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  1. TNG: Some great episodes recently, like the one about Worf's brother, but WHAAAAT is that nasty episode about that poor Barclay making fun of his EXTREME social anxiety, introversion, and stuttering? None of the characters seemed to get that's what was going on? How???  And to read he was created to make fun of obsessive nerds/geeks. Ouch. This one has NOT aged well. Also, LaForge is a little annoying, isn't he?

    1. marceline


      I rewatched that a couple of weeks ago. It's horrible. It's pretty much the antithesis of what Star Trek is supposed to represent. It's mean spirited on a bunch of levels.

    2. YRBB


      Exactly. All these supposedly enlightened individuals from the future acting like this? I'd really rather forget this ever happened.

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