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  1. The pilot for Star Trek TNG.... Oh my. Apart from the character intros and that wonderful cameo, it was somewhat unimpressive. I did love the new Enterprise design and know from later episodes that it can be much better than this, but for now it was a glorified retread in terms of plot.

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    2. applcin


      YRBB...I agree about Denise Crosby. It was her I didn't care for. If Yar had been played by someone else, who knows. I was glad when she was killed off and not so glad to see her back as Sela.

      With DS9...the Cardassians and Bajorans and their history are basically the futuristic version of Nazis and Jews. There's an especially excellent episode in the first season called "Duet" where Kira (a Bajoran) encounters a Cardassian war criminal. The show also has a more spiritual/religious overtone than any of the others because of the Bajorans and also what they believe Sisko to be. But that recurring cast...people like Andrew Robinson, Marc Alaimo, Casey Biggs, Jeffrey Combs...many of whom are unrecognizable under the prosthetics and makeup, really do add a lot to the show. DS9 is basically this group of disparate races residing on the station, and the sometimes-not-so-nice visitors they get!

    3. YRBB


      By episode 6/7 things have improved a little. I'm keeping myself as unspoiled as I can. Some more random/nitpicky observations: The blue color for the credit font is a weird choice. Dark blue and space doesn't seem to mix much! I hate the way Picard keeps calling Riker "#1". I don't think they've figured out quite what they're doing with Picard yet. Speaking of Riker, his smile and ass give me life. Data is awesome. Wesley doesn't really bother me but what are they to do with this genius? And the way he always figures things out instantly and yet none of the adult do, it makes them all look sooooo foolish. 

    4. slick jones

      slick jones

      One of my favorite DS9 guest stars during the war story was Julianna McCarthy (Y&R, PT DS) as Garak's father's housekeeper.   An, does anyone think it's hilarious that the villains of this war were the Cardassians (pronounced like Kardasshians-- just makes me giggle)?

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