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  1. On 1/24/2021 at 11:57 PM, j swift said:

    Wasn't Dorian's line about her portrait prophetic?  It became such a signature part of the set design that it was interesting to note its origin and the fact that Victor "made" her get it painted.  That portrait traveled more than Karen and Larry on their honeymoon. 


    Somewhere in this thread, @DRW50 posted a picture of Nancy Pinkerton standing next to Dorian’s portrait that replaced Eugenia‘s over the mantle. Someone posted that a new portrait in Claire Malis’ likeness did appear on the show. I’m not sure why it was taken down as it’s noticeably absent in the episode posted. Strasser’s infamous Dorian portrait was actually intended to be a newly commissioned one, it was a gift from Cassie.


    At 8:13, a little more Malis (with Jane Badler as Melinda) for those who may have missed it:



  2. On 1/5/2021 at 6:09 PM, Faulkner said:

    Meghan is only on her second day back from maternity leave and she’s already working everyone’s last nerve.


    Joy came out and told Meghan, with a straight face, “I did not miss you. I did not.”



    What a [!@#$%^&*] brat. Sara asked a great question and gave Megan a wonderful opportunity to provide an insightful answer. This makes her look like someone incapable of a spontaneous reaction, like she was miffed that she didn’t have time to prepare her response.

  3. That Zoey is a real piece of work. When she just walked right into the unlocked front door of the Forrester mansion without so much as a knock... this bold ass heifer. I don’t like how this makes Carter look like a dolt. And here you have Donna salivating over him, well B&B stop telling us how great of a catch he is and give him a romance of substance.


    Did anyone catch how Steffy cut the obgyn off before she could say the word period/cycle/monthly or what have you? It felt like a very pointed writing choice and seemed so odd for a daytime serial aimed at women where ads for feminine products are famously advertised.


    Lol at the closed captioning. Bill quipped that Liam is “the man dressed like a grape” and the captioning read “the manager who is like a grape”. Kudos to B&B’s writing team if this is what they’re going for, but the scenes with Bill and Katie and basically any scene with Liam really drive home the old adage, “Men ain’t sh!t.” Just completely selfish, manipulative, petty, jealous men who bandage their bruised egos with another vagina.

  4. 2 hours ago, j swift said:

    Given that Dorian and Karen are friendly enough to share a decorator, are we to assume that she wasn't invited to the wedding because of her history with the Wolecks, the Craigs, or Viki (or all of the above)?

    I guess all of the above, but I think more specifically, it’s Dorian and Larry’s contentious history at the hospital.

  5. @DRW50I think you can back me up on this from articles you’ve posted, but the show lost Nancy Pinkerton because they refused to meet her salary request when renewing her contract. She walked on her own accord. Other accounts of history note the show’s “necessity” to recast in order to retain the character of Dorian as no viewer could forgive and forget her egregious acts while looking at Pinkerton’s punim day after day.


    I’ve listened to some of her audio recorded episodes, but this is only the second video of Pinkerton as Dorian that I have seen, and I find her transfixing... her voice and speech, those deep brown eyes, and that palpable subtext. There’s a potently dangerous undercurrent to her most benign gestures. She’s presenting kindness, even sweetness, but she’s not to be trusted.


    I wish Pinkerton and Malis could have been interviewed for the oral history. Malis reminds me of Meg Foster with those eyes. She looks sleek and chic for the most part. For a moment there it seemed like they were going out of their way to make her sympathetic but then she had that Angie Dickinson dressed to kill moment with the accountant and that made me wonder just who was Dorian at this time. I would kill to see more episodes of this era.

  6. On 1/24/2021 at 7:07 PM, DRW50 said:

    I hope they paid that guy (was that Clay's old chauffeur?) extra money to have to give conviction to that "Phoebe Wallingford AND Claudia Cohen..." line. Unless he was glued to Regis & Kathie Lee every morning I doubt he would have known who she even was.

    This was a clever way to show just how powerful and influential the Alden name was, and I especially like the dueling phone call with Claudia and Phoebe (Ruth Warrick must have gotten a kick out of this since by this point Phoebe wasn't used as much on AMC in this capacity), but it really is bizarre they had her not interact with Jeremy at all. I don't think they were close on AMC, but still, why not use the connection that's there?


    Good Lord, I haven't thought of Claudia Cohen in decades, and you're absolutely right, I exclusively knew her from Regis and Kathie Lee.


