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  1. Finally watching Sons & Daughters. I'm addicted, I spent the entire weekend watching epi after epi. It's the perfect balance of daytime soap with primetime pacing/style. I didn't even think that was possible.

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    2. YRBB


      Ha! It's not so bad yet. :P I don't know about later! Indeed Pat is already a fiercely magnetic sort of character. What a bitch!

    3. Cat


      I loved this show! For all its 80s cheesiness, this was a true soap, and had a lot in common with some classic 70s US daytime soaps. There was always a dark undercurrent to the show which was strangely, spookily appealing. And Peter Phelps (John) UNFFFF I had such a crush on his boyish gorgeousness.


      But the hair and mustaches on the other dudes, oy.

      P.S.: ICONIQUE theme song and opening credits!

    4. Nothin'ButAttitude


      I need to sit back down and get back into the episodes again seeing as they are easy to find on YouTube. I skipped around so much and then ceased continuing to watch. I ought to just start back over again. 

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