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  1. I don't think they'll drastically age Allie and Johnny based on the fact that it would make Sami older. They sort of just let Will grow up and never made drastic jumps in his age, so they might make that the case for Allie and Johnny too.
  2. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    It's silly that even at that point they felt the need to have a Krystle/Alexis duke out - and this was in season three! I guess at least it was not as bad as the reunion where they fought over a [!@#$%^&*] brooch.

    Abby *sort of* tried to push him towards being a better and more successful person. Then he went and screwed it up - as usual. But their relationship is like the Amanda / Jake relationship on Melrose Place - why would such a smart person go after a loser?

    Gary is an awful person if we're being honest. Why do people want him to be with, well, ANYONE? He deserved to drive off that cliff instead of Sid.

    What on earth was the point of Kenny and Ginger anyway? Four seasons and 75 episodes - yet they made zero impact. "Night" really defines them - they go away in the beginning of the episode, then Richard takes Laura hostage and everyone on the street is fretting, it gets resolved, then seemingly Ginger and Kenny returns oblivious to what went down.
  6. Morgan probably had it in her contract that her character couldn't be older that mid-50s (she's 67 irl)
  7. Eh, Anjelica was hardly important to the canvas so I don't really mind. She was off the show for almost 30 years, came back as a recast and is now gone again. Hopefully this one stays dead.
  8. Well, considering she's leaving it makes sense to make it her to be honest.
  9. Hannibal: Discussion Thread

    From what I understand it was all about waiting for the rights to expire - I guess it was licensed for five years originally and assuming they didn't extend it it's now up for grabs. Now begins trying to get someone interested and then getting the cast together... yeah at least two years, if not three. I guess they could do a time-jump in the series itself.
  10. Still Star-Crossed: Discussion Thread

    The resilience of Grey's is truly impressive and I'd bet that it stands for a lot of the revenue that Shondaland has earnt ABC - Scandal rode really high for a few seasons, but had an ugly crash for the past two seasons. How To Get Away With Murder had a strong first season, but started crashing, ratingswise in the second. Scandal and Murder are now mid-level performers - not awful, but not very impressive. I imagine Scandal is getting too expensive though to be a mid-level performer, so that's done. Private Practice ran for a somewhat impressive six seasons, but was never more than a mid-level performer for ABC. The Catch, Off the Map and Still Star-Crossed were bombs. Still, she has legal drama For The People coming midseason plus the untitled Grey's spin-off for ABC, so it doesn't seem like she's done with them. Though supposedly ABC wants to move away from serialised shows into a more procedural direction, so maybe it's the right time for her to jump ship.
  11. Dynasty Discussion Thread

    I couldn't stand Dex, especially when he was in G.I. Dex mode. I was glad that he "didn't fare well" after the balcony fall. Possibly the only thing I liked about the dreadful reunion.
  12. It was pretty obvious that CBS did a desperate retooling of the show - apparently Darren Star more or less admitted that he had the rug pulled from under his feet and basically had no control over those last eight episodes where Camille Marchetta took over and turned it into Dynasty. They more or less wrote out several of the younger cast members - Stephanie (though Mariel used her exit option she had with the 13th episode), Peter, Alex (dead), Mark (dead) and even poor Nikki's resolution to her own storyline was cut out of the 14th episode in the US airings (I believe they cut in some Alex / Peter / Robin scenes instead) and she pretty much made a random appearance to have drinks with Carrie and that was it. She was most likely done too. They had already commited to 22 episodes of CPW before it even aired as a way of enticing Darren to leave Fox - though they only produced 21 episodes; I assume one was cut to fund the revamp. Too bad it didn't work out and didn't get to see what Darren had planned originally (apparently the divorce trial between Allen / Linda was going to be a huge spectacle and not the wet fart it ended up being)
  13. Also, I so don't expect a follow-up on the dopplegänger storyline on Wednesdays episode. And by the way, isn't the area outside the Brady pub supposed to be fairly populated? Crap, I know they are starved for cash and can't afford extras, but come on... I'd assume that the Brady pub actually turns a profit so people would be going in and out of it, especially at breakfast hour (as shown by Anjelica offering Adrienne breakfast)... Why am I even trying to make sense of this plot?
  14. God, Galen has been acting in soap operas for what 20 years? How can he be so stale? Yeah, this dopplegänger storyline is what it is. In my head I just tend to put a laugh track to it. There's no need to overanalyze it.
  15. Oh, I don't know. Twink porn tends to like guys with long hair. Not that I'd know of course.
  16. Dear Lord, a piece of cardboard has better acting skills than "Joey". He pretty much ruined what could've been a really intense scene, but I just laughed. Kayla, Tripp and Patch all delivered, but he's just so bad.
  17. Why would Kayla have a scalpel in her purse? O_o
  18. Did Marcy Walker (as Eden on Santa Barbara) ever go loony? Sweden actually really liked Santa Barbara to the point they aired it here in reruns in the early 2000s. Or was she just a Rapunzel?
  19. Victoria Rowell's Rich and the Ruthless

    Of course "politics" could've gotten in the way - or the script that she presented them just sucked (I can't judge this, since I haven't seen it). Or she asked for too much money (not likely considering the obscure channel she went with) - either way she didn't exactly go to this no-budget channel as a first-choice. It was probably her only choice.
  20. Wednesday - is that awful "Incoming call coming..." thing a new thing or has it been there? Doesn't work. Works on shows like Jane the Virgin, but not on Days.
  21. Watching Tuesdays episode... another Daniel mention. PLEASE STOP. And if Daniel gets a dopplegänger I might actually kill someone.
  22. Victoria Rowell's Rich and the Ruthless

    Don't you think she pitched this project to them? The truth is probably that everyone turned her down.
  23. OMFG YEESSSSSSSSSSS! I hope they do her justice!
  24. He's still on it as far as I know.