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  1. Adam, Chelsea, Kevin, Chloe (though I really like the actress), Chance, Phyllis, Rey and Theo should leave the canvas and make room for more interesting -or less damaged- characters. JG could not even make MM's return interesting. Amanda Sinclair is nothing more than a new Leslie Michaelson. Lola and Kyle should be given a Harry/Meghan storyline. Abby needs to grow up as a character. How about deciding to raise a baby on her own? Asking a friend to help her get pregnant ala Santa Barbara's Julia? Jack and Jill having to get married in order to save Jabot would be fun. Victoria needs a rest as a character. Phillip Chancellor IV is written the wrong way. He should not be an action hero called Chance. He would be far more interesting as an activist - a modern day Brock- with his father's sensitivity, involved in a different kind of story. Scott Grainger Jr. was ruined the same way. He was always meant to be a doctor. Nate would better fit as an executive, not a doctor. Any news on a new writer?
  2. The Clay/Ava idea sounds good, but I never cared for RM or JH in the role (for different reasons). Once the charismatic Roya was gone and the Alex Masters saga started I was done with them. All of the sudden the aristocratic Clay was involved in a mess straight out of Days and GH. The Aldens were not the family for this kind of story. Could you imagine John or Jack Abbott in a Rambo saga? Lisa Peluso' s Ava was an airhead. Roya's character hid her pain behind her greed.
  3. Early Ava was more like Nola Reardon. She seemed more like a Marland creation. Rick was more or less like early Curtis at first. Curtis/Stacey/Jack/Ava was the story that should have been told. There was no real need for a Rick, but new writers and producers every other week will only harm a show.
  4. I just watched a 2017 movie called "Ingrid Goes West" on Netflix and Joseph Breen of GL, ATWT and Loving fame, played a small part. It was a nice surprise. His previous IMDB credit was in 1993, playing Scott on ATWT.
  5. "Chance" should be older than Billy. He was born in the late 80s. Can we please call him Phillip now? The name Phillip Chancellor means so much to this show.
  6. I always thought that Dennehy's Blake was Beth Raines. Any suggestions for a Blake recast instead of Keifer?
  7. KKL spent several weeks here in Greece filming a soap opera called 8 Words.
  8. Dina's shocking secret is publicly revealed, she and Stuart Brooks had an illegitimate child together! Ashley and Traci team-up to find out what happened to that lost child, and realize that a lost relative of theirs may already be in Genoa City involved with the Abbots! ... Theo? Is he really that interesting that he has to be connected to the Abbott and the Brooks (!) families? He is so generic and flat, like someone from early 00's OLTL. Here is a horrible idea: Colin is Dina's son and the Abbott/Brooks relative is Cane. If I hadn't read the spoilers I would go with that. I hate these random rewrites. Y&R was never that kind of a show. They never had to make Nina, Ryan or Brad John's kid. I d rather see Amanda as an Abbott instead of Theo, but at this point JG has no idea what he is writing and he seems bored and uninspired.
  9. Hi Donna, welcome to this board. No, this text was not huge and trust me, on a soap board there will always be people around who have time to read just about anything about their shows. I understand that you are very excited about joining this soap community, we are all equal members here. Nobody gets to intimidate anybody. Each board has its own identity and "rules", try understanding how things work around here and you will have an amazing time.
  10. I can't stand Stafford's energy and there has been no reason for Phyllis to be around in many many years.
  11. Nobody gets to tell anybody to "enjoy what we have left or walk away". Most of the times the ones who eventually go away are the ones who can't deal with the break up of their supercouple or the leaving of the actor they are obsessing over. And they leave on their own because they have nothing to talk about.
  12. This new hotel has to be the worst Y&R set ever. It is really Days bad or is it just bad camera work and the flat lighting?
  13. She looks amazing. All she needs is a Jill wig and with the right makeup and clothes she could be a very welcome return on Y&R (since Jess Walton isn't interested in coming back full time).
  14. Wow, these articles are amazing! Thank you so much!
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