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  1. I'm excited for finding out who will play Cassandra and what her storyline is going to be. It would be funny if you guys chose Sarah Brown for the role. Will we be getting another PC Chronicles soon to tell us about all the casting changes the show is undergoing? And a new opening is on its way, right? PC is on a role these days!

  2. I really enjoyed this episode. It was very light considering the subject matter is so heavy, and I really want to see Carly get back on her feet. I dont know why, but when reading these scenes I keep picturing Tamara in the role instead of Laura Wright.

    One thing I dont get it is why Nikolas was so hesitant for Jason to see Carly...surely he would know that Jason is the one person who Carly might actually benefit from seeing at a time like this, or is that the point? Nikolas is jealous of Carly and Jason's relationship?

  3. I have to say, I really enjoyed this episode! I like how you're basically starting up a new series but linking it to an old one, it really gives the best of both worlds. I like the chemistry between Megan and Vanessa, you can see that they're total opposites and I'm looking forward to their drama. I also find myself really liking Joy. I'm definately going to be coming back tomorrow to see what happens next.

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