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  1. All this reboot talk... Falcon Crest reboot with Finn Wittrock as wine/spirits baron Angelino Cumson, cut from the same cloth as his great-grandmother. He and cousin Chasyn Gioberti (Allison Williams-pilot-until I decide upon a better actress) wrestle for top-dog position at FC which has become a major youthful lifestyle brand thanks to the cousins' endeavors (FC whiskys and ales produced in the wine casks, wildly successful with hipsters local and beyond). Much of the action takes plac...

    1. SFK


      Much of the action takes place in nearby San Francisco where both cousins have sleek apartments and easy access to their business associates and major clientele. Promo parties, alcohol-drenched one night stands, and boardroom meetings carry equal weight. Chasyn laments that she'll never be as popular nor successful as charismatic, unashamedly bi-flexible, and utterly ruthless Angelino.

    2. Vee


      I'm sorry, I just can't take the name "Cumson" seriously.

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