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  1. This Double Dates episode of Small Wonder is blowing. my. MIND.

    1. sivad40


      I watched the same episode too.

  2. In from the cold, head on the pillow, watching Judge Judy, and the likelihood of me going back out tonight steadily drop percent by percent.  Any good marathons on TV tonight?

    1. DaytimeFan


      Just plug into Kathy and Anderson on CNN for the next 4 hours. It'll be heaven. 

  3. That life affirming moment when you discover that your new love interest's birthday is January 5th. #mustbetheone

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      Yaaaassss! January 5th will always be a special day.

  4. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's so great to watch these old Facts of Life episodes where soap Divas like Claire Malis and Marj Dusay play the mothers of main characters. Since the days of Friends (at least), they surely would have stunt cast, never giving these talented ladies a chance to shine.

    1. DRW50


      I agree. And the stunt casting dates so so badly. 

  5. Does anyone have information on the P&G visitor center in Cincinnati where you can peruse soap bibles and such?  Someone posted about their visit years ago, he mentioned reading the Somerset bible.  I'm interested in going but my Google searches have been in vain.

  6. Dude on Maury told his girl to take a laxative as a morning after pill. I quit.

  7. Instead of signing, Sia's mime should have held up cue cards for those of us who can hear and still can't understand her.

  8. RIP Yvonne Craig.  Lots of great after school/summer vacation memories... you always knew you were in for a treat when Batgirl's Batcycle roared up at the end of the opening titles.

  9. I love how Encore Black airs its classic sitcoms DVD style, no commercials, no edits, complete with tag scenes.  It's a little jarring though when the next thing they air is something like Jungle Fever and people are humping and cussing up a storm.

  10. Man, it sure did my heart good to see my Shaka SuLu on Long Island Medium. I miss her, I miss Erica, but checking in with Miss Lucci, still living her charmed Garden City life is all that I need, really.

  11. Mmm, oh Whitney...


  12. Home today and caught some of The View and The Talk.  Both shows trashed Ivana Trump for her recent comments.  Neither show mentioned the fact that Kelly Osbourne said the exact same thing.  Go figure.

  13. Six rounds of Guiding Light's "Hold on to Love"=5 minutes is perhaps my greatest, oft-used life hack over the past twenty years.  Great tool in the kitchen. #steaks

  14. Marj Dusay and Claire Malis as Blair and Jo's mothers, respectively.  Thank God for the days when networks didn't feel the need to put A-listers in such roles.

  15. An oral history of The Wire is in the works for those of you who are fans.  I've got to get my hands on the one for OLTL, long overdue.

  16. A little bummed that I didn't know IMDb's boards were closing down sooner, would've liked to connect with a few people.  Is there any sort of general consensus about where folks have decided to post?

  17. Susan Lucci's auction for CP... would someone please buy me her sheared beaver trimmed with mink tails coat and let me get All My Llife to Llive??  I gag.

  18. One of my costumes in my next play is a prison jumpsuit and y'all already know that collar is gonna be popped a la Urrrrica Kane...

  19. Shameless plug, but if you're in the DMV, you must see Tarell Alvin McCraney's Wig Out! at Studio Theatre.  Message me if you need a comp!




  20. I have never, EVER, watched a full episode of SFT, and yet I cry each and every time YouTube draws me to that final scene. The power of the soap at its best, I suppose.

  21.  Nathan Fillion, the 50 year-old "Rookie". I guess it's never too late, there's hope for us all.

  22. Watching Capitol from the beginning, it's really heartbreaking once I've reached the Marla Adams episodes. It's so refreshing once Carolyn Jones comes back, and yet, still heartbreaking knowing how things will ultimately turn out.

  23. It's funny how once upon a time my ex's birthday being on AMC's anniversary was such a sweet thing and how now it's so not.

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