting him over us. But Kate and I figured it out, and we're playing along for Gabi's sake. EJ: How did that go? SAMI: So far so good. Nick's totally snowed, Gabi's on a date with him, making him think she's falling for him again. Thank GOD that's a big charade. EJ: Is it? Sami nods, certain of her answer. SAMI: Yeah. She's terrified of him. I'm surprised you didn't see it before. EJ: I did, but...frankly, that girl should be acting instead of modelling because I know she's pulled the wool over our eyes once before where Nick was concerned. That's why I tested her this morning. Sami looks baffled by EJ's statement. SAMI: Tested her? EJ: That's what I was trying to tell you earlier. I paid Gabi a visit this morning. I wanted to sort of...gauge her reaction when I gave her a gift I'd been planning to give her. SAMI: Okay...I'm afraid to ask...what was the gift? EJ hesitates for a moment, before sighing and responding. EJ: I gave her a gun to keep with her in case Nick tries to hurt her or Arianna. SAMI: You did WHAT?! Sami looks at EJ, aghast at his decision. --- Gabi steps toward a visibly suffering Nick as his headache worsens. Nick drops the open umbrella, an leans against the wall by Gabi's apartment doorway. Deeply concerned by his sudden pain, Gabi coaxes him toward her door, all the while getting herself wet. GABI: Nick! Nick, okay, it's gonna be okay. We just gotta get you inside. Okay? Nick, wincing from the pain, barely hears Gabi through his pained grunts. Trying to maintain control over his breathing, Nick holds his head, as Gabi tries to open the door. GABI: Okay, we got you. Once open, Nick and Gabi stumble through the door to the darkened apartment. Gabi grabs Nick's umbrella and closes it behind her. Closing the door and turning on the light, Gabi walks Nick over to her sofa, and peels his wet blazer off his shoulders, throwing it on the floor. Afterwards, she lays him down, fluffing up pillows for him to lay on. NICK: Nnnng, hm...Gabi, please....please, my medication. GABI: Okay. Okay, I'm getting it. Gabi runs over to grab his blazer, and rifles through it in a panic, before finding the nearly-empty bottle in one of Nick's pockets. Gabi turns quickly to face Nick, then has a moment of realization, as she becomes aware of what's happening and who she's dealing with. A sudden rush of calm comes over her. She stares at Nick for a moment, seeing him writhe in pain on her sofa. She bites her lower lip, as she holds the pill bottle in her hand, and contemplates her next move. She then looks down at the desk drawer, where she placed the gun EJ had given her earlier in the day, and contemplates opening it. --- Marlena stands up from her barstool, looking at Kim with compassion. Eric gets up from his stool, as well, surveying the situation. MARLENA: Kim, I get it. You don't want to lose your brother all over again...but you could have him back, and back to stay. Kim looks back at Marlena, unmoved. KIM: I could, but if you don't start looking for a treatment for the disease that's eating his brain, then we WILL lose him, Marlena. ERIC: Aunt Kim, you know we're all trying to find answers. KIM: Eric, I'm not blaming you for this. But you don't want to be doing this test any more than I do. ERIC: I have my own reasons. KIM: That's fine. ERIC: But I also think that what Mom's saying has merit. Kim looks back at Marlena momentarily, nodding before responding to Eric. KIM: Okay. That's fine. You...you do what you want. But let me make something very clear. If Roman doesn't get the treatment he needs in time, and my brother dies? I'm putting that on you, Marlena. Kim storms off to the staircase, headed away from a distraught Marlena. Eric pulls his mother into a hug, as a song begins to play. --- As the song continues, Billie and Daniel lay together in Daniel's living room, sharing their blanket after making love. Billie's arms around Daniel's naked torso, as Daniel points up toward the LED lights on his ceiling. DANIEL: See, I put a big dipper right over there. Billie laughs as she squints, trying to see the constellation Daniel attempted to replicate. BILLIE: That looks more like a soup ladle, but...I'll play along. DANIEL: Hey! Never criticize an artist in his own studio. Got it? Daniel teases Billie playfully, as they laugh together, before Billie cuddles in closer to Daniel, looking into his eyes with a loving warmth. BILLIE: You know...I'm really glad I went to get that coffee. DANIEL: Are you? BILLIE: Mmhmm. This has turned out to be a beautiful night after all. Billie leans in to kiss Daniel's lips. He smiles after she does, savouring the moment. DANIEL: I think so. And in here, there isn't a cloud in the sky. BILLIE: Heh, yeah, you're right. Daniel looks at Billie, but notices a certain sadness in her eyes. DANIEL: You okay? BILLIE: Yeah, why? DANIEL: I dunno, just...after you ran into Kim earlier, I just...I worried that she might've said something to upset you or... BILLIE: Nooo, no no no. I'm used to Kim's anger toward me, it's more....it's more that I'm worried about her, really. Daniel looks surprised, as Billie's expression changes, and she stares off momentarily from Daniel. DANIEL: Worried? About Kim Brady? BILLIE: Yeah. She's got a lot on her shoulders. Theresa, her mother's health declining, Roman going through...I dunno, I guess it's dementia? Being separated from her husband for so long? Your children? That's....that's gotta be so hard on a person. DANIEL: Well...she'll be fine, I think. She's stronger than she seems. BILLIE: Yeah, but...being alone like she is? I couldn't imagine dealing with all that without you. Billie moves in to where her face nearly touches Daniel's. They look adoringly into each other's eyes, as Daniel shifts his body to face Billie's, as he moves his arm up to Billie's face, gently carressing her face. He responds softly to her. DANIEL: You'll never have to find out the answer to that. I'll always be here. Daniel and Billie share a tender kiss, as Billie leans into the kiss, and the two roll over, preparing for another round of lovemaking. ... Back at the Brady Pub, as Kim descends the staircase, and looks out on a now-empty pub (save for the lone bartender cleaning up), Kim walks into the room slowly. She puts a hand on the bartender's shoulder and smiles half-heartedly. KIM: You're good for tonight, hun. Thanks. The bartender heads back into the kitchen to pack up to leave, as Kim shuts off most of the lighting. As the song ends, she leans against the bar, and thinks over the problems facing her. Missing her daughter, and her son, her husband, and the slow decline of her brother and mother. Kim is emotionally overwhelmed by a sense of grief, and begins to sob uncontrollably. ---
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  8. EPISODE 152 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Kim stands by the bar at the Brady Pub, looking at Eric and Marlena with a stunned expression. KIM: I'm sorry, what did you just tell me? Marlena takes a moment to find the right words before re-explaining her request to Kim. MARLENA: Kim...Valerie and I have been going over Roman's files, trying desperately to figure out what exactly is wrong with him. KIM: Right. I mean...it's obviously some kind of dementia, right? I mean...what else could it be? The memory lapses, the hostile outbursts, it's all the symptoms. MARLENA: Yes...but there's a problem. Kim reacts with increasing volume and hostility toward Marlena. KIM: Which is? Marlena breathes in deeply before responding. MARLENA: There are no medical records for Roman from before he returned to salem in 1997. Kim looks at Marlena, completely stunned. --- Gabi stands at Jennifer and Liam's table at Club TBD, suddenly snapping out of her stunned moment of silence. She extends a hand to greet Liam. GABI: Oh! Sorry! Yes, I'm Gabi Hernandez. It's...nice to meet you. LIAM: Likewise. They shake hands awkwardly, as Liam gives Gabi a firm look, which Gabi picks up on. She steps away slowly, as Jennifer attempts to continue their chat. JENNIFER: How is Nick doing, anyway? I heard he's...been given a...huge promotion. GABI: Yeah, we're...we're celebrating that now. JENNIFER: Good. I'm glad. I was worried when Abigail told me how much pain he was in at Salem U the other week. Gabi feigns concern, but is mostly just uneasy with the line of questioning. GABI: Oh, ah...I dunno. He's been fine tonight. We're having a celebration dinner for me. I'm...getting back into modelling. Jennifer perks up at the news, making Gabi smile, but half-heartedly, as her worries consume her thoughts. JENNIFER: Oh my gosh, that's amazing news, Gabi! Congratulations! GABI: Thanks. I..ah...anyway, I'm gonna just...head back to him now. It's...it's good to see you, and to meet you. Thanks for asking how we're doing, Jennifer. Jennifer looks on, confused by her subdued reaction. She smiles, regardless. JENNIFER: Anytime, sweetheart. Gabi steps away from the table, leaving Jennifer looking confused as she watches Gabi hustle back to her table with Nick. Jennifer then turns back toward Liam, her brow furrowed. LIAM: Something the matter? JENNIFER: Yeah. Something is very wrong with Gabi. And I really hope it has nothing to do with Nick. --- Billie stands in Daniel's apartment, disappointed by Daniel's declaration that they're out of coffee. BILLIE: Well, I mean, I'm disappointed that you're out of coffee, but...I don't really...NEED it. Daniel emerges from behind the kitchen island, and walks toward Billie, wrapping his arms around her waist. DANIEL: Well, here's what I propose. Billie reciprocates, looking seductively into Daniel's eyes. BILLIE: Mm, what? DANIEL: You go pick up some coffee-- BILLIE: Me? Daniel tries to stifle a laugh as Billie feigns indignation. DANIEL: (laughs) Yes. You go pick some up for me at the corner store...and when you come back...I'll have everything else ready for you. Billie responds, herself now trying not to laugh at Daniel's suggestion. BILLIE: You're gonna make me go out, in the rain, and grab coffee for YOU. DANIEL: Mmmhmm. Billie replies sarcastically, giving Daniel a displeased look. BILLIE: And they say chivalry is dead. Daniel laughs, as Billie rolls her eyes. Daniel steps to his chest of drawers in the corner of the room, and grabs an umbrella for Billie, handing it to her. DANIEL: Here. I promise I'll make it up to you when you get back, 'kay? Billie raises an eyebrow at Daniel, taking the umbrella and playfully jabbing him in the side with it. BILLIE: You better. Okay, I'll be back. Love you. Billie and Daniel share a quick kiss, as she heads out the door of Daniel's apartment. DANIEL: Love you. As the door closes, Daniel looks at