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  1. Watching the Diff'rent Strokes episode "The Bicycle Man." Ugh. This is still as creepy as ever.

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    2. Gray Bunny

      Gray Bunny

      So cringe-worthy. The only one I liked was when Kimberly Drummond had bulimia in the final season. I envied her ability to devour an ENORMOUS sheet cake in one sitting. 

    3. Khan


      "But, Daddy, it's so eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeasy!"

    4. Khan


      People want to credit (or blame) Norman Lear for making VSE's a "thing," but Lear himself probably cringes whenever *he* watches one.  Yes, he brought up important, relevant issues on "All in the Family" and "Maude."  However, the issues themselves were never the point of the episodes, nor were they brought up with the idea of "educating" or "informing" the public.  At the end of the day, Lear, like Agnes Nixon, still believes that entertaining people is the key.

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