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  1. 4 hours ago, DaytimeFan said:

    Last night’s OC proved that Vicki needs to be brought back full time. What would that episode have been without her? She is dominating the show. 


    10 minutes ago, Cat said:

    Plus Bravo juxtaposed it with this classic.


    I don’t know why Bravo was kidding themselves thinking they could do OC and have it be entertaining without Vicki’s antics. They should’ve just given her her Orange this season after they edited most of the damn show to be about her.


    No one is watching the show to see what Emily and Gina are up to. And Braunwyn is was too thirsty. 

    Tamara got out completely unscathed by the takedown attempt. She’s a damn pro.

  2. 15 hours ago, DaytimeFan said:



    I caught up on 2 weeks of ATL last night. This franchise is back.


    Turns out it needed fake ass Kenya to have real ass life problems to roar back to relevancy. If I were Nene I'd be very, very concerned. She has hardly been in the show and I haven't missed her at all. She's brought nothing to the episodes she's been in so far. 


    I enjoy watching Cynthia because she isn't a psychopath. She's a nice lady who laughs easily and is stunningly beautiful. I like seeing someone like her getting her life together. 


    I've really enjoyed Marlo. Like, I've never enjoyed her like this. Showing her family is compelling and makes me look at her with a more rounded view. 


    Kandi's surrogate storyline is interesting because she is actually doing it...unlike Melissa Gorga on NJ who hasn't had a real storyline in years. 


    Porscha is the star of this season though. My heart goes out to her because she's in real pain and she's doing her best to make a life for herself and baby PJ. 


    ATL feels way more real than it has in years and the false notes (Eva, Nene) stick out because they don't have anything real, be it good or bad, going on.




    @Taoboi you're a better man than me - that employment situation sounds infuriating and horrible. 


    I felt for Leanne and I see why she exploded. I also don't think she's a racist. I just don't. I think Kary got under her skin and aggressively antagonized her. It will be interesting to see how this week's episode goes.




    I like Kelly sometimes and I don't like that Shannon was so stupid to get snowed by Tamra. Again. Tamra is the worst element of this show and it will never move forward so long as she's around.




    I agree with everything you said. I’ve never liked Kenya but she’s absolutely breathed new life into the franchise by coming back.


    Nene really could’ve sat this season out. She is not missed and adds nothing at all.


    I still don’t get the point of Eva who just screams phony to me.

  3. 8 hours ago, LondonScribe said:

    That can be levelled at every Head Writer and Executive Producer since Kay Alden and David Shaughnessy respectively.


    One thing that stuck with me watching the episode was as the flashbacks became more recent, you could see the writing and production values decrease. 

    From the lighting to the camera angles, direction and music.

    I really enjoyed the episode, but as you said the interesting look of the show completely deteriorated as the flashbacks got more recent.


    I didn’t watch Y&R as a child so I loved seeing the older flashbacks. Would’ve enjoyed more older Ashley scenes and at least an older Tracy scene.


    The show also finally acknowledged that Dina actually made visits. When she first returned they made it seem like she hadn’t been back in their lives since she left as a kid.


    Ive always been a bigger fan of the Abbotts over the Newmans and prefer Nikki with Jack than Victor.

  4. 4 hours ago, Gray Bunny said:

    Ditto. I still record Y&R but haven't watched a full episode in quite some time. All I do is zip through the first 5 minutes to see what today's episode will be all about, and DELETE it goes. 

    I don’t remember when I last watched the show but I’m going to watch the Peter Bergman anniversary episode.

  5. 1 hour ago, Cat said:

    Finally caught up with ATL. Bravo should be sued for false advertising! They gave the impression we would see the Nene/Cynthia interaction on the float, but then they ended the episode at that exact moment from the teaser!


    I must say, it made me giggle seeing RHOP Gizelle on the float look up longingly at the ATL and NYC HWs on the upper tier.


    Nene has not changed. Spiritual journey? It is still the same complaining, the same passing-the-buck. It is always somebody else's fault, she is always the victim. To paraphrase Kandi from back in the day, her attitude remains as stank as it was back in S5, after the Apprentice fame went to her head.

    Nene will never change. She is the prime example of fame going to someone’s head and completely ruining them. I don’t enjoy watching her at all.

  6. 14 hours ago, Cheap21 said:



    Reunion look! Mariah stands out like the star that she is.


    Oh and I dont know why Heavenly is next to Andy when she has no storyline this season. Contessa or Jackie would make more sense

    Pics aren’t working for some reason.

  7. 9 hours ago, xtr said:

    Here are some more upcoming spoilers from SOD:


    Chad's meeting with Stefano doesn't go as he planned, Xander will tell Sarah that he loves her, Abigail and JJ will talk about Hayley's death, and Sonny will invite Evan to spend Thanksgiving with him and Eve will spend Thanksgiving with Hattie in prison. Also, Lani will come clean with Kristen in the convent and reveal how Gabi got her to break up with Eli, Nicole will tell Eric that Sarah's baby is his.


    Eric will be shocked and they will discuss how they want to move forward together. Also, Eric will propose to Nicole, Ben will confide in Will, and Abigail will sense that Eli is spying on her and Chad. Also, Ben will defend Will, Xander will confront Nicole, Lani will reach out to Abe and Kate will have a new job. 


    Also in the mag Ron says that he chose to kill off Adrienne but still keep Bonnie. He says he likes Judi and Bonnie will always be around.

    Wait Stefano is alive?

  8. 6 hours ago, Cheap21 said:

    The episode aired and it didnt provide any context that would have made what she did okay. She is such a bitch and I hope she gets dragged from here to the reunion. That was so f--ked up on so many levels that I cant even begin to express.

    Yeah I was wondering if we’d even see Buffie telling her like it was something she could share. That was a dick move.

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