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  1. Alexis reading Sam for filth, and basically saying what GH viewers were thinking about that time (not that Alexis was a great messenger but still):
  2. I wish I could have watched the great confrontations between Bev’s Alex and MKA’s India live. Such great hate chemistry. Their scene starts at 6:35. Sheila trying to drown Stephanie on B&B. I wasn’t a viewer of B&B until too late, but I love how KB went toe to toe with La Flannery.
  3. “Do your biological twitchings in HIS bedroom!” India spitting all kinds of venom in Reva’s direction. So many great lines, and I love the way MKA says “blessings.”
  4. From Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 🇻🇳
  5. Bravo is marathoning D.C. today. A show destroyed by the very thing that was supposed to ensure its success (the notoriety of the Salahis). Sad that Cat Ommanney didn’t get cast on another franchise.
  6. What an immersion in LML-era Y&R with Ted Shackleford, Tammy Lauren, Adrienne Frantz, lots of Judith Chapman, and Professor Korbel.
  7. Not sure if anyone wants to watch this for a whole hour (unless you know Malay), but some nice vistas through this.
  8. I’m very particular about goatees haha. Trust me, I would *not* have thrown him out of bed for it. And Tom/Michael’s “macho posturing” that Ashley pointed out seemed a lot more like them cruising each other.
  9. I think PB is one of the few people who can put MS in check. That they didn’t immediately pair Phyllis and Jack upon Stafford’s return shows they are clueless about what value she ever had to the show. She *can* be good, just not running around town giggling and sparring with Abby.
  10. A recent one: Eileen Davidson’s Emmy submission as Kristen when she confronted Marlena and taunted her about John. Just so unhinged. “He was ALL OVER ME! He was EVERYWHERE!” This 1983 DAYS clip was posted here months ago and I had only read a little about it beforehand. But Renee DiMera (Philece Sampler) confronting Alex and basically all of Salem at a party before she was murdered. It’s one of the most powerful soap scenes I’ve ever seen.
  11. From Shanghai 🇨🇳
  12. That said, it’s sad to see what’s happened to Dorinda in recent seasons and it’s all coming to a head now. Her viciousness and cruelty are intolerable, and she can’t continue to play the dead husband card to excuse her abusive behavior.
  13. What I love about NYC is that Ramona and Dorinda can say the most fücked-up things to each other (Ramona bringing up Richard’s death, Dorinda shading Ramona’s failed relationships). Yet there’s so much love that it all ends in a hug. It’s just a feel-good show while BH is a feel-bad show.
  14. From Paris 🇫🇷
  15. I never believed, even in the best of times, that younger performers should have separate categories. Let them compete with the grown folks like Anna Paquin, Tatum O’Neal, Keisha Castle-Hughes, and Quvenzhané Wallis did at the Oscars. The truly extraordinary young talents on soaps would unquestionably have shone through. Folks like Jennifer Finnigan and Sarah Brown would have absolutely been competitive with the grown folks, and we’d have fewer headscratchers like Drew Tyler Bell and True O’Brien claiming to be Emmy winners.
  16. Klobuchar is being vetted for VP, and folks are either “meh” or pissed:
  17. It’s funny: her friendship with Nina was Cricket’s saving grace on Y&R for YEARS. She was insufferable in nearly every other context, but LLB and TC were great together.
  18. OUTSTANDING GUEST PERFORMER IN A DRAMA SERIES Elissa Kapneck as Sasha The Young and the Restless CBS Michael Knight as Martin Grey General Hospital ABC Eva LaRue as Celeste Rosales The Young and the Restless CBS Jeffrey Vincent Parise as Simon Black The Young and the Restless CBS Chrishell Stause as Jordan Ridgeway Days of Our Lives NBC
  19. GL: Kat and Bridget (one of the reasons I was never fully on board with a David/Bridget pairing)
  20. I think they should have done away with them entirely. The younger guys just aren’t up to snuff, and these younger women are fair at best.
  21. Just noted that the combined category is all female.
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