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  1. Speaking of which, Justin Gimelstob and Steve Weissman seemed to be sniping at each other during the Kokkinakis/Verdasco match. Was that just very dry light-hearted banter or is there some animosity there? There are times when Tracy Austin appears clearly annoyed with Steve. Haha Nick deleted this tweet before Verdasco won:
  2. Total collapse from Schwartzman. Oh well.
  3. A lot of dumb unforced errors.
  4. For such a crafty player, Schwartzman is playing so stupidly against Raonic, whose serve is totally off. When you have three break points against a servebot, you have to seize your opportunities. And stop it with the dropshots.
  5. Chardy just beat him. Sheesh.
  6. DAYS is seeing its first YOY viewers losses in a while. GH saw some big demo losses as well. First big viewers gains for B&B along with some demos gains. I guess viewers are somewhat responding to the “Who Shot $Bill?” saga. Looking forward to Y&R’s ratings for this past week.
  7. Venus gutted out a three-set win because she’s a far superior player to Bertens, but I can’t help but think she’ll pay for that long match down the line. She plays Konta (who’s had cakewalk matches thus far) tomorrow. The men’s matches tomorrow look semi-interesting: Kyrgios/Fognini (oh the potential drama) Johnson/PCB Kokkinakis/Verdasco Zverev/Ferrer Khachanov/Anderson Coric/Sock Chung/Sousa Berdych/Tiafoe Querrey/Shapovalov
  8. Yikes, what happened with Venus? She was up 5-0 in the first set, and then Kiki Bertens won seven games on the trot to win it?
  9. Looks like Konta might be back in form, with relatively easy wins over two Belgians so far in Miami. She was in danger of falling severely in the rankings because of her title last year and all of the points she’d need to defend.
  10. Oh I just meant with allowing Sharon and Nick to slowly re-discover an attraction and a connection. The Chelsea reveal was only a month ago. And we didn’t even get a day of the JT/Victoria stuff to breathe and reverberate before we had the dramatic fight scene between JT/Victor.
  11. Like I said, MY mashed the FF button on Friday. There was so much potential story he just skipped straight over.
  12. I feel like the Shick reunion is being rushed. I kept talking to the screen, “Don’t kiss. Don’t...don’t kiss. Don’t...oh for god’s sake.” I just wanted them to feel a little frisson of attraction... and resist it. I just rolled my eyes.
  13. I’ve seen him look halfway decent over the years, and he’s not a bad actor, but whatever was going on with him styling- and performance-wise on Y&R wasn’t working for him.
  14. Wings Hauser as Greg is a bit “Eric Stoltz in Mask” for me.
  15. Ha. Just watched that. Gimelstob is whatever.
  16. He’s asked if he’s come to a decision on the clay season, and he answers that he’s already made the decision to not play. Another journalist asks, “So no French?” And Roger answers, “That’s what I just said. Clay is the French,” with an awkward laugh and a sneer. Dumb question, yes, but saltaaaay.
  17. Fed’s got that Serena post-loss saltiness:
  18. This Wang girl is pissing me off. I swear if she doesn’t finish off Ali Riske in this TB... Kokkinakis is a stud.
  19. He just confirmed in his presser that he’s skipping clay. Nadal has a TON of clay points to defend, so his stint at No. 1 could be short-lived.
  20. Insanity. And Rafa retakes No. 1 without lifting a finger. I suppose Roger was overdue for a Donskoy-like defeat. (Although I recognize that Kokkinakis has been seen as a rising talent for a while now. His injuries just got in the way.)
  21. And Kokkinakis just upset Federer!
  22. We saw that last year in Miami with the Federer supporters in the match against Kyrgios. Such ugliness.
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