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  1. Meghan McCain needs to go. She sucks on The View!

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    2. YurSoakinginit


      I'm a liberal, yet found that Jed presented her opinions with substance, respect for her colleagues, and a willingness to listen. She was someone who, though you may disagree with much of what she says, you could still sit down and enjoy lunch with. McCain is odd, and sometimes reads as petulant... her sometimes-focus on Joy (at least during the first week - I've since stopped watching) was kind of bizarre. I caught an episode earlier this week, and she still looks uncomfortable & stiff. And that voice... ABC really thought this was a winning formula?

    3. NothinButAttitude


      Oh she still has a fixation for wanting to take on Joy. She did it today, and she tried to take on Nancy Pelosi today too. Today was dreadful as we had both Paula and Meghan on. Ugh!

    4. slick jones

      slick jones

      She'll be gone soon enough. I seriously see her walking off the set in the next few weeks.  Paula does nothing for the show,except irritate.