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  1. Without factoring in miscarriages, Sharon only has/had four kids. However Nick should've stopped having children after Cassie's death.
  2. Ryan made Chase redundant.
  3. It was simple. Traci wanted Jack as the godfather and Brad wanted Ashley as the godmother. Neither (Brad or Traci) was happy about those choices, so they settled on Victor (Brad) & Mamie (Traci) as Colleen's godparents. Almost as weird? Neil nearly being Abby's godfather. Actually Brad & Victor were fairly close during that period (so it made sense AND he got to stick it to Jack). +1.
  4. That's no worse than Lauren & Phyllis being "best friends" which nobody had much of a problem with.
  5. +1. Yes! And Michael LOVES the Mary Sue girls. He adored Cricket & Mary Williams.
  6. When Morrow tries he is a solid young actor that is completely capable of carrying B stories but ever since the dreaded Shick/Phick debacle the writers have given up on writing for the character and focused solely on writing to the actor (while they write for everyone else around Nick/Morrow) which leads them to featuring Nick into more and more outlandish stories because the actor is not (and has never been) capable of carrying the entire show on his shoulders.
  7. RIP Cameron Boyce

    1. dragonflies


      OMG RIP. Way too young :(

    2. YRfan23


      I still can't believe it :( 

    3. ReddFoxx


      To die at only 20 is incredibly tragic. He was quite close to his television siblings and reading their tributes to him is heartbreaking.

  8. Morrow had actually grown into a solid young actor (the hatred for him now is NOTHING compared to the 2-3 year span when Nick initially dominated the show). But then around the aftermath of Cassie's death the writers began writing to the actor and not the character and Morrow became really lazy. It also didn't help that Sharon Case continued to knock everything she was given (for better or for worse) out of the park.
  9. You will LOVE early Dru.
  10. Ana can do better than Summer's scraps.
  11. Someone should tell DG he isn't going anywhere because he fills that non-Newman/Abbott 40+ white male slot. That's why Y&R kept his useless ass around after gutting the rest of the Barber/Winters.
  12. What was the point of Dark Horse again?
  13. It's Eva Tamargo & Galen Gering all over again.
  14. The Little Mermaid!

  15. Still can't believe Kristoff is gone.
  16. You always say this despite it giving Jess Walton some of the greatest material of her entire run.
  17. Goddard survives solely because he fills the non-Newman/Abbott 40+ white male slot.
  18. Y&R's last classic year was 2003. Y&R had an INCREDIBLE run from 98 to the summer of 03 but the autumn & winter of that year is when the trouble really began. And it's been downhill ever since.
  19. What was the point of Dark Horse?
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