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  1. On 6/12/2019 at 2:09 AM, Paul Raven said:

    So Tara was originally named Terry and Amy was originally Carol.

    The name changes seem to be last minute.

    I wonder why Agnes had a change of heart with those two names?


    Could be wrong, but I assumed it was a network decision/suggestion. Not unlike the Parkhursts and the Corbys becoming the Carringtons and the Colbys.

  2. On 6/7/2019 at 7:56 PM, allmc2008 said:

    Honey, if you show an effort of posting that 1977 episode I will post the full script.

    Yes, that is Erica Kane's first scene (not sure why her name, or Mona's and Nick's, isn't on the cover).

    Screenshot (128).png

    Screenshot (127).png




    Erica's name isn't on the script cover because she didn't appear in the first episode on January, 5. She made her debut in the eighth episode, which would have been Wednesday, the 14th.

  3. 22 hours ago, titan1978 said:

    Hearing the name Dimitri Merrick on a recent GH episode made me nostalgic for when he arrived on AMC, and that lead me to thinking about how that show slowly phased him out.


    If you watched AMC in the early 1990’s, Edmund and Dimitri were huge characters that were always front burner.  An entire family backstory, a significant set (Wildwind), and romantic pairings with important veterans of their shows (Erica and Brooke). But then kind of suddenly they were not.  They just slowly phased them out completely.


    These were not flash in the pan characters, but instead kind of discarded after relatively short periods of importance in the grand scheme of things on their shows.


    Other examples?


    What was said about Dimitri?

  4. I've got Llanview and Pine Valley from the '90s, they were on postcards sold at Disney. When I was little in the '80s, they had a big poster-sized one of PV at my mom's office. I met another lady who'd managed to hold onto one of those '80s maps as well, in hard plastic on her office desk.

  5. 7 hours ago, Dr Neil Curtis said:

    They seem to be gone from YouTube. I loved her little stint as Vivian 


    Me too! There's a wonderfully generous YouTuber who is uploading Italian dubbed episodes of Capitol every day. I try my best to keep up, there's the language barrier of course, and I have the closed captioning and my limited knowledge of Italian, but Marj is so fabulous in the role. Marj said that Myrna was her favorite soap role, and I think she later amended that Vanessa was her favorite, but in my opinion, Myrna was where she was at her truly best.

  6. 14 hours ago, Paul Raven said:

    Does Robin know any other approach these days?


    Per her tweets, she's fully embraced the character actress chapter of her career, which she's always longed to grow into. She's said that she's put on weight and we shouldn't expect to see what we're used to (physically). My gut tells me she'll be serving the ham thickly sliced.


    I wish I could find those clips of Marj Dusay as temp Vivian. I liked what little I saw.

  7. 5 hours ago, Khan said:

    Lisa Whelchel might have fit in nicely with Y&R either immediately after "Facts of Life" or sometime during the '90's.


    I still mentally connect her with that other blonde Blair with a twang, Kassie DePaiva.


    Whenever Georgann Johnson appeared in an Alfred Hitchcock episode, I always thought how great of a soap actress she would have been. Eventually, I looked her up and saw that she had in fact done soaps, and I'm very glad that she went on to many more things after that. But she had what it took to be a daytime leading lady come matriarch for many years.

  8. 2 hours ago, KMan101 said:

    Yeah, she's playing Vivian. And she's on contract even though she's saying she's a 'guest star' on Twitter at the moment. Not sure how accurate the contract part is. Telfer and Haiduk are also apparently on contract (Haiduk may be 6 months) ... and no one seems to know Barash's status. We've heard he was out but he's still taping. Did they change their mind?


    Let's hope she had her blessing ... ;) 


    Interesting. Maybe LS was uninterested/unavailable. This show has been playing so fast and loose with casting, nothing will surprise me from here on out. I hope Robin has some juicy scenes with LK.

  9. Yikes, I saw the recap from last week... Adam shoving Alexis into the fire was brutal and absolutely irredeemable. It's also completely unbelievable that Alexis wouldn't communicate to someone, somehow that Adam did this to her. Having her wrapped in bandages and unable to speak oddly reminds me of the veiled woman they had enter the courtroom before they'd found their Alexis in the original series. 


    In tonight's episode, Adam and Jeff had some lines about being cousins, and there was a line about Fallon sleeping with her cousin (Jeff). When was this revealed? Did Blake say something about Dominique being his sister?


    I had to run out mid-episode, and when I got back,  Sam was talking to Cristal's brother about him also being gay... what the hell did I miss??

  10. 1 hour ago, dragonflies said:

    Days is the only soap I watch right now, it may not be the best written, but out of all 4 soaps, it's the ONLY one that holds my attention


    Sadly, I must agree. It's a shame. I'm sure I could scroll through the thousands of channels and find something else to watch, but soap is in my blood. To be honest, I wasn't too thrilled with the last several years of favourites AMC and OLTL either, save for some bright spots here and there. 

  11. 31 minutes ago, barryt60 said:

    Likewise - I'd love to see when Iris finds out she is adopted.  According to LeMay - one of his favorite scenes / performances. 


    Some audio of that has survived, there used to be a clip on the AWHP.


    Something to this effect...


    Iris: (deliberately, voice quivering) I am not your child?


    Mac: (tenderly) Your mother and I--


    Iris: (sharply) Don't call her my mother.


    Mac: ... we cared for you as though you were our own.


    Iris: No. NO. NOOOO!

  12. I've had a pretty casual viewership, and it seems like the Friday nights when I was actually home to watch, the show wasn't airing. I've been a little confused by the schedule. At any rate, what bugs me the most is the way they fudge around with character relationships. Suddenly, Dominique is the Colby matriarch? And maybe I'm better equipped as a soap fan, but I don't think it's necessary to use outlandish story tactics when an actor is to be replaced. I still haven't watched all of the faux Cristal stuff, but they could've just replaced the actress. And now borrowing the O.G. Steven plastic surgery route for Alexis? The writers are probably grateful that they get to pull such stunts on an otherwise mediocre show.

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