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  1. Twin Peaks

    Laura was a victim of sexual abuse by BOB/her father. She's a tragic figure if anything.
  2. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Fallon had ambition (more so than Steven) but as she says in the pilot "No blacks, no jews, no eskimos and no women". Originally, it was implied she was more like Blake and had ambition and I'm sure if they had followed the original character projections for season one she would've stepped up at some point.
  3. DAYS: May 2017 Discussion Thread

    It honestly wouldn't surprise me if it the producers/showrunners told him to shape up or ship out, especially as his "90 day cure" seems to have coincided with Ron taking over...
  4. DAYS: May 2017 Discussion Thread

    Well, everyone who is complaining about Freddie Smith's weight will be happy to know he's lost the chunk: https://www.instagram.com/p/BTcVM0DDcJC/?taken-by=fmsmith319&hl=sv
  5. Twin Peaks

    No, he just said "I know where she drinks".
  6. Dynasty: Discussion Thread

    Actually, that's a throwback to the original pilot - Fallon grabs the cake topper there and bites the head off. No one knows it was her in the original pilot.
  7. Logo

    I just tend to be me - but yes, a lot of gay guys tend to put up a facade - either by being mega-gay or mega-masculine. It's sort of endearing to me though.
  8. Logo

    I guess having a dick in your mouth will impare your speech.
  9. Logo

    I'm quite the chubster fan but lisp... No I can't. I actually went to a speech therapist to fix my "problem" so why these Queens haven't is beyond me.
  10. Logo

    Oh, the token chubby one is my hot potato, but then he opens his mouth and its...
  11. Logo

    Have you read about Tori Spelling's finances lately? That Donna Martin money won't pay for her lifestyle.
  12. Logo

    I'm just amazed how they all have a lisp.
  13. Logo

    Fire Island is my new hate watch show. It's awful.
  14. Logo

    If you're going to have a stalker, at least make sure they're hot! I'd love Chad to stalk me, although not with any sharp objects. Robby was in the pit crew for an episode of Drag Race. Anyway - have you all seen the trash that is Fire Island? Everyone has a lisp!
  15. This Is Us: Discussion Thread

    I think they were seeing the weakened ratings for Scandal and decided it was time to move in on the time slot. Also, I believe it'll only have 18 episode seasons, so this way they can drag their seasons out until May I guess. I personally wouldn't have moved it, but meh...
  16. "I love what you did last season with velour" I. CAN'T. BREATHE.
  17. As I've said before, I have been going through my old VHS tapes and of course I recorded this mess of a show. - Grayson is just so hilariously evil. Seriously, I expect her to burst into "wahahaha" laughter any minute. From her entrance where she just wafted her arms around to her being shot in the alternative ending - too good. There's also the over the top fashion she sports where they like to stress Emma Samm's impressive mammaries. - Linda is so useless and boring of a character. And she did porn! I can't imagine she would've survived to season 2. - Cynthia's storyline are so made up as they go along. Her struggle with bulimia is funny because it's so god damn flippant. One day she starts throwing up and then she's a full-on bulimic. I don't think it works that way, speaking of which... - So is Sarah's addiction problems. She has a glass of wine one day and then she's a raging alcoholic. - How no one really cares about how bisarre it is that Monique is Teri's dopplegänger. Except for serving as a plot point for Carrie going crazy, there's not much of a reaction. - Carrie is still the most miserable character ever to exist. She'd do well writing an Agony Aunt column.
  18. Days: She's baaaaaaack

    I think with Sami, they should just play her catty but essentially a well-meaning and misunderstood person. I feel Alison could pull that off. 100% nice girl is not her forte though.

    Kathleen Beller actually joked about that with the reunion saying something like "why would Kirby want to be with her rapist?" - even the actors knew how ridiculous that whole thing was. Even Heather Locklear, possibly the nicest actress alive, wondered if Sammy Jo was on acid...
  20. The Remaining Soaps and The Next Generation

    That's down to bad writing though who can't weave into the new generation with older characters.

    Yes, yes and yes!!! I also hate how it's a complete non-issue most of the times. I do recall Blake telling off Adam for raping Kirby and later, in the otherwise horrendously written (but quite fun in a campy way) season six, acknowleding that he raped Krystle.... to Rita.
  22. The Remaining Soaps and The Next Generation

    I think the main issue is not only finding talent, but also keeping it. Even when they find actors who can hold up storylines for potentially years, they leave/get better offers. Even in the 90s you could find decently talented young people who were willing to settle for the stability that a soap provides, but realistically most of them now know that the end is near and then you have shows like Days and their insane shooting schedule. The one appeal to stay on a soap is pretty much gone for actors starting out.
  23. I'm still going through my old VHS tapes and keeps finding random episodes of Days - so far in this episode Carrie and Sami has a catfight and Hope and Bo dance to the Macarena. Remember when Days had the budget to use popular songs instead of random techno? *screaaams* I'm at Susan's introduction!!! "Who are you?" "Well... I'm Kristen Blake."