his living room, particularly looking up at the ceiling, and clasps his hands together, rubbing them together as he nods his head eagerly. DANIEL: Time to get to work. --- --- Justin stands by the doorway to the kitchen at the Kiriakis mansion, observing Anjelica and Alex in an embrace in the living room. As they separate from their hug, Alex looks warmly at his mother. ALEX: I...ah...I'm gonna call the Salem Inn for you and we'll get a car to bring your stuff over, okay? ANJELICA: Oh, sweetheart, thank you, BUT... Anjelica grabs her clutch from beside the bar, and pulls out her phone. ANJELICA: I've gotta head back there, anyway. I have a lot to take care of. ALEX: Alright. ANJELICA: I should be back in an hour, okay? Anjelica spots Justin from the doorway, and smiles smugly at him. ANJELICA: JUSTIN! You'll be pleased to know you'll have many more opportunities to show off your biting wit. JUSTIN: So I've heard. Justin steps into the room, a far more humble demeanour than he'd carried before. JUSTIN: Look, Anjelica...I don't relish the thought of you staying here, don't get me wrong... Justin looks at his son, and sighs before finishing his thought. JUSTIN: But it's important for me that my son is happy, and that he spends time with his mother. And that's what he wants, then I'm not going to deny him that. ANJELICA: That's a very thoughtful thing to say. JUSTIN: Well, don't pat me on the back just yet. See, I just want you to know that I will not tolerate any of the manipulations that I've known you to engage in over the years. I don't want your campaign team in this house. It'd be a conflict of interest. ANJELICA: Duly noted. JUSTIN: And just so we're clear. If I find out you've been up to anything even remotely duplicitous, you're outta here. Do I make myself clear? Anjelica nods, for once, not a snarky retort to be heard. ANJELICA: Crystal. Anjelica looks up at her son, who smiles at both her, and Justin. --- Gabi sits back down in her seat at the table she's sharing with Nick at Club TBD. Nick's pleased to see her return. GABI: Hey! Sorry that took so long. NICK: Don't even worry about it. Who's that with Jennifer? GABI: Oh! It's ah...some guy, Leon I think? Liam? Apparently they've been seeing each other for awhile. Abby thinks he's okay, but JJ's not sold on him. NICK: Well, you know. There's always someone who's not going to approve of who you're with. Gabi nods, trying to appear disinterested so that Nick changes the subject. GABI: Hey, ah...you know, it's pretty late, and...well...I was hoping to at least say goodnight to Ari. Besides, sitters aren't cheap, and...with Will and Sonny out for the night... Nick holds up a hand, in an attempt to stop Gabi for continuing. NICK: Say no more, I'll get the bill, we'll be outta here. Can I at least walk you to your door? Gabi smiles, nodding her approval. GABI: I'd like that. Nick smiles back as he flags down T for the bill. --- Billie steps back into Daniel's apartment, carrying a wet umbrella, and shopping bag with a tin of coffee in her one hand. She calls out to Daniel as she enters, but stops midsentence from surprise at what she sees once inside. BILLIE: Okay, Daniel, I got...the coffee... In the living room, the couches have been moved away, the lights turned off but for strings of blue-tinted LEDs strung from the ceiling, simulating the stars. Daniel sits on a blanket, placed on the floor of the living area. Daniel holds his arms out, welcoming Billie inside, as a song begins to play. DANIEL: Welcome. Billie lays her umbrella down against the chest of drawers next to the door, still stunned by the display Daniel's put on. BILLIE: Wh...what is all this? DANIEL: Well... Daniel points up to the ceiling, looking up at the lights he's strung up. Billie looks up curiously, following Daniel's eyes. DANIEL: Since we weren't able to see the stars in the park like we wanted...I improvised a bit. BILLIE: It all makes sense now. Billie slowly walks over to where Daniel's sitting on the blanket. DANIEL: And now, I can make the coffee you wanted. BILLIE: Well, there's just one problem now. DANIEL: What's that? Billie kneels down next to Daniel, looking into Daniel's eyes with a fiery sensuality. BILLIE: I'm not really in the mood for coffee anymore. Billie leans in closer to Daniel, who raises an eyebrow at Billie's suggestion. DANIEL: Oh? And just what are you in the mood for? Billie rests her arms on Daniel's shoulders, their faces now mere inches apart. BILLIE: I think you can guess. DANIEL: Mmmm yeah. As Daniel and Billie lean into their passionate kiss, they lay back on the blanket, caught up in the heat of the moment. --- Kim leans against the bar at the Brady Pub, stunned by the news Marlena's just shared with her about her brother. KIM: Marlena...are you seriously trying to tell me that because of some...clerical error, you're going to leap to the conclusion that the man we've been calling my brother for over twenty years is an imposter? MARLENA: Kim, there's more to it than that-- Kim snaps at Marlena, shouting out, causing more than a couple stares from other patrons. KIM: I should hope so! Kim, quickly realizing the scene she just caused, looks around her, and quickly calms herself down. KIM: You're supposed to be helping to save my brother, figuring out what's wrong with him, and why he's losing his memory. Not trying to prove some hairbrained theory you've cooked up. Eric pipes up, coming to his mother's defense. He's firm, but respectful to his aunt. ERIC: Aunt Kim, it's not like that. Look, I don't like this any more than you do, but I understand why Mom's asking this. KIM: Then, if you understand it, why aren't you the one agreeing to get a sample for this test? Eric looks away, sheepishly backing down. Kim raises her eyebrows, looking to Marlena pointedly. KIM: That's what I thought. MARLENA: Kim, I'm not trying to cause a problem for you, or for the family. I just want to get to the truth. KIM: The truth is that my brother is losing his memory in chunks, and it's only a matter of time before he is going to be a shell of the man we knew. We need to be looking for solutions, or at the very least, looking to make arrangements to ensure Roman is well cared-for when he becomes incapable of doing so himself. Not trying to solve some kind of...tin foil hat conspiracy theory true. MARLENA: Kim, Stefano has done some outrageous things in the past, it's not inconceivable-- KIM: It may not be inconceivable...but it's also not likely. And it's definitely not the time. Kim looks intensely at Marlena, who looks back, pained by Kim's rejection of her plans. KIM: Let this go, Marlena. Please. Marlena sighs, closing her eyes to keep herself calm, as Eric looks on, concerned for his mother, putting a hand on her shoulder. ---
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  11. EPISODE 151 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Alex sits in his seat at the Kiriakis dinner table, with all eyes in the room on him, as he stirs uncomfortably. ANJELICA: Well, darling? I'd love to stay here with you and the family. If you'll have me. What do you say? Alex looks around the table, visibly uneasy with his mother's request. He finally musters up the courage and shakes his head. ALEX: Mom, I don't...I don't know if that's such a great idea. ANJELICA: Well, why not? Alexander, I haven't spent time with you in months. I've barely talked to you on the phone since you moved to Salem with Noelle. I've missed you. Alex sighs, trying not to get sucked into Anjelica's guilt trip. ALEX: Me too, Mom. But...(sigh) Mom, it's not like you're...you know... Justin cuts in, interjecting with a snarky, cutting ending to his son's sentence, frustrating Alex in the process. JUSTIN: Welcome? Wanted? Remotely tolerated? ALEX: Dad! Justin gets up from his seat at the table, with Adrienne pawing at him to get him to sit down, to no avail. JUSTIN: Face it, Anjelica. You've put us all through enough, and we're not going to let you use us again. Got that? Anjelica looks stunned, before turning to look at her son, who looks guiltily back at her. Alex gets up from his seat at the table, laying his napkin down by his plate, and leaves the room. ALEX: Excuse me, everyone. Justin attempts to stop Alex, as the others look on in stunned silence. JUSTIN: Alexander, where are you going? Alex ignores him as he walks out toward the living room. --- Marlena and Eric turn around while sitting on the barstools at the Brady Pub, having just heard Kim greet them. MARLENA: Kimberly! ERIC: Aunt Kim! Hey! Kim smiles broadly as she steps toward them both, giving Eric a warm hug, then Marlena. KIM: Hey! I ah...I heard about your wedding, Eric. I...I hope that isn't a sore subject to bring up? Kim looks over awkwardly at Marlena, who smiles diplomatically at her ex-sister-in-law. MARLENA: It's alright. KIM: Well, I'm happy if you're happy, Eric. Eric smiles warmly at his aunt, as Kim looks back toward Marlena, curious as to their previous conversation. KIM: I heard you two were talking about me? My ears are burning. ERIC: Ahhh, yeah. I...think you better sit down for this one. It's...it's pretty intense, Aunt Kim. Kim looks between Eric and Marlena, surprised and a bit concerned as to what to expect. --- Gabi and Nick are still on their date at Club TBD. Their meals cleared away, Nick pours the last of the bottle of champagne they'd ordered. Gabi stirs in her seat, preparing to get up. GABI: I ah...I think I'm gonna use the ladies' room for a sec. I'll be right back. NICK: Sure thing. Getting up from her seat, Gabi walks quickly to the back of the club, disappearing into the restroom. As she does, Jennifer and Liam step in, arm in arm. T greets them at the door. T: Hello hello! Table for two? LIAM: Yes! Thank you. T: Right this way. T guides them over to a booth in the back corner of the club, away from where Gabi and Nick are seated. The pair get settled in, as T recounts their specials for the night. T: So...here are the drink specials, and I have a mild lamb curry for our dinner special. I'll give you guys a minute if you like? JENNIFER: Actually...this place serves an excellent chardonnay...do you...do you drink chardonnay? Liam laughs at Jennifer's question. LIAM: If you recommend it, I'll try it. JENNIFER: Great. Liam turns to T, smiling. LIAM: I guess a bottle of your chardonnay. T: Sure thing. Liam turns to Jennifer, as Jennifer smiles, looking lovingly in his eyes. JENNIFER: You know, I'm really happy we were able to get out tonight. LIAM: It's all good. You had a late night at work. JENNIFER: Yeah. I feel like they've all been late nights since Anne quit. LIAM: You've had a lot of catching up to do, I