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  1. They changed the theme music for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA in Season 2... Damn :(

    1. JackPeyton


      I quit by episode 4 of season 1. I just could not get into it.

  2. Old Y&R Christmases are always great... they always move me to tears!

    1. DRW50



  3. Watching some of AMC's Natalie in the well/Janet stuff for the first time. God, it's great.

    1. Adam


      Is that on youtube now?

    2. Errol


      Thank Megan McTavish ;)

  4. At work.... EXTREMELY bored today.

  5. Just watched Lilimae running over Chip. Such a brilliant, spine-tingling, chilling scene... the execution, the setting, the creepy music... Perfection.

    1. Sylph


      Are you watching Mega TV's The Island?

    2. YRBB


      No, but I have been meaning to. I am extremely excited just from the promos--looks incredibly well done. Have you?

    3. Sylph


      Yep. It's a bit too slow for me. And I saw some complain about that same issue. BTW, has Papakaliatis' Tesseris ended?

  6. FML: CBS bitched to YouTube about the B&B episodes I've posted... and now they have to be taken down. Wonderful.

    1. YRBB


      They just took those two down. Thank God for small favors! lol Meanwhile, they didn't say anything about Y&R or the other stuff... so maybe a stupid ass**** decided to report the B&B ones or something.

    2. dragonflies


      Some have to ruin it for everyone

    3. bellcurve


      CBS has been taking down same day and classic Judge Judy too. LAME!

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  7. OMG Drucilla just showed up on Noah's Arc! And, right after, it was Damon!

  8. Wow... Susan Lucci made it on the cover of DALLAS Season 14.... Her moment of fame! :D:P

    1. Soapsuds


      I saw that. I am glad the final season is finally coming out. I cant fof the reunion movies to be released too.

  9. Kimberlin Brown returns... in the lamest role ever. Congrats to whomever thought that out.

    1. DRW50


      Apparently you have forgotten the role she played on OLTL...

    2. Scotty


      Ummm...I thought most people had.

    3. EricMontreal22


      I was just gonna say--I don't think it could get lamer, or more miscast than her OLTL role. At least as a judge I assume she'll show SOME signs of (brief) life in court or something.

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  10. THE SIMPSONS Season 2 is so much fun! Great to discover it.

    1. bellcurve


      @Sylph I still enjoy the Simpsons when I watch it. But I totally enjoy Bart more as a character.

      South Park used to air back-to-back on the MyNetworkTV station here long ago. Funny show that hits more than misses.

      @sheilaforever "Everyone knows, it's Butters!"

    2. YRBB


      I occassionally dabble in SOUTHPARK. Glad to hear THE SIMPSONS continues to be great. I just adore that show.

    3. sheilaforever


      LMAO @ Bellcurve - Butters, thats me!

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  11. LMAO! Just realized I have been blocked by a utube user... for no reason at all since I don't remember ever interacting with them! lol Or, wait... is it because I said somewhere I preffered Jess Walton over Brenda Dickson? Oh my. LOL

    1. ChiTownBoi03


      my mom has some VHS with deborah adair in the role--i actually really liked her

    2. Khan


      Bern Bennett: The role of Jill Foster will now be played by Deborah Adair.

      Brenda Dickson: HELLO! And welcome to my nightmare!

    3. DRW50


      ChiTown you should put that on Youtube...of course who I am to say that, I don't know how to do that.

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  12. Guess WHAT? I am not a robooooooooooooot!

  13. It's fun posting from the UK! :D

  14. Hmmm, another question: Why did David Shaughnessy leave as Y&R EP? Was it a power hungry move from Smith?

  15. Does anyone know any bts info as to why Hillary B Smith left ATWT?

    1. DRW50
    2. YRBB


      So, she could have come back if it weren't for that EP? Interesting.

      Thanks so much, CarlD2!

  16. WAIT! It's not what you think... It's worse!!!

  17. Finished OZ s1 and footballers' wives s5. Boy, was Collins FIERCE or what in her last episode? She's the only one Lucker couldn't manage to overpower in a scene. Never knew she had it in her!

  18. Holy [[email protected]#$%^&*], watched ALIEN for the first time ever! LOL That was fun.

  19. Gonna try out Pretty Little Liars in a few... hopefully it'll be good

  20. I have no words to describe how much I can't wait to start KNOTS LANDING Season 5. S4 was, as always, a hoot.

  21. The only thing that doesn't make sense is the welcome to son comm thing that's now in the middle :S What's the point?

  22. It's almost shocking to think I haven't watched Y&R for weeks. It used to be a do not miss kind of thing for years :(

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