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  1. 3 minutes ago, Taoboi said:

    THIS. It's on my new wifi system and other than the finale which I never saw completely...I feel no desire to do it. But I am sure you remember how heated that season made me and why. 


    I did and I LOVED every minute of it. I still love Sutton doing it. Southerner in me gets it.



    In other news, I see Lipsa decided it was a good idea to come for Garcelle's kids.




    I also see that Monique found her parrot. 


    And CONGRATS, PORSHA!!!! I can't believe the turn her life is making. I really enjoyed the RACE IN AMERICA (without Andy hosting) that was on after RHOP last night. You think as a black man, you have experienced and seen everything, but that was still quite eye-opening. 

    What did Rinna say??

  2. 2 hours ago, chrisml said:

    I had been thinking a lot about seasons five and six of RHONY and I rewatched some of the episodes. It was so entertaining, and there was not the toxic energy of Bethenny 2.0 and Dorinda. Aviva's takedown of Ramona at tea was fantastic. The Heather/Ramona "fight" felt authentic and real since Heather refused to play by Housewives rules. There was a much lighter tone so that even Aviva's ridiculous antics didn't feel as terrible as the fights that happened in seasons seven and on. I also think these two seasons were the time that Sonja could have been stopped from becoming a caricature of herself. Unfortunately, she gave into it in season 7.


    RHOP:I think the show is enjoyable, but I have one main problem. It's hard for me to fully get behind the show when there has been no accountability for Michael's actions. I know they need Ashley for the Ashley/Candiace feud, but it's hard for me to get engaged in anything Ashley-related when Michael will still appear on the show.


    RHOBH: Just disgusting. Every year, it's the same complaint. Get rid of the mean girls, and every year Bravo brings them back.



    I haven’t rewatched season 5 in a long time but saw a season 6 marathon one day and honestly as awful as Avila was, she was a perfect villain during that period the show. I absolutely loved Heather and Carole, and didn’t mind Kristin. It definitely was a much less toxic time on the show compared to season 8.

  3. One thing the classics have really made me appreciate is just how normal and warm Sharon was before the 2000's completely destroyed her as a character. She was such a perfect heroine before all those writers just took a sledgehammer to her.


    And I stand by Josh Morrow still having his best chemistry with Sharon Case. I hate how much they've damaged Nick/Sharon as a couple through the years and this insistence now that Phyllis is just such a better fit for him than Sharon. 


    Also I can't believe Lauren has been shackled to the Baldwin/Fishers for 15 years now...Geez.

  4. 54 minutes ago, Cheap21 said:

    They trying to come for Garcelle!


    Garcelle: ""I love that Lisa’s free enough to do the videos and be dancing," she began, "but the dancing nearly naked is not a choice for me if I had a daughter that had body issues."

    F--K THEM! Im with Garcelle. If you're daughter has body issues, then why are you on IG dancing around naked? Why do you put her issues on blast and then proceed to act the way you do?

    What a reach. She didn't say anything wrong.

  5. 33 minutes ago, DaytimeFan said:

    The classics have really made me appreciate, on a superficial level, how much the look of the show has changed.


    The size and depth of the old sets was really impressive. And boy has that changed in the last decade.


    Otherwise, agreed on VR - she was a force of nature.


    And, of course, the value Jess Walton brought (and could still bring) to the canvas is massive.

    It's so weird to see how minimized Jill became.


    A. She should still be working at Jabot honestly. In basically every classic, Jabot is such a huge part of her life.

  6. 9 minutes ago, Gray Bunny said:

    I have not seen Episode 2 yet, but I loved see our Potomac ladies back!!! 


    I have to say, I'm glad mommies Monique and Ashley have found a common bond with motherhood, or else Ashley would start to get islanded in her own story. Poor Ashley.... baby Dane looks JUST LIKE his daddy. The permanent scowl on his face is cute as an infant, but we know what he'll look like in adulthood... 


    Robyn... girl... Juan will never put a ring on it.  It would make sense to hear rumors he's got someone on the side given the situation, so I'm pleasantly surprised we hear nada. Unless I'm missing something? 


    Gizelle's daughters calling out their own dad for being a phony. LOL  But also kind of sad that he only feigns interest in them for their mother's sake, to score brownie points with her. 


    Grande Dame & Ray.... hmm... I smell turmoil. But I love what she pointed out about marrying someone who's nearly 20 years older; everything is fine when you're 30-something and he's 50-something... but once you're 50-something and still interested in building a career and socializing, while he's 70-something and winding down, it creates a new dynamic and rift. 


    Loved the La'Dame shout-outs at Candiace & Chris' party.  If this were NYC and Karen was Bethenny, you know she would've been handing out scratch 'n sniff samples with her mug on it. 😂


    Charriissee... y'all know I had to make a mention of this salty heifer... I did LOL at her stank face during Karen's speech, but otherwise she is such a hater. It's sad but not surprising that Charrisse and Monique had a falling out due to Charrisse bad-mouthing her (anyone know the tea there?).  Also, it seemed when we first saw her on-camera, she was croutched in the corner, like she was waiting to latch onto a castmember to make her way into the party. Was she even invited? I don't think Bravo had her mic'ed up initially.  



    Thanks! I'm so out of the loop with Nielsen numbers these days now that TVByTheNumbers is gone, but what's this about NYC tanking? And how's BH faring? 

    You find out the Charisse tea in episode 2

  7. 8 hours ago, Cat said:

    Oh, getting rid of Heather was a bad move for the series, which Bravo still probably does not fully realise. The show lost a mostly positive Alpha influence who had lots going on and was running her own (intetesting) company. But what Skinnygirl wants, Skinnygirl gets. Heather was too much competition for Bethenny. B also completely marginalised Kristen that season.


    I loved the mix of OGs with the Sober group -- then again, I loved that dynamic in S5 and S6. The mix actually lightened the show and prevented it from getting too inward-looking and toxic. And the episode in London between Carole and 'Doris' was moving, honest and intimate. I still tear up when watching. It also cemented a real friendship. 


    IMO S8 and S9 were the two seasons i found toxic and hard to watch (excluding the great trip to Mexico of S9). The targeting of Luann (and Jules) was really awful. I never warmed to Bethenny and Carole after that.

    Season 8 is what made me absolutely done with Bethenny. She was a monster. And then spent the rest of her time on the show trying to clean up after being so toxic. It’s also when it became Bethenny Frankel’s Real Housewives of New York.

  8. Happy 2001 everybody. Crazy to think how long and how much we’ve discussed these crazy broads 😂


    Sonja was clearly on something last night, it couldn’t have just been booze. Ramona calling the staff servants was just disgusting.


    I loved the spa/Salon day Luann held for those ladies. They truly seemed happy and appreciative.

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