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  1. Michael was a lovely person and I cherish our early days on set in Baltimore. A certain rapper who I won’t even dignify by name has taken multiple opportunities to disparage Michael in life and even more egregiously in death, sweeping my image into his filth along the way, but what Michael, David Simon, and the writers of The Wire created in terms of LGBTQ characters of color for the audience at large is unequivocally untouchable and there is no degree of homophobia that will ever rob from that pop cultural contribution.

  2. On 7/8/2021 at 10:30 PM, amybrickwallace said:

    It's really mind-boggling how many misspellings, especially of actors' names, showed up in the soap press in those days. Did the publications have no access to proofreaders???

    And they were being fed information from the shows themselves. You see this a lot in old soap magazines and even in books like Soap World (Vikki Lord, Dorian Kramer). You can’t blame the lack of closed captioning because there were closing credits.

  3. 16 hours ago, Marissa Gallant said:

    I don't see a resemblance between Alexis and Felicia. I guess I don't know Alexis well enough. Felicia is over the top, has odd fashion sense, but is warm, caring and loving. 

    You are certainly correct in terms of who Felicia became (thanks to Linda Dano), but the character was conceived quite differently. As Linda says, Felicia was supposed to be a bitch and her early material had shades of Alexis down to the white Roller and getting pushed into a pool.

  4. Joan is Alexis, Alexis is Joan. Ttrying to recreate such a character is an impossible predicament. I watch the new Dynasty mostly out of brand loyalty/nostalgia/curiosity about its faithfulness to the original. I’m not passionate about the show, but I do watch. Nicolette worked just fine because she brought her own ‘80s primetime soap pedigree to the show which satisfied a certain nostalgia factor, while she in no way attempted to channel Joan, she was uniquely Nicolette. All of the crazy plastic surgery recasting mess just pushed me further and further away from my acceptance of this not-Alexis-but-Alexis and when I watch now I’m just constantly reminded of how I’m not watching Joan. This Alexis finally got this show’s version of her iconic penthouse the other episode and I couldn’t even get excited about that.

    I think I would have preferred a prequel series with an actress playing a twentysomething young mother version of Joan’s Alexis. I would have loved to see Siân Phillips as Mrs. Morell.

  5. 1 hour ago, Liberty City said:

    For me, Eden Riegel whined too much when she spoke... Lind, from the moment she stepped on set, portrayed a more adult, confident and stronger Bianca.

    I agree. Obviously, ER had the lion's share of Bianca's storylines but I found CBL's portrayal a lot more likeable.

    9 hours ago, Joseph said:

    By The way there was 2 Kendalls, Many Biancas but was there more than one Erica? I mean didn't Lucci Get Sick For over 40 years?

    My friend and I had tickets to see Susan Lucci's Broadway debut in Annie Get Your Gun. When we got to the box office, we saw the notice that she was out and her standby would be going on. Devastating. We later found out that she had fallen ill and couldn't go on.

    I don't know if this is truth or rumor, but it's been posted on this board that a sick Susan was almost replaced with Lisa Peluso but Susan cut that noise real quick.

  6. 1 hour ago, j swift said:

    Someone wants $920.99 for this and they still won't pay for shipping?

    Please register in order to view this content

    Ridiculous. It’s been at my local library for years and even Susan Lucci’s inscribed copy sold at auction with two other acting books for a hundred bucks.

    Reminds me of how glad I am that I never bought one of those crazy expensive copies of Eight Years in Another World. It eventually made it to Kindle complete with a 2011 epilogue from Lemay.

  7. 13 hours ago, danfling said:

    Before Gillian Spenser, there was actually another Vicki - sort of.

    There was an actress (whose name I cannot now recall) who was cast as Victoria.   She was replaced before the show's premiere in July 1968, but there were some commercials promoting the show that had featured this actress and Lee Patterson.

    Before Gillian Spenser, there was actually another Vicki - sort of.

    There was an actress (whose name I cannot now recall) who was cast as Victoria.   She was replaced before the show's premiere in July 1968, but there were some commercials promoting the show that had featured this actress and Lee Patterson.

    In her book, One Life, Ellen Holly misidentifies this actress as Trish Van Devere. As Slick clarified, her name is Sharon Laughlin.

    Joanne Dorian and Michael Zaslow are Christian Slater’s godparents, by way of their friendship with OLTL casting director Mary Jo Slater.

  8. Dorian:

    Nancy Pinkerton

    Dixie Carter (maternity leave temp for Pinkerton)

    Claire Malis

    Ellen Barber (temp)

    Robin Strasser

    Elaine Princi

    Robin Strasser



    Gillian Spencer

    Joanne Dorian

    Erika Slezak

    Christine Jones (temp)

    Judith Barcroft (temp)

  9. On 8/18/2021 at 2:53 PM, DaytimeFan said:

    Linda Dano, Ryan Paevy, and Jen Lilley star in the Hallmark movie 'A Little Daytime Drama' which airs this Saturday August 21:


    I caught some of this, cute. Anything with Linda and I’m in, same goes for Erika.

