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  1. My grandparents celebrated their 53rd anniversary today.  My grandfather taught private music lessons in their home, and his daily routine was lunch and All My Children.  That's how my dad was familiar with characters like Phoebe and Chuck long before he met my ABC Daytime obsessed mom.  When my grandmother retired in '79, she joined my grandad with the daily AMC viewing until cancellation.  I think it's pretty amazing that combined, minus vacations, appointments, the odd errand that ran longer than expected, they clocked thousands of hours of AMC viewing, seeing at least 90% of the show's run.

    1. DRW50


      That's a great story. I hope they had a happy day.

    2. SFK


      Thanks Carl, I love them and I'm pretty jealous of their experience.  They've forgotten more about AMC than I'll ever know.

    3. YRBB


      That is truly great! Such a wealth of experiences and a lifetime together! Wishing them many more.


      PS. A heads up: Your avatar seems to be broken, SFK! 

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