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  1. I am really missing All My Children today.  One of my most precious AMC   memories is from, in hindsight, January 5th, 1990, coming home from school that evening, and my mother describing to me what she saw on her little black and white TV at her work desk that day... AMC got new opening titles, "wif all dey pictures... Joe and Roof... in dey frames... and at da ind, Urrica's picture falls into da book..."  Imagining all of that before actually seeing it?  Priceless.  I miss the days when we scheduled Friday doctor/dentist appointments around AMC.

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      AMC not being around anymore really kills me, more so than any other show. It actually hurts when I see LaLucci or Debbie Morgan, and the other cast on other stuff now

    4. marceline


      That happens to me a lot. I've been sick on and off for weeks and sick days are when I really miss Pine Valley the most. What I wouldn't do for one of Adam Chandler's "What in blazes....?" or the antics of Jesse and Tad (and I hate "antics").

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