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  1. 17 hours ago, Cheap21 said:
    Candiace looks so foolish getting a timeout from her husband bc she cant control herself
    Dorothy is evil. I think she resents Candiace bc she is her father's child. She sees the man that she hates when she looks at Candiace which allows her to treat her like sh-t
    Gizelle is so damn messy. Even her gay friend was over her


    I came here to post that exact photo, haha!


    Potomac was FIRE last night. So good.

  2. Yep, saw the #GoodbyeKyle "challenge" Instagram stories of Kyle (however, she personally didn't do it, she's even chicken to do that, she let her friend and an Uber driver do it for her), Dorito, Lisa Rinna (+Harry Hamlin + her mom), Erika and her gays and Teddi.


    I hope LVP eviscerates them at the reunion and then quits the show.

  3. Has anyone realized Erika and Rinna basically have nothing to offer to the show this season? Especially Erika, at least Rinna had a garden photoshoot.


    I know people loved "Goodbye Kyle" moment, but this was my personal favourite one:


  4. 6 hours ago, Taoboi said:

    Well, Bravo suuuuuuure is making it hard to catch repeats of BH and NY....not that I hating any BELOW DECK episodes. That said...


    But wasn't the rumor that once LVP vanishes off from the group that either Camille becomes the target or that Season 1 Camille pops up again in full instead of the flashes of her we have been getting the last few seasons? 


    I don't know if they all gang up on Camille or there's just that fight with Rinna about Brett Kavanaugh.

  5. RHOBH:


    Another yawny episode considering this whole "LVP takedown" is a giant pile of bullcrap. BTW, the confessionals are filmed way after the footage on the show, right? Because I saw that both Erika and Dorit kinda see that Teddi is full of [!@#$%^&*] in their confessionals but are way more obsessed with taking LVD down.


    The biggest laugh of the episode was when they showed Rinna for a split second with her garden photoshoot and even though she almost didn't interact with any other housewife beside Denise and her segment was about a freaking photoshoot she still managed to talk about LVP in her confessionals. Like, how more obsessed with this woman can you be?


    Truth be told, imagine how long would this episode be if they cut everything LVP. We would have Denise/Aaron talking about their wedding, Lips with her photoshoot and Kyle crying over her kid going to college. I am scared to think what this show will look like when LVP drops off canvas.

  6. (Kyle last night talking about Lisa to Teddi)

    "She fucked Dorit and she fucked you."


    (Kyle the next day to Lisa)

    "Girl, let's go shopping (although I'm not buying anything) so you can tell me WHAT'S GOING ON although you keep telling me you don't want to talk about it.




    With friends like these you sure as hell don't need enemies.


    I'm not even going to comment on Rinna's and Erika's [!@#$%^&*]. And then Dorit telling Teddi she believes her COMPLETELY at the dinner table. Still, I think the girls didn't think Lisa would just walk away from the tearing down, they wanted her to go ballistic and it backfired in their faces so much.


    P.S. Teddi is not backing down on Twitter, though Kyle seems to keep trying coming back under Lisa's wing. She's quite desperate.

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