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  1. I would really enjoy a syndicated serial to watch around 5pm. Byron Allen produces two scripted judge shows that rely on non-union actors. I wish he would translate this shoestring budget model into a serial, and of course find himself some great writers, because while I appreciate the effort and the great casts, the writing for his two sitcoms suck. I get so frustrated when people have money, pkwer, and opportunity, but co

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    2. SFK


      AMC and OLTL ideally, but I would be all over any cheap as [[email protected]#$%^&*] serial PP could manage to get on air in syndication. I don't even need M-F, I would settle for 30 minutes every Sunday like Nickelodeon's Fifteen. I know so many talented people, and I am hardly naive, so it's so frustrating for me that people aren't making such projects happen. Vee, I know a brain like yours could deliver.

    3. Vee


      I'm flattered, but my brain is not available. I have other things I made a priority.

    4. SFK


      Understandable, understood. I just hate that the potential is there, but criminally untapped. Without getting too personal, do you aspire to shop your own work as a writer, or are you content/most satisfied fleshing out the ideas of others? Not that I don't have my own imo great ideas, but I find that I'm pretty terrific as "creative consultant", improving upon the ideas of others.

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