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  1. Screenwriting - NYU, SVA or NYFA? Others?

  2. Haven't signed on here in a long time... hope everyone is doing good. :)

    1. DRW50


      How are you? I missed your posts.

  3. Marcy is kicking ass on Y&R. I only watch the show when she's on.

  4. OMG, I cannot wait for June 4th. Thanks for the pics, Y&R.
  5. Agreed! She had so much potential. Yes, that's what I read.
  6. When did this happened? Danielle's death was really sad. The actress playing Ronnie is good. Archie is dead, right?
  7. OMFG!!!!!!! I'm so going to watch EE! I was able to watch the clips online. What a sad story!
  8. Anyone know where I can watch the episode where Danielle tells Ronnie that she's her daughter?
  9. Hire Zoe Lucker and Laila Rouass and I'm watching everyday.
  10. happy birthday!! :)

  11. Thanks JCar! :)

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