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  1. So if The Talk gets ripped off the air, can we get ATWT back?

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    2. dragonflies


      I'd love that but CBS wouldn't be invested in it, I don't want anything half assed, and that'd be CBS

    3. ChitHappens


      No network would be invested in resurrecting ATWT.  Look at the effort put into what they already have.  I prefer pulling up my soaps on YT.  They don't have to be in order as I watch.  I randomly pic AW and RH and have at it.  

    4. DramatistDreamer


      I'd rather PGP make classic episodes from 1979 to 1989 (for starters) available.  That alone would be a big undertaking because of the sheer volume.

      *In fantasy land, I wouldn't mind a limited run "do over" as an alternate rewrite of some of the worst written characterizations/storylines.*


      I wouldn't want to pick up from where ATWT left off when it was canceled--it was pretty horrid by then.


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