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  1. Raonic goes down, so Felix vs Feliciano it is.
  2. I thought Josh was scorching hot as Jed on Y&R.
  3. Lol at the replies, with people saying Tsitsipas’s effusive praise is part of a mind game to put pressure on Felix.
  4. No rematch of last year’s Halle final. Borna retired down a set to Herbert.
  5. Tsitsipas has beaten all of the Big 3 but really struggles against FAA and Medvedev. #matchups
  6. De-Reece Grant from London
  7. Dimash Adilet, a Kazakh-born Swiss model
  8. I want VR and Mishael in scenes together. Can you imagine how *epic* that would be? I am salivating at the mere thought...
  9. A baby face, when it hits that wall, looks very creepy and alien-like.
  10. Felix Auger-Aliassime also doing God’s work today.
  11. Angie sure put Maria in her place. Wasn’t sure how that one would go, with both returning from injuries.
  12. EH looks ok, but GR looks so wizened.
  13. These shows have black characters because they feel they have to, in a dismissive, “throw ‘em a bone” way. Plus, these black people are sooo flat. It’s almost as if these writers can’t find any sense of identification with black characters to imbue them with drive, energy, or idiosyncrasies. Hilary would at least provide a shot of dynamism.
  14. An update on Tika Sumpter and the Black-ish prequel Mixed-ish: Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been cast as her husband, replacing Anders Holm, who left for “undisclosed reasons.” They’ll play the young Bow’s parents.
  15. Sibusiso Kotelo from Durban, South Africa
  16. Thanks! I knew British soaps would have stepped up at some point. Although I know some people would have found that “female...by choice” line problematic.
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