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  1. Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    And the show sort-of acknowledges that with Hattie making fun of it. But this dopplegänger storyline is dumb, but it will reveal the inevitable return of... DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUN!
  2. I hear Marcy Walker was going to be the original Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place - Wood of course being a tribute the her walking. Because wood can't walk! Harr harr!
  3. Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    I mean Anjelica's plan just doesn't make sense - but does it have to make sense? And finally Marcy Miller gets to play Abby a bit snappier and she pulls it off!
  4. Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    "Trashy" is even better. This is stupid, bit hey, over Dena? I'll take it. God damn I'll take it.
  5. Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    Watching Ron's first day I will say... the lines are sharper and bitchier. It's entertaining, if a bit stupid.
  6. I hear Marcy was originally going to be cast as Cookie and Luscious on Empire. This Is Us is trying to book her for a lead role, but she's like "nope, too successful" - what a Queen!
  7. Forgettable, just like the show in itself.
  8. Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    This is just one of the issues with their insane shooting schedule - the younger new cast just never have any chance to to keep up. It's like throwing a baby in the water. Of course, there's hopeless cases like Jovanni, but the production doesn't help. He's really desperate to keep his job I guess.
  9. DAYS Return Spoiled?

    Well, that would be random for Eugene to return, but reading up on his character history it would make sense as it sounds like the mad camp that Ron supposedly loves plus it would help explain why Will is back from the dead (it's an Haitian curse!)
  10. Paradise Beach: Discussion Thread

    Weirdly, I do. It aired here in the daytime and I remember watching it, but I mostly remember the theme song. "DO-DO-DO-DO-DOOO-DOO! Under the sun..."
  11. Yes - at least Carlivanti would milk those hot shirtless guys deserted on an island to the end.
  12. Days: July 2017 Discussion Thread

    I haven't watched anything he's written, but from what I can tell the guy is shallow camp. However, considering the current show is a borefest shallow camp is, by all accounts, an upgrade. Not the best sort of upgrade - it's a bit like going from a shitty operating system to a less shitty operating system, but it's at least better.
  13. I don't think even the most devoted viewers know what the hell his backstory is anymore...
  14. Surprised that people haven't commented more on how Eileen pretty much implied her return to DAYS: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWQm41sF6dl/?taken-by=eileendavidsonofficial ... because why on earth would Days be an issue schedulingwise?
  15. Victoria Rowell's Rich and the Ruthless

    "Blue Zylla"... how subtle.
  16. Melrose Place

    Marcy Walker is offered all the roles.
  17. Melrose Place

    Melrose Place turns 25! http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/melrose-place-oral-history-marcia-cross-heather-locklear-grant-show-darren-star-look-back-1016500 Nice to see Calabro talking about the show again.
  18. FX's Feud

    After her sister died, the Dame probably have a lot of free time to spend on petty FEUDS. And while beauty is subjective... come on. She looked better than CZJ
  19. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    I liked Deb's Kate, but if she had stayed I really doubt they would've gone down the villainess route with her. I just don't see it - Adair couldn't pull off being a villainess on Dynasty in the fourth season, so she couldn't have pulled off Koslow's Kate. On the other hand, I don't think Koslow could've pulled off Adair's Kate. Ying and yang and all that.
  20. Twin Peaks

    I guess the sequence with the woman, the giant and glowing Laura ball is supposed to be the infamous "White Lodge" sending good Laura to counter evil Bob and the Black Lodge? The original FWWM script was apparently supposed to be set in the 50s and explain (well, in Lynchian terms) how the Black Lodge came to be - I guess with a huge nuclear explosion!
  21. ... which is a shame because their family ties are a lot better than some of the previous teen sets. Character wise most of them should be important but a lot of them are just so awful it's painful to watch, not to mention the "watching paint dry" writing.
  22. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    From what I remember Deb's Kate didn't come off as a villainess at all - the character got a complete make-over once Lauren stepped into the role and as you said has been pretty one-note villainess for at least 15 years now.
  23. DAYS: June 2017 Discussion Thread

    Oh I don't know - was he shirtless and rubbing himself in baby oil?
  24. Who should replace Jean Passanante?

    A piece of broccoli.
  25. Who should replace Jean Passanante?

    A bowling ball with a bit of lipstick smeared on it.