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  1. Why did Sami and Chelsea hate each other? Skip to 7:48. Thats quite the heated exchange. Did Sami also hate Billie bc she calls her a whore in this clip. Its weird bc Sami asked Chelsea to be at her wedding and is quite cordial with her in the next clip. What happened between those episodes to get them to be so vile to one another? Or was this a different wedding? I cant keep track with Sami. Chelsea even insults her by saying "how many wedding dresses do you own by now?"

    The first wedding was the 2005 "Stan" wedding and was written by Riley who just wrote Sami as hateful all the time. The second clip was right before the Sami/Lucas 2007 wedding and was during the whole Sami redemption arc therefore a kindler gentler Sami.

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