guess. JENNIFER: Yeah. That's why nights like this are so special. Can't really take the time off and get away, much as I'd like to. You know, you, and me, up to your little cabin in the woods. Liam squirms a bit, as Jennifer attempts to paint a romantic picture for the two of them. Jenn immediately notices, and her face changes into a slight frown. JENNIFER: Liam...what's wrong? Liam tries to change his expression to allay Jennifer's suspicion, but is unable to respond. --- --- Daniel and Billie step into Daniel's apartment, as Daniel holds the door open for his girlfriend. Billie graciously steps inside with a quick nod of recognition. DANIEL: After you. BILLIE: What a gentleman. Billie and Daniel laugh as Daniel shuts the door behind Billie, and steps over to the kitchen area, suddenly on the hunt. Billie sets her clutch down on the coffee table, somewhat oblivious to what Daniel's up to. BILLIE: It's so nice to finally be out of that stuffy hospital. Daniel opens and shuts the kitchen cabinets, startling Billie as Daniel rummages around. With a slam of the cupboard, Daniel's head emerges from below the kitchen counter. BILLIE: What exactly are you doing? DANIEL: We have a problem. Billie attempts to raise an eyebrow at Daniel, as Daniel grimaces. DANIEL: We're out of coffee. Billie's face drops, disappointed by the news. BILLIE: I mean...Daniel it's a little late for coffee, no? DANIEL: No, but...you know...you said you wanted some, and there's nothing I won't do for my lady. So...there's only one thing to do. Billie looks at Daniel, curiously, as he gets up from behind the kitchen counter. BILLIE: And that is? DANIEL: One of us will just have to go get some! Billie looks bemused, as she looks back at Daniel. --- Justin sighs, as he goes to get up from his seat at the dinner table, but Anjelica gets up first, admonishing him for his behaviour. ANJELICA: And just where do you think you're going? JUSTIN: I am going to talk to my son. ANJELICA: Ohh, I think you've done quite enough talking tonight. Now it's my turn. Excuse me, everyone. Anjelica quickly walks out toward the living room, leaving Justin to look down at the others at the table. He sighs as Adrienne looks up at him, disappointed. He sits down again, trying to finish his meal. JUSTIN: I'm sorry, everyone. But I will not have that woman trapese into this house and-- Adrienne suddenly snaps at Justin, fed up with his attitude. ADRIENNE: Oh just STOP IT, Justin! Justin is stunned by Adrienne's reaction, and raises his voice back, in disbelief. JUSTIN: Adrienne, you want her here as much as the rest of us-- ADRIENNE: ...Not if it means you drive Alex away. And acting like a spoiled brat about it isn't going to get you anywhere. Maggie cuts in at this moment, speaking more gently, but just as firmly. MAGGIE: Adrienne's right. Goading Anjelica into a fight in front of her son is just playing right into her hands. You're gonna lose him, Justin. Justin looks at Maggie, considering hers and Adrienne's point of view. ... In the living room, Alex stands at the bar, pouring himself a drink, as Anjelica walks in. ANJELICA: Alex? Anjelica stops herself for a moment, before stepping toward him gently. ANJELICA: Honey, I'm sorry about what just happened in there. Alex answers cooly, his eyes focused on his glass, as he slams the glass down on the counter. ALEX: Not your fault. Dad's made his point of view pretty clear, though. ANJELICA: Well, your father doesn't run your life or mine. You're an adult, and you have as much say as anyone else what you want to do. ALEX: I know. Doesn't mean I want you two down each other's throats every day. Anjelica shakes her head, sighing as she responds to Alex. ANJELICA: It won't be like that. I promise I will try...I will not cause problems with Justin. I have way too much work to do anyway. Alex looks off, not saying a word to Anjelica's vow. Anjelica takes this as a hint, and looks down at the ground, thoughtfully. ANJELICA: I can just stay at the Salem Inn, if that makes it easier. After a moment, he turns to Anjelica, who's turned back toward the dining room. His words stop her dead in her tracks. ALEX: N...Mother...you can stay with us. Anjelica smiles genuinely, turning back toward her son. ALEX: I'll ah...I'll send for your stuff tonight, you...you can stay as long as you like. ANJELICA: Ohhh, thank you. Thank you. Anjelica walks over to Alex, hugging his tightly. Alex reciprocates, as Justin walks into the living room from the dining room. ANJELICA: Thank you. Alex looks up, seeing his dad in the archway. He looks blankly at Justin, who looks on, defeated. --- Gabi stands in the doorway to the restrooms, just out of sight of Nick and the others in the main room of Club TBD. She types furiously on her cell phone, texting to Sami and Kate. good work. i think we got him. will keep u informed Gabi then looks into the dining area, and spots Nick, popping a pill. Noticing Nick lament how empty the bottle's getting, she sends a text out to EJ. running low again, call me Gabi puts away her phone, turning back to head into the main room, but as she does, Jennifer waves her down. JENNIFER: Gabi! Hi! Oh, it's good to see you. GABI: Hey! Jennifer! I ah...I was just out with Nick. How are you? JENNIFER: I'm fine. I...I just wanted to see how you were doing. Abigail says you've been...a bit distant lately, and she's been worried about you. GABI: Oh, I'm...I'm fine. Really I am. I-- Gabi stops as she looks over at Jennifer's date, realizing it's Liam, the man who's been supplying her with the pills for Nick. He looks back at her with a blank expression. JENNIFER: Oh! Gabi, sorry, this is my date, Mr. Liam Frasier! LIAM: Pleased to meet you. Liam extends his hand to Gabi, taking hers in his, as he looks up at her, a wry smile. Gabi stands, stunned before him. --- Kim emerges from the back of the Brady Pub, her things put away as she walks around to the front of the bar, nervously waiting to hear what Eric and Marlena were discussing. KIM: Okay, guys. Lay it on me. What's got you both so worried. Kim sits down on a barstool next to Eric and Marlena, as Eric begins to attempt to explain their discussion. ERIC: (sigh) We...look, Kim, I know you've got a lot on your plate right, helping out with the pub while Grandma's sick and all, but... Kim looks at Eric, a nervous smile on her face as she waits for Eric to finish. KIM: But... Marlena cuts in, hoping to reassure Kim as she explains the situation to her. MARLENA: Ah...Kim. we're worried about Roman. KIM: I know. I've been...really worried about him too. I mean, the memory lapses, the suddenly vanishing, the... Kim trails off, making a realization based on Eric and Marlena's troubled faces. KIM: ...There's more, isn't there? Marlena takes a second before continuing. MARLENA: We're not just concerned about that anymore...and we need your help. Kim nods emphatically, now very worried about what's to come. MARLENA: We need you to do a DNA test with Roman. We need to prove that he really is Roman Brady. Kim's jaw drops, stunned and horrified by what she's hearing. ---
  12. Hehe, thanks! And thank you again for keeping up with my writing. Always appreciated
  13. I've just gotta say this, having caught up. I'm just not a fan of these rapidfire mini-arcs Ron's doing. There's no build. There's about two weeks of drama, and anything longer than that runs between sweeps periods, skips about 10 beats, and then is concluded with the characters vanishing for weeks to months at a time. I know that's down to guarantees, but I really really miss the long-form stories. The payoffs were stronger from the time taken to build them. This Theresa revelation took all of...what...10 episodes? That's the kind of story that would've taken 3 or more months to conclude in years past. I was enjoying Theresa being exposed, but it was SO damn fast, it's like there's hardly any middle to the story, just the beginning and the end.
  14. I know Chloe did on DAYS after having Parker (and left him in Maggie's house with the oven on and nearly let him die of smoke inhalation as a result), but that became about her falling into prostitution with Vivian's OTHER retcon son that suddenly has ceased to exist.
  15. EPISODE 150 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Abby and Laura emerge from the kitchen of the Horton house, laughing as they talk to each other about their day. As they enter the living room, a moment of awkward silence hits them. ABBY: You know, I know I don't say this very often, Grandma, but...it's good to have you back in Salem. Laura takes Abby into a warm embrace, feeling grateful for her granddaughter's love. LAURA: Oh, Sweetheart. It's so lovely to be back. And to see you so grown, and...happy again. I know, it's been hard with Chad gone. Abby looks down, wistfully. She shrugs, trying not to think too much on it. ABBY: Yeah, I mean...it hasn't been easy but...you know...Chad and I...things didn't work out. Abby sits down on the sofa, and Laura quickly follows suit. The pair lean against the back cushion, looking at each other as they converse. LAURA: Well, maybe not for now, but...I mean...Chad's recovering from being shot, it's not like he's never coming back to Salem. Honey, anything can happen. Abby looks back, somewhat uncomfortably, as she thinks over what her grandmother has suggested. --- At the Kiriakis Mansion, the family gathers around the long dining table to share a dinner. The tension thick in the air. Anjelica tries in vain to break the stone silence. ANJELICA: So...I have to thank everyone for allowing me to come tonight. Justin raises his head from his plate, swallowing hard as he interjects. JUSTIN: It's not like we had much of a choice, Anjelica. ANJELICA: Well, now, that's not very hospitable of you, Justin. I simply wanted to spend some time with my son. After all, we have been living apart for awhile now, since he's living with his lovely wife. Noelle smiles awkwardly through chewing her food. She looks to Alex, who is also trying to eat (and hopefully stay out of the conversation). ANJELICA: Alex, how do you like living here with your father's family? Alex nearly chokes on his lamb souvlaki, attempting to answer Anjelica quickly. He finally swallows, and coughs before answering. ALEX: Ah...great. It's been very...eventful. ANJELICA: I'm pleased to hear. I know we haven't had much chance to talk since I've launched the campaign and all, but...I'm so proud of you. ALEX: Thanks...Anjelica. Maggie interjects, hoping to quell the tension in the room by addressing the elephant in the room. MAGGIE: Ah...Anjelica? You're staying at the Salem Inn, I heard. ANJELICA: Yes, I have! I've taken a suite