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  1. In case I haven't said it lately, I am SO ADDICTED to RSTB!!!! Augusta in the bushes spying on McCreepy and Soretta was priceless. Also loved Brandon being the owner of The Lair. What I really liked is your nod to my SB favorite and his theatre project. Very cool!


    LOL I thought that was funny too. :lol:

  2. I have a feeling that Sophia's troubles are just beginning...but remember what happened the last time Sophia lost her memory, regained it, and came back to Santa Barbara??? All I can say is, PAYBACKS ARE HELL! :D

    Elizabeth and Pamela better watch out!!!! When she comes back she is going to be going for their throats!!!! :o

  3. Ok, here goes.....I hated all the new characters that were thrown at us, the Walkers, Suzanne, Santana (Wanda), Micha and his daughter, that whole stupid story with Mason and Julia and the haunted house, Rafe/Lisa/Lily storyline UGH!!! They should have focused on the characters that we loved and gave them the spotlight instead of wasting our time on these second-rate characters that no one cared about!!!! Of course I hated what they did with Sophia getting her addicted to drugs and marrying Ken!!! UGH!!! Then CC getting Santana pregnant, ewwwww!!!! Don't even get me started!!!!

  4. Junior, my favourite lines were Augusta's and Keith's, of course! :lol: I think it will be useful and interesting to see Lionel and Augusta in London. I mean they could find out somehow that Sophia is there and alive! Or something from her or Edmud... Don't forget them!!!

    Excellent job! And I became and addict, too!!!! ;)

    Shannon, happy birthday!!!!!!

    I think it would be cool for them to find Sophia too, it would be quite ironic if they were the ones to help Sophia get home to her family.

    Thanks for the birthday wish!!! :P

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