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  1. Was Stargate SG-1 any good and serialized?

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    2. Taoboi


      Yes, I think @applcin says it so much better than I. I remember back then when sci-fi shows would keep episodes stand alone for the most part with a plot arc spanning a season. And yeah...with a lot of recurring characters. DS9 was so the standard with its circus of recurring characters...some of whom were not even from that reality. I loved (though I still haven't seen all of the last season all the way through) that the writers resolve EVERYBODY'S arc in that last season. I don't remember anyone from major to minor characters who was left out.


      @YRBB Yeah, Ben always seem like a good ole country boy in most of his public appearances. Though as he has gotten older, it's more out there...account and all and I find it so hilarious. Yeah, the show really inspired me in writing some good fanfiction. lol. And you should totally watch it. From the later seasons pre-Farscape actors, it was a good fun show and I loved the bit of serialization they did then. But like I said above...I love evil women. And the hook for one Season Eight episode was my draw.

    3. YRBB


      @applcin Awesome! Let's see how the show goes and take it from there. Yes, that's the type of serialization I was imagining it would have. Works for me!


      @Taoboi Yes, Ben is a little out there as far as I've seen, but thoroughly amusing. 


      I shall start the show soon! Can't wait. Hope y'all didn't talk it up too much :P:lol:

    4. Taoboi
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