there for the time being. MAGGIE: Mm! Ahh...how long do you plan on staying? Adrienne looks knowingly at Justin, she mutters under her breath. ADRIENNE: Here it comes. Anjelica smiles at Maggie as she responds to her question. ANJELICA: Well, funny you should ask. As it turns out, I'm going to be doing a lot more campaigning in the Salem area than I previously thought. Since I'm all about cutting back on fiscal waste and finding inefficiencies in government, it somewhat behooves me to practice what I preach. So...I was hoping to ask a small favour of you all... Justin shouts out across the dining table, firmly and clearly. JUSTIN: NO, ANJELICA! You may NOT stay here! All eyes immediately begin to dart back and forth between Justin and Anjelica, as Anjelica gives a curious, and almost-amused look Justin's way. --- Eric sits on his stool at the Brady Pub's bar, a look of total incredulity on his face, as he faces his mother, who stands before him. Marlena looks down, almost ashamed of what she's said. ERIC: I'm sorry, did I hear you right? Marlena nods, reluctantly. MARLENA: Yes. I asked you to help me run a DNA test on your father. Eric looks baffled by Marlena's suggestion. ERIC: For what reason, Mom? MARLENA: Look, just...hear me out. Valerie and I were discussing your father's treatment, and...well...we can't locate any medical records on him from before the time Kristen brought him back to Salem. ERIC: Mom, that was over 20 years ago! MARLENA: Yes. I know. ERIC: So you only noticed this now? Marlena looks to the ground, half-shrugging as she's confused by the development herself. MARLENA: Well...we never had to dig into his file that way, and...quite honestly, I was just thankful to have him home again, after we thought he'd died. ERIC: Okay...so where does the DNA test come in? MARLENA: (sigh) When your father came home, his face was bandaged up, and at first, I didn't recognize him. And when Valerie told me the files were missing, I...my mind went back to that day. I knew something was wrong, and...I followed my wish to see your father again instead of following my gut. Eric's tone softens as he guides Marlena to the stool beside his. ERIC: What did your gut tell you, though? MARLENA: That Kristen and Stefano were up to something. As usual. Eric, neither of them would think anything of taking some stranger off the street, and brainwashing them into thinking they were Roman. They've done it before. Eric breathes in deeply, nodding quietly as Marlena tells her story, then sighs. ERIC: I know you're right. But we've been so sure for so long about Dad...Mom, he's so ill. Do you really think now is the time to be...going down this path? We should focus on trying to make sure his time left with us are as comfortable as possible. MARLENA: I agree, if we know that it's just dementia. Quite frankly, Eric, I couldn't live with myself if I knew there was more to it than that. That Stefano had implanted these memories in him, and caused this terrible illness in him, and I didn't find out the truth in time? When I could possibly find out it's something else, and potentially save his life? ERIC: I understand. Marlena leans over, putting her hand over Eric's on the bar. She looks her son dead in the eye. MARLENA: Eric, you know I wouldn't ask unless it was extremely important. Will you do this for me? Eric furrows his brow, in deep thought over whether he should help Marlena or not. --- --- Nicole sits at her desk, focused on her computer, scouring the documents Nick sent her regarding the EnerNext deal. She hears a knock on her office door, which she responds to without looking up. NICOLE: Come in! Sami enters Nicole's office, a determined look on her face. Nicole turns quickly to see who it is, and immediately sighs, rolling her eyes as she realizes it's Sami. NICOLE: (sigh) What do you want? I'm busy. Sami closes the door behind her, and folds her arms as she stands across the room from Nicole. SAMI: Where's Abby? Nicole looks over at Sami, giving an icy glare, as she responds cooly. NICOLE: She went home. I figured I could handle this by myself. Sami doesn't budge, as Nicole takes a moment to look over a paper on her desk. Moments later, Nicole looks back up at Sami, then the door. NICOLE: That was a hint. SAMI: Yeah, well, I'm not going anywhere. I have something important to talk with you about. Nicole looks up, giving Sami a fake smile and a sarcastic reply, as she tries to focus on her work. NICOLE: Oh. Great. Sami begins to saunter over to Nicole's desk, beginning to talk to her as she heads from Nicole's desk. Nicole carries on working as she half-listens to Sami, never looking up at Sami. SAMI: I just had a kind of a meeting with Kate...and...we learned something more about the situation with Titan that I think you'd wanna know about. NICOLE: Oh? Sami leans against Nicole's desk. The intrusion into Nicole's personal space causes Nicole to look up at Sami, suddenly engaged in what she has to say. SAMI: Nick now has controlling interest in Titan, and that makes him powerful, and dangerous. So I am going to follow EJ's promise, and give you total freedom for your special about the EnerNext project. NICOLE: Even if Will gets caught in the crossfire? SAMI: I'll make sure Will lands on his feet. You take that son-of-a-bitch Nick Fallon down before he destroys any more lives. Nicole and Sami look intensely at each other, Sami's simmering rage in her eyes. --- Abby smiles half-heartedly at Laura, as they sit across from each other on the couch in the Horton living room. Abby shrugs as she thinks over what her grandmother's said. ABBY: I mean...I guess, but...Grandma, a lot's gone down since Chad left town. I mean (laughs) I just went on this...great date with this guy I met at Salem U. Laura perks up, excited to hear about Abby's date. LAURA: Ooo! Tell me more! Who's this handsome stranger? Abby laughs, starting to blush at Laura's teasing. ABBY: (laughs) Grandma, stop! His name's Jerome Grant, and he's a grad student. I really enjoyed myself. LAURA: Oh! Grant! Is his mother Valerie Grant? ABBY: Grandmother. And yeah, he lives with her, she just moved back to town. LAURA: YES! I remember her! She worked with me when she was nursing student years and years ago. She's a fantastic woman. I remember your cousin David was madly in love with her. They were so beautiful together. Laura looks at Abby, who looks on, fascinated by Laura's story. She stops, and pinches her granddaughter's cheek. LAURA: And I know that you and Jerome will be just as beautiful. Especially if he's anything like his grandmother. Abby and Laura share a laugh, and Abby smiles warmly at her grandmother. ABBY: From what I hear, Jerome thinks the world of his grandma. Honestly, Grandma, I think losing Chad was the best thing that ever happened to me. --- Eric sits next to Marlena on the barstools at the Brady Pub. Eric takes a moment to mull over what his mother's just suggested to him before responding. ERIC: I dunno, Mom. I don't know if I can go along with a DNA test on Dad. MARLENA: And I understand. But you need to understand why I have to ask. ERIC: I think I do. You got burned once before with John. Stefano took years away from you with Dad, and...he made you second guess yourself. Now there's a chance that this man we've spent so many years thinking is Roman may not be...but...Mom, I don't see what value there is in that. Marlena looks at Eric, pensively. MARLENA: There is, though. We need to know his medical history if we want to be able to treat him properly. ERIC: Yeah, But....Mom. Think about it. Sami's going through therapy to overcome her repressed trauma over her relationship with EJ. I'm just trying to get my life back together after Kristen turned it upside down. Carrie's in Europe, trying to juggle her career, raising Noah, and feeling helpless because she can't help Dad...Caroline's struggling to make it through every day now. She may not have much time left. And then there's Kim... Kim's voice calls out from behind them, causing both Marlena and Eric to turn around suddenly. KIM: What about me? Kim stands before Marlena and Eric, an awkward smile on her face as she anticipates being filled in on their conversation. --- Anjelica feigns being stunned, as the rest of the family look on silently, some awkwardly trying to continue their meal, as Anjelica responds to Justin's outburst. ANJELICA: Well, Justin! I'm suprised at you! I didn't realize you were still holding onto such hostility toward me after all these years-- Justin stands up abruptly from his seat at the table, his voice raising over Anjelica's as he vents. JUSTIN: Oh, come off it, Anjelica! We all knew this was coming. We knew why you wanted so desperately to come have dinner with us. You can drop the charade now. ANJELICA: Well, I don't know what you're talking about, Justin, because I have been nothing but forthright with my intentions tonight. JUSTIN: Oh, have you? ANJELICA: Yes, I have. I came here to see my son, and his lovely wife, and his family. I came here to do business with them, and help further my campaign. I hardly see the issue in that. Noelle sits back, attentively listening to the back-and-forth between the ex-lovers. JUSTIN: Of course you don't! You never do! Sometimes I think you're completely oblivious to any and all social cues! ANJELICA: Oh, believe me, Justin, I am aware of them. Anjelica slowly rises from her seat, leaning on the edge of the dinner table as she zeroes in on Justin. ANJELICA: I know the resentment you hold toward me. I even understand it. I did some things that were incredibly cruel to both you and Adrienne. And for that, I am tremendously sorry. But I refuse to stand back and allow hostility and pettiness continue to keep a wedge between my son's family and myself. All I ask is to stay here. To spend time with my son, his wife, and his family. All I want is an opportunity to allow us all to heal from the damage that I fully admit...that I caused. The family look on, stone silent, as Anjelica stares down a defiant Justin. She then turns her gaze over to Alex. ANJELICA: Are you willing to give me the opportunity, or not? Alex looks back at his mom, awkwardly. He looks over and notices all eyes are now on him. He struggles to find an answer to his mother's question. ---
  16. On a somewhat positive note: I'm glad Theresa's being written in-charatcer again. The story is a bit meh but at least I have a bitch I can love-to-hate again in her. Jen Lilley's been missed.
  17. I am. Needed to make a fitting ending, but considering my (slow) pace, it's taking awhile to build to. But it's coming soon, with a lot of major implications for the rest of the canvas.
