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  1. On 2/5/2019 at 11:41 AM, weeb18 said:

    I've found that clip before and yes, sadly, those are Marines not Air Force so that wouldn't be him. Thanks for the help though! My mother keeps saying it was on the steps of the Capital building because she went to see it being filmed and she remembers that; but I'm not so sure since everything I've looked up says nothing was filmed there. 


    Tyler McCandless is Air Force, he's introduced in the primetime premiere flying into Andrews where he's met with a hero's welcome. That got me thinking about his reception at the Capitol which would have aired in daytime the following week. I'd only seen clips, but lo and behold, the full episode (dubbed in Italian) was recently uploaded.


    The sequence on the Capitol steps with your dad begins at 45:17 💛




    Here's a picture:


  2. 2 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    I know this story was mostly trash but the lengthy scene near the end of this where Mona [!@#$%^&*] talks a dying Richard Fields at length (with the pretext given that she didn't realize he wasn't faking - in McTavish's later stints they wouldn't have even bothered with the pretext) is classic. You can see where Erica is her daughter. It must have been difficult and strange for Frances Heflin to play such ugly, melodramatic material in her final months of life, but at least viewers got one last showcase of her talent. 




    Yes, I remember this well. They showed a portion of it on the AMC 25th anniversary episode of Oprah when they paid tribute to Mrs. Heflin.


    Listening to Anton here, he sounds like a young Victor Newman.

  3. I met her after I performed at Awesome Con in D.C. a couple of years ago. Ms. Adams, William Shatner, George Takei and others were doing signings. She was the only person I was interested in meeting. Of course she was there for Lagoon (which had a screening that evening at the AFI in Silver Spring where she was the honored guest). But I knew her best from Capitol and we had a lovely chat about the show and Paula ("She lovvved men"). She was so warm and kind, asking me about myself. I'm very glad that I had the chance to meet her.

  4. It's always a red-letter day when Victoria Wyndham, Susan Lucci, and Joan Collins appear back-to-back in my IG feed. VW even laughed at my lame iris joke re: her garden. She seems to be enjoying a well-earned retirement from television on her beautiful property with her animals. I love her artwork, and I'd gladly make my way up to NY/CT should she ever do a play.

  5. I am so very sorry to hear this. Carmen Duncan was one of those soap actresses I hoped we'd see again, whether she popped up on another soap, daytime or primetime, or even on a Law & Order. I'm so glad that we got that glimpse of her as Lisa on ATWT, but I sure was hoping to see her again. May she rest in peace. 

  6. On 1/31/2019 at 12:27 PM, weeb18 said:

    So this may be  a major long shot.....but my Father (who passed away over two years ago now) made a quick appearance on Capital while he was in the United States Air Force Honor Guard. I'm looking for the clip of him, but as someone who never watched the show I don't have much to go on for it. The information I do have is this:  he was on the capital steps with other members of the Honor Guard for a scene where a limo pulled up and one of the characters that played a senator (?) was getting out of the limo. It's the only clip that would have the Air Force Honor Guard in it, apparently they were used because the senator's character was Air Force. 


    Any help would be appreciated! Even if it's just you remember what season, episode that might be. Thanks! 


    I'm pretty sure this was Sloane and Trey's wedding, I've attached a clip from my YouTube page. The limo and military men starting 23 seconds in.


    The steps are that of the Jefferson Memorial, rather than the Capitol. Capitol was taped in Los Angeles and it was quite a damper on production as it rained and rained while they were on location in D.C.


    The groom, Trey, was a congressman, while the bride, Sloane, was the daughter of Sen. Mark Denning.


    I met Marj Dusay (who played Trey's stepmother, Myrna) years ago and she talked about how they filmed the wedding scenes once inside the memorial in studio in L.A. You can see the noticeable change while watching the clip below.


    God bless your father, I hope you can spot him!



    By the way I know nothing about the military but I assumed those were Marines in their dress blues I could be wrong please enlighten me lol

    That sequence starting at 3:08 gives me chills, so stunning with the Washington Monument poised in the background. 

  7. 15 minutes ago, Vee said:

    I liked Shannon Kane, but I thought making Jesse a bigamist for twenty years (with a white woman, no less) while failing to reach out to his widow and son was unconscionable on so many levels. It stained the character for me from then on. Unwatchable.


