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  1. I love that Ernie Anderson is doing the v.o., this obviously aired in primetime. I used to love to hear him say "Dynasty" and "The Colbys", his voice just takes me back.
  2. Okay, I just had to come back and say that I am in stitches over those clips. Those musical numbers are a trip, it's like that one time Natalie sang to baby Tommy on OLTL x 4 in ONE episode, like watching a Broadway musical. Especially the older black lady's number, with the other characters it could kinda pass off as just singing, but she basically breaks out in a sung monologue standing up in the kitchen no less while that boy with the parted blow-dried '80s hair just stares up at her for what feels like five minutes. Good times, good times...
  3. L!O!L! That Michele is a warbler, I heard her sing live once. Regardless of one's beliefs, I'm just impressed by the fact that Pat Robertson and whoever threw together a soap down in VA that looked just as good as (in some cases, better than) what was going on up in NY or over in CA. I feel like anybody could do it if they really tried, we were talking about this months ago, the idea of soaps relocating to less expensive cities, but now I'm totally threadjacking. At any rate, this is interesting material, I'm glad somebody out there pressed "Record"!
  4. Years before Generations, O.J. Simpson (let me finish) had worked on a treatment for a new predominantly black soap opera, also called Heart and Soul. And years before that, the late Josephine Premice had worked on a similar idea, undoubtedly hoping to employ many of her talented colleagues who were part of the black New York theatre scene.
  5. I swear, that's the ONLY reason I wanna see her do another soap! No, but seriously, there was some GREAT stuff going on at OLTL when she was there, and sure, maybe she was smelling herself a bit too much, but I get annoyed when I read all of this actor dissension about her time with the show. That era ushered in the biggest and best Dorian/Viki material ever, and imho, Dorian hasn't been written (or acted ) as well since.
  6. Yes, we talked about 13 Bourbon St. a few months back, I too would have loved to see this one come about. I think Gottlieb/Malone at their best is a dream team, and matched with this late night 30 minute concept, now that's a soap boner right there. That guy from ATWT (Michael Park? I don't watch that show so I'm forgetting his name, someone help me here) was in it and when it didn't get picked up that's how he ended up on ATWT iirc. I want to say that Mary Clay Boland cast 13 and was also casting ATWT as she does to this day. Re: SFT/new Bill Bell soap/Capitol, I wonder if that's the source of the Bell/Conboy contention. Though I remember someone saying on here that it started much earlier. I'd assumed that the bad blood came from Conboy leaving Y&R to do Capitol, but maybe it had more to do with the fact that Conboy nabbed what was originally intended to be an opportunity for Bell? Maybe it was an "integrity" issue for Bell, who knows, maybe he'd imagined that he and Conboy would be at the helm of both Y&R and the new show kind of like Rauch and Lemay with AW and L&F/FRFP, but Conboy went and struck out on his own. Can we get Conboy on one of those Buzzworthy shows? I'd settle for Nelson if he asked the right questions and didn't mollycoddle like he did with Rauch.
  7. You know, a gritty NY-based Claire Labine soap would always win out in my book. Of course we'll never know for sure, but I think Lois, Ned, and most likely Tracy headlining H&S would have been so much more enjoyable than PORT CHARLES. Do you think RYAN'S HOPE's ratings history is what scared them off about another Labine 30 minute sudser?
  8. Yes indeed. And apparently John Conboy has had this one cooking for YEARS. I mentioned this a few months ago, but on CAPITOL he had a lot of the action taking place in an Atlantic City casino for a while. Plus he cast showgirl Lola Falana as Charity Blake, and Liberace was a friend of his. So he definitely has an affection for the glitz and glam of Vegas. soapfan770, that was Claire Labine's HEART AND SOUL that I mentioned above. At the time, I really hoped it would be H&S, not hospital-centered PORT CHARLES that would win the spinoff race. H&S was set in Brooklyn, and Ned would have had to put up with Lois's family after years of it being the other way around.
  9. A lot of these I remember from Waggett's "Soap Opera Book of Lists"... HEART AND SOUL Claire Labine's proposed replacement for THE CITY, beat out by PORT CHARLES CELEBRATION Earlier from Labine (bellcurve just mentioned this in the Paul Rauch interview thread), her proposed replacement for CAPITOL GROSSE POINTE Paul Rauch's idea for a CAPITOL replacement CASINO A John Conboy glamour soap set in Las Vegas COMING OF AGE A Melrose Place/The City/"family of friends"-like serial for NBC from the Bells APARTMENT 3-G Actually, the creators of this one don't even know that it's been turned down yet as it's still "Later that same day..."
  10. SFK


    An article from Texas Monthly (page 138): http://books.google.com/books?id=yioEAAAAMBAJ&printsec=frontcover#v=onepage&q=&f=false
  11. True, I had braces too and they never looked nearly that bad... well, I never *allowed* them to get that bad, but ugh, disgusting. I wish there was some way I could block that ad.
  12. That Invisalign ad with the girl who's got pizza stuck in her braces seriously makes me want to throw up. I wish it would just go away.