  18. EPISODE 149 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco In the Kiriakis dining room, Anjelica stands alone with Noelle in the corner. Looking around to make sure they're alone, Noelle approaches Anjelica. NOELLE: So...? ANJELICA: I think Alex will be on our side on this. NOELLE: Perfect. Noelle looks around, highly suspicious of anyone entering the dining room, so much so, despite being alone, Noelle continues to whisper to Anjelica. NOELLE: (whispering) Look, I have news. ANJELICA: Well, spit it out! NOELLE: (whispering) It's Victor! ANJELICA: What??? Noelle gestures emphatically to get Anjelica to quiet down, as she whispers to Anjelica. NOELLE: He's awake, we have to tell Nick. ANJELICA: Wh-- As Anjelica begins to respond, Justin, Maggie, and Sonny enter the dining room, all sharing a laugh as they sit down at the table. Noelle and Anjelica awkwardly halt their conversation and join them. Sitting down, the room falls quiet, as they all look at each other, unsure how to start the conversation. NOELLE: It's....so nice to have family together for once. All five of them look around at each other, unsure what to do, before Noelle grabs her drink from in front of her and awkwardly raises a toast. NOELLE: To...family! The others reluctantly join in, most looking awkwardly at each other, wondering what brought on Noelle's toast. ALL: Cheers! As they clink their glasses, they immediately take sips so long, most finish their drinks in one go. --- Alex and Will stand alone together in the Kiriakis living room. They look awkwardly at each other, as Will asks a serious question. WILL: Ahhh....so, I haven't had a chance to ask anybody yet but...I know there's been a huge upheaval at work today. What does that mean for us? Alex is taken aback by Will's question, leaving him momentarily speechless. ALEX: Ahh...you mean at the office? Will laughs, his heart aflutter, as he, without thinking, blurts out a response. WILL: Yeah, I mean...what did you think I meant? I mean, you're cute and all but... Alex and Will laugh, as Will realizes what he's just said and begins to blush. WILL: I mean...oh God. What did I just say? ALEX: No...(laughs) God, Will, don't be embarrassed. I know what you meant. Don't worry. Will looks to the ceiling, closing his eyes in embarrassment, as Adrienne steps into the doorway from the dining room. She looks on, troubled by what she observes. WILL: Ugh, sorry. I didn't mean to imply that I was...attracted to you at all. You're my boss, and MARRIED. I'm marrying your BROTHER. I just...I tend to put my foot in my mouth a lot. I'm sorry. ALEX: Don't worry. Seriously. It's okay. Just as long as you don't have this problem with words on the page, we're good. Will laughs, as Adrienne steps into the room. ADRIENNE: Ah, boys? Are you gonna join us for dinner at all? Adrienne looks directly into Will's eyes, an almost accusatory look in them, despite her sweet tone. It immediately discomforts Will. --- Outside club TBD, Kate and Sami stand, having confronted Nick and Gabi on their date, pestering Gabi about her modelling contract offers. Now, Sami's expression becomes more one of worry. SAMI: You seem worried. You weren't before. KATE: I had no reason to be before. Nick worming his way into the CEO position at Titan was nothing. He could be out of there within hours if he so much as breathed the wrong way. But if he has controlling interest? All bets are off, and we need to tread carefully. SAMI: Oh, to Hell with that. He's going to put us all in jail, Kate. Kate tries to quiet Sami down, but Sami continues, increasingly panicked. KATE: Sami, C-- SAMI: ...Oh don't try to shut me up. You know I'm right. What is he gonna do when he finds out we're trying to set him up? Dammit, Kate, we need to do something about him, and fast. --- Inside Club TBD, Nick and Gabi sit, Gabi deep in thought about what just transpired. Nick notices Gabi's contemplative look, and crooks his head slightly to get her attention. NICK: Hello?? Earth to Gabi. Gabi snaps out of her trance, shaking her head suddenly, looking Nick's way. GABI: Ugh, sorry. Just...in case you didn't notice, I have....a decision to make. NICK: Nah, I get it. But I think you know what you're doing. I trust you. Gabi smiles, as Nick reaches across the table to take Gabi's hand gently in his. Gabi wants to pull away, but manages to stop herself. NICK: I know I haven't been....exactly the most trustworthy person, myself. But I do want you to know, I'm gonna do everything I can from now on, to give you exactly the life you deserve. Gabi looks down momentarily at Nick's hand holding hers. NICK: I love you, Gabi. Gabi hesitates to answer Nick, the words caught in her throat. --- --- Kate walks in closer to Sami in front of Club TBD, and attempts to calm Sami down. KATE: Sami, you need to think of the long game here. Nick has the power to destroy all of us. That includes Will. So let's stay the course for now, and keep our eyes peeled for any opening. SAMI: We don't have time for that, Kate. It's time we make an opening. Sami, determined, storms off, leaving Kate behind, more worried than ever. KATE: Sami! Sami! (sigh) --- Inside Club TBD, Gabi struggles to respond to Nick, as Nick waits for a response. T arrives with their tapas, which he starts putting down on the table, breaking the tension. T: Alright! I've got some grilled calamari...lamb proscuitto dumplings, and a mango salad. NICK: Thank you. GABI: Thanks, T. T stands by them, ever the professional. T: Anything I can get you guys? Refill on your drinks? Nick holds up a finger, never taking his eyes off Gabi. NICK: Yeah...give me a bottle of your best champagne. T: You got it! T walks off, leaving Nick and Gabi alone, as she hastily reaches for her fork, trying to eat before she has to respond to Nick. NICK: I know we've got a lot of baggage, Gabi. And...I know you're probably not ready to tell me you love me, but...I just wanted you to know that I do. And I will always look out for your best interests. Gabi smiles, as she swallows her calamari. GABI: I know. Thank you. Thank you for being so patient. Nick smiles back at Gabi, looking intensely at her for a moment before asking another question. NICK: Gabi. Gabi looks back, inquisitively, if a little tense. NICK: I...I don't wanna put any pressure on you at all, but...well...now that I've got this job, and...the company assets...I'm planning to finally move out of the room upstairs at the pub. GABI: That's great! I'm glad you're finally able to do that. NICK: Yeah, so...now, once I have a home to call my own, and...don't feel like you have to say 'yes' or anything...but...would you like to move in with me? Gabi's eyes widen, stunned by Nick's suggestion, and unsure how to react, or respond. --- Will and Adrienne stare off at each other, clearly communicating unspoken thoughts with each other, as Alex looks on, trying to cut the tension. ALEX: Ah...Adrienne. Sorry, we were...catching up on work stuff. Adrienne continues to focus her eyes on Will, though breaking her gaze eventually as she responds to her stepson. ADRIENNE: Of course. Ah, well...dinner's about to be served, so...come on. ALEX: Sure thing. As Alex leaves the room, Will is held back by Adrienne, who speaks quietly to Will, as she grabs his arm, not forcefully, but firmly. ADRIENNE: A little advice, Will? If you expect me to play my part, you'd better do a lot better job of yours. Will looks down at Adrienne, and nearly bursts out laughing. He shakes his head dismissively. WILL: Adrienne, you're looking for something that isn't even there. ADRIENNE: Am I? Because those eyes you were giving each other just now tell me otherwise. WILL: What looks? The only looks I was giving were directed at you when you once again inserted yourself in a conversation that was none of your business. Adrienne folds her arms, giving Will a squinted glare. ADRIENNE: Despite what you think, I didn't just fall off the turnip truck. I can tell you're attracted to Alex. WILL: I love Sonny-- Adrienne snaps back at Will, cutting him off from continuing his thought. ADRIENNE: And Justin loved me. But he still had that affair with Anjelica and still had her child. Will stops himself, momentarily looking down, as he soaks in what Adrienne is saying to him. Adrienne steps in closer to Will, speaking a bit more earnestly, and less bitingly. ADRIENNE: You have two very impulsive parents, who lead with their hearts and not their heads. Don't be like them. Alex may not be my son by blood but I love him just as much as I love Sonny, and I don't want either of them hurt. If you do, I will make sure you regret it. Adrienne backs away, releasing the tension in her body with a sigh as she turns toward the dining room. As Adrienne walks away, Will looks down, shaking his head as he sighs, his head full from Adrienne's warning. He makes his way to the dining room as well. --- Eric sits at the bar of the Brady Pub, a pint of beer before him, as he makes a call on his cell phone to Nicole. Waiting to hear her pick up, he is unsuccessful, and the call goes to voice mail. ERIC: Hey, Nicole. It's Eric. I ah...I know you've had a big break in your story for tomorrow but...I'm just wondering when you'll be back. I mean...it is our...our wedding night, and I'd...just call me back when you get this. I love you. Hanging up, Eric takes a drink, as Marlena walks into the pub. MARLENA: Ah! Eric! Eric turns around to see his mother, and gives her a hug. ERIC: Mom! Hey. How'd your meeting go at the hospital? MARLENA: Oh well...Valerie and I had...a lot to talk about. It's actually why I'm here. I'm glad I ran into you. I...I have something to ask of you, and I don't think you're going to like it very much. Eric looks at Marlena, concerned. ERIC: Why? What is it? Marlena hesitates for a moment, before reluctantly responding, unable to look Eric in the eyes as she does. MARLENA: I need your help to run a DNA test on your father. Eric looks back in amazement, stunned by his mother's request. --- Dr. Rolf sits opposite Stefano in a dimly lit room in Stefano's Italian island villa. The two longtime partners-in-crime discuss their plans as the sun sets. STEFANO: So! When can we expect the patient will be ready? DR. ROLF: Stefano, I cannot give you a firm timeline on this. You know what happened the last time. STEFANO: Yes, unfortunately, I do. Stefano looks off in a distance momentarily, as Dr. Rolf continues. DR. ROLF: We cannot have a repeat of what happened before. As you know, the second Pawn project was effective but ultimately we couldn't utilize him because we caused too much brain damage. He would never be able to take proper direction from us. STEFANO: Hmmm, yes. And now he appears to be in terminal decline. Dr. Rolf nods sadly. DR. ROLF: Yes, indeed. It is a real shame. And, of course, our attempt to reprogram John Black failed miserably as well. Dr. Rolf thinks aloud, becoming more and more agitated as he contemplates his strategy. DR. ROLF: There has got to be a way to find the balance. My work on the second pawn was too potent, and on John Black, not enough. Stefano looks Rolf sternly in the eyes, as he points at him to make his point. STEFANO: And THAT is why THIS Pawn MUST work for us to get us what we need, or else everything we have worked so hard for will be destroyed! Rolf looks back at Stefano, nodding with a sombre expression on his face. --- In a dark, windowless room, a man is tied to a chair in an otherwise empty room. His hands and feet are bound. On a screen in front of him, a flurry of images appear on a projector screen. Many disturbing images flash by, changing almost as soon as they appear. Crawling insects. Scenes from bloody warfare. A gun being fired. John Black's face then appears, before disappearing, replaced by more violent images. The man writhes about, his mouth gagged, keeping him from shouting out. He struggles, trying to resist the intense images presented before him, but enraged far more by John than any other. ---
