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  1. Visually, The City has held up VERY well. Still a gorgeous show, even on crappy VHS. #nostalgiagoggles?

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    2. SFK


      I'm working on it, but Eric's the one with the Tracy stuff. I think I have maybe one very poor quality clip of when she first meets the Soleitos.

    3. jfung79


      I agree with you, SFK. Don't have tapes, but from the few clips on YouTube, I think The City holds up better with time than maybe it even seemed *at* the time. Not only visually, but also in concept and character. It is a soap for today, and its crime was that it was invented too early. Instead of Loving becoming The City, maybe it would have worked if One Life to Live had become The City twenty years later.

    4. DRW50


      I think it's biggest crime was that it was largely unfocused and semi-plotless for too long.

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