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  1. ... which is a shame because their family ties are a lot better than some of the previous teen sets. Character wise most of them should be important but a lot of them are just so awful it's painful to watch, not to mention the "watching paint dry" writing.
  2. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    From what I remember Deb's Kate didn't come off as a villainess at all - the character got a complete make-over once Lauren stepped into the role and as you said has been pretty one-note villainess for at least 15 years now.
  3. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    Oh I don't know - was he shirtless and rubbing himself in baby oil?
  4. Who should replace Jean Passanante?

    A piece of broccoli.
  5. Who should replace Jean Passanante?

    A bowling ball with a bit of lipstick smeared on it.
  6. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    In all honesty, has this turned into a guy gay porn yet with Marlena gasping as she watches?
  7. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    I'm surprised that Morgan is appearing already as I figured that she'd be a Ron hire.
  8. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    It's unbelievable that they kept Jovanni for so long. It's as if they would've kept Charity Rahmer for more than two weeks.
  9. The thing is that I don't think Days is even bad - it's worse than that. It's boring. A bad tv show at least usually has a snark value to it, but Days even lacks that. Ron Carlivati might have his huge flaws, but at least it won't be boring to watch anymore.
  10. Who should replace Jean Passanante?

    A broom with a soccer ball and wig attached to it?
  11. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    I actually completely missed that Ciara had been written off. About time!
  12. DAYS: Fan favorite Makes A Return

    This screams ratings stunt, but in all honesty - why not? The show is in trouble and besides at least ratings stunts will be better than the boring crap it's currently serving. Of course it would be better to think about the show on a long term basis, but in all honesty, they need to get a renewal first and foremost. It's just too bad Eileen won't come to Days full time since she complained about how exhausting it is since they use her so much.
  13. I might add - this show is pure trash. As a Jackie Collins novel.
  14. First of all - my mom LOVES Jackie's books and have several. Secondly... this is so campy.
  15. Twin Peaks

    The boy being mowed down was so reminiscent of Leland breaking down about Laura in the pilot. Heartbreaking.
  16. "You little lesbian!" "I'm sexually fluid!" First I thought it was camp. Then it went mega-camp. Now I think this is a pure unashamed Jackie Collins tribute. Not sure if that's an insult or not. This [!@#$%^&*] is beyond camp. Like Maxine was in a coma for several days but kept in a hot pose? Hahaha. I've not even watched episode two yet.
  17. Underground

    I think people are forgetting that this show had between 400-600k on average for "normal" episodes. That's a poor result, especially as I think it's not a strong international seller either. But people should've seen this coming with them ending Salem after three seasons and Manhattan after two the year before. I think them getting out of original programming has been brewing for a while and from what I can understand they'll basically invest in cheaper unscripted programming.
  18. GH: Passanante OUT!

    It's a classic business move though - she would hardly be the first to claim that she exited on her own terms but usually it's a case of "you can't fire me, I quit". I looks far better on her resume that she retired from soap opera writing, but it wouldn't surprise me if she eventually returns to it if soaps still exist in a few years time.
  19. GH: Passanante OUT!

    I still can't believe that some people buy into this whole "I choose to quit" - if anything it's a case of jumping before getting pushed.
  20. Underground

    $5 million an episode is insane. Surely, there must be a way to cut those costs significantly? I've noticed that these cable network that started investing in scripted shows a few years ago are now bailing on the idea - first it was A&E getting out of the scripted game with Bates Motel ending and now it's WGN.
  21. Twin Peaks

    The cut Truman / Lucy scene actually explains her reaction about cellphones. "How did you get up here?" And yes, there's a follow up to the cliffhanger in "The Missing Pieces", which becomes even more eerie with the new season.
  22. I feel like Days of our Lives have become too pro-pot with all this liberal nonsense.
  23. Twin Peaks

    I'm actually watching The Missing Pieces right now and it's essential Twin Peaks viewing and not just random scenes. First of all - Cooper know Diane in person. He talks to her in a doorway, though she is unseen. Secondly, Moira Kelly is so underrated in the Twin Peaks universe. She should've returned for... uhm, The Return as she's such a big part of Laura's life. "It's happening again" - cries Sarah Palmer in The Missing Pieces.
  24. Melrose Place

    ^ I guess that's a promo for the Jane leaves episode. I guess everyone was thinking Kimberly was finally dying, so it was right.
  25. Twin Peaks

    I forgot how obnoxious David Lynch can be #IKnowWhereSheDrinks