  19. EPISODE 148 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Marlena sits in Valerie's office at University Hospital, as they go over Roman's case. Valerie shakes her head as she goes over his file. VALERIE: You know, Marlena, I've gotta say...I know that there's a lot of missing pieces here, but...this man has been in your life for so many years. I...I mean, wouldn't you have known sooner that he isn't who he claims he is? Marlena looks down, contemplatively. MARLENA: I've thought about that. But he felt so....familiar to me. That day that Kristen wheeled him into my room...I wasn't sure but...something felt so...I knew that I knew this man. VALERIE: But you didn't believe Kristen when she told you he was Roman. Marlena looks at Valerie, remembering that day with Kristen, the anger coming through in her voice as she thinks of Kristen. MARLENA: I wasn't really willing to believe anything that...that woman told me. She'd told so many lies already, it was...it just looked like another scheme to keep John and I apart. VALERIE: Understandable, but what made you realize she was right? MARLENA: I just...I heard him speak. I heard his voice and...what he had to say. We knew...I knew I knew and cared for this man. We knew he was Roman. Nobody....questioned it once we'd spoken with him. VALERIE: Marlena. From what you've told me, that's the same thing everyone said when John arrived in town. We need to be absolutely certain that this man IS Roman Brady. Marlena looks up, deeply troubled by Valerie's suggestion. --- Stefano's limo pulls up to a grand castle on the remote Italian island. His driver parks and hustles to open the door for him. Stefano steps out of the car, and pulls off his sunglasses, gazing upon the beauty of his grand home. --- In the Kiriakis living room, Alex and Justin stand, discussing Justin's animosity toward Anjelica. Justin steps over to the bar, hoping to grab a drink, as Alex looks on. ALEX: Dad? JUSTIN: Yeah. Justin looks at the mostly empty caraffe, stunned by how much Anjelica's taken already. He pours himself what's left. The awkward silence holds in the air a moment, before Alex sighs and begins to tell his father what's on his mind. ALEX: Look, I don't mean to downplay what Anjelica did to you, or to Adrienne. Justin puts his drink down on the bar with a bit of a slam. He speaks harshly to his son. JUSTIN: Then don't. Justin turns around, another awkward moment of silence between them, as the doorbell rings. JUSTIN: And don't make excuses for her either. Your mother rigged a construction site to blow Adrienne up. Then she kidnapped you. This isn't stealing a few hair ties from a store at the mall, Alex. I'm not entirely prepared to forgive and forget. ALEX: But she did bring me back. And you and Adrienne were wonderful parents to me. You did a great job. Justin sighs, smiling at his son. As Anjelica steps back into the room from the foyer, escorting Will into the room with her. Upon seeing Alex, he stops, smiling awkwardly as Justin and Alex look back. ANJELICA: Well, look who I found at the door. Does this fine young man belong to anyone in the house? Alex smiles back at Will, as they both stare without a word shared. Justin ignores this, as he fixates on Anjelica. --- Gabi and Kate sit across from each other at the table at Club TBD, having an intense conversation about the state of affairs at Titan. Knowing Nick will be back from the bathroom any second, they remain tense and vigilant, each checking over their shoulder every few moments to ensure he isn't on his way back. GABI: Honestly, Kate, I don't know that I like the odds of that 4% stakeholder remaining loyal to Titan. I mean, I've heard how rocky things are, and with Nick coming on...he's completely inexperienced running a company like this, they're bound to sell before the shares become completely worthless. KATE: Leave that to me. Nick may in for a fall sooner than you think, and at least at my end of things, I'm going to make sure we make Titan a lot of money so that we can get out of this rut. Nick approaches from behind Kate, causing both she and Gabi to look up with a start. NICK: That's the spirit I wanna hear from my staff, Kate. KATE: You know, Nick. Relish calling us staff members for now, because it won't be long before the board sees through you, and your incompetence will earn you a nice fat pink slip. NICK: I guess I should've anticipated a little resistance. But I still wouldn't push my luck if I were you, Kate. Kate chuckles momentarily to herself, unthreatened by Nick's confidence. She looks back at Gabi, a bit amused, as she rolls her eyes, and looks back at Nick and responds sarcastically. KATE: I'm quaking in my boots. NICK: You should be. Because I just found out some good news. KATE: I'm waiting with baited breath to hear it. Nick smiles, as he leans in closely at their table. NICK: I just got the controlling interest of the Titan stock. So not only am I running the show, I own it, too! Nick laughs, almost maniacally, as Gabi and Kate's faces turn sheet-white. --- --- Justin gives Anjelica sideeye, as he grabs his drink from the bar table and shakes Will's hand firmly. JUSTIN: Will! Good to see you! Ah, Sonny's already at the table, they're serving dinner about now. We should probably join them. WILL: Oh...yeah. ANJELICA: Well, am I going to be introduced or not? Alex interjects to spare everyone Justin's cutting remarks at Anjelica's expense. ALEX: Ah...Anjelica Deveraux, this is...Will Horton. Will is...Sonny's fiancé. Will...meet my mother. Anjelica gives a surprised smile, turning to shake Will's hand, which he accepts, though still unsure what to make of the situation. ANJELICA: Ahh! Will! WILL: Pleased to meet you. ANJELICA: And I, you. You know, I have always really admired the Horton family. Such a pillar of our community. Tom and Alice were such lovely people. Justin rolling his eyes at Anjelica's phoney interest in Will, turns to head for the dining room. JUSTIN: (sigh) Talk about laying it on thick. Justin turns back to motion the others into the dining room. JUSTIN: Come on, guys. Let's get this over with before we lose what's left of our appetites. Will smiles awkwardly, not sure whether to laugh at Justin's joke or not, as Anjelica nods to Will and touches her son's forearm on her way into the next room. ANJELICA: I'll see you in there. Leaving Alex and Will alone in the living room, the tension between them remains. Will looks up at Alex, unsure what to say. WILL: Ah...so I didn't...I didn't know your mom was in town. ALEX: Yeah...we're...not exactly close. I mean... WILL: It's okay. I understand. My mom and I have...a similar relationship. Alex and Will share a laugh. As things grow quiet again, Will's eyes squint a bit, looking at Alex with concern. WILL: Ahhh....so, I haven't had a chance to ask anybody yet but...I know there's been a huge upheaval at work today. What does that mean for us? Alex is taken aback by Will's question, leaving him momentarily speechless. --- Kate gets up from her seat across from Gabi at Club TBD, looking disgusted. She gives Nick a murderous glare. KATE: Well, I don't know how you managed this, but don't expect me to cowtow to your every demand. I expect to be able to continue to run my business the way I see fit. Nick plays it cool, as usual. Shaking his head as he gently responds to Kate, hands in his pockets. NICK: Not to worry. Just make sure that you stay out of my way, and you'll have all the autonomy you need. All three turn abruptly upon hearing Sami's voice from behind them. She's revved up to play her part in the ruse, and takes on a snide tone straight away. SAMI: GABI! Don't sign anything. I have news. Nick turns to face Sami, smiling even wider now that the games have really begun. NICK: Sami! Glad you could join us! Sami reaches into her bag, handing Gabi a document of her own. SAMI: Gabi, I need you to reconsider Kate's offer. You don't wanna be working under Nick. He's been named CEO of Titan. GABI: Sami, I know, he... Sami doesn't wait for Gabi to answer, instead carrying on in her fake tirade. SAMI: He told you, okay. GREAT. But he didn't tell you that he's completely ineffective as CEO without also holding controlling stock interest. So he won't be able to do for your career what I can, seeing as he'll be working in a hostile environment. Nick immediately interjects, cutting Sami off before she can continue making her "case". NICK: Aaactually, Sami. That part's not quite true. As I was just telling Kate and Gabi...I just got the stock I needed to take controlling interest. SAMI: You what? NICK: Yeah! Isn't that fantastic? SAMI: That's impossible. You don't have the resources to buy up 1,000 shares, let alone the amount it would take to take 51%... Kate, and Sami both realize at the same moment, with Gabi putting the pieces together moments after. SAMI: ...You have a benefactor. NICK: Not quite. SAMI: Bull. NICK: No! Honestly. Titan shares are worth next to nothing at this point. It was actually pretty easy for me to buy up shares from the public supply at cut rate prices bit by bit over the last few months. Thanks to a rather...generous infusion of cash from Julie, some good timing with a good broker, plus my big bonus for my hard work on the latest foundation line for MadWorld, my package for taking over as CEO...I ah...well, I managed to secure the last bits I needed to take advantage when a major shareholder gave up her piece of the pie. Nick shrugs, convinced he's thrown Sami and Kate off the trail, but Sami's not so convinced. She bites her tongue, instead looking at an equally unconvinced Kate. KATE: That's still millions of dollars in shares, Nick. Nick nods, casually. NICK: Mmhmm. See, when you start investing and you make a couple good deals...it all snowballs. Sami stops herself, looking over at Kate, who looks on cautiously. SAMI: Gabi. Choose wisely. Your future depends on it. Call me when you decide. Sami nods to Kate, then Nick. SAMI: Kate. Nick. As Sami takes off, Nick chuckles to himself, sitting himself down at the table with Gabi. Kate, putting on her purse, preparing to leave, looks to Gabi. KATE: Gabi, Sami's right. You need to choose wisely. Go with the team that has your back. Kate's eyes widen, almost in disbelief of what's coming out of her mouth. Gabi looks down at the papers on the table, as Kate turns to Nick. KATE: Nick, thank you for filling me in. NICK: Oh, are you kidding? It was my pleasure. KATE: I'm sure it was. Have a great evening. Kate turns away, rolling her eyes at Nick as she follows Sami out of the building. Just outside the door, both women breathe a sigh of relief. SAMI: Do you think we got him fooled? KATE: I don't know, but I think we need to find out who's bankrolling this, and fast. Sami's expression morphs into one of worry. --- Marlena paces Valerie's office, deeply troubled by her earlier suggestion. MARLENA: Valerie, I can't just go around asking everyone Roman's related to for DNA samples. I know I'm gonna run into...well, more than just some resistance. VALERIE: It doesn't hurt to ask. This is extremely important, particularly if we're going to attempt to properly treat his symptoms. MARLENA: I know that, Valerie, but...these people have over twenty years invested in this man. My children...to them, this is their father. VALERIE: Then don't ask them right away. Maybe Roman's sister can do it. Marlena sighs, turning her back to Valerie, as she shakes her head. MARLENA: I couldn't do that to Kim. I mean...she has it hard enough right now dealing with Theresa being in a coma, Caroline's health is in decline, Shane is off doing God knows what with the ISA. She's worried about her brother, she's not going to want the rug pulled out from under her again. Valerie gets up from her desk, putting a hand on Marlena's shoulder in comfort. VALERIE: Marlena, your life isn't exactly a cakewalk right now, either. And the more you wait, and the more you agonize over whether or not this man you've thought was Roman all these years is actually the real deal? Marlena turns to face Valerie, tears in her eyes. Valerie puts both hands on Marlena's shoulders, looking worriedly into Marlena's eyes. VALERIE: Honey, I'm afraid of what carrying this burden entirely on your own shoulders could do to you. --- The door of the large, remote Italian villa open to the living area, as a staff member ushers Stefano inside. Once inside, Stefano removes his jacket, casually laying it down on the back of the armchair, as he looks on inside the dimly lit room. A chair is turned to face the large window, facing a picturesque view of the sea. Stefano chuckles in his inimitable fashion, as he claps his hands together a single time, excited to have finally arrived. He calls out to the person in the chair. STEFANO: Ahh! Tell me the good news. Is our patient finally ready? The chair turns, as Dr. Rolf looks Stefano's way, giving him a half-hearted smile. DR. ROLF: Not quite. But, I feel we should be ready any day. STEFANO: Good. We have waited long enough. The time will soon come to put our plan into action. Dr. Rolf nods, as Stefano looks off, determination in his eyes. ---
