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  1. 9 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    Geez seeing that opening again gets me emotional - it's just perfect, the shots they used, the balance in tone, how they show all aspects of soap, the ending shot...


    It really is perfect and I love that shot of Harley groovin'. Tangie sipping her champers is lovely enough, Reva, meh... no one shone in that final spot like Harley.


    An article written about this opening makes mention of the fact that the original intent was to focus on the main players with many more generic shots (pearls, flowers, et cetera). I remember when it became so bloated with cast members that there was a. day and b. day, the cast split 50/50. Like with every other soap opening, with the new additions came dips in quality. There were clips that were too short and were awkwardly paused and rewound (like Rock Hudson in Dynasty's opening titles).


    Another article mentioned that if you look closely you'll see that the opening mimics how a real lighthouse works. I didn't understand what they were getting at until I recently watched a documentary on Maryland lighthouses and saw the Fresnel lenses:

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  2. 10 hours ago, kalbir said:

    I remember her 1996 return there was a rewrite that she left because John's secretary made Dina believe John was cheating on Dina with the secretary.


    Yes, Audrey North played by Constance Towers pre-GH.  I remember her sobby confession and John telling her to get out of his sight. Not sure that she did more than that one episode.

  3. Messing with my mind how they have both Diane and Vanessa in red, and how SLG and AS both played Donna on AW.

    I was kind of skipping around the episode so I thought there was an internal dual temp recast going on.

    I don't remember the circumstances of MK's absence, but an op-ed in SOD suggested that GL was foolish not to jump on the chance to rehire AS as Vanessa. My memory is a little foggy, but I'm assuming this was after AW was cancelled.

  4. 6 hours ago, NothinButAttitude said:


    I thought so. 


    I wonder if her stint as Vanessa is what led to P&G wanting to keep Anna under their umbrella and later cast her for Donna. 


    Anna Stuart excels at the stiff, upper crest socialite. 


    Anna read for Felicia and AW ended up creating Donna for her so she was certainly on P&G's radar.

  5. On 6/22/2020 at 4:10 PM, BetterForgotten said:

    I don’t often say this about anyone, but Beverlee’s hairstyles definitely got more flattering in the 80’s...


    I have some episodes from this era, and I assumed she was wearing a wig as they were particularly popular in the seventies. But as a poster at WoST convinced me years ago, this was her natural hair (adding that Beverlee was a Leo, of course she had great hair). What I want to know is how bloody long did she have to sit in the chair having her hair set like that!? The styles certainly got simpler on GL. Jay Hammer said Beverlee had two alarm clocks: one on the bureau, one in the bathroom. She'd wrap her hair in an Hermès scarf and head to the studio.

  6. 14 hours ago, danfling said:

    The second Taylor, though, was an EXCELLENT performer.    She just was not much like the original. 


    Oof, I could not STAND second Taylor.


    I haven't uploaded to YouTube in forever, but I'm reminded that I have an episode where Taylor and Noah have a pretty hot love scene.


    Ingrid was in Carlito's Way which was covered in SOD. I always assumed she left AMC to pursue her film career. She was really good at playing a nasty princess (in a way that didn't make my teeth itch like her replacement). When Taylor figured out that Lucas was Terrence's father, it drove me nuts the way she kept gleefully reminding Terrence that he was, "Lucas Barnes' *bastard* son!"

  7. That article had me crying blood.

    They should have just kept the inflatable doll stuff to themselves and merely said that they're taking every precaution. Then at a later date drop the "nifty trivia"... "Hey B&Bliebers, wanna know what made those steamy love scenes so authentic during a pandemic??" Will we be paying any attention to what these characters are saying or be entirely preoccupied trying to catch the magician's tricks?


    I have no idea where B&B left off, but do you loyal viewers think a 3-minute recap will do? Is it necessary to re-air a week of episodes? Would the show benefit from fast-forwarding a little?

