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  1. Hopefully Bergman doesn't call ICE on Eva.
  2. Victoria & Nick have always had complex relationships with Adam. Victoria has NEVER cared for Adam (even before SORASING). Nick grudgingly cared about Adam (as a kid) then pretty much hated him (as an adult). Abby also never liked Adam (but for very different reasons than either Victoria or Nick).
  3. Villy need to be separated immediately.
  4. And in another six months Eva Tamargo as the Rosales father's new wife will appear
  5. Reggie & Dani were ruined for Josh.
  6. Barbara Crampton should've returned years ago.
  7. Why does this show dress Traci like a fortune teller?
  8. The younger group is missing a good vixen.
  9. The Lola/Kyle/Summer stuff is awful.
  10. Initially Vicki had the most importance in the Barber Winters orbit (Y&R went to great lengths at various times to keep her around including BB once declaring her irreplaceable) with Shemar (beginning with his marriage to Olivia) a close second. After Shemar exited (among several other actors), ratings began to slide (part of a genre-wide trend) & Vicki was once again on contract, the power shifted to him. They practically begged him to return the first time only to thoroughly waste him to the point where he refused to return for the better part of a decade. Hence the huge media circus for his 2 day stint several years ago. Meanwhile Veronica & Tonya got (and continue to get) NOTHING (except extremely rare guest appearances).
  11. The Patels were one of the best things about the waning years of OLTL.
  12. That's what happens when you're solely restricted to dating within your family.
  13. Wait until somebody introduces world of Daytime to the concept of Afrolatinxs. 🧐
  14. Missandei 🙁

  15. Nikki running for Senate had potential (like her time at Jabot which many initially were skeptical about yet turned out to be fantastic) but the show never had any intention of centering any of it about Nikki. Had the show really focused on Nikki revisiting (and being proud of) her blue collar roots as it proposed to in the beginning, then Y&R would've had the makings of a fantastic story. One that a veteran of MTS caliber so richly deserves. But as always (like when Y&R references her time as a stripper) it's just to humiliate the character. Ironically the Dina story as terrible as it is/was has involved Eileen giving some of the best performances of her career.
  16. Which Y&R shouldn't have been surprised about since that's the same way she exited initially.
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