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  1. The success of Michael B. Jordan always reminds me of how pissed off I was by the way AMC treated the character of Reggie. Yes, I'm still holding that grudge.

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    2. Vee


      The irony is ATWT/Sheffer went on record saying they wanted to headline Tunie/Jessica as much as possible given her higher profile at the time. They then proceeded to give her absolutely shitty stories and then stick her with Peter Parros because he was there. They had no idea what to do.


      And we're not uncomfortable discussing this. Some people in the ATWT thread may be but that's their problem.

    3. DramatistDreamer


      Thanks @Bright Eyes for the encouragement and thank you for reading!  Just really one poster in that thread would rather I not :lol: but everyone else is at least open to debate and exchange ideas.

      Most people on this board understand that we can still love and appreciate good, classic soap and critique/deconstruct ideas, stories, plots and characterizations.  

      Yup, @Vee it really is their problem.  I still don't understand why critiquing plot or characterization/representation would make anyone so defensive. (*shrugs*).

    4. Vee


      That dude is a garden variety troll who keeps trying to control a board he's been on for 5 minutes. Ignore him. (He also thinks people shouldn't criticize 2000s GL and that the Bells still have control at Y&R, which, no.)

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