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  1. 33 minutes ago, DaytimeFan said:


    That's the irony about Taylor: her fake life was totally real. 


    I've lost count of the number of lawsuits facing Dorit, Erika and their respective husbands (oh and let's not forget about Mauricio's too, though I'm sure we won't be hearing about them) and Teddi is a total bore. I'd welcome Taylor back over all of them in a heartbeat.


    And I'm absolutely for a return of Faye Resnick. She's a fascinating 90s Hollywood relic. 

    Taylor and Faye would be an amazing to spark considering we’re about to get a season of the ladies complimenting each others outfits.

  2. On 10/10/2019 at 10:56 AM, Faulkner said:

    How has Amanda been received by the rest of Genoa City? Has much been made by Jack, Phyllis, Mariah, et al of her resemblance to Hilary? This all sounds so mundane for the introduction of a Hilary doppelgänger, especially considering how central Hilary was to a lot of characters.

    Phyllis didn’t even acknowledge that she has the same face as her dead best friend.

  3. RHOC


    Pretty uneventful episode, but still enjoyable. I was shocked that I enjoyed seeing Jesus Jugs but it’s probablh cause she’s free of that sloth Jim. God he’s up there as an all time worst Househusband.


    Gina at this point is looking for reasons to not like Emily. Have we ever seen someone turn on their Besty this fast before? It’s clear she’s just trying to keep her place on the show secure by aligning with Tamra and Shannon and to a lesser extent Vicki.


    I can’t see how they don’t give Vicki her orange back next season. It just feels like RHOC when she’s around. Braunwyn should’ve just been a friend of.

  4. So Stafford’s Phyllis sees a woman with the exact same face as her dead best friend and there’s zero reaction. 


    I already had had my fears that Stanford wouldn’t have the same chemistry with Mishael as Gina did, but the writers didn’t even try to acknowledge the relationship between Hillary and Phyllis. Boooooo

  5. On 10/3/2019 at 10:31 AM, Cheap21 said:


    Crackie Z: "Thats really weird that she (OG) would come around this group, knowing she was texting him (Chad)"

    I guess she doesnt know that Evelyn f--ked Tami's ex husband while they were married

    The bitches calling OG a homewrecker. WTF? What home did OG wreck? Chad and Ev didnt divorce bc he was cheating with OG. She claimed she was abused. WTF?!? And she needs to pick what Chad is. She said she contacted him as a friend bc she wanted to let him know someone was talking about him but in the previews for the reunion she said she wont share the stage with somene taunting her with her abuser. She doesnt make sense


    Evelyn thought she had some reciepts but OG hit her like




    If OG is in fact fired, I am dropping this show just like the last time the bullying got out of control and the show was subsequently cancelled. Shaunie and company have not learned their lesson. People dont want to see their mean girl antics

    These bitches are complete and utter hypocrites.


    OG hasn’t laid hands on a single person. Evelyn has hit people, chased people down, thrown [!@#$%^&*] at people but now they’re scared of OG because she doesn’t back down to that ho.


    It was hilarious that after OG pulled the real receipts, the girls suddenly decided to spin the story from OG lying to now OG is a home wrecker. Give me a goddamn break.


    And now on the reunion Evelyn says she won’t share the stage with someone taunting her with her abuser, the same abuser she decided to get receipts from. Dumb bitch.

  6. 14 hours ago, Donna B said:

    So, today, we're looking at a heart transplant. Hmmm. Will Julie be strong enough to sustain one? Boy, Hope got to blubbering! I remember when she was a little girl & couldn't stand Julie because Julie wasn't her mother. She just needed Addie to be there or no one. Gosh, she was so spoiled then, which was all Doug's doing.

    Gosh I would love to see some young Hope vs Julie.

  7. 19 minutes ago, Faulkner said:

    The Potomac reunion had no filler. And the drama didn’t seem as forced as some of the more combative early Jersey reunions.


    I might be having a senior moment, but did they touch on Ashley’s (ill-fated) reunion with her father at all, though? By omission, they basically admitted that the story was BS.