  13. Yeah, the Marland credit thing is weird, I assume it was an ABC/P&G issue. Agnes Nixon is huge enough of a name in the business, perhaps P&G didn't want "their" Marland of the brilliant ATWT era luring any viewers over to ABC at 12:30 with his name? Who knows, but I'm willing to bet that money was exchanged some way some how to get his name off those credits. Yes indeed, Egypt was very Opal, just as Ava and Kate were Erica and Mona etc. Poor Loving, SUCH potential, I'm reminded of stories of Lemay's For Richer, For Poorer, or even The Colbys... I wish Nixon could have been even more hands on. I agree that it was strange to start a soap with a movie pilot starring two big names that wouldn't go on to appear in the show. Had Geraldine Page been a regular on Loving, I'd be busy hunting down eps this very second. She was a brilliant actress, she would have done so much for soaps and soap acting.
  14. Oh my Lord! I am SO sorry to hear that! Such memories of watching her as a little kid in the '80s. Bless her family, may she rest in peace... always hoped to see her again on the screen.
  15. "Pod" isn't the right term. I suppose Joanne Dorian's Viki or Margie Impert's Rachel were "pods", lookalikes hired in hopes of cloning the original's magic, the whole thing's a bust when TIIC realize they're dealing with unique human beings. I only meant to draw the Elaine/Elizabeth comparison in terms of good, capable, perfectly acceptable actresses playing the show's "diva" character and being replaced by their own predecessors. Maybe it's the memories of a then young mind, but Gwyn #2 always seemed taller, maybe it was the long hair. Tudor was indeed svelte, but Savage seemed longer-limbed to me. Who knows, maybe it's just my imagination. But there was something very feline, slinky about her, whereas CT was sexual, but on the brittle side, like Ann... I won't go so far as to say we're talking Mary Fickett/Lee Meriwether here, but it can take a little getting used to when a character changes not just physically, but their whole vibe as a human seems to change what you believe motivates them, screws with what you believe they would or would not do. We need some eps on YouTube! I have the desire to compare all these yeas later.
  16. It happened on OLTL, but Bo went to NY to team up with Alex. It was kinda funny b/c when Bo got to NY, the OLTL camera guys did all of these herky jerky establishing shots over cheesy "funky" music to let us know that we were in "The City".
  17. A few years ago, I had the idea for a fan fiction about the messed up emo kids growing up under the shadow of the serial murders in Corinth ("Children of the Corrinth"-silly working title ) It would be a nice touch if Corinth got a mention every now and then, or if a new character/family was from there.
  18. Yes! Jeremy, Ceara, Angie, Frankie, Pat, Jesse lookalike Jacob all came to Loving in contract roles (except for Pat). There was an AMC crossover with Dinah Lee and Hannah, Myrtle came to Loving too. Joey Buchanan on OLTL once mentioned Corinth, but I don't believe there were any Loving/OLTL crossovers until Loving became The City and Alex worked with Bo. Another The City/AMC crossover was when Jackson Montgomery would visit, he had a flirtation/history with Sydney.
  19. I found a site online once, I guess it was geared towards foreign TV markets, but they were advertising Capitol. They gave a brief synopsis, the number of episodes, et cetera. It's too bad that it's not available for purchase to the average Joe. I've only seen very little of Tammy Wynette on the show, I can't really judge. But she seemed like a charming, sassy Southern lady. I know she sang on the show with Wally.
  20. That is so funny, I mentioned "the other Gwyn" in my orignal post before my computer screwed up and I had to retype it. She was taller and thinner, had long red hair. She was good from what I remember, she was a sexier Gwyn. She had a seductive, mellifluous voice. Kind of reminds me of how Anita Morris replaced Bette Midler in the Down and Out in Beverly Hills sitcom. Or for a soap example, I guess she was the Elaine Princi to Tudor's Robin Strasser? Capable and perfectly watchable/passable, just not "the real deal." This was long before I was familiar with the term, but she was sort of "pod Gwyn" to me.
  21. Christine Tudor was great, she definitely should have played someone's mother on one of the other ABC soaps by now.
  22. I don't have any of that material, but I do have some episodes on tape at my other home. I promise one of these days I'll get them on YouTube! A man called Claudio has many great eps (in Italian) on tape, I'm sure you've seen them on YouTube. He also runs the Capitol Megasite.
  23. I liked it when Syddy asked Jack if he was still with "What's-her-name". Hearing Erica Kane referred to as "What's-Her-Name" was definitely new and unexpected. Michael Logan did a cover article on Morgan back then, he seemed pretty convinced that there was a new diva in town, that Morgan rolled into ABC Daytime and got the Lucci treatment (if not better) right off the bat. I'm surprised that we haven't seen Amy Van Horne on another soap, just as I was wondering where the hell Lisa LoCicero was until I was surprised to see her on GH. They both are perfect GH mob material. That scene's on YouTube, the sound's pretty poor though. I have some eps on tape, I gotta figure this YouTube thing out. I have a scene where Uncle Gino meets Tracy and calls her "Ms. Quarterhorse".
  24. Oops! I meant Kate! The one who was blackmailing Sam!
  25. I remember reading somewhere online that Richard Egan (Sam Clegg) was very ill at the time of Capitol's cancellation and had the show continued he would have soon retired. Sam would have been murdered, and there'd be a murder mystery s/l with Myrna, Leanne, et al the likely suspects. Yes, Bill Beyers and a few other cast members have passed. Just think, had Capitol continued we'd probably have never seen Marj Dusay in her many other soap roles, or Catherine Hickland on Loving/The City and OLTL, and perhaps most notable seeing as how it's the #1 show, Jess Walton as Jill on Y&R. Who would have been our Jill for the last 20 years!? I can hardly believe it's been that long.
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