    Not sure if I missed something, but how did things wrap up with Linda as Vivian? Is she still in prison? I’ve been watching pretty faithfully and I don’t recall a noteworthy exit.

  10. On 8/21/2021 at 9:36 PM, j swift said:Am I the only one who thought the spa manager and the assistant were played by the same actress?

    I admit, that confused me as well. I have a bad habit of listening to the show while looking at my iPad, cooking, et cetera, and I kind of kicked myself for not following more closely.

  11. I disagree about Tripp being boring. This reminds me of what Erika Slezak said about Joey, how she loved that he was warm and kind and the writers didn’t feel the need to give him the “pop” and edge of the string of young male characters on the show. It was disappointing to her when they eventually did so. We’ll most likely get some interesting material from all four in the quad, Tripp will have his moments to shine.

  12. 5 hours ago, watson71 said:

    Yes, there is a big character change in Felicia from the way Robert Soderberg and Dorothy Ann Purser wrote her in 1983 (more Alexis Carrington) than the way Gary Tomlin and Richard Culliton wrote her in 1984 (still over the top, but in a comedic way).  Felicia was mad that Cass was seeing her step daughter Cecile on the side in 1983.  This caused Felicia to act mean.  Felicia even had a falling out with her secretary/assistant, Julia Shearer.  At the double wedding of Mac and Rachel and Sandy and Blaine,   Felicia smacked Julia across the face and Julia pushed her in the Cory swimming pool.  

    Yes! I watched that episode at the Paley Center many years ago.

    It seems that Linda Dano wasn’t too comfortable playing a character not beloved by audiences, she really wanted to play a version of herself which ultimately worked out fabulously for her. Erica Kane still had her fans in spite of her behavior and Susan Lucci was the major star that she was, so I’m not sure that it was all that necessary to change Felicia’s character but it is what it is.

  13. On 8/19/2021 at 12:19 PM, Faulkner said:

    Theo and Ciara “waiting until marriage” is such unbelievable, antiquated bullsh!t. Why even bother with that beat?

    And the trick had the nerve to laugh about it on top of it. It felt like such a dig to poor neutered Theo.

    On 8/20/2021 at 4:35 PM, carolineg said:

    Ugh....I am annoyed John/Marlena are so deeply invested in the Cin wedding.  I know Marlena cares, but now John?  The whole thing was annoying and clearly Days just didn't want to pull out the church set lol

    It made me sick. I am all for Cin leaving town living crappily ever after never to be seen or heard from again. But realistically, now that Ben has everything he wants, how long before he loses interest in Ciara and falls for someone else?

  14. On 8/19/2021 at 11:56 PM, Franko said:

    I know it's part of soap lore that Felicia Gallant was at least partially based on writer Robert Soderberg's friend Jacqueline Susann. But I'm sure Robert didn't figure that Felicia would evolve into more of a warmhearted, loving friend, mother and wife (think the transition from Patrick Dennis' Auntie Mame to Lawrence and Lee's Auntie Mame). Felicia's evolution was carried out by many writers including ... Richard Culliton.

    Maybe it was in her Lifetime Intimate Portrait, but I remember Linda Dano saying that upon her suggestion to TPTB, Felicia became a more sympathetic character rather than the bitch she was originally intended to be.

  15. 2 hours ago, amybrickwallace said:

    That is for sure. I never understood how much went into the digitization process until I read that post.

    Me neither, and I’ve been saying for years, this would be an excellent opportunity for college interns majoring in television production and the like. They could be receiving credit for all of the man hours that go into this process.

  16. Felicia Gallant

    Doreen Jackson


    Gwyneth Alden


    There’s that great photo set of Robin Strasser and Phil Carey very obviously styled as daytime’s answers to Alexis and J.R.
    Robin points out that Dorian predates Alexis, as did Robin’s ideas for Dorian … to be more lavish with her wealth, providing the audience with all of that eye candy and fantasy of the super rich.

    I remember my mother saying that when Alexis started on Dynasty, she and her co-workers referred to her as, “another Erica”, not the other way around. It would be interesting to look back and examine the timeline of Erica, Dorian, and Alexis as they made their climbs into that glamorous ‘80s soap vixen archetype. I’m sure AMC and OLTL were looking hard at Dynasty, but it’s unfair to suggest that they weren’t way ahead in terms of their raven-haired vixens.

    Jo Ann Phlug’s character in Rituals

  17. Years ago on a morning radio show they were interviewing a guy who specialized in men's hair pieces. The female host was very critical saying that they never look natural. They asked the guest to name an example of a public figure who wore a good not obvious piece and the gentleman replied Kevin Dobson. The female host snarked, "See... I *knew* that."

  18. Yeah, they were dropping anvils having Steffy say things like she and Paris will share EVERYTHING, and those lingering closeups at the end of their scenes. All I could think was, "Great, let's have yet a third black person betray their trusting white employer." When Paris sang the baby to sleep I knew straight away they were going to ask her to move in and quasi-nanny. It was giving me Sofia and Miss Millie vibes.

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