    They mentioned that Michael looked like him that’s all I remember.


    I also was annoyed at them completely not mentioning Katie at all. That was bull.

  8. 14 minutes ago, Gray Bunny said:

    Small victories celebrated, but Potomac's 3 reunion episodes stayed steady at 1.1+ million, versus falling out as the weeks progressed. 

    That is excellent news. The ladies delivered and they don't even have a strong lead in anymore like Atlanta, they literally stand on their own now. Very happy for the Potomac ladies.


    Speaking of Potomac, Michael would've been better off not showing up. His defense was essentially everyone in the world is a liar except for him and every Australian grabs asses.


    I honestly don't see how the Darby's come back to the show nor do I really care if they come back.

  9. On 9/25/2019 at 10:00 PM, Cheap21 said:

    Kristen is pissed at CeCe for not encouraging Byron to got o dinner? Why? Kristen intentionally excluded CeCe, so why would CeCe fight for her?

    Girl BYE!




    Basketball Wives: Cece, Jackie And OG Expertly Outbullied The Bullies And It Was Everything

    Kristen is just a dumb bitch at this point looking for reasons to be mad at Cece. And Cece was my MVP. She completely ate Evelyn’s ass up and that bitch was shook. The hypocrisy with the cast when it comes to their violent behavior and then acting like OG is a damn murderer is maddening.

  10. 1 hour ago, Gray Bunny said:

    I'm guessing they keep Eva because of name/face recognition. Tanya is kinda dorky and is best left as an official friend. Marlo, well, she'll never get a peach, not with her colorful past. 

    So she should be on the show indefinitely because she was on Top Model? Get outta here lol

  11. 19 minutes ago, alwaysAMC said:

    The New Jersey trailer is here and it gave me SO MUCH LIFE!  I can't wait for this season.  So happy they kept the cast.  I need to know who is pulling Margaret's hair - is it Danielle?!?  Looks like she pours water on her head first.  Jennifer vs. Melissa!  Gia schooling Teresa!  Joe's deportation!  Teresa dating younger man!  Margaret befriending Marty and Danielle blaming her for their divorce!  I can't get enough.  Haven't been this excited for a NJ season since the early years.



    That was fantastic. I think it’s safe to say Jersey is back.

  12. Anytime they show flashbacks of Victor, I’m amazed at how little effort EB puts in now. I know he’s getting older, but you have Bill Hayes on DOOL, who is in his 90’s still putting in work effortlessly.


    Its a damn shame how little Dina is used these days.


    Were we supposed to feel sympathy for Adam today? You didn’t know Victor was your dad so you became a monster?

  13. 25 minutes ago, MrPrezident said:

    The Umanksy girls definitely didn’t hit the genetic jackpot like their sister Farrah. Not surprising given they all look like Mauricio with Kyle’s old nose. She does look better, but what’s with the blue contacts?


    Anyways, Twirl & Twerk Jr. are in Greece with the rest of the RHOA!




    Yeah the girls definitely got most of Mauricio’s genes unfortunately.

  14. 50 minutes ago, Cheap21 said:

    Kyle's daughter got some work done. I have to say her doctor did well






    Muuuch better nose.


    1 hour ago, chrisml said:

    I guess I'm missing the nastiness. I only watched this season, and I thought Karen was the one who was always initiating problems and being difficult in relation to Gizelle. Even if Gizelle was nasty towards her (and Karen didn't seem particularly bothered by Gizelle at season three reunion), this is a reunion. I don't need Karen piping up every minute or so to say something anti-Gizelle when that's not the subject under discussion. I got it the first time. It got to the point where I was hoping they would cut off her mike. Andy was even trying to call out Karen on some of her hypocrisy. I'm aware that everyone here adores Karen, but I find her exhausting when it comes to Gizelle.  


    As for Monique, I forget she's even there most times. I'm assuming she was more interesting last year when she was labeled a drunk.

    You need to see the previous seasons. Gizelle was getting her rightful comeuppance. She’s been TERRIBLE to Karen through the years.

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