    Nice subtle touch of tape on Arthur's glasses.


    Look at Phoebe on her Trevor Dillon flip phone. Interesting seeing her interact with Isabelle in the form of Pat Barry who played her sister-in-law, Peg English.

  7. 1 hour ago, slick jones said:

    From the AWHP.......

    Lanna Saunders was a temporary replacement as Lee Randolph  on AW in 1967.  

    Here's a picture from the table read with Sam Groom, Robin Strasser and Beverly Penberthy....



    Please register in order to view this content



    Wow, I wonder when was the last time soap actors were afforded the luxury of a table read.

  8. On 1/2/2021 at 9:18 PM, DRW50 said:

    GL March 1988: Alex and Alan as Kids - YouTube


    I'm glad they had this while Chris Bernau was still playing Alan. The moment where Alan asks Alex if she has forgotten their bond as children, and she says she chooses not to remember, is very poignant. Bernau's narration over the flashbacks was not needed and makes me wonder why they even had them in the first place. I didn't realize Vera was already around by this point. I guess the flashback of her was the closest GL would get to having a black character at this point.


    Thanks for sharing this, and I agree with you about the narration.


    I like their kitschy retro kitchen. What surprises me is seeing Alex portrayed as the younger sibling. Was that long established? It certainly never felt that way to me, nor was it based on the various actors' ages.

  9. Are there any episodes from 1963 available? I recently discovered that yet another former teacher of mine appeared on the show and it would be a hoot for me to see her. Her name is Joan Potter and she played Linda Ward Carter in a week-long arc.

  10. On 12/5/2020 at 12:25 PM, Jonathan said:


    I always liked it when The Oprah Winfrey show delved into topics that they would jokingly reference either All My Children or Erica Kane.  This episode was about Thomas Jefferson and his black and white relatives.  Cued at time code.




    One time Oprah quipped, "Y'all think y'all Erica Kane with all these men..."


    I did a play called Jefferson's Garden which dealt with this subject. Sordid stuff. Sally was a CHILD, early teens while Jefferson was in his forties.

  11. 1 hour ago, gimmetoo said:


    Would like to hear more about Jon Hensley's stint on OLTL.  Anyone ?


    I hadn't realized that he was on the show until I saw the 20/20 special on Rebecca Schaeffer. Hensley was in the clip they showed of her time on OLTL.

  12. 12 hours ago, Khan said:

    IMO, Vicky's story suffered from not having her mother (Alan and Alex's half-sister) there to act as a buffer of sorts between Vicky and the rest of the Spauldings.  If nothing else, we needed scenes of conflict between Victoria, who respects her half-siblings and does her best to keep peace between Brandon's two families, and Vicky, who resents her side of the family's status as Brandon's dirty little secret and fights for equality and legitimacy within the Spaulding empire.


    ITA. I was very excited when I read a SOD interview with Rauch where he talked about reintroducing the black Spauldings, plural. I thought it was a bad move to kill off the senior Victoria and send Vicky to Springfield on her own. The deep-rooted resentment had more than enough justification as is, it didn't need the "help" of her mother's death as motivation. I would've given Vicky a brother as well, hell, Terrell Tilford could've played him. He would've made for a better Spaulding than a David recast. I also resent that the show killed an opportunity to cast a marvelous biracial/black actress of a certain age to play Victoria, created by Kim Hamilton. (When Joan Collins started playing Alex, I had pipe dreams of Diahann Carroll or Shirley Bassey joining her as alive after all Victoria.)

  13. Some literal LOL today at the sheer ridiculousness and skewed moral center. When Eli attempted to arrest John, I shouted, "Are you kidding me!?" When Marlena went to the chapel and softly prayed that Jan was okay, I blurted, "FVCK JAN!" A woman says she killed your daughter, and suddenly we're apologizing for choking the bitch out?? I'd expect nothing less. "I don't know what came over me..." Uh, the FATHER came over you.


    Philip looks rode hard and put away wet. This is the same character who's an amputee right, back when the dude from The Real World played him?

  14. 23 hours ago, John said:

    lol. Maybe Pete Cortlandt LOL


    Of course the timeline is off, but my gut reaction was Daniel Kennedy's Petey.


    I thought Nelsen *was* gay and when I saw your post I sort of RME at what I perceived to be an art imitates life copout.


    [Charlotte Rae]Guess I was WRO-onng...[/Charlotte Rae]

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