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NOTICE: What Happened, How It Was Resolved and Moving Forward


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  1. Back to celebrating the divine beauty of men from all corners of the globe.
  2. Yeah, it’s typical for shows to feel like they’ve gotten a shot in the arm when new regimes start, as the outgoing team’s stories are wrapped up, etc. It happened with early LML, certainly early MAB, even Pratt to an extent, but we know how irrevocably damaging their tenures ended up. And it’s not like most of us loved Josh’s stuff the last time around. He’s just favorable compared to the tyranny and outright incompetence of Mal Young. Megan McTavish might look good compared to Mal. Let’s check on JG in November/December when his stories are really in full swing, and ratings aren’t artificially goosed by a devastating tragedy beyond his control. Not saying we won’t see YOY improvement; Mal brought Y&R to its knees, after all. But the show will probably not be something we’d want to watch. (I’m not watching both because I can’t watch live anymore and nothing strikes me as interesting, but the KSJ tribute is already scheduled on my DVR. Hopefully we won’t have preemptions.)
  3. Oh dear. They weren’t playing when they were trying to remake Tom in the Luke Spencer mold. I thought the young Justin Deas was actually quite sexy, so he almost pulls it off.
  4. Oh god. I know I’m a minority, but the only role I could ever stomach CW in is crazy Annie on GL. I don’t think a lukewarm nothing part like Nina will change that. Oh, and what an unflattering photo of her in that article.
  5. We’ve seen pixie cuts, but has a soap lady ever done the full Sinead buzz cut or bald (and not just for a cancer story)?
  6. The tension between the soaps’ need to reflect the issues facing America while also offering escape is interesting. Some soaps have been better equipped to handle that tension than others. I never watched B&B in its heyday, so I don’t know how well a HIV/AIDS story among gay men in the fashion industry would have been handled, even with a willing Bill Bell at the helm. (His social issues plots on Y&R were never my favorites.) But we see how poorly Ron Carlivati has dealt with topical stories. It’s just not his forte.
  7. I have no idea why they keep returning to that well, given how things have gone previously. To me, it’s an acknowledgment they don’t know what to do with them, but can’t bring themselves to make more drastic changes (like firing one or both of them, which needed to happen ages ago).
  8. I wish they’d risk just allowing Victoria to be authentically unlikable. She’s not viable as a heroine with AH in the role, and the attempts to soften her have failed.
  9. Yep. I thought she had more antagonistic chemistry with Eileen Davidson in those few weeks when Victoria and Ashley were at war than she’d had sexual chemistry with any of her male co-stars, Billy Miller included. She was also good in those scenes where she broke into Tessa’s apartment and bullied her. She should be the pent-up, stone-faced, vicious Cersei of Genoa City, which would actually be more in keeping with the character.
  10. Speaking of diversity, what’s going on with Eli and Lani? I’m all for cycling characters in and out of story, but they’ve been resting for a while now. Over a year, I believe (I’m not watching). GH has only done slightly better with Curtis and Jordan.
  11. Wow at the bounce for Y&R. The audience really rebounded with Mal gone. But how weird that the W25-54 is down while almost everything else is up sharply. Dreadful for GH and DAYS.
  12. North American NextGen.
  13. Yeah. My sense about Goutman (I lost interest in ATWT) was that he was bad in addition to callous and stubborn and made poor, ugly choices, even when he didn’t have to, out of nasty spite.
  14. Emmys apparently not classifying AHS as a limited series this year. Apocalypse will compete as a drama. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/race/emmys-tv-academy-reclassifies-american-horror-story-sinner-american-vandal-1200773
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