    I was reminded of this just last night while reading the Post article about B. Smith's husband and his girlfriend. I won't derail the thread, but an interesting story, to say the least:



  8. I wish I could find it on YouTube, but there was a scene on oltl where Jean Randolph, after weeks of running the show, needed a rest and Viki re-emerged. Viki was utterly lost and frightened, she had no recall as she sat in the library at Llanfair wearing clothes she did not recognize and speaking to her children who made references to events of which she clearly had no memory. Erika Slezak played this scene with such subtle terror and cluelessness, tears welled up in my eyes. She was so scared and I so felt for her.

  9. Yeah, I wasn't sure how I felt about the Xander / Leo stuff. For all of the cuddly cableknit gays of our lives, a Leo comes along and the ignorant will run with this depiction of a slimey sex-crazed homo. Then there's the whole trade/gay for pay phenomenon which is very real, and there are plenty of narcissists like Xander who comprise that demo, and yet... I don't know if this show is daring enough to "jeopardize" even a peripheral character like Xander by letting him sleep with a man. If they ever want to up this guy's role and make him a hetero lead, he will always be dogged by that big slice of the fandom who will disparage him for being "GAY! 😲 " because they can't wrap their minds around the intricacies of sexuality.

    It's like they'd have to make him repent for any gay past.

  10. 6 hours ago, chrisml said:

    Was Iris's story changed to explain Duncan's accent or did Iris already know she was adopted? Sorry if this is a basic question, but I'm new and couldn't find the info.


    Even though Carmen's Australian, it was said that Iris had been living in England. Not unlike Stephanie Beacham and Kate O'Mara, I think Carmen benefited from the shine Joan Collins' Alexis created. AW seemed to borrow a few things from Alexis in crafting Carmen's Iris, who'd previously been a woman of leisure, not a corporate shark. Even her penthouse was practically the exact same layout as Alexis'. Carmen had played an Alexis/Racine (Paper Dolls) type in the Australian Skin Deep, a telefilm/pilot for an Aussie primetime soap that didn't take off.




  11. 6 hours ago, j swift said:


    I remember a large entry hall with the stairs to the upstairs rooms before the living room that often interfered with the actual view of the door.  However, for years the opening included images of the Cory's greeting guests as Amanda's debutante ball showed the outside of the front door.  An obviously, as one visual sign of the decline, the front door was visible during the final montage of the Cory living room.


    Yes, we saw the foyer, front door, and staircase with the updated '80s set. Looking at the '70s set, the drawing room is larger and we sometimes see the dining room. When Iris comes over,  for example, we hear Louise let her in but never see her at the door. I quite like it actually, hearing voices from the next room.

  12. On 11/16/2016 at 8:08 PM, DRW50 said:



    The actor playing Jason, wasn't he Iris' stepson, Ted?

    2 hours ago, Centerre said:

    I just found this thread and have been reading it and enjoying every minute. I watched Lovers and Friends / For Richer For Poorer at the beginning, I was in my early teens. I always remembered the "Connie" character and really enjoyed reading the old recaps, I remember Connie's fake suicide that almost worked and her waking up in "heaven" (?) wearing a white dress with everything around her in white and then hearing Bill's voice calling to her which made her decide to return to life. I don't recall ever seeing that actress in anything after the show, I thought she was good. It's funny how some things stick in your mind and other things don't. I remember all these details from a soap in the seventies but couldn't tell you what I had for dinner last night. Sorry I was late to this party but I sure enjoyed reading all this. 


    Welcome! Better late than never. 😉 Please continue to share your memories, those of us who weren't around for the golden age of soaps are truly appreciative.

  13. On 1/6/2019 at 8:14 PM, Paul Raven said:

    The Cory set was impressive, although there needed to be an front entrance.


    Years ago on the WoST website, a fan of '70s AW said that there was an IATSE issue related to door building. I can't speak to the veracity of this as I'm not on that side of the business. But apparently there was some sort of union snag that necessitated some sets never showing a front door, characters being heard or announced offstage before entering.

  14. Dorian may not have been the eldest, but she certainly was the strongest, and most capable to helm the Cramer clan. Her two sisters suffered with mental illness and were institutionalized for decades. And while Todd got that $20+ million inheritance, Todd's money was not necessarily Blair's money. She did use her newfound wealth to launch Melador and the later company, but I wouldn't venture that her account balance rivaled her aunt's. Dorian had been left her own hefty share of Victor's money and assets. 


    Dorian had that memorable line to Blair about there being two kinds of Cramer women: the fighters and the feelers. Addie, Melinda, and Cassie were the feelers who depended on the fighters, Blair, Kelly, and especially Dorian.

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