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  1. More power to Ash. Disappointing for Naomi, but hey, she’s still No. 2. Naomi just needs to regain some confidence, as some of her play this year has been listless.
  2. Denzel, a Barbados-born, New Orleans-based trainer
  3. IG: avih91, a very hot, gay violinist somewhere in America
  4. They’re better off being quiet at this point.
  5. I don’t know Tyler’s health status, but he did not look well at the Daytime Emmys.
  6. That’s not ridiculous at all. It’s a great idea. Is Braxton Family Values still on? I’d prefer a Wayans series to that.
  7. Interesting that this guy says that no one was reading his article, and Kvitova is one of the most famous female tennis players in the world. Puts things into perspective as to why #TennisTwitter relies so heavily on manufactured drama with a handful of superstars and troublemakers like Nick. Lots of good stuff in this interview, but this struck me in light of the Serena panic room incident from years ago.
  8. I don’t like the IG embeds, but I just had to drop this here.
  9. Ash Barty is one match away from snatching that No. 1 spot from Naomi. Goffin is clearly back in top form. He took a set from Nadal at RG and now is in the Halle final after ending Berrettini’s amazing run.
  10. Yeah the timing couldn’t be worse for the remaining BH cast. They are going look so ugly (or uglier than normal, which is already pretty hideous). It must be a tough time to be a grande dame on these franchises with all of these rumors.
  11. I was actually shocked at how callous they were to Tinsley. Especially Sonja, who seems like a pet person and was angry when Aviva did the same thing to her.
  12. Yep. Asians of any ethnicity barely exist, but primetime hasn’t made much progress there until recently. Black folks are the only ones who are brought around to sit around. They’re ornamental. A box to tick off. They’re, as Maria Arena Bell so inelegantly put it, “that black storyline.” It’s funny: neither character was written *well* and a LOT of offensive stereotypes were trotted out, but LML loved playing Dru in the same way Mal appeared to love playing Hilary, but neither actress was respected. And when they both left/were forced out, that was it for any real “A” story involving black characters under their pen.
  13. Oh snap. Felix’s interview in French with English subtitles:
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