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  1. Lil Nas X played off his SNL wardrobe malfunction like a boss.


    1. DRW50


      I give him a lot of credit going on such a high profile show with so much confidence. And performing on the finale, just his like old favorite Nicki. That must have amused him a little.

    2. Faulkner


      Haha. He definitely owned the stage. Maybe even more than his idol.

  2. I had a very realistic dream that Vivica A. Fox was on DAYS, and her character was flirting with Eli. Referring to her “singing” skills, she said, “Now I got pipes. And a lot of rhythm.” Cut to Lani’s horrified face. Then Julie and a bunch of elderly white people I’d never seen before came over for a gospel sing-off.  😂 

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