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  1. A lot of Trump voters will not support him again. Some of them were actually conned and had to learn the hard way. The Democratic nominee has to have a strong rural recovery plan to win back some Obama-Trump voters.

  2. DeSantis won't disclose which counties were hacked which says a lot. He trailed in every poll last year but he somehow managed to win. It's true that polling isn't always accurate but it wouldn't be surprising if he got a boost from Moscow. I still believe that evidence will turn up that voters were actually tampered with in 2016 but it's hard to believe that Russia didn't go that far to assure that Trump would win.


    If that isn't true then it surely will be true next year. Just wait for precincts to mysteriously have their ballot boxes go missing or for votes to be destroyed in "accidents".

  3. Stephanie Forrester: She did often go too far, but she was protective of her children and even stepped up for Bridget (her diatribe against Brooke and Deacon is still thrilling to watch).


    Victoria Lord: She was always concerned about her children, but was never really a meddling type (at least from portions of the show I've seen). And you have to love how she temporarily shook off Tori and emerged when Jessica was trapped in the fire at Llanfair.



  4. 1 hour ago, Khan said:

    Another one: Robin Wright (Penn).  I can only imagine what goes through her mind whenever anyone asks her about SANTA BARBARA.


    Conversely, Julianne Moore has never bad-mouthed HER time on ATWT, and she was almost TOO good for daytime.

    Her returning for the finale was huge, so I have to imagine that she was grateful for her time there. And soap operas are a good training ground from what I've read so probably gained a lot of skill from being on the show.

  5. There really is no limit to what these people will do to maintain power or to destroy opposition. Jacob Wohl tried to do the same thing to Robert Mueller while the collusion investigation was still occurring. During the Bush administration some Republicans would like to say that Democrats were engaging in politics of personal destruction, but it was always Republicans who were really doing that and now it has really escalated.

  6. The fact that B&B even had Ridge and Bridgette kiss was wrong even if they had already been retconned as siblings.


    Brad Carlton married Traci and Ashley, was engaged to Nikki and later married Victoria.


    23 minutes ago, allmc2008 said:

    I can see why the writers may find almost-incest hot though.

    I find the idea of Eileen Fulton torn between two adopted granddaughters (played by Robin Strasser and Judith Chapman) HOT AS [!@#$%^&*].


    Oh, and them doing a 'Marge' story with Eric Braden/Victor. In this case, Victor's doppelganger being a leather-daddy. Soon after his arrival, Nick finds out he is bisexual and they form a polly relationship with Phillip AND Chance.  Hell, they could do pup play. Maybe they could even do some piss play or scat or blood?


    Most of what I see that shouldn't be done are these basic-ass ones.  We need daytime to reflect the world at large, tbh.

    What in the heck?

  7. Any historical value of the wedding scene was hard to enjoy considering that Smollett did something in real life that reflected poorly on black and LGBT people (not saying that all black and LGBT people would behave like he did, but ignorant people will use him to stereotype them). I think a lot of black people feel like he deserves a pass because they want to play the same game that white people have for years and that is to do wrong without facing consequences. To some it's about evening the score as opposed to actually equality.

  8. In the last primary they lamented the fact that many of them couldn't vote in the New York primary because it is closed and only Democrats can vote. Of course New York does have a very early close of registration to change your party, but a lot of these independents and others who support Sanders didn't even want to join the Democratic Party at all because they do not like it. They really have no good ideas or plans other than ranting about the establishment.


    After the 2016 election a lot of them took over the delegate spots for the state convention and seats for the boards that help decide strategy at local levels. All they did was create tension and after last years delegate elections most of them lost or didn't run because they were in over their heads. One of them ousted the head of a Democratic club that I used to belong to and she was quite difficult to work with and she is no longer leading the club as of last year. She actually was so horrible that the Sanders group had thrown her out. Lots of bad tempered and negative people support Sanders.

  9. It's really uncomfortable how soaps use that as a plot device. I remember being unnerved even as a child by Marty Saybrooke being raped on OLTL and how Todd eventually became a normal character. Marty had been somewhat of a villain before then when she lied on Andrew and I felt like that her being toned down after the rape story line was not a good look. Having a character raped to make them sympathetic doesn't seem right at all.


    Another time it really bothered me was with Brooke on B&B. It really damaged the character of Stephanie when she sent Andy after Brooke and it seemed like the rape was an implied punishment for Brooke being with so many men. That one still bothers me.


    And the absolute worst was on Passions when Theresa was raped by Alistair and Gwen turned the music up really loud to so Ethan couldn't hear it and help Theresa. Even for fiction that was just too evil to portray a woman allowing another woman to be assaulted and not help her because of romantic rivalry.

  10. They were going to come after Buttigieg anyway because he is going to win some of the softer, saner Sanders voters from 2016. This will be their excuse to go homophobic which I'm sure they were waiting to do. Plenty of them have racist tendencies so there really is no limit to how low they will stoop.

  11. I know credit card companies have to collect, but this just seems heartless. It's even sadder that there is division between the family over a fairly small amount of money. The minimum that a soap actor can make per union rules is $2500 an episode so if Kristoff wasn't on much he wouldn't have had too much money in the bank when you consider he lived in expensive California.

  12. If the report had recommended charges then Democrats would have had a better chance at filing impeachment. Instead it's basically a situation where there was clear wrongdoing but not enough hard evidence to bring charges. There is no legal precedent that lines up with much of what Trump and his campaign did, plus Trump Jr. avoided charges due to ignorance.


    With all that said there is plenty in the report to draft legislation that defines  collusion and strengthens penalties for foreign money and assistance in elections, plus add tools to secure elections. If Republicans vote against that or Trump vetoes it, then Democrats can create a good narrative going into the election. "Keep other countries out of our elections" and "preserve our democracy" are exactly the sort of phrases that play on voters patriotism and in a diverse way.

  13. Looked into a few pages of the Mueller Report, particularly the details of interference. Much of the social media details of that we already knew, including the fact that they co-opted the Black Lives Matter banner. There is a portion that says that Russia got in contact with someone's family, but the name of the family is redacted.


    Russia clearly violated our campaign finance laws with thousands and thousands of dollars in expenditures in favor of Trump. They basically acted a dark money PAC, so they should be heavily sanctioned.

  14. It's surprising that they are still even doing the awards since daytime is so limited now. Four soaps is too low of a number to even be competitive and all the shows are just getting nominations for existing which is pathetic. The fact that all of Days of Our Lives' wins have been post cancellation of the other soaps is sort of embarrassing. It is sad because I remember how prestigious the Daytime Emmys were despite daytime never being as respected as primetime. Now it's just like a chamber of commerce banquet or something.

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