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  1. I’ve literally watched him my whole life, save for my years in college when time was scarce. I don’t think I could say the same for any other TV personality. I watched Jeopardy every weekday as a kid, and it’s been pretty much a weekday after-work ritual in my adult years. It’s totally sad. I, too, hope he beats it. I remember when Valerie Harper was given months to live after a terminal diagnosis, and she’s still alive and kicking years later. The odds are not great for Alex, but who knows?
  2. SMILF has been cancelled at Showtime due to Frankie Shaw’s misconduct allegations. (Not sexual harassment in the sense we normally see, but one of the allegations was that she reportedly demanded that video monitors be turned on during a closed-set sex scene, which was in breach of an actress’s contract.) https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/smilf-canceled-by-showtime-probe-creator-frankie-shaws-alleged-misconduct-1177459
  3. Has Paul Annacone had a successful partnership with someone not named Sampras or Federer aka people who’d likely be successful without his coaching? Giiiirl, Kasatkina.
  4. Do they want ratings to keep tanking? They were doing so (in relative late-2010s terms) well for two years.
  5. I’m not watching but this cracked me the F up.
  6. These folks have been breaking a lot of the Jussie stories, and they are pissed they’re not getting credit. Meanwhile...
  7. She’s definitely got a coked-up cadence.
  8. Those two twits (especially Azriel) were disrespectful af. Gayle has the patience of a saint sitting through that, along with R. Kelly’s craziness.
  9. It’s horrible when someone so insane gets that entrenched in your life.
  10. I now have a different office situation and can’t watch during lunch, but I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything.
  11. Idris Elba is replacing Will in the next Suicide Squad movie. If anything, they should switch roles (even though Idris still isn’t what I think about when I think Richard Williams, he’s got a much broader range than Will.) I’ve also heard SamJack, Don Cheadle, and Mahershala thrown out there, if they want a name for the role. But this would be great:
  12. This week has had the most awful celebrity news.
  13. Gayle King got the first interview, and wow:
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