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  1. 556265060163679961_1431840004.jpgReturn To Santa Barbara    July 30, 2018   

  2. RTSB returns Monday July 30, 2018- Major Santa Barbara character and ex-Y&R actress to appear for the first time on 'RTSB' .   


    It's not who you think!

    Episode 107.  Return to SANTA BARBARA

    Be there.



    (L to R) Maura West as Joann Walsh,                         Victor Webster as Chip Castillo                        Kristen Meadows as Victoria Lane

  3. Missing the good old days of crazy soap news that would set SON on fire. It hasn't happened in a lonnnnng time.

    1. jfung79


      Can you give some examples? I feel like all the Prospect Park news set SON on fire.

    2. aMLCproduction


      When Jer returned to Days the 2nd time

    3. juniorz1


      That's a good example. When Peter Bergman called Victoria Rowell "crazy." The [s.W.S.N.B.N.] madness. That kind of stuff. The Prospect Park threads are just endless repetition of the same mantras. Drama isn't brought any closer in those threads.

  4. My long-missed blog, "Return to Santa Barbara," is back. Don't miss it!!

  5. No computer access at home. Working on bringing back SB talk show in the fall with former cast members as guests. And a little something with Patrick Mulcahey....

    1. aMLCproduction


      Good luck with that my fellow writer. Esp with the writing interviews

  6. Does anyone know where the old SON Top 10 lists are archived? I'd love to go back and check them out...

  7. I miss Bellcurve & Sylph. A lot.

    1. Show previous comments  58 more
    2. quartermainefan


      how anyone could defend Bellcurve is beyond me. There is not a single redeeming quality to what little personality he has. I hope he is reading me saying this. The guy was a nasty prick who hopped from thread to thread for the express and sole intent of harassing people.

    3. juniorz1


      For the record, I am NOT nor have I ever been bellcurve. Just because we agreed on some isssues a lot of the time and that I miss him and Sylph doesn't mean I'm home.

      Sylph PMed me when he saw my status- he has simply chosen not to post anymore, as he also sees the inmates are running the asylum. I believe what happened to bellcurve waw the final nail. For the record, Sylph was never banned either and I firmly believe He & bellcurve arent the same person.

    4. Soapsuds


      Well thank gawd for miracles. Bellcurve brought this all on himself. He has no one to blame but himself. 2 for the price of 1. Sounds good to me. Good riddance!!

  8. I want more votes in the SON Dream Ballot! Keep em coming guys!

  9. Please vote in the SON Daytime Emmy Dream Ballot. I'm giving everyone plenty of time because last year's turnout was underwhelming.

  10. Ok, I just read on the main page that the SON Top 10 is indeed coming back. If it's true, I'm SO excited!

  11. Remembers a time when trolls got banned from here, not "rescued"

    1. bellcurve
    2. JackPeyton


      haha... i wish we could have a whole thread discussing the goodl old days of son!

    3. Sylph


      LOLOLOL! Jack, that would be fab.

  12. if anyone could wire my best friend 25 bucks so he can get his medication tonight, I'd greatly appreciate it. PM me for my phone number

  13. I hate seeing that I have a warn status now. 6 years, free & clear, and......

    1. Soapsuds


      eh..mine is almost a year old and I still have the warning. I wont be hare much longer once ATWT is gone....

  14. Just watched My So-Called Life episode 12- "Self Esteem". Won't spoil what happens for AMS, but I WILL say that I truly believe it was the finest hour ever produced on television.

    1. All My Shadows

      All My Shadows

      I haven't even gotten to #1 yet. And oddly enough, for shows that I know have very few episodes, I prefer to be unspoiled haha Long-running ones, I don't care.

  15. We'll be watching together All My Shadows- I'm on ep 9 or 10 I think. Giiven that we share the same bday, I have confidence you'll like it. FYI: Claire Danes' bday is April 12

  16. No nomination for Sharon Case. :( No nomination for Stacy Haiduk ***does happy dance***

  17. Ok.......not sure what I did but...it was fun posting with you I guess.

  18. hmmm, I wonder who you are? LMAO

  19. Is that you & Judith in your picture Mel? You little devill.....

  20. I knew it- you're an Aries. We're the best, no?

  21. Oh how I've missed my former partner in crime....

  22. Hey! We've been missing your posts and your green text. SON needs all the Aries it can get!!!

  23. Welcome to SON!!! Any friend of Wendy's is a friend of mine :)

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