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  1. Nick and Sharon were completely played out by the early 00s, that's why they felt the need to kill Cassie when they did and why whenever they get paired back up now its never long term. JM and SC have amazing chemistry but the writing has always made it hard to root for them IMO
  2. That era with Gwen, Will and them as the young set was my favorite. I loved it all so this reunion was nice to see. I loved Jennifer Ferrin too one of the few genuinely great young leads from that time
  3. Did Days get a production upgrade? Noticed the lighting looks much better

  4. I was finally home to catch a classic and its a MAB era 😬 No other writer drove me away like her tenure
  5. I didn't detect any real shade from the Kim Zimmer mention, Laura and Kim got along well and she has openly admired and admitted to borrowing a lot of her acting style.
  6. I'm still confused on how an actress like Rylan ever got cast as Lulu, someone like Jen Landon after JMB would have been a much better fit
  7. ALW had been wanting to quit from the time TB left lol...Frons and JFP were dead set on recasting (Erin Torpey, Lauren Woodland, and Erin Hershey tested) but Guza sold the idea of Courtney dying during the Monkey Virus pandemic. I wanted the recast but we ended up with CarJax so I didn't mind.
  8. Nate's hair is terrible lol, the top isn't shaped properly. He should chop it low and keep a line and tape until it grows long enough where he can fade the sides and maintain the style he's going for better.
  9. Josh Henderson and Pamela Rebecca were the best parts of the last reboot, retool the whole thing around them and add Gary and Val's twins or something to get the show going. Absolutely agree with @Chris B about getting another writer too, Cynthia Cidre sucked at that CBS show she had and she sucked with Dallas, get someone who understands the core hook of the show being the dysfunctional family dynamics and fight for control of Ewing business.
  10. This is where I'm at too. Even Sharon's cancer story which started off interesting is very paint by numbers. I don't mind predictable run of the mill stories so long as the ride is fun but we're not even getting dynamic performances (Stafford seems bored, MCE is lacking her previous passion since the chem with this Adam isn't there, JT doesn't even seem to know wtf he's even playing, etc) or big payoff moments so its all just a lot of blah. Lola and Kyle's marriage is over and she's waltzing around nonchalant like she missed her hair appointment. He's already screwing Summer and she has barely a reaction when she sees them cuddled up???? This is a soap play the drama more, play the beats!
  11. This Amanda story finally got interesting with her interaction with Ripley. They need to somehow keep playing that edge with her, its what MM does best This Adam has brought the lurch factor back to the character, I don't like it tbh and the partnership with Chance is lame and a snooze as is Phyllis' involvement The Sharon cancer story is alright because SC is a decent actress and her side of the canvas has history to be played off of. Very run of the mill story though I hope they have Victoria finally get rid of that ugly blue living room for good with this Billy breakup being played how it is I'd rather watch Kyle with Summer and Lola with Theo so I'm tolerating their material a lot easier
  12. I wish they'd stop bringing Robert Adamson back. Noah is the legacy character they need most for the next generation but RA brings nothing to the table We need Meg Bennett back in the writers room!
  13. I'm mad this still isn't on a streaming site
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