  8. I follow Victoria Wyndham on Instagram, I really enjoy her posts and I'm so happy that she's living her best life in Connecticut with her horses and dogs and birds on a lovely piece of property. Her artwork speaks to me, we share the same tastes.

  9. 2 hours ago, DRW50 said:

    It's one of those stories I can appreciate for the construction, but longterm did so much damage...I'm glad Erika won two Emmys for her work though, even if I wish one had been a tie with Leslie Charleson. 


    I was totally rooting for Leslie that year and figured Erika had it in the bag for the following year. Of course she was wonderful, but I thought Erika won a year too soon.

  10. 17 hours ago, Darn said:

    How long was Dorian in the secret room? How did she get out? Did everyone find out Viki kept her captive?


    Dorian was down there for a month. Jean made Dorian phone Cassie to tell her that she was in Spain and had no intentions of coming back to Llanview.  When Jean learned that Cassie had the call traced to a local cell phone, Jean knew her plan was unravelling and she agreed to release Dorian (on several conditions) once the house was clear. 


    Todd confronted "Viki" about their pervy father and Jean lost control and Niki emerged. She took off for Atlantic City and left Dorian starving in the secret room for days.


    Dorian busted through the wall and discovered an underground tunnel. I was certain this tunnel was going to lead to Eterna, but no, they didn't go there. Jean reemerged and rushed back to Llanfair just in time to catch Dorian before escaping, and released her as promised.


    It all eventually came out but at first Dorian had to honor Jean's conditions to keep Viki's abuse and other personalities a secret, and to dump Joey and marry David. In return, Jean would ensure that "Viki" wouldn't further pursue murder charges against Dorian since it turned out that Irene's diary confession that got Dorian off death row was a forgery.

  11. 32 minutes ago, DRW50 said:


    I remember that but I was thinking more of everything before then, especially when she and Viki were at loggerheads through all of 1993 and 1994. I guess it would be something to ask Malone about...


    It's all a matter of retro-logic really as Robin Strasser pitched the idea of introducing the sexual abuse factor into Viki's history of DID. She's admitted that she sort of shot herself in the foot by doing so as it led to the revelation that Viki killed her father when Robin used Dorian's responsibility for Victor' s death as major character motivation.

    6 minutes ago, DRW50 said:


    Oh I didn't even recognize her. I wish we could see that clip...


    Me too. As well as the scene I believe @Paul Raven talks about where Karen whoops Dorian's ass.

  12. Has VR guest-starred on any of the OWN series? Rather than be wasted on Y&R, she should be a series regular on one of those shows, she's certainly as capable as/more soapily equipped than Robin Givens. VR could play a Dru-type, in the vein of so many soap stars afforded the same opportunity in daytime (soap hopping playing essentially the same character with a new name and set of circumstances). If we still had at least 10 soaps on the air, maybe VR would have had this chance by now (assuming someone in daytime with a spine stood up for the "uncastable").

    15 minutes ago, Khan said:

    Augustus, Moses....  MAB stayed giving her African-American creations the slaviest of slave names.


    And then there was "sassy" full-figured Sofia, and I wish somebody would look me dead in my face and tell me that had nothing to do with Oprah in The Color Purple.

  13. 4 hours ago, slick jones said:

    @SFK   That's Beatrice  "Bea" Winde



    THE DOCTORS     Lillian __ Foster     1980-81

    ALL MY CHILDREN     Mrs. Allison     Unknown Year 

    LOVING                     Town Clerk       Unknown Year

    GUIDING LIGHT       Ruth __   Price     1990

    LOVING   Beatrice     1993


    Thank you! Yes, upon her resumé, I now recognize her.

    I mistakenly remembered Louie having Dementia rather than cancer. At any rate, even then I appreciated his presence on the show for filling out that age group and giving Kate something to do. They'd do a little more with that with another soap alum of a certain age, Stu from SFT as Gwyn's dad.

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