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  1. Getting Wawrinka vibes from this match. Djokovic has imploded after breaking to serve for the first set. He did all the hard work to dispatch Nadal. I wonder if he’s just depleted. And Stefanos isn’t missing much.
  2. I hate when you watch bad, flat soaps and realize the actors have so much more personality and humor than what they’re able to show on screen.
  3. And this guy 138518657_849862712533124_3096593009491409912_n.mp4 137242617_398471891404876_7733445636015479561_n.mp4
  4. David Archuleta opens up about being part of both the LGBTQIA+ and Mormon communities: https://variety.com/2021/music/news/david-archuleta-comes-out-lgbtq-community-1234995143/
  5. I wonder if we’ll see regional styles come to the fore. Like Tennessee or Texas leaning on country or different regional versions of hip hop represented. And with Hawaii, American Samoa, etc. eligible, we could hear a lot of little-known indigenous styles. Spanish-language music with Puerto Rico, etc.
  6. That was… hmmm. Very muted celebration from Krejcikova upon winning a Slam singles title. Nice tribute to Jana Novotna from Krejcikova. Krejcikova jumps from No. 33 to No. 15 in the rankings. Some controversy about whether or not Pavs’s shot was out on championship point:
  7. Pavs had gummy bears during her trainer break lol.
  8. Krejcikova is running away with this final against Pavs. Disappointing. Spoke too soon, as usual…
  9. Two, three… yeah, the guy’s held up that trophy 13 times. Insane. He’s 108-3 at RG. Was not expecting such an epic match after Rafa took that 5-0 lead.
  10. His second loss to Novak… he also lost to Robin Soderling in 2009, when Federer finally won the title.
  11. Holy sh!t, Novak pulled it off!
  12. This should have been the final. The shotmaking is UNREAL.
  13. Oy. Novak really effed up trying to serve out this third set…
  14. Things have definitely gotten a bit more interesting…
  15. He’s playing a little better after getting on the board at 1-5. Saving a couple of set points. Just broke Rafa, who was serving for the set.
  16. @ChitHappensjust rewatch last year’s final on YouTube, and you’ll get the general idea. You’re not missing much at the moment. Novak actually started well and made some poor choices to get broken. Since then it’s been one-way traffic.
  17. I can’t with Novak with these dropshots and Djokosmashes. It’s like he’s learned nothing from last year’s blowout.
  18. No, currently Nadal just dug out of a marathon opening service game.
  19. Mishael Morgan is carrying this entire soap IMO. She’s the only person right now with any spark. Whatever they’re paying her isn’t enough.
  20. I think it’s gonna air on NBC in a few! I mean…
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