  20. EPISODE 147 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Gabi sits at a table at Club TBD, looking up uncomfortably as she sits across from Nick. Nick leans back in his seat, smiling as he watches Kate interject on their date. Kate stands over Gabi, having dropped paperwork before Gabi, and glares at Gabi, as Gabi responds meekly. GABI: Ahh...Kate...can we...can we do this another time, I'm kinda...busy. Gabi makes eyes in Nick's direction, as though pointing to Nick with them. Kate never takes her eyes off Gabi, remaining stern. KATE: I'm not available another time, Gabi. This can't wait. Kate turns quickly toward Nick, giving him an equally sharp glare. KATE: Do you mind giving us a minute? Nick, ever the smug one, laughs and leans back, nonplussed. NICK: Have at it. I'm enjoying the show. Kate's eyes narrow at Nick, as she responds to him, her voice deeper than before. KATE: Alone? Nick takes a second, before slowly getting up from his seat, and nodding at Gabi. Gabi nods back, giving her approval for him to leave. NICK: I'll be in the bathroom. One sec. As Nick walks away, Kate looks back at Gabi. Her tone changes, but her expression does not. KATE: Keep in character, we've got him right where we want him. Gabi looks up, trying to contain a smile, as she continues to stare at Kate from her seat. --- Anita sits across from Brady at her small dining table in her cabin. She holds her hands over her mouth, deep in contemplation over Brady's suggestion. ANITA: I don't know whether I could sell those shares, Brady. BRADY: Well, if you don't, you know the chances are very high that you'll lose even more. It's time to reinvest in a company that's going places. Hell, you could use that money toward fixing the house up. Anita shakes her head, uncertain of Brady's idea. ANITA: I don't know about this. BRADY: Anita, Nick Fallon is a liability to that company. He knows absolutely nothing about running a major conglomerate. Brady stops himself a moment, frustrated not only by the situation, but by his part in it, and having to remind himself of it. BRADY: (sigh) If I hadn't been so DAMN stupid, I could've been running it myself. Then you wouldn't be in this mess. Anita reaches out across the table to squeeze Brady's hand. ANITA: You were in a bad spot. You had been through an awful lot, and you were no shape to run a company. Don't blame yourself for that. Brady shakes his head, unconvinced. BRADY: That's not the point. Shouldn't have gone to that place to begin with, regardless of what was happening in my life. And now it's affecting you. I feel...this responsibility to help you. Anita smiles, still holding Brady's hand. ANITA: You owe me nothing. BRADY: I do. I need to protect what's left of your nest egg. Sell the shares, Anita. Before it's too late. Anita looks back at Brady, then down, again deep in thought. --- Anjelica stands at the bar in the corner of the Kiriakis living room, as Maggie steps in from the dining room to the right of the room. MAGGIE: Dinner's ready, everyone. As the others filter into the dining room, Justin lingers momentarily, as Anjelica pours herself a drink. JUSTIN: You've really put a dent in that brandy. Nervous? Anjelica laughs quietly, before turning to look at her ex-lover. ANJELICA: Oh me? (laughs) No no. Just needed to unwind a bit. I'm always a little excitable when I'm doing business dealings. JUSTIN: Yeah, well....don't get too excited. Any interest I have in this deal of yours is severely tempered by the fact it comes with your name attached. Anjelica takes a sip of her drink, smiling and nodding, almost in defiance of what Justin's said. ANJELICA: Well, I can understand your ambivalence. But I hope that with time and consultation, you'll see how sensible this arrangement could be for everyone. JUSTIN: I'm not just ambivalent. And I have some major reservations about how forthright you're being when it comes to you wanting to help us. ANJELICA: Look, you are entitled to feel that way. I wouldn't blame you if I were in your shoes. Justin studies Anjelica and her body language very carefully, as Anjelica lays her drink down on the bar table, and folds her arms in front of her as she continues. ANJELICA: Justin, I made some very big mistakes when Alexander was a baby, and quite frankly, I think that the stress of finding out Harper was a deranged killer, and losing you... Anjelica steps in closer to Justin, who shakes his head, as he steps away from Anjelica. Anjelica looks intensely into Justin's eyes, an earnest pain in them. ANJELICA: I think it caused a psychotic episode, a sort of...PTSD gone horribly awry. JUSTIN: Oh come on, Anjelica! That's an insult to anyone who's gone through PTSD, including Jack. You remember your stepson, Jack? He suffered years locked up in the Middle East, and came back in pieces. Anjelica steps, hanging her head down, feeling sad and shamed. ANJELICA: I know. Jack is--he was in a lot of pain for a long time. Justin is unmoved by Anjelica's moment of sentiment, becoming increasingly angry with Anjelica, as his voice raises. JUSTIN: He had to build his life over from the ground up, with very little help from you, if any. So don't try to pawn off what you did to Adrienne and to me as some kind of mental illness. You knew what you were doing, and you'd do it again in a heartbeat if it meant you'd get what you want. Anjelica stops herself, trying to choke back tears, as she looks down from Justin's intense glare. She nods in agreement with Justin, who is unmoved by her, as Alex walks into the room, seeing only the tail end of their argument. ANJELICA: You're right. Ah...excuse me. I'm going to wash my hands for dinner. Anjelica walks out, trying to dab out the tears before they ruin her mascara. Alex steps into the room, as Justin turns, spotting him. His expression changes, as Alex looks at his father, a displeased look on his face. JUSTIN: Alex-- ALEX: What the Hell was that? What did you say to her? Justin looks stunned, caught off guard by Alex's defense of his mother. --- --- Justin turns to face Alex, who walks in closer to his father. JUSTIN: Alex, I...I'm sorry. ALEX: You know, I know my mom's done a lot of really terrible things, but I don't think throwing that in her face when she may be exactly the lifeline Titan needs is a very good idea. Justin sighs, frustrated by Alex's desire to see the good in his mother. JUSTIN: Alex, you forget how manipulative your mother can be. I know you wanna see the best in her but-- ALEX: Oh I know full well how manipulative she can be. Trust me. I've got the brunt of it for a lotta years now. But don't forget the Hell she went through too. With Harper, with nearly losing me to you and Adrienne when I was a kid... JUSTIN: She gave you up to us, Alex. ALEX: And then she wanted to have me in her life again when she got better. Justin sighs, rolling his eyes at his son's naiveté. JUSTIN: Oh come on, you don't actually believe her song and dance about PTSD, do you? ALEX: No. But I do think she suffered a long, gradual mental breakdown, and I think, despite the...(sigh) downright horrendous results of that...I think we need to give her the benefit of the doubt this time around. Justin looks down, contemplatively, as he soaks up what Alex has to say. --- Valerie works at her desk at University Hospital, diligently typing away on some patient files, when a call is buzzed in. Valerie picks up the phone and answers immediately. VALERIE: (into phone) Dr. Grant.....oh yes, send her in. Thank you. After a moment, Marlena steps into Valerie's office, a smile masking her despair. Valerie can sense something is tense about Marlena, and gets up from her seat, a warm, empathetic smile on her face. VALERIE: Marlena. I'm glad you're here. MARLENA: Yes, well...I wish it were under happier circumstances. VALERIE: Well...I figured something was wrong when you called...it's...about Roman, I'm guessing. Marlena sits down across from Valerie, she looks at the ground, mournful over Roman's condition. MARLENA: He's getting worse every day, Valerie. I have...I don't think I ever expected him to deteriorate as fast as he has. VALERIE: Marlena, these things vary wildly from person to person. You know that. MARLENA: I know. I just...I guess we were getting closer again and...(sigh) I was looking forward to having this time together...maybe to fall in love again...if... Valerie turns her head slightly, waiting for Marlena to finish her sentence, but Marlena doesn't. VALERIE: If... Marlena's eyes snap back upward to meet Valerie's. She looks on with an intense stare, her voice wavering. MARLENA: I Guess...I guess I didn't want to say it, but...if it truly even is Roman. --- Stefano emerges from the yacht, as the sound of the waves crash against the dock. The cool sea air causes the crew, and Stefano, to bundle up, despite the warm Mediterranean night. Stefano is greeted by his waiting car, a grand executive car. The driver hustles from the front seat to open the back door for Stefano. Looking out at the sea, he breathes in the air deeply, exhaling with a dramatic zeal. He gives direction to the driver, in Italian, to head to the DiMera compound. STEFANO: Avanti al composto! Stefano immediately steps into the waiting car, as the driver closes the door for him, then proceeds back into the driver's side door. The car drives off, heading for the remote compound. --- Anita sits on the phone with her broker, ironing out details of the sale. ANITA: (into phone) I'm just glad I got through to you before the exchange closed for the day...perfect. I'm so glad we were able to sell them back so quickly. Thank you, Mark. Anita hangs up the phone, turning back to a smiling Brady. Anita is much less certain she's done the right thing. ANITA: Well...they found a buyer...the shares are sold. I'll receive the payment by the end of the week. Just have to have him pay me a visit with some documents to sign and we're a go. BRADY: I'm proud of you. Anita looks at Brady, nervous. She shakes her head and sighs as she answers him. ANITA: Don't be proud of me just yet. I'm praying I did the right thing just now. --- Kate sits down across from Gabi at Club TBD, Gabi is legitimately panicked, as Kate takes on a tough look, knowing Nick could likely be looking on. GABI: This is making me sick to my stomach. What if he catches on? KATE: He won't. And don't worry about Nick. He may be CEO, but he hardly has enough power to be a real threat, anyway. GABI: What do you mean? KATE: I mean, I checked into it earlier and the Kiriakises still own a controlling interest in the company. It's divided up between Justin, Victor, myself, Tyler, and John, who got Brady's shares when Brady died. That makes up about 47%. The rest of the shares are divided up in small fractions to the public. Gabi begins to ease up a little bit, markedly less tense than she was moments before. GABI: Okay. So he doesn't have the real power unless he has controlling interest. Why 47% though? I mean, I'm no MBA student or anything, but I thought they'd have majority stake in the family business at least. KATE: That's what I found curious, myself. The issue is there's a single shareholder out there who Victor never named, not even when I was married to him. This person had a 4% stake in the company, and all Victor ever would tell me is that it was distant family, and that it "kept the peace". I didn't pry. Gabi looks inquisitively at Kate, trying to sort through the mystery. GABI: But if that person with the 4% stake were to sell, and the public shares were to be gobbled up by a major corporation... KATE: ...then we would have to prepare for the worst. Nick stands by the archway to the bathrooms at Club TBD, phone to his ear. It's Anjelica on the line. ... Anjelica stands in the Kiriakis foyer, the doors to the living room closed. She speaks softly, but excitedly. ANJELICA: (into phone) I just got a call from Mark Foley, our broker. ... Nick looks over at Gabi and Kate momentarily, before turning away, hoping not to be seen. He speaks equally quietly. NICK: (into phone) Okay, what about? ... ANJELICA: It's good news. We just acquired enough shares in Titan to become majority shareholder. Congratulations, Nick. We just got ourselves the silver bullet to lodge into Victor's back. ... Nick beams, as he turns back toward the table, looking on at Kate and Gabi's intense conversation. ---
