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  1. Even though he was super passive on return games, Rafa handled his biz against Nick. Glad he put that dude in his place after all of Nick’s trash talk. Meanwhile, Gilles Simon choked big time against Sandgren.
  2. Barty/Bencic and Stephens or Konta vs. Kvitova could be interesting R4s.
  3. Tavonn from New Jersey
  4. Ugly, ugly week for B&B. DAYS rebounded for the Caroline tribute.
  5. Kerber goes out to Lauren Davis.
  6. Lokesh from Faridabad, India 🇮🇳
  7. There’s a Siegemund/Strycova match today. Can you imagine the amount of ‘tude on court?
  8. Jasper Liang from China 🇨🇳 (who is like a super thot)
  9. Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell from Spain
  10. Coco Gauff is into the 3rd round after beating Rybarikova.
  11. Interesting take, given how lines between film/TV have blurred (or become nonexistent) in the new streaming ecosystem:
  12. Wow at Verdasco coming back from two sets and 0-3 down against a Brit on Centre Court.
  13. Opelka beat Stan in a long five-setter. He’s in the same section as fellow servebots Raonic and Anderson.
  14. Not surprising for soaps, but CG cleans up *really well* and that sardonic female lead is in demand pretty much everywhere but soaps these days. Clearly, the show recognizes that she’s talented and wants to play her, and I think Mal liked her a lot. It seems like Angie McD stubbornly wants Lola/Kyle to be some kind of thing (chemistry be damned), which takes Mariah off the table as a Kyle love interest, and there aren’t a lot of viable male (or female) options in her age group. And pan/fluid or not, there are some bad optics about putting Mariah in an opposite-sex relationship, especially in light of how the show retreated after the initial Messa backlash. (And again for some reason this show is all in on keeping Cait Fairbanks around.) Now the problem is that everything outside of the Nick/Victoria/Billy/Phyllis/Sharon/now-Adam/Chelsea vortex is an afterthought. The show isn’t investing much elsewhere. If other rumored returns take place, things will only get tighter.
  15. Ditto. There was something deeply pathetic and self-loathing about Roger that MZ put on the surface. He craved acceptance in Springfield society and was so envious of those who had it (Ed Bauer).
  16. Paul-Marie from Côte d’Ivoire 🇨🇮
  17. Muguruza lost to Haddad Maia. Meanwhile...
  18. Akash Choudhary from India 🇮🇳
  19. A lot of the later stuff was silly, but I agree.
  20. Kritsadapat Sirikritsawat from Bangkok 🇹🇭
  21. Very interesting.
  22. Micah Marquez from D.C.
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