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  1. RIP William Wintersole died Nov. 7, 2019 (88) who appeared as Y&R's "Mitchell" for over 20 years RIP John Callahan died Mar. 29, 2020 who appeared, probably most famously as AMC's Edmund Grey, also acted on DOOL, also was married to & had a daughter with Eva La Rue, also “Santa Barbara” and “Falcon Crest” passed away at his Palm Springs home Saturday night reports Variety. As of now, his death is attributed to a stroke and not any complication of the coronavirus.
  2. Larry Kramer was a prolific playright but not a writer of daytime.
  3. Larry Kramer wrote multiple cancelled soaps. Then, last month, he died.
  4. If I remember correctly, TPTB didn't get much notice before the last episode, so that scrambled to wrap things up quickly which is a shame. They had a month to wrap things up. No more. They asked for 2 months instead of just one. And, they asked to have Beverlee come in for two days. It was thought that what Bev did when she left GL was a penalty that she paid where they would not let her go to Goutman.
  5. Yes, Genie and Jane both put on Acting Master Classes!
  6. I recall John & Diana Colville as a popular couple.

  7. Jack Parrish who played Brad Garrick, 1980, died, Oct. (56).
  8. Who?!! You mean me?!!

  9. For years there was a story that Bridget and JFP went up against each other, where Bridget was against Anne Howard Bailey (HW) & SB & NBC were against each other & NBC had locked Bridget out of the studio, ... Supposedly Bridget & JFP had a knock-down fall-out fight, ... But, in reality there was no "battle". Bridget just got to the podium first & made a gracious speech, while JFP looked like she had a miserable expression on her face.
  10. Kim Zimmer had a particularly strong family unit, years in New Jersey, she was the lead in multiple shows, her husband A.C. was a strong Director, almost always employed, and now they have the youngest, Jake, who is very talented!
  11. I cannot imagine the Dash storyline being more offensive than Eden's rape! Eden's rape surely was worse than anything else put on at that time.
  12. Amber Tamblyn is married to David Cross. They may have a child.
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