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  1. Hopefully Bergman doesn't call ICE on Eva.
  2. Chelsea Lawson & Chloe Mitchell
  3. Victoria & Nick have always had complex relationships with Adam. Victoria has NEVER cared for Adam (even before SORASING). Nick grudgingly cared about Adam (as a kid) then pretty much hated him (as an adult). Abby also never liked Adam (but for very different reasons than either Victoria or Nick).
  4. Villy need to be separated immediately.
  5. And in another six months Eva Tamargo as the Rosales father's new wife will appear
  6. Reggie & Dani were ruined for Josh.
  7. Barbara Crampton should've returned years ago.
  8. Why does this show dress Traci like a fortune teller?
  9. The younger group is missing a good vixen.
  10. The Lola/Kyle/Summer stuff is awful.
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