  21. Dena (surprise surprise)& Chris Whitesell.
  22. EPISODE 146 Written by A. Washington-Beeby Story Consultants: C. Nathaniel Richardson & Nick Monarco Gabi steps into Club TBD, dressed to the nines in a form fitting "little black dress", her hair done up in a neat bun. Nick gets up from his seat at their table, in awe of Gabi's beauty. NICK: Well, I have to say, I don't think I've ever seen anyone so beautiful in all my life. Gabi blushes, looking down away from Nick sheepisly. GABI: Thanks, Nick. It's good to see you. NICK: You as well. Nick jumps into action, stepping over behind Gabi to pull out a chair for her at the table, which Gabi immediately sits down in. GABI: Oh, thank you! Nick leans in close to Gabi from behind, causing Gabi to tense up slightly, as Nick attempts to be seductive with her. NICK: Anything for my beautiful woman. Gabi bites her tongue, wincing slightly as Nick kisses her on the cheek, before sitting down across from her at the table. Gabi looks over at Nick, who can't help but stare. She smiles bashfully, as Nick leans in. NICK: So...how's your day been? GABI: Been good. I ahh...I have some news! NICK: Ooh! Do tell! Sounds like good news. Gabi smiles, nodding slightly. GABI: I think you'll think so. I ah...I signed a modelling contract with MadWorld today. Nick smiles, knowingly. --- In the Kiriakis mansion, Anjelica stands, drink in hand, before the Kiriakis clan. They sit in the living room, each with a mix of curiosity and skepticism as Anjelica speaks to them. ANJELICA: I figured I should come to you all with...something of a peace offering. Adrienne raises an eyebrow, and turns her head slightly to look at Justin, who looks back, just as skeptically. NOELLE: Well, this oughta be good, Anj. Come on. Tell 'em. Anjelica looks at Noelle, giving her a quick icy look, before slowly turning back to the rest of the room, a million-dollar smile on her face. ANJELICA: I heard you've had a bit of a...shakeup at Titan as of late. JUSTIN: I'd call it more of a shakedown, but yes. ANJELICA: Well, not knowing much about the situation, I can't comment on which direction things are shaking, but...I do see this as an opportunity nonetheless. Maggie sits on the sofa, arms folded as she looks at Anjelica, unsure what she's up to. MAGGIE: An opportunity for who? For us? Or for you? ANJELICA: Hopefully, for both of us. You see, I know that Nick Fallon patented a revolutionary alternative fuels strategy that Titan bought many years ago and sat on. And I think the time is right to dust it off, and make it the centerpiece of a new vision for the company. Alex sits back in his chair, eyes darting back and forth as he reads the room, and the situation. Noelle looks squarely at Anjelica, trying to figure out her strategy. Maggie squints slightly, as Justin, Sonny, and Adrienne look at each other, bemused. --- Anita sits on her sofa at her remote cabin, as Brady sits at the computer, reading through the article on the Salem Spectator website. Anita reads through a trashy novel, as Brady, never taking his eyes off the monitor, asks Anita a question. BRADY: Hey, Anita? Anita doesn't look up from her book, still feigning reading, as she adjusts her reading glasses perched on the end of her nose. ANITA: Yeah? BRADY: You know those shares your husband bought in Titan? ANITA: What about 'em? Brady turns from the screen suddenly, looking Anita's way seriously. BRADY: I think you need to sell them. Immediately. Anita looks up from her book, stunned. She pulls her reading glasses off and looks at Brady with a frown. --- --- Billie stands in the University Hospital lounge, her hand pressed to her cheek, as Kim stands before her, simmering with rage. After a tense moment of silence between them, Billie pulls herself together, and looks Kim directly in the eyes. BILLIE: I hope that made you feel better. KIM: You have no idea. Billie sighs, frustrated by Kim's unending hatred for her, but trying to cool the flared tempers. BILLIE: You know, I really hope that when Theresa wakes up, you and her can rebuild your relationship. I truly do. Kim laughs quietly, disregarding Billie's words. KIM: Yeah. I'm sure you do. BILLIE: No, I really mean that, Kim. But I don't want that for your benefit. Your daughter cried to me...so many times that I can't keep count. Just wanting you and her to see eye to eye. She played tough, but...she really loves you, Kim. Kim looks down, her rage cooling off, as she listens to what Billie's saying, and begins to look down, almost through the ground. Kim fixates on the floor, as though lost in her own world. BILLIE: She just needed something you weren't able to give her. She didn't want to burden you with her problems, and so she kept them to herself most of the time. I wish you could see that, and see that turning to me was...the only outlet she had that wasn't self-destructive. Kim looks up, a drained, blank look in her eye. Billie stays trained on Kim's face, as the door to the lounge opens, and Daniel looks on. BILLIE: I hope you can be her outlet one day very soon. Theresa wants that. Daniel steps into the room, uncertain of the energy between Kim and Billie. DANIEL: Ehhhh...you two okay in here? Both Billie and Kim turn to look at Daniel, as Billie nods, looking down. BILLIE: Yeah. Let's go. Daniel looks at a drained Kim, checking to see if she's okay. Kim nods, knowing Daniel's intent without having said a word to her. As Daniel and Billie head out, Kim sits down in the lounge alone. She breathes in deeply, as the door shuts behind them, and she takes in what Billie's said to her, beginning to sob quietly in her seat. --- Anita looks on at Brady, stunned by his suggestion. she lays her book down on the table, as she sits upright from her comfortable position on the sofa. ANITA: Sell my shares? BRADY: You heard me. Anita tries not to crack up at Brady's suggestion, though she still lets a laugh slip as she responds. ANITA: Brady, I have had those shares for over twenty years. The dividends have helped pay the mortgage on this place. Why in the world would I want to sell them now? Brady looks at Anita, deadly serious. his unwavering stare unnerves Anita. BRADY: Because if you don't, with the way things are going at Titan right now? You could lose everything. --- Nick nods approvingly at Gabi at their table at Club TBD, as T pours them both a glass of red wine. Gabi looks on, awkwardly smiling as Nick pays her compliments. NICK: Well, I always knew you had what it takes to be one of the top models in the industry. Gabi smiles half-heartedly, trying to seem bashful, but just feeling uncomfortable. Kate slips into the club in this moment, immediately spotting Nick and Gabi on their date. She studies the situation closely from the doorway, careful not to tip anyone off that she's there before she's ready. Gabi, meanwhile, looks down awkwardly at her wine glass. Nick barely notices Gabi's discomfort, as he continues. NICK: I mean...those eyes alone... Nick leans over and gently lifts Gabi's chin up with his finger, forcing her to look into his eyes. NICK: I'm amazed there isn't a bidding war over you. GABI: Well... No sooner have the words come out of Nick's mouth than Kate storms over, seeming desperate to speak to Gabi. KATE: Gabi, I'm glad I tracked you down. Gabi looks up, seemingly shocked by Kate's arrival. GABI: Kate. Wh...what are you doing here? Kate plunks down a document and a pen on the table in front of Gabi, as Gabi looks down at it, then back up at Kate as Kate explains. KATE: If you sign with MadWorld, you are making the biggest mistake of your life. Nick looks on, pleased as punch at the turn of events, as Gabi looks over at him, then back at Kate. --- Anjelica smiles as she stands before the Kiriakis family in their living room. Justin finally pipes up, uncomfortable with her suggestion. JUSTIN: Ahhh....Anjelica...just speaking as a lawyer here...do you not think that this is just a bit of a conflict of interest? ANJELICA: Justin, there is nothing in the world that is a conflict of interest if you know where the boundaries are. Now, I'm just speaking as someone with a campaign to run, and...I'm sure you'd all love some good publicity and some tax breaks. I mean...we all know the precarious situation Titan's in at the moment. Sonny looks at his mother, who rolls her eyes as Anjelica drones on. MAGGIE: And so, if Titan's in such a financial bind, what makes you think we can even afford to contribute to your campaign? JUSTIN: Assuming we'd be foolish enough to ever actually want to do that. ANJELICA: I'm so glad you asked. Anjelica steps back to the armchair nearest to the doorway of the Kiriakis living room. She sets down her drink, and sits down, legs crossed. She looks prim, proper, and all fake smiles as she explains herself. ANJELICA: You see, I know you've been having some great difficulty with a certain piece of property that you require for your latest energy project, and, provided I win the state legislature...I have the tools at my disposal to, shall we say, grease the wheels a bit? Maggie and Adrienne look at each other, as Justin looks on at Anjelica, contemplative of her proposition. Sonny and Alex look over at their father, as Noelle studies Anjelica, trying not to crack a smile at her co-conspirator. ---
  23. That, honestly, is the only rationale that makes any sense to me. I cannot for the life of me remember what they claimed WAS the cause?
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